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Jackie Corbin

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I came across a website called 7 Witches Coven and I want to know if they are real before asking J. Roslyn Antle to cast her spells. I'm a little concerned because I see some good reviews but there is also a lot of bad reviews about their services. Also, I think they call themselves 7 witches coven because there are 7 spell casters, but I don't see any photos of them so how can I tell if they are even real people?

My husband is having an emotional affair with a co-worker. He says he loves me, but feels she is the one. I want to break them up and for him to return back to me asap. Their spells are affordable, but my situation is serious and I need to know its going to work.

Can anyone help point me in the right direction?
Hi Jackie, 7 witches coven has been around since 2009 and originally offered their spells and services on www.7witches.com. I'm not sure what caused them to change their website name to what it is today. I feel they are a real company, but with the lack of personal contact with the spell caster and no verifiable proof of who is actually casting your spells, you might want to steer clear of them and search for someone who will work one-on-one with you.

The prices they charge and how they market their services is way too similar to Calastrology; which is another site that doesn't offer any personalized services. Julia Roslyn Antle claims to offer powerful love spells for as low as $10. However, don't be fooled by the price. I'm a firm believer in the saying: you get what you pay for and the price sounds to good to be true.

I have never tried 7 witches and I never will. I went with Ashra Koehn because I was able to talk to her and she has many videos of herself and proof that she is a real spell caster. I'm sure someone on this forum has used their spells and may be able to provide their experience if you still wish to try them.
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Hi Jackie, I have not personally ordered anything from 7 witches coven. However, I would recommend Ashra due to her huge success and caring nature.

If you send her an email she will be able to tell you the best spell to cast moving forward and she also has very affordable spells with full descriptions on what each one does.
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@Jackie Corbin I would honestly stick with Ashra over taking your chances with J. Roslyn Antle from 7 witches. If there are no photos of them and you have some concerns, then I wouldn't trust them. To me, it seems like 7 witches coven is a scam, but its up to you in the end. I would talk to Ashra on your situation, she is a friend and cares about getting people back with their lovers forever! Plus she had 17 YEARS of Spell casting experience whereas 7witchescoven.com has only been around for 8 years! :)
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Andria, I tried Calastrology a few months ago and didn’t see any results. If you are sayings that 7 witches coven is very similar, then I have changed my mind.

I went back onto their website to see if I could find a photo of any of their witches. However, the only thing I see is an option to select your witch with the following options:
  • Lynda Stratton
  • Madame Eugenie LaCroix
  • Stephenie Crowe
  • Jean-Baptiste Sylvestre
  • Monique Hargrove
  • Cormac O'Dwyer
  • J. Roslyn Antle

They charge you an additional fee if you select Cormac O’Dwyer or J. Roslyn Antle so it wasn't as affordable as I first thought.

Where can I find Ashra Koehn’s contact information?
Hi there! I have heard of the 7 Witches Coven, but have never tried them, and never will. Ashra is my final stop because she has proven, time after time, to be real, and you can actually feel the power of her spells working on you and your situation. I would say, most likely, the 7witchescoven.com is a scam because for one, I don't believe that they personalize your spells for you. Also, if they don't show pictures of themselves or proof that there are 7 of them, then that's not legit enough, for me at least. Also, it was to my understanding that there are supposed to be at least 13 witches in a Coven, or I could be wrong. Still, it doesn't get any more real than Ashra Koehn. She's not weeding out these people just to gain more customers, she's doing this to help you avoid getting ripped off. The great thing about Ashra is she's not in this for the money; she really loves all of her clients dearly and wants all of us to find happiness in our lives, with our lovers!! I'm so glad I found her. She is working endlessly to see that my Tyler comes back into my life, and I appreciate every minute of it.
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Hello Jackie Corbin. I have not personally used 7 witches coven, but I have heard of them. My advice to you is to please stick with Ashra because with her you get personal attention and you do see who you are working with. I would not dare trust my love life or anything else with a spell caster who does not have a picture up and who doesn't have lots of rave reviews. Put all of your trust in Ashra and know that everything is going to be just fine. She is not going to steer you wrong and she is here to help us. Many blessings and positive vibes.
I have never heard of 7 witches coven, but if there are no photos of these people or not many reviews on them then I would not trust them. For me this is a big red flag and I would steer clear of them and work with Ashra. She is not in the business for the money and she deeply cares about her clients and she works with us all one on one and is here to support her clients throughout this process. Her spells will bring you results that you desire don't worry.
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Hi Jackie Corbin! First of all nice meeting you and welcome to the community. I did come across 7 witches before meeting Ashra Koehn, but I never purchase anything from them. I know that Ashra Koehn is real and everything she tell you is true and one thing for sure her spells are the truth and most of all powerful. There are so many people's out here who says that I can help you bring back your lover but it never happened and you end up broke and still unhappy so my advice is to stay with Ashra and get back your husband. I have seen movements and all kinds of signs since my last spell she cast for halloween I really hope you give it a chance you want regret it.
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I purchased a love spell from 7 witches back in september of 2016 and they did a recast this September, but had no results.
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If you cant get a hold of the spell caster, I say stand clear of them. A real caster will have all of their info on their website with positive reviews from real people. I didn't see any of this on 7witchescoven.com. Try Ashra, she is 100% real, you can find her information easily, you can find positive reviews and she has a very loving community.
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Spell casters with no photos of them on their website or personal contacts are not real casters. I haven't had any encounter with the 7 witches coven and I am glad I didn't because from the reviews I have read in this thread, they seem like they are fake or not as experienced. Ashra is the only spellcaster that I trust and have 100% confidence that she will remedy any bad situation.
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I’ve seen 7 witches coven’s website many times. I have not used any of their services, but their website does not look professional compared to Ashra Koehn’s website.

