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Ashra Koehn is Celebrating 19 Years of Spell Casting!

Ashra Spells
Posted by Ashra on Nov 6, 2016
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  1. This video is so awesome you can literally feel the magic in the air! Congrats Ashra!
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  2. Lilmama

    Lilmama Member Guest Account

    Ashra, your video is AMAZING! Watching this video gives me hope :) Thank you
  3. ashtonelizabethtalley1999

    ashtonelizabethtalley1999 Active Member Member Plus Account

    Hello there every one. I sure do hope that all of you are feeling really really okay and that you are each seeing a lot of move ment and hope for real. I love all of you guys and especially miss Ashra Koehn for sure you know? It is just so amazing that she can do all of this for us. Also I really did love the new video that miss Ashra Koehn has created as well. It is just so amazing and cool you know?
  4. Fera

    Fera Popular Member

    Hello everyone! I hope all of you are having a nice day. I found the latest videos inspirative and interesting. She always puts a lot efforts to assure us that things are still moving in the right direction eventhough it doesn't seem so at the moment. I love the way she works hard and is very dedicated to her work. I really thank her for boosting my spells to help me see movements very soon. It is a proof that she does care for everyone. I hope all of you are seeing cool signs and movements. Don't forget to stay hopeful at all times. Sending lots of kisses and hugs for you all!!!
  5. @Fera you are very kind and yes Ashra is very dedicated that’s what I love about her . :p I believe in her wholeheartedly and that she’ll bring my love back and I’ll be rich. My family is well off but I do want to branch out on my own and have my own wealth someday :laugh:. I can’t wait for Ashra’s 19th anniversary!❤️
  6. Chelsey Kortz

    Chelsey Kortz Active Member

    I can not believe that Ashra has been a spell caster for this long. I know it has been more then 18 years because of when this was first posted but it is amazing to see that she is doing something that she loves and that she is good at. I have not seen the video. Where would I find this video if someone can help me out that? Ashra does amazing work and she will help you get your happiness back. She does care for you no matter what. She puts a lot of effort into her work and makes sure you are happy with your results and if you are not seeing anything from your spells she will make sure she does something about and she will recast some spells for you if you need it.
  7. Fera

    Fera Popular Member

    Hello everyone! Hope all is well. Ashra's 19th anniversary is getting closer and I am so excited for it. She is very good at what she is doing and no one comes close to her. I really appreciate her guidance and reassurance when I am lost. She always helps me find little details that I can not see. It is comforting to know that I am still on the right track. @Vanessa_Natalia2206! Thank you for the kind words. You are also a very friendly member and it is nice to have you here. Yes Ashra is not only a dedicated but also professional spellcaster. You will achieve your dreams and have your own health. Stay positive!
  8. Neelam

    Neelam Well-Known Member

    I have completed one year on the forum. Cannot believe time flies away so fast. Its just three months left for @Ashra 's 19th anniversary. It was the first time I celebrated her anniversary last year and also bought an exclusive spell. My lover started talking since april this year but keeps disappearing. I just hope he reunites with me finally and this hot cold phase comes to an end. I hope this wait could be over before the anniversary. I want to share my success story too. I trust ashra.
  9. Alysse

    Alysse Active Member

    Even tho I’m not really there yet. I’ve really got to thank Ashra for all of her hard work she’s done for me and so many other people. I’m so grateful I found someone I know will be able to help me get to where I want to be in life. But I’ve got to stay in task with being on forums.
  10. Dee bembry

    Dee bembry New Member Guest Account

    Hi Ashra this is Donna Bembry I've emailed you I hope you get it two days ago but you will thank you for your help and happy anniversary I watch your videos how amazing.
  11. Chevelle

    Chevelle Member

    What videos, I still can't find it.
  12. Ashra Koehn

    Ashra Koehn Well-Known Member Staff Member

    @Chevelle Howard The forum has grown so much that I can understand how hard it can be to find the videos. Below is a copy of the Anniversary videos.

