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Alizon's Psychic Secrets - www.alizons-psychic-secrets.com

I don't know anything about Alizon's Psychic Secrets, but regardless if she is real, I am going to stick with Ashra Koehn instead. Ashra has so many reviews on her work that it would probably outnumber all of the other spell caster out there on the web who have also been known as spell casters. If a spell caster has mixed reviews, I would not want to work with them because I do not want to be disappointed. I trust Ashra because she has the best reviews that I have ever seen.
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I have never heard about Alizons before so I can't say much, maybe I would have tried her if I hadn't found Ashra but now that I found Ashra Koehn, even if Alizon's Psychic Secrets is real, I'll still stick with Ashra because I have worked with her for so many months and I have seen so many results With her. She is very helpful and I'm looking forward to getting together with my lover soon. I suggest you guys also stick to her but it's your choice so all the best.
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I don't know much about Alizon or what she does, but I wouldn't use her services. If there are mixed reviews about her like others have said on here, then that raises a red flag for me. I do believe that she is a real person if she has videos of herself performing theses kinds of rituals, but I want to know her success rate. I chose Ashra over anyone else because her success rate is higher than any other spell caster that I've done readings on. Ashra has a lot of proof to back up her creditability. I would go anywhere else.
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I have not really heard of Alizon but I have read good and bad reviews about her such as she is a "scam" or she is a real spells caster but I have not really heard anything from her only that my friend had told me that she really doesn't respond right away to your urgency. But that is my friends opinion. If anything I would stay with Ashra if your gut feeling is telling you to stay with Ashra or give Alizon a try. but I recommend Ashra because she has more reviews of positivity that I have ever seen. Alizon has mixed reviews about her spell casting such as that she scams people out of money and she uses people. My friends say to not try her but you do you.
I have come across Alizon's Psychic Secrets websites a few times, and from what I can gather, I personally believe that she actually is an authentic spell caster, and probably even a nice person with good intentions. However, I have not tried to purchase any of her services before because in my opinion they are a little on the pricey side for me. Also, she simply does not seem to have as much skills or experience as Ashra does. So with all due respect, Ashra is the one I will be sticking with!
I don't know who she is but I've looked her up and I definitely can agree with my peers that its a lot of mixed reviews. Why would someone do their casting on youtube? its supposed to be me sacred and personal! Just go with Ashra. She will never broadcast spells!
Yeah I used Alizon's Psychic Secrets before I found Ashra and nothing has ever came true for me and nothing has ever helped. She is a disappointment. Ashra is way better and someone you can talk to and someone you know is that 24/7 unless she puts a notice up. Ashra is someone you can trust and got to and know your spell had an 100% positive outcome all the time. I will never got to this person again not matter how low I feel. Ashra is my number one lady!!
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Alizon may be a real caster, but mixed reviews says something about the kind of caster that they are. I'm happy that she does not accept payments through Western Union or Money Gram, so good job to her on that. I feel like this is a step up from most spell casters out there and if she has videos of herself doing these videos, then she must be real to some extent. However, Ashra is still better. She may not reveal how she does her spells, but they have proven to work time and time again.
I've never even heard of this person nor heard of anyone else speak of her. My gut feeling says not legit, especially when they cannot get back to you when even you paid them. Spell casters are supposed to keep you updated and on contact.
I tried Alizon myself. I personally did not have anything change that I noticed. After she did my spell I was emailed to buy a talisman to make my spell work. This was not informed to me in the beginning when I purchased my spell. That pulled me away from Alizon's Psychic Secrets website. I then found Ashra and she responded to me very quickly and even checked up on me before I made my decision to go with her. I'm glad I found Ashra. When she does casting for me I physically feel change and I didn't feel this with Alizon.

