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Angelica Sanders - www.angelicasanders.com

Discussion in 'Spell Casters' started by Karece, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. Queen of NJ

    Queen of NJ Active Member

    I had meet Angelica Sanders early in my darkest hour. I was desperate in getting him back and she was understanding, kind and caring. Wow was I wrong. She offered me this great deal of one year refund, guaranteed satisfaction and a great price. So I used the website she gave me to pay $155 for my spell. Getting great result and great hope after about 2 month she asked another $65 for a recording of a special chanting that get and I can hear it. So again I paid that, received the record and it was garbage. I was upset and email requesting my refund back. Told her she scammer, a fake but she emailed me told me it will work. Six month later and I'm still waiting.

    My credit card statement showed:
    SQ *WS CRAFTING in Tucson Arizona. Both time. Called bank SQ does mean "SQUARE."


    Thank you Ashra for giving my hope and light my away to the right path.
  2. Rena lewis

    Rena lewis Member

    Good morning everyone. I see that are on the trail of a fake called Angelica Sanders. Not to bust anyone's bubble. Has anyone spoken to Ashra about this scammer. Do any of you really know what this person is capable of.

    Maybe while your doing all of this, Ashra can give you some kind of protection casting in any event should this person finds out. That your about to take her down.

    What your doing is Awesome, I just want you all to be safe, and out of the of her.
  3. Andria

    Andria Member

    @Queen of NJ We know she is located in Chesapeake Virginia. If SQ means Square, you can file a complaint with Square ( https://www.ashra.net/community/thr...ww-angelicasanders-com.254/page-2#post-275287)

    Are you saying that she mailed you a record? Do you still have the package it came in? Anyone who receives mail from her should hold on to the package. It may reveal where she mailed it from and have her finger prints on it.

    Angelica should NEVER promise a money back guarantee on her services unless she is going to honor it. That's where she really went wrong.
  4. zarah555

    zarah555 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    I'm so sad to know that you're one of many people fooled by this person called Angelica Sanders. You invested so much money with her and that's why really felt bad for you.
  5. Ashra

    Ashra Administrator Staff Member

    @Rena lewis No protection spell is required. She is not a spell caster and will bring no harm with her powers. I just started following the topic on Angelica a few days ago. I looked at her website and see that she is defaming me on her chat program and forum boards. I'm working with a few of her victims to hunt this woman down.

    No spell caster should be making promises he/she cannot keep. I firmly believe in being honest with my clients and I find they value my honesty even if the truth hurts.

    What I can say about the investigation on Angelica Sanders... she throughly thought this out and made sure she couldn't be found. Little does she realize that we have smart forum members as well as myself and a few of my friends working on finding her.
    zarah555 likes this.
  6. Kelly Hammond

    Kelly Hammond Well-Known Member

    Hi Queen of NJ, I had the same problem that you did with angelica sanders. I also called the bank and they also told me SQ stands for square. Their is a Chesapeake square mall in VA where Angelica is located. I'm wondering if she is somewhere in the mall or around the mall. Hi Zarrah its good that you didn't try angelica sanders she is a scammer and a fake. She uses people to get money.
  7. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I cant believe Angelica is defaming Ashra who does she think she is? And yes you are right Ashra! She should not be promising things to people that she cannot do. That is not professional at all. I know you are a very kind and caring person and you are also honest which is the best way to be and I wish more people in this world were honest. I hope you track her down in the end as what Angelica is doing is not fair. I hope the truth will come to light about her soon. Hope your okay Ashra.
  8. Lynsey

    Lynsey Member

    Guys this is making me so MAD right now!!! I will not give up on my part!! @Andria thanks for laying out the info. @Kelly Hammond I'm sorry this happened to you as well as @SierraB123 and glad you have the protection on your card!! The scammer definitely thought this process through. It will not be long before she/he goes down!! I’m sure whoever it is follows this forum. Stick with @Ashra because she is safe and cares about us all!!
  9. Kevin Gibson

    Kevin Gibson Member

    Hi some great investigative work being taken by you all.
    My questions are;

    IF you find out where this person(s) are, what action would you take? who with?
  10. Sandra J

    Sandra J Well-Known Member

    I really hate that Ashra Koehn is going through this again fake spell caster trying to bash her name and make others people stay away from her business. This is a typical tactic of fake spell casters like Angelica Sanders. I know Ashra Koehn will handle the situation. She did before and she will again. I am sorry Ashra, but I believe this will soon pass and as your client and friend you know I will do whatever you need me to do like last time I have your back Ashra.
  11. Lynsey

