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Ashra Koehn is Celebrating 19 Years of Spell Casting!

Ashra Spells
Posted by Ashra on Nov 6, 2016
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  1. Andib

    Andib Active Member

    @Mirica Choi and everyone asking. Ashra only offer Spirits of the night Love Spell for Halloween. You can't request the spell afterwards. Also you can have it at 20% discount at the moment. Ashra's discount code is valid until the 20th.

    Hugs and have a great weekend all!
    A xx
  2. Islandbreeze

    Islandbreeze Active Member

    Mirica chow how are you my dear? It's that time of year again getting cold where we live:nailbiting: About the spirit of the night spell. It seems like it's a very powerful spell that Ashra is doing for Halloween. According to the description it's used to bring two soul together that are facing blockage and other forces that keeps them apart. It's one of her older spells that Ashra don't do all the time only in special cases. Wow it seems very powerful and the results can be very great. The price is good too with the 20% off. I never got one of these spells before because I was not a member last Halloween. I met Ashra in November. I did purchase a spell for the special. I might consider getting this one too.
    Best of luck my dear hope your love comes back soon.:inlove:
  3. angeliclove82

    angeliclove82 Well-Known Member

    I just want to say congratulations to Ashra again and thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me. I am over the moon to have won the Ice Into Fire Fury DD (with Twilight Moon Seal) in Ashra’s amazing anniversary contest.

    I also ordered ‘Tremble of True Love’ Quad Cast and ‘Spirits of the Night’ Triple Cast - both with energy seals. Apologies again for keeping you so busy @Ashra ! I am seeing some amazing movement from the spells I already have active - but I couldn’t pass up these 2 amazing limited spells ☺️

    I hope everyone is having an amazing week with lots of positivity!
  4. munchkin95

    munchkin95 Member

    That was really fun guys, the video did make me feel like I was slowly losing my sanity just a lil bit... but so glad people were able to crack it! I was so shaken when the sign was a Libra sign. I screamed, THAT'S MY SIGN! I feel like that was a sign itself that good things are coming for me. Too much bad this year and end of last year, now I'm ready for change, just the season signifies. Blessings lovelies. My Birthday is Sunday. I know what my wish is. :inlove:
  5. zarah555

    zarah555 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    I'm still amazed that Ashra is still here on ourlives and reached 18th years in spellcasting that only means that she is really amazing on her works and all her spells are really so powerful that can really change lives.
    I am so happy that I discovered her and I found her, I wished I found her sooner but I am thankful because I still found her.
    I really love Ashra and I'm so happy for her that she reached 18th years. For me she is the best and I will never look for more. I believe there is no other spellcaster that can reach her works, she has been so amazing and that is the most pretty things about her.
  6. EllieDL

    EllieDL Member

    Hi everyone. I found Ashra just before her anniversary event, through a down miserable night of desperately searching for anything that can help. When I found Ashra's website and the forum, I felt such a sense of calm and positivity! I feel like I found her at the perfect time and I can't wait for her to help me. I'm so so so grateful to her, I'm ready for the rest of my life. She has such a lovely calm personality!

    Ellie :)
  7. Lollielou

    Lollielou Active Member

    @Mirica Choi this is the link to the spirits of the night https://www.ashra.net/s/spirits-of-the-night.html
    which will give you the description of it to read
    I have ordered it myself along with a few other spell from Ashra’s speacial anniversary spells couldn’t miss the opportunity to order them and use the great 20% off discount too
    I hope that is of help to you
  8. Ashra

    Ashra Administrator Staff Member

    Reminder: I'm still running behind schedule. Winners of the contact will be contacted within the next few days due to the weekend. I do apologize for the delays.
  9. Gemmbo1983

    Gemmbo1983 Member

    @Ashra i know your really busy. I’ve sent you a couple emails regarding your new spells. I have t had a answer on here . Please can you check you received the email? I would like to purchase a new spell , but need to double check it’s rhe right spell for my situation:) thanku
  10. GayAstroMan

    GayAstroMan Active Member

    It's okay, @Ashra! Please don't stress yourself too much and I am sorry for buying few spells recently during your 18th Anniversary to keep you even more busy!