I'm sure Alizon is good, but she was not a fit for me or my situation.
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I've only briefly heard of Alizon's Psycic Secrets, apparently she's a legit person. However, the legitimacy of her spells is debateable but at least you know your money is going to a real person. Ashra, however, has been proven to not only be real, but she has hundreds of verifiable positive reviews. From money spells, to love spells, to luck spells and fertility spells, Ashra can truly to it all. She also does amazing beauty spells and psychic readings as well. If you're unsure about Ashra, browse the forum and read all the reviews about her. If youre looking for a legit spell caster, you've come to the right place.
I have not used Alizon yet so I cannot verify if her magic works, but I can verify that she answers every single email that I send her and it is always a genuine polite reply. I sometimes have to enter the requested word to prove that I am human a few times, but I do get through to her and always get a very speedy reply. Alizon did tell me that there are other spell casters pretending to be clients putting bad comments about her.
I would like to see some positive comments from people who have used her and had success.
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I have no idea if Alizon is the real deal or not. I can tell you one thing though... her free tarot readings are a complete joke. I signed up for one and she informed me that she didn't have time for them and she suggested a spell instead and said she would give me a discount or throw another spell in for free. She does her spells on YouTube which to me seems a bit impersonal. I prefer privacy and my business kept private personally. And she has no sympathy or generousity for those who are on a budget and can't afford her ridiculous prices. No personal emails from her that is for sure.
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You are the first spell caster I see not blaming another spell caster. You are truthful and honest. You are a great angel Ashra. I am thankful to God that I met you in this world full of wicked people.

I also tried Alizon's spell but it didn't work for me. Then I found Ashra and she is the angel who gave me this opportunity to join this Forum. And now I am better than before without trying any spell. I hope I get more points and able to reach my level for spells.
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She looks real to me and her videos are pretty impressive from what I could tell but I don't know for sure if her services really do work. The reviews that I read were mixed. Some have said that they achieved results and trust Alizon and others feel like they have been ripped off and do not want to work with Alizon anymore. I do think that she is more genuine than other Spell casters out there and she tries her best to help people too. There's no doubt that she's a real person, but her spells working is a different story. Her forms of payment are safe and I do think that her emails are personalized so she is better than most. I would rather stick with Ashra even though I have respect and nothing against Alizon.
Hello Everyone, How are you all today?

I have not tried out any spells with Alizon. I'm unsure if they are legit or not. I hear mixed reviews about her. I'm still sticking with ashra of course but maybe ill try Alizon later in the future. But is Alizon's spells free like Ashra's? There is no way I can pay for any spells at the moment. But I may check out Alizon later today. I'll explore a bit more. Anyway, i wish you all luck. Sending lots of love luck and joy! God bless!
Hey deadlydesire! I don't even know She is real or not. I tried a Spell of her. She said that her Spell work Then I purchased a Spell from her. She casted it as a priority. I was impressed by this. Her spell was not expensive too but when She casted my Spell, I was informed that if I have 100 percent faith on her spell then it will manifest otherwise 99 percent faith also don't give result. It's impossible to have 100 percent faith when you try a new Spell Caster.
Most of the times, people are sincere and genuine with their missions in beginning. But somehow, by time, business matter speaks most. And they started to lose their originality. And I heard when you lose your authenticity, your natural gift or divine power will start fading off and might disappear as well... Maybe because it is not 'natural' anymore. The soul that once pure now corrupted and plagued with greed and worldy greeds. Just saying... :)
I think alizon means no harm to any of us and tries her best to help each and every one of us, but sometiems spells just don't work 100% and she lets you know that if she feels that there is just nothing that she can do anymore to help. However, I still choose Ashra because she is confident and works with us because she knows she can fix our situations and she has many times before. I mean nothing bad against Alison and I wish her luck, but I'm still choosing Ashra.
Hello everyone! I have heard of Allyson before, but do not know whether she is the real deal or not. All I know is that she has youtube videos or something, and some people said that her spells did not work for them. Well at this point you better go with someone who helps you genuinely like Ashra. Her spells are amazing, I saw results and movements within months. I will continue working with her because she is an amazing spellcaster. Have a wonderful day!!!
I have not heard about Alizon. I am glad I haven't and I found Ashra. I have been taken by some spell casters and I can say that I have probably been taken for at least 500.00. I hate these spell casters that thrive off of peoples heart ache and take people for their money. I hope there is a special place for these scammers one day. I hope that everyone is doing well.
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Hi there ♥
What a coincidence, a video of Alizon just showed in my YouTube recommendations and then I have found this thread... I decided to look up for some reviews, and as you all do, I see mixed reactions. What seems to me very weird is when there is a hateful reaction on a bad review, supposedly from Alizon herself. I do not know what to think about it, the disabled comment section on her YouTube channel - maybe it is to block the haters, but on the other hand you can't see any positive reactions either. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to spread hate or anything, I personally think that it is nice that she puts videos of herself on the internet and she is genuine, but in the end I still stay with Ashra.
I have never heard of Alizon, But I can definitely recommend Ashra for you to hire for your spells. She is a true caster and has had thousands and thousands of fantastic reviews including youtube videos. I trust Ashra Koehn more to be honest because she genuinely cares for people.