    October 15, 2008

    October 15, 2016

    October 15, 2017

    October 15, 2018
  13. Jacqui

    Jacqui New Member Guest Account

    Ashra is truly a beautiful women! I am not sure how to like a video, but they are awesome!
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  15. Chevelle

    Chevelle Member

    @Ashra Koehn @Ashra these videos are awesome! thanks for share them so I'll be able to see them. I felt the energy in each one of them. 18 years is a long time for what you do for all of us here. Hopefully one day we all can get together and do something for you. You deserve it. I do have a question. At what age did you realize you had a gift at spell casting and psychic readings??
  16. Fera

    Fera Popular Member

    Hello everyone! How are you all doing so far? Thank you Ashra for reposting the copy of the anniversary's videos. I still have goosebumps everytime I watch them. There are lots of new names on the forum which means this place has grown so much. We all are in the right hands of Ashra. I am so grateful that I could find her earlier. It is a pleasure to have Ashra suppport me and give me strength. Honestly, the patience she has is unmatchable with any other spellcasters. I stick with her because she is genuine. She is here not for money but for helping people. She is trully the best! Sending lots of kisses and hugs for you all!!!
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  17. Nintendofan3

    Nintendofan3 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    I had so much fun celebrating Ashra’s anniversary last year with everyone. I can’t wait to celebrate her 19th anniversary with you all this year! It’s really amazing that she has been helping everyone with her spells for so long now. I know that I have said this multiple times but congratulations on almost 19 years Ashra! I am so glad that I found your website again and I finally gave you a chance. Thank you for helping me and everyone else with our situations. I hope you will continue to help even more people with their situations in the future and more people will find out about you and your spells and get your help.
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  18. Neelam

    Neelam Well-Known Member

    These videos give me goosebumps everytime I see them. I had seen all these videos on youtube when I joined the forum. Also I got see Ashra Koehn too in those videos and thats what make these videos more special. Most of the spell casters online do not reveal their identity and also work behind a false name which makes it hard for us to believe them. Ashra is the only one who has put her real photo on her websites as well as has shown herself in these videos. Its july already and soon we are gonna celebrate Ashra's 19th anniversary. Time flies away so fast. Cannot believe its been one year for me on this forum. I could be more lucky. I want to wish Ashra much more power and success with each passing year. We respect and love you a lot. You are our angel. We trust you. Thank you million times for doing so much for us. :inlove::inlove::inlove:
  19. Mira173

    Mira173 New Member Guest Account

    Congrats Ashra on your anniversary and wish you all the best. I'm so glad that I have found somone as genuine, caring and gentle as you are. God bless you always
  20. EricaLeeCollins199226

    EricaLeeCollins199226 Member Member Plus Account

    It's so awesome that you have been a spell casted for almost nineteen years Ashra!! Congratulations on almost nineteen years of spell casting!! This time I can't wait to celebrate your nineteen year anniversary with you and everyone here. I love all these videos because you show yourself in them and it just proves you are a real spell caster. You really are amazing and thank you so much for everything because I don't know what I would do without you. You have shown me that there are good people left in the world because you are a really good person. Sending positive vibes and love to everyone!!
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  21. April Werkman

    April Werkman New Member Guest Account

    I really love all the music on these videos :). Just gotta say that. Its powerful!
  22. I hope I get to meet the lovely @Ashra Koehn in person someday that would be totally awesome! I love you Ashra you’re one of my bffs ❤️ Happy Anniversary!
  23. Neelam

    Neelam Well-Known Member

    Wow, Ashra's 19th anniversary is around the corner. I wish her all the happiness and power in the world. May God bless her. I am super excited to see what are her plans for this anniversary and really enthused to see her new anniversary video. I am so curious to know which new spells she will be offering this time. I am gonna save money for the spell and I will definitely get one or two of them. I am so excited. Hope my lover could reunite with me before that. That would be the best gift for Ashra.
  24. EricaLeeCollins199226