    You need to get some well-deserved rest for yourself when you do get all caught up on everyone's orders! <3
  11. Neelam

    Neelam Well-Known Member

    @Ashra no worries, we can wait. Hope you catches up with your schedule soon. I am really excited for my spell to get cast. I know how overloaded you are with works. You get lots of request everyday. I just hope you take care of yourself too while doing so much for all of us. I bought the spell at standard level because that's only I could afford,hehehe. But I know it would help me along with my others spells too. I hope to hear back from you soon. I am ready for life changing results, hehehe. Can't wait for his return. So excited and nervous too. Love you Ashra.
  12. angeliclove82

    angeliclove82 Well-Known Member

    I hope you can get some much needed rest and relaxation this weekend @Ashra thank you again for everything you do ☺️ X
  13. Sandra kelly

    Sandra kelly Well-Known Member

    I would like to say congratulations to you ashra on your 18 years of spell casting. I would also like to say congratulations to all of the winners of the contest. We have all watch this video so many times and very few were able to figure it out.
  14. A. S.

    A. S. Member Member Plus Account

    I got a spell :) FINALLY :inlove:
  15. munchkin95

    munchkin95 Member

    I just bought spirit of the night, it was like a trance, I had do to it! Sorry @Ashra for causing more work xo. love you for all you do!
  16. Devi

    Devi Member Guest Account

    @Islandbreeze , I purchased 4 spells . Thank you for the help .
    @angeliclove82 , Yes Ashra should take some rest . We all need you ASHRA and to help us , first and most important is that u should be healthy with enough sleep and rest. Take Care Dear Ashra. I still watch the fantastic videos . but even now I cant trace the LIBRA sign. my poor eyesight!
    When I am depressed and sad, I cant sleep and the next day i am totally dull .. i dont get sufficient sleep, for years its the same. Hoping that everything will become ok soon. my life itself will be totally blossomed soon when my husband returns back to the family- me and our kids. Every morning after my prayers , I come here to read the success stories of everyone which will keep my day positive throughout. Thank you all .
  17. BSB

    BSB Member

    The people that ordered spells before the winners were announced are gonna have their requests finished first right? Also, I hope you're taking care of yourself in the process of catching up to your regular schedule and that you're not under a lot of stress xx
  18. Sandra J

    Sandra J Active Member

    Hi Ashra , I understand how busy you can get especially around holidays coming you will stay busy . Please make sure you take time to rest during all the excitement Monday, We are all behind you and will never be so selfish of our needs knowing you have did so.much for us . I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do and still take time to let us know what's going with our spells and why they aren't cast yet, that's tells us alot about your character. You're one in a million :inlove: Kenneth has been staying home so far but I know everything will fall in place , Again Ashra I am patient and with that good things come to those who waits. Everyone have a good weekend !
  19. Mirica Choi

    Mirica Choi Active Member Member Plus Account

    Hi there, everyone where ever all of you guys are in the world! Hope everyone is doing just fine today! Hi @Islandbreeze! First, you spelled my last name wrong, but that's okay! Yea it is that time of year again where the weather is getting colder! :nailbiting::nailbiting: And I am actually feeling okay, scared, afraid that my lover has a new girlfriend! Oh, I see, that is amazing how you found Ashra earlier though! I haven't found Ashra 3 month ago! How are you feeling my dear? And thanks I am hoping I will get my lover back soon, thanks! :inlove::inlove: I still have a long way of earning Points before I am able to get my next spell! And @Ashra, don't stress out about rushing through your schedule, we all understand and able to wait for your response as we have the forum to help each other out!
  20. Beeb77

    Beeb77 New Member Guest Account

    Sarina, have you done spells with her before?
  21. vira

    vira Member

  22. GayAstroMan

    GayAstroMan Active Member

    Ashra just cast both I Need You Now and Sacred Evael (both with triple cast and a seal)! I can say that I’m very pleased with her report. :D I’m looking forward to her contacting me about some info on Obeah Love spell Fury DD with triple Twilight Moon seal PLUS Spirits of the Night spell on Halloween!

    Thank you so much, Ashra! You deserve a rest because it is REALLY needed!
  23. Hollydur

    Hollydur Member

    What does spirits of the night do I have followed the instructions of the other user who said someone reviewed it last year but I cant find it unfortunately so is anyone able to tell me? I need something to bring back my stubborn POI

    Oh oops someone already explained haha
  24. Dcgirl125

    Dcgirl125 Member

    Congratulations on 18 years of spell casting Ashra
  25. Beeb77

    Beeb77 New Member Guest Account

    I want to buy a spell , but not sure if i need to be in contact with ashra first. I’ve never bought one before. Any advice???
  26. Priya CP

    Priya CP Active Member

    Hey everyone!!! I hope you are all doing good and having an amazing day. I want to congratulate Ashra for your 18th anniversary again, it's so good that you have been in this field for so many years and with a lot of experience. I feel honored to be working with you :) You're so amazing! I HOPE you take some rest too, you have been working so hard for all of us lately and you have been really busy with all the anniversary celebration, casting all the spells that's been ordered, dealing with the impersonators. I hope you have a great day! Take care.
  27. Nintendofan3