Alizon Psychic Secrets may be real, but I don't want to take any chances. Ashra Koehn has a proven track record of success. She makes sure everything is done safely and securely. Her spells are decently priced, depending where you live, prices may vary.
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I totally agree with Ashra. This Alizon person seems to say she is who she says she is. I personally wouldn’t bother using another spell caster/psychic services because I’ve used many before and didn’t have much results..

I just don’t think there’s a need to use any other spell caster other than Ashra. Ashra is all I need, right now.
@CynthiaBenett . Hi Cynthia to be honest with you I have not got a spell from anyone other than Ashra.

I really can't recommend Alizon because there are many scams out in the internet using different websites and names to earn money by scamming people and stealing their money.

Sometimes the spell casters write their own reviews for their own advantages. Because I saw many Nigerian spell casters writing their own testimonials for their advantages.

Also I suggest you using Ashra to get your spells done just explain your situation to her and she will help you. SO just use Ashra because Ashra is genuine, real and is not fake.
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I have not heard of Alizon's Psychic Secrets. I do think that you should go with what your gut tells you. i am not sure if she charges for her services or if she is able to give the same type of services like Ashra. My gut tells me I am good with Ashra as Ashra has been helping me a lot, so I have no need to go find another spellcaster. Everyone has their preferences, so trust what you think is right!
a few years ago I had a Spelcast by Alizon nothing ever came of the spell and she wanted me then to pay for yet another spell, okay guaranteed they weren’t horrendously expensive but when they haven’t worked for you in the first instance you’re not then going to want to pay yet again to back up a spell that should have worked in the beginning. If you’re serious about having a proper Spell cast then definitely stick with Ashra because look at all the reviews on this page it says so much more than a couple of reviews on the page that Alizon could’ve quite happily written herself.
Hey everyone!!!!! I hope your all are doing good and having an amazing day. I have never before heard about Alizon's psychic secrets before, this is the first time I am getting to know about it. I don't really know what to say about this spell caster, I don't think that this person is going to really help you out with your problem or can really do something. Also, their spell prices might be really high and you can get really disappointed if it didn't work for you. I would highly advise you to always stay with Ashra as she is amazing and does everything that she can to help others and I am 100% sure that she can show you results and bring your lover back to you.
Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a good day today :D
I have heard of Alizon’s Psychic Secrets since 2014 when I first started looking for real spells and spell casters online. I have never tried any of her spells since I don’t have any money to purchase them (I’m still going to stick with Ashra when I do have money to buy spells). I’ve read that there are mixed reviews of her so I’m not really sure if her spells and psychic readings really work. I’m just gonna stick with the spell caster I'm using right now.
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I have never heard of her, but I wouldn't go to her because I don't trust any spell caster except for the one I'm currently using right now. Alizon might have videos of her doing rituals but that doesn't mean her spells work. If you are unsure about Alizon then it's probably not a good idea to have her cast spells for you. Chances are her spells don't work and that she isn't a real psychic. She probably just wants to take money from us since she didn't respond to you email. So she pretty much took your money and ran which is what a lot of fake spell casters do.
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I actually came upon Alizon first when I was googling and was very intrigued by what she had to offer. I did message her, and she messaged me back with what spell I should go with. However, I came upon this forum and see that Ashra has a great success rate, positive reviews, and offers WAY more than Alizon that I decided to not spend my money on Alizon and to wait to see what Ashra has to say about my situation.