    Lynsey Member

    @Kevin Gibson when the scammer is found it will be handled properly. Once we are able to track down who the person is by collecting all of the information the persons who were scammed will need to take action. Check out “Cyber Crimes” in the Commonwealth of Virginia. There is a way to take this person down!! Right now we need to just gather as much information as possible so we have a leg to stand on!
  12. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I hope this scammer, Angelica Sanders, is found very soon it is not right what she has done and what is doing to people. Also defaming Ashra is completely horrible and unacceptable. I am hoping that Ashra will be able to track her down soon so her real colors will come to light. Angelica is clearly jealous of Ashra and I hope it will not be too long until she is found out, I hate that Ashra is going through this she is such a kind caring woman she does not deserve this.
  13. Kevin Gibson

    Kevin Gibson Member

    I hope it works.
    If 1 can be find out and brought down, then I hope it will encourage others to step forward so other scammers can be found out and brought to justice.
  14. Sandra J

    Sandra J Well-Known Member

    Hi RubyXRed, I truly believe Ashra Koehn will find this so called wanna be spellcaster Angelica Sanders and bring her down. One thing I learn from Ashra Koehn is to never give people who trying to hurt her power thinking it is going to hurt her in any way and as you know when reading Ashra website it says. IF ANYONE WHO TRYS TO HURT ASHRA THE PERSON WILL BE FOUND! I agree, Ashra doesn't deserve this at all due to the fact she is one of the most sweetest and kind woman I ever met here online also honest towards her clients. I know with Ashra contact Angelica's victims and it will not be long to set that fake spellcaster down! Ashra Koehn isn't to be played with. We all know who Ashra Koehn is and what she stands for. The best spellcaster here online and she handle her business and you can't touch that Angelica Sanders.
  15. SierraB123

    SierraB123 Active Member

    Hey @Andria - do you think that your credible source who gave you the info on Angelica Sanders and Sapphire and the rest of those fakes could maybe give us a little more information about the VA CHESAPEAKE SQ thing, or the WS CRAFTING part? I'm going to be getting in touch with my bank, but I gotta wait until the open because they're in the Central Time Zone in the US, and I am in the Arabic Time Zone in Syria right now, plus I'm about 8 hours ahead of them. Then, when I get the info, I'll be updating Ashra on what I found out.

    I think that maybe they should just confess and tell you who these people are; I know that I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I knew someone was pulling a huge Ponzi scheme and preying on people's hurt and desperation, and there was something I could do to stop it. Yeah, I get that she doesn't want to lose her job, but she would feel so much better knowing that these scammers would be done for. And besides, if you do good, you will be blessed for it; perhaps maybe a much better job will come to her in the future? Also, I get that she doesn't want them to come after in in revenge, but there are ways to report this crime anonymously to the local police and have them investigate it. Also, securing protection from law enforcement is another way to ensure that they don't come after her; chances are, they themselves wouldn't go after her because they would be behind bars, however, there is the possibility of sending someone else to do it, but then they'd be looking at murder for hire charges, too... in accordance to the state's law.

    If maybe you could get in touch with them, or they could contact Ashra, we can finally get to the bottom of this and get rid of this stain on society. If you can do it, please keep us all updated, and especially Ashra, who has been working tirelessly to take these scammers down, all while helping us gain our lovers back.
  16. Ashra

    Ashra Administrator Staff Member

  17. Breezi

    Breezi Active Member

    Hi guys,
    Never have I heard of Angelica Sanders but from what I see so far she isn’t who I wanna meet. I’m going to do some more research on her and make a video warning others to not get involved with her false advertising. I agree with all of you Ashra is the best, nobody should have to waste their time with someone that’s supposed to help people like that make others like us give up hope before they can find Ashra Koehn.
  18. Amaris