    Nintendofan3 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Good morning everyone! I hope you all have a great day today :D
    Congratulations Ashra on your 18th anniversary! It’s still really amazing that you have been casting spells for people for so many years now. I am so glad that I found your website again last year and I finally gave you a chance. I’d probably still be feeling hurt and heartbroken right now if I didn’t give you a chance. Even though my situation is really complicated and stubborn I know that you can help me with it. I hope you will continue to help even more people with their situations and more people will find out about you and your spells!
  28. Patrix

    Patrix New Member Guest Account

    Hi to All! Congrats to you Ashra for 18 yrs of casting! I am still waiting for your next spell to me is one of her secret spells.
  29. Pratima Chaudhary

    Pratima Chaudhary Member Member Plus Account

    Hello everyone out there
    Congratulations Ashra Maam for your 18th anniversary. Its so good to be a part of your forum where there is so much positivity and good things going around. I have serached so many spell casters on internet but I found Ashra to be genuine and real.
    I still have to buy one of the spells of Ashra and I am looking forward for some good results.
    Thank you for being there and helping people like us who are in desparate need of help.
    Thank you so much.
    Stay blessed
  30. Renae1217

    Renae1217 Member

    Congratulations @Ashra Thank you for all your hard work you have been doing for us.
  31. Maria novie

    Maria novie Member

    Hi Ashra. Congrats and happy 18th anniversary. I don't know how to begin with but I'm so happy to be part of this forum.. :)
  32. Fera

    Fera Popular Member

    Hello everyone! Ashra I want to congratulate you on your 18 th anniversary. It might be too late, I haven't been on the forum much, but I am glad that your event went well and so many was excited for it. Also congratulations to those who won the contest and got all spots. You did a good job. I even couldn't crack any codes lol. I hope those spells will kick in for your situation. Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way.
  33. Kelena

    Kelena Member

    WOW!!!!!! Congratulations to ALL of the genius level people who got into the forum of secrets! I literally could not see a single thing! The video was BEAUTIFUL @Ashra like a visual TREAT!!!!! It was a VERY beautiful and well-made video...cinematic quality and can see the time and love that you put into making it. Thanks also for making all of the special offers. It’s your anniversary but you are giving everyone else the gifts!
    I guess I’ll say it one more time. Happy Anniversary to you!!!
    Kudos and well-done to the people who got in!!!
  34. raregemstoneamber

    raregemstoneamber Well-Known Member

    Hey guys! Congrats to all of the winners who were able to crack the code and enter into the forum of secrets. It has been too long of a time since I’ve gotten a spell and I was really needing and hoping to win and get one of Ashra’s Anniversary spells. I watched the video twice but that’s all I got to have a chance to watch it because I ran out of data. I saw the symbols right away the very first time I watched the Anniversary video but the only problem was I didn’t know what the name of the symbols were. If I would have just known the names of the symbols I could have won. But there was no chance of me knowing the names of the symbols because I’m not good at astrology or constellations I don’t know much about it so therefore I couldn’t win. But I’m happy for those who did.
  35. Babycake911

    Babycake911 New Member Guest Account

    Wishing you also Great Things and lots of Happiness on your Birthday!!
  36. FrostedGlass

    FrostedGlass New Member Guest Account

    Happy Anniversary Ashra!! <3
  37. Is it too late to purchase an anniversary spell @Ashra ?? Please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks
  38. Neelam

    Neelam Well-Known Member

    Hey @Chocolate.drop its never too late when you have Ashra on your side. Her anniversary spells are still available but yes you missed the discount offers. However, you can still purchase her anniversary spells through going to the link. Now she is offering Halloween spell and you can preorder it. The spells are exclusive and are not available on the forum. You can still buy those spells. The link is on page 63/64 of this thread.
  39. Brilliant video ashra it's very magical and very colourful the video good sounds effects I wish I came to u sooner then ever great music you know how to makes videos stands out and happy spell casting
  40. raregemstoneamber

    raregemstoneamber Well-Known Member

    Hey Ashra happy anniversary for 18 years of spell casting! What a land mark. It just speaks volumes as to how great of a spellcaster you are l. You are also genuine caring and understand to everyone no matter the situation you accepted all of us here into your arms and community to help all of us. Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me. I just know that you will bring my lover back to me again. And grant all of my wishes that I ever may have. Here’s to many more years of spellcasting. We need you and love you and could never make it without you. You are the one light at the end of all of our dark tunnels. Btw I love all of your new photos! You look beautiful.

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