    EricaLeeCollins199226 Member Member Plus Account

    Hello everyone!! It is so awesome that Ashra has been casting spells for almost 19 years because that's a long time. October isn't that far away and I can't wait to celebrate with everyone here as I didn't get to last year. Since Ashra has been casting spells for almost 19 years that means she has a lot of experience. Plus it means she knows what she is doing which is I only let her cast spells for me. She is the only spell caster I trust because I have seen spells cast by her work for me. I quite enjoyed all the videos she made and posted here for everyone to watch. Sending positive vibes and love to everyone!!
  25. Anastacia 24

    Anastacia 24 New Member Guest Account

    Hi every one, just watched the videos and I must say, INCREDIBLE
  26. JacquelineG

    JacquelineG Member

    This is also my first year Celebration Ashra 19th Anniversary. Wow That’s many years of experience Mrs. Ashra :thumbsup: :inlove: I’m exited as well that this year I’m going to be Celebrating with the forum family. :inlove:
    When I first watch Ashra videos gave me Chills. I can't wait to see the new production. :)
  27. JacquelineG

    JacquelineG Member

    Is it 18th years or 19th years of Celebration?? Some people saying 18 or 19 years of Ashra Being a Spell Caster. ?? Now I’m confused Lol :laugh::laugh: But I’m glad I’m having the opportunity of being here to celebrate with the forum family. :)
  28. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Member Guest Account

    @EricaLeeCollins199226 Her anniversary is around my birthday double reason to celebrate yes I agree she is very experienced she cares and she is really good at what she does she can help all of us no doubt about it.
  29. Kelena

    Kelena Member

    19 years this year!!! Whoo Hooo!
  30. EricaLeeCollins199226

    EricaLeeCollins199226 Member Member Plus Account

    @JacquelineG , it will be 19 years in October so right now it's 18 years until next month. Or you can say it's almost 19 years, either way that's a lot of experience.
    @T.P.W84 , Ashra is awesome and because of her there is always hope even when it gets hard. I doubt that we can find any better spell caster then her because none of them compare to her. It's great that your birthday is around the same time as her anniversary. I am really looking forward to October because of it being her 19th anniversary. Plus next month is Halloween and I plan on buying another spell. Sending positive vibes and love to everyone!!
  31. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Member Guest Account

  32. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Member Guest Account

  33. Nintendofan3

    Nintendofan3 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    @JacquelineG It’s gonna be her 19th anniversary this year. Ashra hasn’t updated it yet :)

    It is still so amazing to me that Ashra has been casting spells for people for so many years now! I am so glad that I found her website again back in 2017 and I finally gave her a chance. If I hadn’t done that then I would probably still be feeling hurt and heartbroken right now. I know that I say this a lot, but congratulations Ashra :D I hope you will continue to help even more people with their situations in the future!
  34. Emmy5

    Emmy5 Well-Known Member

    Congrats, Ashra you seriously are the best spell caster ever. I am so glad i found you. You are the only one I can trust with telling you things about my situations and you do not judge me at all. I'm so happy that you can help so many people that need it And you work alot of extra hours for people to help them. I hope more and more people find you and they can believe in your work just like the rest of us.. Keep up with the great work. Sending you hugs and positive vibes.
  35. Faythe777

    Faythe777 New Member Guest Account

    Congratulations on 19 years.
  36. A-Aron LacockGrande

    A-Aron LacockGrande New Member Guest Account

    She’s busy guys, just hope and pray she gets to you.
  37. Cash

    Cash New Member Guest Account

    Congrats Ashra!!! On to another great year!
  38. Jitter

    Jitter Member Guest Account

    Congrats Ashra so glad we all have found you it took alot of searching but we are the lucky ones forever client right here
  39. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Member Guest Account

    @Emmy5 I can only agree 100 per cent with all your saying she is wonderful and really cares about us all.
  40. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    18 years, to think this year will be 19 years. That’s a long time to be in business for helping people all around the world.

    I can’t wait to see this years video and feel the magic within it. I believe Ashra's anniversary is in October? So next month, which means she will be working hard to have us all celebrate it with her, I can’t wait!

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