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Angelica Sanders - www.angelicasanders.com

Discussion in 'Spell Casters' started by Karece, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. Liyda

    Liyda Member

    I haven't came across Angelica Sanders nor have I seen any reviews about her... so I can really give too much advice about her. I would definitely leave a spell caster alone if they tell me I won't see signs or movements after give them money. Sometimes we have to listen to what our gut instincts is feeling and letting us know.

    Good to hear that everyone have decided to leave those fake spell casters and come here to trust Ashra
  2. Kelly Hammond

    Kelly Hammond Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone, Angelica Sanders is a phoney her spells don't work at all. Believe me I've tried for months with her I've wasted my time. I'm so glad I found Ashra because she is real and honest. She truly cares and I've seen nothing but great results and reviews from her. Honestly if you want a true real spell caster go to Ashra koehn she's truly the best. I wouldn't trust anyone else. I have lost so much money and time on other spell casters and their spells never worked but I feel that Ashra's will. Why because after reading reviews, watching videos and coming to the forum I started to believe in her and I can feel my energy getting higher. I feel so confident in Ashra and her spells.
  3. Love10

    Love10 Well-Known Member

    I agree Sydney! Ashra Koehn is 100% guaranteed I would recommend her to anyone :) . All her reviews are positive and she is real. She personalizes you spells specifically to your situation and lets you know your update! With Angelica Sander, she is mainly in it for money. Many people have told me she wasn't real anyways but I decided to try her anyways. As soon as I mentioned I didn't have any money at the time instead of her helping me I got no response o_O. But when I mentioned this to Ashra she told me it was fine and introduced me to the karma point system. So honestly we should stick to what we know best and stay with Ashra :thumbsup:. Best of luck with you all sending positive vibes all around! Much love, ari :inlove:.
  4. Kelly Hammond

    Kelly Hammond Well-Known Member

    I have also tried Angelica Sanders as well in August and its coming to the end of October, and I'm still waiting. I still get emails from her but I don't read them. I feel like she is fake and her emails seem fake to. I've yet to see any signs or movements from her spell so I believe she's not real. Its just said that most of us wasted our time and money on fake spell casters before we found Ashra. Ashra Koehn is the only one I trust and will go to for help now. I do pray her spells will work for me.
  5. SierraB123

    SierraB123 Active Member

    I used someone who went by the name Sapphire one time back in May and June. Took me about a month to realize that she was so fake. She kept asking for money, and her daily emails she would send me seemed to be automated, and I couldn't understand half the things that were being explained to me, like my emails being used as runes or they were being woven into some sort of net to catch certain energies. I don't know, it was stupid. I just gave up on her and went back to her website to leave a comment, but it turns out that no one could post on there. I think the testimonials were fake, just like her. I also believe that her and this Angelica Sanders person may be the same person. I never tried her, but since I found the lovely Ashra Koehn, I'm done searching for legit spellcasters because I don't think they exist. Ashra's definitely the real deal here!! You can feel the power of her spells!! With the fakers, nothing at all. Just false hope and disappointments. I wish I had found Ashra first, but lesson learned. Now, I have Ashra, and I am never looking back.
  6. Sandra J

    Sandra J Well-Known Member

    Unlike Angelica Sanders, Ashra Koehn is real and honest with her clients and also fair that is why I wouldn't trade Ashra for nothing in this world . I know she cares about us and will never leave us wondering what is going on with our lovers and thats really important to me while I wait for my spells to kick in all the way to bring back my lover for good. I will never find a friend like Ashra Koehn who have really prove to me that she is 100% real spellcaster. I feel that people out here just about money and Ashra Koehn is about making our life better again.
  7. Queen of NJ

    Queen of NJ Active Member

    Funny I agree. Until today I am still getting email from Angelica. After my payment and five month later I'm still waiting. But I do reply to her email. Let her know how I feel and her spell not working. She always reply "We got this honey". Now today email she told me his aura is weakening and the spell is very strong. I'm still waiting for his return. I paid her and I'm asked for my money back. Since she won't give me a refund, I will make her work for me. Once I cast Ashra spell i will stop emailing her.