    Amaris Member

    When I searched for spell casters online Angelica Sanders name came up first. I just went to the first person that was there. Because I had no idea I was very trusting with it because I was desperate. I know not to get desperate anymore. I had no idea I'd be so emotionally depressed, starve yourself, and being mean to everybody. Because of the things she told me she made me felt like I was in good hands with her. She told me to be patient and stay positive. like she was saying all the good things I wanted to hear. I guess that's why I dismissed the red flags. From September 2016-march 2017 I don't have those emails because my gmail was hacked by someone and the person specifically deleted those emails. I also got two physic readings from her and she said a bunch of nice things that I wanted to hear. Since I was so desperate in getting the guy my heart so desired I believed everything she wrote to me. The last time I emailed her was July 1. Because I had started going back to church. I asked her,"will going to church break or delay the spell on the guy?" She told me "don't go to church god and Jesus don't like you if they did you wouldn't have to come to me to get that guy you want. But don't worry I will definitely bring that Korean bastard to you.:) ) I was literally put off by that email so from then on I stopped emailing her and just recently she stopped emailing me. Saying that I should be ashamed of threatening her and saying dumb**** to her. She didn't care anything about my feelings or my circumstances she just wanted her money. Pathetic loser. :hilarious:
  19. SierraB123

    SierraB123 Active Member

    @Amaris - Oh my! I am terribly sorry to hear about your experience with Angelica Sanders. What she said to you was very rude, especially after you put all of your trust in her. Someone who claims to care about your situation would never say mean and hurtful things to someone they are trying to help. You see this very often with fake spell casters who are only in the business for your money. When it comes to making a buck, they will say just about every nasty thing there is to say to someone.

    Although I didn't go with Angelica Sanders, I happened to work with one of her aliases, Sapphire Kridell, back in May and June. As you have said, she did tell me all of the things I wanted to hear, and as you were feeling, I was feeling desperate and didn't do enough research on a legit spell caster because I thought they were all skilled, if they were offering their services on the internet. As time went by, I realized how much of a scam she was. She was asking me for money every week to fix things in my situation; her spell didn't work because this scammer doesn't cast them in the first place. I was reviewing my bank statements, and found where she took $125 in late May, $65 in the first week of June, and $75 in the second week of June. I initially thought she had got me for $255, when it's actually $265 - I reported her to Square just recently; many have.

    Despite being scammed, Angelica's alias never said anything out of line to me, and if she would have, I would have cut her down like a knife because of my military background, so I do have some superiority behind my voice when needed - but generally, I am an all around nice person, and I like people. I really hate it though when people like Angelica Sanders and all of her fake aliases take advantage of the kindness and desperation of others who need help. So, instead of getting into a heated argument with that fraud, after she asked me for another $100 for some kind of runes reading (which she didn't get from me because I knew right at that moment, she is a con), I ceased all contact with her. I really wish I had found Ashra first before going to her. But now, I DO have Ashra, and so do you, and everyone else here in the forum!! She is our savior and has lifted us up in the darkest of times with her genuine kindness and compassion!
  20. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I am really pleased that people are realizing who the real and genuine spell caster is here and realizing the fake horrible people out there.I cannot believe what this person has done to so many innocent people and used so many different identities , it is so heartless and immoral. I also did receive an email randomly from Allison dreidess or something like that? She was talking about Voodoo and saying that she can cast these spells for me but I straight away deleted her email and did not bother responding. Work with Ashra and everything will be fine.
  21. Amaris

    Amaris Member

    Yeah I have a problem with not sticking up for myself. That's another reason why I stayed with her and listened to her foolishness. Feels like I've been waiting an eternity for results. However I will continue to wait patiently and set my mind on something else. And if he doesn't come to me I'll just let it go and find someone else.
  22. Kymora lynn

    Kymora lynn Member

    Do not make a promise if you cannot keep it. What Anjelica did was absolutely horrific. And for her to bash Ashra? that is very low,.... Especially because she doesn't even have the magic ability to even cast anything. Ashra keeps her word, and knows what she is doing. I've seen many stories about how Ashra helped their lovers return to them so very easily and stayed with them. Ashra really is a blessing, and I'm glad everyone here came together to warn others of Anjelica. Thank you all!
  23. Stella kims

    Stella kims Well-Known Member

    I have had an experience with Angelica sanders. I sought her help in getting my lover back. She was so caring and offered guaranteed results and money back refund if I did not have results in one year. Angelica told me that I would not have signs in my situation but that my lover would come back at once after the spell has been cast. I was happy because I did not need to pay a lot of money but a week later I tried emailing her to tell her that I had not seen any results but she did not reply to my emails.
  24. sonam

    sonam Well-Known Member

    Hi Stella
    Omg that's so bad it seems Angelica Sanders only wanted money and scamming people. I'm happy you chose Ashra Koehn as she will never do this. I'm truly bless to be with Ashra but I'm so happy that I didn't find Angelica otherwise I would have felt so bad. I'm feeling bad cause Angelica took money and after that didn't bother to reply. how rude if her! but I can guarantee with Ashra nothing like that will happen. She is wonderful spell caster. Hope you enjoy here
  25. Amaris

