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100 Broken Hearts - Madeline Stone and Madame Carmella Stone - www.100brokenhearts.com


This review is about my experience with Madeline Stone and Madame Carmella Stone from 100 Broken Hearts.

I contacted Madame Carmella Stone from 100brokenhearts.com after my ex broke up with me. Carmella told me she was confident she could solve my case, but it would cost me. She quoted me 600 dollars, which I gladly paid.

After I made payment, she had me give her my full name and DOB along with similar information about my ex. She said she was setting up an altar. We communicated via hangouts. She promised me the earth and the moon, but delivered nothing.

I was obviously upset and when I reached out to her about my concerns, Carmella was mean and verbally abusive. She double charged me for things I had already paid for without correcting her mistake. She threatened my job and to ruin my reputation. She kept saying if I continued to pay her, I will get my ex back.

I hit a breaking point with Carmella Stone… I couldn’t take it anymore so I blocked her and discontinued using 100 Broken Hearts. In total, I paid her well over 3000 dollars. She is a real con-artist, mean and will berate you.

She called me a horrible person and said that I did not deserve to be happy or have my ex back. She had me buy something and said it was valuable to me, but invaluable to her. She said it would close my case and if I donated it to her, we would be even. However, that wasn’t the end. She continued to take advantage of me and I feel like Carmella has done this same type of scam on others.

This is why I’m here. I want to share my story because I know I’m not the only one who had this type of experience with her.
@MyGemini Carmella & Madeline own two websites ( www.whitemagiclovespells.com ) and ( 100brokenhearts.com ). Not surprisingly, there is no photo of them anywhere on their websites. I believe they are made-up names used to disguise the real person behind this scheme.

Did she ask you to send her $10 through Cash app/Paypal to her email address mmemaddiespells@gmail.com? She claims you need to send this payment to make sure you are serious. Someone else on this forum went through a similar experience.

Ashra Koehn is the only spell casters I trust and I thank god I found her before getting involved with someone else.
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@MyGemini I'm sorry to hear that you got ripped off by Madame Carmella Stone. I was about to be scammed for a little over $3000 last month to another spell caster. I kept looking for more information about that person.

I was just about to begin work with her and the Universe is KIND. I found Ashra at the right moment. I only wish that I had found her way earlier.

I feel extremely good and at piece knowing that she is handling my case. I do not feel low or depressed like I used to in the past.

I would recommend avoiding 100 Broken Hearts, and believe in Ashra's skills. I, myself, feel a lot lighter ever since she casted my spells.

You are close to regaining back your love.

Sending you massive love. ❤
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I've never heard of 100 Broken Hearts or Madeline Stone and Madame Carmella Stone before, but I have definitely heard of their website www.whitemagiclovespells.com, though. Although as I am checking and looking at the website right now, it honestly doesn't really spark any interest for me. Plus, I don't see any photos of them either.
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OMG! The same thing happened to me. I was talking to Carmella Madeline Stone on chat and her spells never worked. I spend well over $1500 and I got nothing in return.

I'm saving up so that I can purchase a spell from Ashra. I'm just waiting on my stimulus check to arrive.

Carmella's middle name is Madeline and she has two email addresses ( mmemaddiespells@gmail.com and mmestone22@gmail.com ). There is only one person running both websites and she is really bad at casting spells.
I have never heard of them or their website 100 Broken Hearts, but I feel your pain for being conned of out that much money! That hurts a lot. The fact that she called you horrible when you refused to pay and blocked her, shows she was greedy and unsatisfied with her own life. it is almost threatening when someone calls you names for making your own choices and I have felt that many times before. That is a red flag when they insult, insist, or pester you constantly to have more work done. I would contact Ashra because she may be able to help you? I hope you never have to go through that again @MyGemini .
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It infuriates me knowing that people misuse people's weaknesses to gain money.

Ashra is the only genuine one.

I hope you find your lover back. ❤️
Most spell casters are not real so don’t waste your money without thoroughly researching them first. My sister tried a spell caster called madame Madeline from 100brokenhearts. My sister spend so much money on her spells, that she didn’t have enough to feed her children. Now she is severely depressed right now because the guy she wanted didn’t get back with her.
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I have heard of them both. However, I never used either of them. Once they told me a price of how much it was going to cost, I told them I did not have that kind of money. They replied back with "I guess you do not want your ex back as bad as you think". I know what I want, but I refused to pay that kind of money to 100 Broken Hearts. I am so glad I found Ashra. She is the best and I will never look at another spell caster again. Please be careful If you chose to do any other spell caster other than Ashra Koehn.
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@MyGemini I've never heard of 100brokenhearts, Madeline Stone or Madame Carmella Stone either. The thing is $600 is a dead giveaway of a con-artist because that's...MORE money than normal. I understand many have different prices but the moment they ask for that I'd start getting hesitant and bad feelings. However, this may end for you I hope that the money is returned in some way and Ashra shall help you with your issue.
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I worked with this last year and she kept having me say these weird so called chants and had me take pictures of my eyes. Then she accused me of taking advantage of her by not paying her money for additional work she did. I never asked her to do any additional work. This women now had 2 websites. Her spells never worked and stay far away from her.
I also used 100broken hearts - Madame Madeline and Carmella Stone. I posted back in November/December (under the wrong spell caster) before I knew how the forum worked. She/they quoted me $249, but it ended up costing me over $2800. I was asked for gas money, a loan to get her son out of jail (drug problem), pay an electric bill, donations and money for all the spells and rituals, and we communicated through hangouts. I never knew who I was going to talk to or what kind of a response I would get, the drama was insane. 'Madeline' even went to extremes in telling me that she fired 'Carmella' because she was trying to steal her clients. The sad thing is, is that I believed in 'them' and was seeing movement , until I could no longer believe the drama or tolerate the nastiness. I was asked to purchase items with no clue of what to do with them. Anytime I would ask a question, it was followed with a rude mean nasty response. 'They' eventually let me go, but not before threatening me, because according to Madeline, all of "Carmella's" clients are entitled, rude, immature and don't know how to read, and all of that came from me asking how it was going.
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