    I strongly encourage everyone to avoid www.angelicasanders.com
  8. Sandra J

    Sandra J Well-Known Member

    Hi Queen of NJ, I don't think it is good to have Angelica Sanders working for you now that Ashra Koehn is helping you out. I wouldn't trust her and plus you have Ashra working hard on your case now I would leave it alone. She knows what shes doing and I prefer to let one real spell caster work on my lover. Don't want it to become complicated as it already is. Ashra Koehn has this and will make it right for you.
  9. mystery_11

    mystery_11 Member

    I was really lucky and when I decided to try spells, Ashra came first in the search so I sent her an email and almost forgot about it. She emailed me to get a better understand about my situation and to see if I still needed her help. For unknown reason i trusted her and didn't ask much. I just ordered the spell. I have been really unlucky when another psychic from a platform was giving me hope for another situation so I wouldn't manage to lose energy to a fake spell caster! I know Ashra is real and she cares about every person who needs her hand. I am sure my spells will work too even though i have messed up many times! She is always helping me and fixing what i break. I am trying not to repeat even though weekends are hard to deal with :( I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience with Angelica.
  10. Queen of NJ

    Queen of NJ Active Member

    Hey Sandra how are you doing? I know your are right. Ashra will help me as she helped so many. I responded to her email today only. Wanted to see what her reply would be. I won't ask her to help me because I know she can't, she not real. I guess I was angry because she took my money. I told Angelica she a fake and to leave me alone. I won't be emailing her any more. Thanks again sending good vibes.
  11. Rena lewis

    Rena lewis Member

    Queen of NJ.
    Thank you for the information.
    Not that I will be looking it's just nice to know who's who. In cast I see or know of someone using this person.
    I will always send them to Ashra..
  12. SierraB123

    SierraB123 Active Member

    Hey, everyone! If you wanna know more about how Angelica Sanders and the other scammers she associates with work, Ashra posted a topic about their little robbers' nest, freemagick.com - Together, we can get the word out about these people, and help them to avoid getting ripped off.
  13. Andria

    Andria Member

    Angelica Sanders is located near or in Chesapeake. A city located in Virginia within the United States. I got this information from a credible source who knows the person who hides under various aliases such as Clarissa White and Angelica Sanders. All of the alias names are female, but there are two people behind this scam. They are in a relationship; one man and his wife/girlfriend.

    They both have normal jobs in the state of Virginia. They run this little scam on the side and claim to be spell casters. When Angelica is ready to take your money, she will tell you to go to a website called Gated Tech (gatedtech.com). This is not a real company name. However, they do have access to a Payment Gateway which was likely provided to them for their other jobs and not the one related to claiming to be a spell caster.

    The person who revealed this to me wishes to remain anonymous for fear of losing her job and/or having them come after her in an act of revenge. If anyone has been a victim of this scam, please share your experience below. If there are any new details you can provide, it can help stop many potential victims from falling for the same scam. This anonymous person says they often laugh and brag about the money they make and she has personally witnessed them talking with a victim through their device.

    This is the same couple behind the characters Clarissa White, Sasha Londons, Londa Marks, Sapphire Kridell and many others.
  14. Nemo

    Nemo Member

    I have read all the posts re this Angelica Sanders. I have never heard of her. I only contacted that scammer Xara (or something like that) who offered FREE spells, which never ever worked. I found Ashra by chance and have not bothered with anyone else since then. The only problem which I find very frustrating is that she doesn't reply e-mails due to her workload - She is that popular. However, despite my frustrations, I still trust Ashra to bring back my lover to me.
  15. Lynsey