Also, what is with the name? 7 witches coven? I mean, they even go as far as calling themselves WITCHES! What kind of a spell caster does that?
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Hi Jackie Corbin, even I never heard of the 7 Witches Coven, until now. I just visited their website and I wasn't very impressed. Everything seems very mechanical. Also no photos of them, no detail which will enable you to trust them. Nobody will give you that personal touch that Ashra does. Just stick with her and have full faith. Email her whenever you are having any kind of problem. Never hesitate. Also we at the forum are like a family here. We are here to help as well. Don't ver fell shy or uncomfoortable and put down your questions in the relevant thread. Feel at home.
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I have never heard of 7 Witches Coven until now. I just visited the website. I don’t think anyone should trust them. There’s no photos or personal contacts. I’m gonna stick to Ashra because we can trust her and she has multiple ways to contact her if we have questions about anything. 7 Witches Coven seems fake to me from reading the reviews. I don’t know if anyone else came across them, but I hope they find Ashra soon.
Hi Jackie, I was just reviewing that website. I never heard of this website before but after looking at it, it pretty much looks the same as a few other spell caster websites I found that turned out to be fake. So, I am going to say, 7 Witches Coven is most likely fake. This site is asking for money, but I just don't trust it because who ever created that site most likely can not cast your spell and is only doing it for the money. Its hard for me to explain how I trust Ashra because after I first contacted her she said the spells did cost money, but then she directed me to this forum where I will be able to purchase spells for free just my earning points on here. If you want to contact the person who created that website and ask if there is a free alternative, feel free to do so because if they do something where it will work for free like Ashra is doing, chances are that website could be real.
I'm familiar with Seven Witches Coven. I sent them an email, was going to pay and everything, and they literally ghosted on me. A week went by, and I messaged them again, but no response. It was really unprofessional, and frustrating since I had been communicating with someone up to that point and then POOF, gone with the wind. I can understand someone taking a while to get back to you, I mean, Ashra has a lot of people to help out, but I personally feel like you shouldn't leave anyone hanging for over a week. I gave up waiting for them to message me after three months. I can't speak of their legitimacy as a coven, but I can say as a business they aren't great to potential paying costumers in my experience, and I wouldn't trust them.
I have never heared of 7 witches coven, but I guess they are scammer too. I am glad I haven't tried going to them for help. I really do not trust people easily especially to those I have met online. Ashra is the only person who who is real and I have a gut feeling when I first saw her website, I already had this feeling inside me that she is the one wo could reallt help me, and I was right. She is really the one. I only trust Ashra and no one else.

Hi Jacklyn, its sad that you padi them but they just left you hanging, they really scammers. I m glad you foung Ashra, you can never go wrong with her. Though she is busy but she always replied to emails in just a matter of days. She is really the best.
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@JacklynJC, don't feel bad that they ghosted you; take this as a blessing. They could have easily scammed you, if they're not legit. You were meant to find Ashra, and you were spared from any disappointment that the 7 witches coven may have placed upon you. I know it sucks to leave someone wondering why they never contacted you again because that's very unprofessional; it happened to me one time when I inquired to another spellcaster I had used about my spell progress; nothing in nearly 7 months, and my spell never worked, ugh. Ashra's gonna do you right. Again, you were meant to find her.
Hey everyone!!!!! I hope your all are doing good and having an amazing day. I believe that 7witchesCoven, Julia Roslyn angle is fake. They look so fake to me and they are trying to scam other clients out of money and leave them with nothing and not even helping them, that's so upsetting and painful for who went through it and it's really not good at all. I hope that people stick with Ashra and give her a chance instead of others, Ashra deeply cares for her clients like family and truly wants to see them happy and will help to get back with their lovers. Ashra is the best, she is so much better than others.