    Amaris Member

    Oh so now she says after one year of no manifestation you can get your money back. When I first hired her she never said anything about one year. She told me not to stress about the time frame, don't contact the person unless they contacted me first, and stay positive. She wanted me to send updates everyday to make it happen faster. However that was just in vein. Nothing happened. She also sent me photos of what she was supposedly doing. But I deleted them because I was angry she made a fool out of me. Being with her just made me have more doubt and think negative. The situation I'm in is completely unhealthy, but I can't let go of it because I'm scared. I've gotten too emotionally attached to this person and I shouldn't be this way. I'm ashamed of myself. :banghead::banghead:
  26. Stella kims

    Stella kims Well-Known Member

    Angelica Sanders is a scam and I was shocked to hear her call every other spell caster a scam. She offers money back guarantee if you don't get results within one year but once you pay her you will hear from her anymore. She says that you will not have movements or signs after your spell is cast but that you will only have the result you desire very fast. After finding Ashra, I got to know that spells take time to manifest and I am sure that I will have my lover back when she casts my spell.
  27. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    This is yet another fake identity and whoever is behind this goes by quite a lot of different names. I personally don't know how people like that can not be ashamed of herself for giving vulnerable people false hope and false promises it is just sickening. I am so pleased that we have the opportunity to educate ourselves about these people and I am thankful that Ashra is helping us all and she is doing everything in her power to help us all out she truly is an angel.
  28. ellavyou

    ellavyou Active Member

    I dont think that angelica sanders is real she is just only after your money. It is better to consult ashra because she is really the one who could help you about your situation. She is a blessing from up above and i do not regret of being jere in the forum and boosting my mind to achieve a better results spell casting. I believe that only ashra koehn is the real deal.
  29. dtm10110

    dtm10110 Well-Known Member

    It does sound like Angelica Sanders is a scam. All of the spell casters I have found turned out to be scams. Everyone I found, kept asking me for money. I would trust Ashra though! She is amazing and I believe that her spells will work and she will not scam you. All of those scammers will not help you. All they want is your money. Please do not give them your money because if they say they can cast a spell on you, most likely it will not work unless you use Ashra. Best of luck to you!
  30. Alysse

    Alysse Active Member

    I have never experienced her but I have heard a lot about her. I have read lots of her reviews and they are all bad. If you ever see a person's website and hear their reviews most of the time they are basically frauds. Or if there ever is a positive review there's no more fake. I just think it's crazy how many people get away with lying to all of these people who are asking for help and they end up finding a person to help them they are lying. I always recommend people to talk to ashra because she is all of her results are accurate. If you see any other spell Caster that is not ashra 90% of the time they are all frauds you always have to watch for stuff like that! I tell you these people are good at lying!
  31. Queen of NJ

    Queen of NJ Active Member

    Angelica Sanders is a fake a liar. She promise me result in a year or money back and i get nothing. She cut and paste email over and over about what she is doing because she doesn't know what to do. DO NOT BELIEVE HER.
  32. Priya CP

    Priya CP Active Member

    Hey everyone!!!! I hope your all are doing good and having an amazing day. I do believe that Angelica Sanders is fake and is trying to scam others out of their money, it's so bad that she is defaming Ashra, like why? What did Ashra ever do to her? Honestly, she is just jealous of Ashra's success and her loyalty towards her clients and is probably trying to mislead the other customers into tricking them. Ashra is always honest with all of us, and never gives any of us false hope or give us promises if she can't keep it. She always tells the truth to us even if it hurts us because she is so honest and we like her for how real and genuine she is. Ashra has positively supported me a lot to keep moving forward. I hope that whoever this lady is that is trying to cause bad name will be found and taken down.
  33. Fera

    Fera Popular Member

    Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing just okay today. @Queen NJ! I am so sorry that you got scammed by this person. Angelica Sandlers is a fraud. All things she said on her website are BS. I haven't had any experience with her, but I saw a tons of negative reviews about her. I am so sorry to say this but you will never get any refund if we deal with a fake spellcaster. Just take it as your life lesson. Please do a lot of research before you hire someone or they will get you ripped off.

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