    Lynsey Member

    Wow that is way too close to home for me! They are like literally right down the street and I haven’t heard of them or their scam in our area. I'm glad you found where Angelica Sanders is located and put it on this forum! I know there is a psychic down the street from me that runs out of an office. I’ve never stopped in or looked them up though. I pass by daily and I never really see anyone in there. That is scary!!! I am so glad I found Ashra!! @Andria you should be a detective if you aren’t already :D
  16. SierraB123

    SierraB123 Active Member

    @Andria Wow!! This is a travesty! How can anyone do this to people who are at their lowest point and just want their lovers? I didn't think it was this bad!! If only I knew this before I decided to try Sapphire. She got me for $125 initially, then she asked for $65 to add power from June's strawberry moon. At that point, I still didn't think she was a fake. What prompted me to wake up was when she started asking for money almost every other day. One time, it was $75 for something called a Bellhop Pin (not sure what that is), and I was hesitant about it, then she said that I must pay because she already added the pin's magic to my spell, and that it came out her and her coven's food budget. Stupidly, I paid it. Then, just 2 days later, she wanted an additional $100 for rune readings and additional magic. At that point, I ceased all contact with her. I didn't pay the $100, so I got conned out of a total of $255. It could have been a lot worse, but I wasted a month on her. I really wish that $255 could have gone to one of Ashra's spells. I might have my lover Tyler back now, if I would have thought better. God, I wish there was a way that these people could be caught and put to justice. Jail wouldn't even be enough punishment for this. I just really hope that their number of victims decreases or totally ceases.
  17. Lynsey

    Lynsey Member

    @Nemo I believe in Ashra as well and I would NEVER take my chances using someone like Angelica Sanders! I am in the same predicament as you are. I know Ashra stays so busy because she has so many clients and she is only one person. I wish it was easier to get in contact with her because I have several questions. Hopefully, she will get some time to actually respond to some of our emails. This is kind of a problem with Ashra being so well known! All we can do is hang on and be as patient as possible!! She says she reads all of her emails. Maybe her casting will slow down a little so she can schedule in time to update us on our spells and answer our questions!! Good luck and try to stay patient!!
  18. SierraB123

    SierraB123 Active Member

    Update on Angelica Sanders. When I worked with these scammers, when I wasn't aware they were a scam, this is how their transaction showed up on my bank statement:


    I went with Sapphire Kridell, and the payment was made through gatedtech.com, which happens to be the same place Angelica Sanders tells people to make payment. No matter who is used, be it Angelica, Sapphire, Sasha, or any of the others listed, this is going to be the same exact thing that is listed as a transaction because they all use gatedtech.com
  19. Rena lewis

    Rena lewis Member

    Wow, thank you for this valuable information. Is there something that can be done about all these scam artists? It's just so wrong how they prey on people, and get away with it, and to add fire to gasoline by thinking it's funny. Hurting people even more that are already in pain, that's seeking help to bring back a missing part of there family. You that's actually really sick.

    They probably pay people to boost about their fake outcomes.

    In all actuality is just another noose or trap the snag someone in. Surely I tell you there is a special place for these people at the end of their road... and it's not very pleasant.

    It must be thousands of them out there, just waiting to further destroy and hurt people, and that thrive, off of others suffering.

    Wow, so unbelievable miserable
    hurtful people.

  20. Lynsey

    Lynsey Member

    Hmmmm. That almost looks like maybe she or he or whoever had like a kiosk in the mall (Chesapeake Square Mall) running a side business or something. Maybe used gatedtech as the form of payment. They probably even have it linked to whatever other business they are running. When you did your payment through gated tech what company did you provide when entering payment @SierraB123 ?
  21. Andria

    Andria Member

    Oh my! I think we found EXACTLY where they are running this scam from. VA CHESAPEAKE SQ means that the transaction is coming from Chesapeake Square Mall or one of the shops around this mall. Does anyone live near Chesapeake Square Mall or shopped there? How does a transaction appear on your card for payments made at the Chesapeake Square Mall? SQ could mean Chesapeake Square. So they own and operate a different type of business within the mall or a shop just outside the mall. Then must manually process the payment through their payment terminal within the store. #068936 is the merchant number which is directly connected to the person behind this scam.

