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David Grainger

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I purchased several love spells from Alexander Todd from yourlovespells.com but ran across some bad reviews. My wife of 6 years left me suddenly for a coworker and she had moved in with him. I tried contacting Alexander by email, MyCastingQuestion@gmail.com, and he never responded.

He promised me that that my wife would return and that he could break them apart. He referred to my situation as being easy to resolve due to this extensive experience in spells. I'm beginning to believe I was scammed, but thought someone on this forum may be able to help verify if I should trust this spell caster or get a refund.

Could someone please help me?
Hi @David Grainger I noticed that there are no photos of Alexander Todd or any spell caster for that matter. This is a red flag and not the only thing I found that raises concerns. I found several websites that all connect to the same person such as www.lovespellsnow.com and www.passionatelovespells.com. This same spell caster can be found on Fiverr under the username “yourlovespells”.

Each one of his websites is littered with stock photos of happy couples, fake reviews and “Too good to be true” promises. His websites are hosted with Weebly which is not something a real spell caster would use. I found other associated websites reallovespellsreviews.weebly.com and lovespellsnow.freeforums.net which appears to be a forum referring visits to their multiple websites.

Each website has the email address MyCastingQuestion@gmail.com listed on the main page.

I would get your money back and either reach out to Ashra Koehn or find another spell caster you feel can help you.
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Hi David. This is the first time I heard of Alexander Todd. Sorry for your experience with him. I don't think he's a legit spell caster and I say this because no one besides Ashra Koehn has been proven to be so trustworthy.

Since he chose not to answer your email, it can be said he scammed you. The bad reviews you read on yourlovespells.com should not be taken lightly. Unless you see something real with his spells then, you could say he's been doing his job. Unfortunately it doesn't seem things went that way.

If he could refund you that would be great. If you choose so, you could try reaching out to Ashra and seeing if she has room in her schedule to help you.
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