    With a little help from anyone who lives in the area, I strongly feel we can catch them! GatedTech is not their business name. Its just a fake business website where they get you to submit payment information so that they can manually process the transaction on their end.
  22. Lynsey

    Lynsey Member

    @Andria I just checked my account and I do not really shop at little off name stores etc. The mall has a lot of little businesses within it. I only shop at Target or Rackroom. When I look at my account it reads the store name, number and Chesapeake, Va, Portsmouth Blvd...it doesn’t list Chesapeake Square. However, I’ll have to see what my receipts read when I order food or something. I really feel this is a person that has a Kiosk. There are several Kiosks in the mall. That’s probably why it reads Chesapeake Sq and then the fake craft name after it. I don’t go there much but next time I do I’ll do a little investigation!! :sneaky: I just hope they are caught and no one else falls for their scams!!:(
  23. Andria

    Andria Member

    @Lynsey , the next time you go to Chesapeake mall, shop at a few of the kiosks and/or businesses that look small. If any of the transactions appear to be very similar on your bank statement, it means we know where they are located. This scam reminds me of the show Breaking Bad where Walter White bought a car washing business as a money laundering facility for his drug money.:laugh:

    I feel we are so close to finding them! My heart is racing right now!

    I'm still trying to figure out the part labeled WS CRAFTING SEQ. They are cleverly hiding its real meaning... Any ideas?
  24. mystery_11

    mystery_11 Member

    A lot of bad things happened the last 2 years! Invested a lot of time to a lost situation related to my love-life, been cheated by a psychic much like people have been cheated by Angelica Sanders. But finally the luck was by my side and I met Ashra! She is real at least! The only bad thing is that she is so busy due to her popularity. Thank God she has this forum so we can exchange positive energy while waiting! It was really smart and kind of her to support this forum! She is really professional. Why I didn't find her long time ago? Why? Would have saved so much money and energy! There is no way for me to go anywhere else since I came across Ashra and her community!
  25. Andria

    Andria Member

    You know a company is registered if they are using Paypal. However, Angelica Sander's spell casting business DOES NOT use PayPal and she does not have a business license for her spell casting services. This is a clear sign that this business is not registered with the state of Virgina. They are using their primary business to launder money from their non-registered spell casting company. Angelica's days are numbered! Angelica is manually processing payments from her sales terminal at her primary business location.

    If you are going to use a spell caster, MAKE SURE they accept PayPal. DO NOT trust someone who might be manually processing your payment or who asks you to send money via Western Union or MoneyGram.

    PayPal requires ALL MERCHANTS to have a business license in order to accept payments through PayPal.
  26. Aradia

    Aradia Member

    I feel like we have our very own real life detective novel unfurling right here. It keeps getting more and more exciting. @Andria, if you're not a detective maybe you should consider being one ;) very impressed with your sleuthing skills. I can't wait to watch Angelica Sanders and all these scam artists crash and burn :thumbsup:

    @mystery_11 , I know how you feel when you said these last two years were bad. This last year of 2017 has been the biggest nightmare. I felt cursed with this entire year what with losing my job, losing my dignity and the love of my life cheating on me with the same woman since as far back as 2016. I lost a lot of money to psychics who took a lot of money only to give me bad news, then a scam artist claiming she wanted to help me set up a business stole $7,000 from me so now I'm just in debt and out of a job this Thursday. :banghead:

    I hope 2018 will be a better year for all of us.
  27. Alicia1995

    Alicia1995 Active Member

    I thought about using Angelica Sanders, but after reading this topic, I'm glad I didn't. Thank you for this Therad and sorry that that happened to you.
  28. SierraB123

    SierraB123 Active Member

    Okay, everyone. I got in touch with Ashra via email last night. I gave her more info on the scams going on, but I have also sent her more helpful information this morning. I'm in a different time zone, so I respond when I am able to. What my bank found out about the SQ part is that institutions abbreviate sq as the Square credit card reader, the kind that plugs into your cell phone. How they are able to swipe information like that is beyond me, but I did hear that Square doesn't store CC information, which is why they always ask for more money, to make it seem legit (instead of just keeping your info and using it to their advantage - they want to seem like they can be trusted). Another thing I heard from one of the tellers who knows my family is that Square card readers are used 90% of the time by merchants in small kiosks in malls and marketplaces. She believes that they are operating what appears to be a seemingly genuine business on the outside, but the inside is actually a scam. If there is anything I know about them, scam artists use GoDaddy to create their websites because it is free of charge. Also, my financial institution gave the only contact info that GatedTech had listed, which was an email address: gatedtech@gmail.com :mad:

    Most scammers also use gmail.com because, it too, is free. I use Gmail because I have my other accounts linked to Google, such as YouTube, Google+, and regular Google. They are using GatedTech to try and hide, but the bank transactions say it all: They are in Virginia, not Arizona. And, the fact that they are using a Square card reader pinpoints where they actually are, so they aren't using their brains very well... yet Angelica Sanders managed to con so many people out of their money. This type of research can save others from becoming victims. As for the institution not finding their address or phone number, this usually occurs when they are using a prepaid/disposable cell phone. If tracked, it can be discarded and a new one can be used. I'll see if I can find out more and post it here. I feel like I am actually doing what I went to college for: Criminal Justice!
  29. mystery_11

    mystery_11 Member

    Looking at this part of the forum I see so many threads with scammers like Angelica Sanders, Clarissa White and Sapphire Kridell! It's so sad that these people take advantage of people's pain! How could they be punished for what they do? Kasamba told me that they are not going to punish her because I agreed to the Terms of Service. I'm very upset!:rage:
  30. Andria

    Andria Member

    I went to gatedtech.com today and I attempted to make a purchase for $600 USD. I wanted to do an experiment and you will be shocked about what I found out!

    I entered a fake credit card number along with fake billing information. To my surprise the payment appeared to go through.:laugh:. What this means is that gatedtech.com is NOT a payment processor... you are literally handing ALL of your credit card information to Angelica Sanders so that she can take this information and process your payment manually through her payment terminal within her Primary business in Virginia. @SierraB123 you said that luckily she doesn't have your credit card information. The truth is she does!:facepalm:

    To prove this theory, you can go to gatedtech.com and enter fake information and it will say that your order went through successfully. She is tricking you into giving ALL of your credit card information you submitted.

    I'm still trying to figure out what WS CRAFTING SEQ means. WS could mean Workshop, but I'm not sure... I feel we are close but missing some key information.
  31. Lynsey

    Lynsey Member

    I was thinking Angelica's “real” business has something to do with “crafting” and that’s why it reads that at the end. They can say that those transactions were made through their business if questions asked. I may just take a little walk around the mall to the kiosks and see who has anything like that. There are a lot of kiosks in that mall and with the holidays coming more and more will set them up. Maybe over the weekend I will make a little trip and do some investigation. @SierraB123 if I were you I’d request a whole new card number!!!
  32. Aradia

    Aradia Member

    You guys I'm getting chills as I watch this thread. I'm watching Ashra's followers on the verge of taking down a notorious scam artist. However I recommend exercising some caution in case this Angelica person is watching the threads. We can't have her getting tipped off.
  33. SierraB123

    SierraB123 Active Member

    @Lynsey - I have fraud protection on my card now. Anything that looks suspicious, my financial institution will decline the transaction and get in touch with me to see if it was in fact me making the purchases. So far, no fraudulent charges since I got it back in July. And, I wasn't able to get a new card just yet because I am not in the US right now; I'm on a tour of duty in Syria, but will be heading back to Kuwait in about a couple weeks, I hope. I don't go back to the US until April 2018. I have mobile banking as well, so I will get an alert if anything fishy pops up.
  34. ScarlettFox

    ScarlettFox Active Member

    Wow! First of all I am amazed by how many horrible scammers are out there. Also, Amazing detective work on this forum. Hopefully this info can help other people avoid getting scammed in the future. Keep up the amazing work. Hopefully more people will work with a real caring spell caster like Ashra. I'm glad I didn't fall prey to Angelica when I came across her site a few months ago.
  35. Kelly Hammond

    Kelly Hammond Well-Known Member

    I found Angelica Sanders and I sent her $100! My spell never worked and she emailed me asking for more money. My order said Chesapeake Va SQ my number and then WS. I thought WS meant Wishes and Spells, but I was confused on the SQ. I'm thinking it stands for Chesapeake Square mall, but I'm not sure. I'm hoping someone can figure this out.
  36. Andria

    Andria Member

    Does this transaction line Sierra pointed out look the same on everyone's banking statement?

    I feel we should compare notes. What does the transaction line appear as for everyone else?

    Angelica Sanders is 100% located in Chesapeake Virginia, but where... that's the real question that needs an answer. SQ could mean one of two things which either way is GAME OVER for her. Let me explain...

    Scenario One: The code SQ is part of the location which means she is a merchant inside Chesapeake Square Mall (4200 Portsmouth Blvd, Chesapeake, VA 23321). If this is the case, its only a matter of time before someone finds and exposes her.

    Scenario Two: The code SQ means that she is using Square (https://squareup.com/) to process your credit card information. If this is true, she is in violation of Square's Terms of Service Agreement which specifically prohibits the sales of Occult Goods and Services. You can report her to Square (https://squareup.com/) and provide them with email evidence of EVERYTHING including the date the payment was made and the amount. This will not only banned her from using Square, it will completely stop this scammer in her tracks and keep her from harming others.

    Either way, its game over for Angelica Sanders. Victims just need to contact Square and file a complaint claiming that you were scammed by one of their merchants who is violating their Terms by selling you Occult Services. Here is where to contact Square (https://squareup.com/help/contact).
  37. Kelly Hammond

    Kelly Hammond Well-Known Member

    This lady makes me very mad as I read all of this. Angela only took $100 from me, but thats still a lot of money for some people. Her spell never worked and she promised me a money-back guarantee on her services. My credit statement was really strange from her. Her emails really bothered me. She asked for more money I told her no. That is why I came to Ashra. I had no clue that Angelica Sanders had several different names and that she got investigated by J Crew for stealing their picture as her own. Until I did some digging. This women is evil.
  38. Rena lewis

    Rena lewis Member

    Where can I find this thread or video at?
    I have been here alot about this person.
    It would be interesting to see, how this takes place.
    Hope to get a response.
  39. zarah555

    zarah555 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Thank God I haven't crossed that girl talking about here Angelica Sanders anyways this is my first time hearing about her and honestly I never heard that Angelica Sanders so she's really a scam?

    I am so sad to know that she is a scam and she just one of the fake spell casters working or should I say fooling many people for money.

    I actually don't understand why there are so many existing fake spellcasters here in the world and it's not so good I felt pity to all people they've fooled.

    Thank God my path didn't crossed to her because if would, then just another waste of time. I wanna thank God because I found Ashra immediately and I would say Ashra Koehn is the only real and trusted spellcaster, and there's no doubt for it.
  40. Lucy Bowden

    Lucy Bowden Well-Known Member

    Hi Sandra, I completely agree, Ashra does care about her clients and make sure we are okay. I have come across this Angelica's website before and an old forum she has on Freemagick.com. I trust Ashra with all my heart 100%. I would never choose Angelica Sanders to be my spell caster, she asks for money, lies about her guarantees and I do not believe she is genuine. I would go with Ashra all the way and come to her whenever i need help.

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