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Ashra Koehn is Celebrating 19 Years of Spell Casting!

Ashra Spells
Posted by Ashra on Nov 6, 2016
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  1. InkBaby87

    InkBaby87 Member

    Ashra, the video is amazing! I know I won't get the password it is just too fast.. However, I did just order a few spells that just could not pass up on which I think grants me access to secret forum right? Please let me know you received them. One of them doesn't look like the order with details went through.
    Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!
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  2. JacquelineG

    JacquelineG Member

    @ Ashra I love the video:thumbsup: :inlove::inlove::inlove: Congratulations again.:) Xoxo
  3. Sal S

    Sal S New Member

    She is legit and doesn't overcharge too!
    Wondering what spell should be purchased to get a lover one whom never dated. Evocation of Opinion?
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  4. MoonLover19

    MoonLover19 Member

    Happy Anniversary ❤️
  5. Happy 19th Anniversary Ashra!!!! I am so grateful for everything you have done for me. I know I am not the most patient person or easiest person to get along with. I know I had to fully "let go" of Stephen to eventually get him back. Much love Ashra. ❤ I'm still trying to figure out all the clues but it isn't easy.
  6. Sophia7mc

    Sophia7mc Member Guest Account

    Congratulations on your 19th anniversary @Ashra Koehn
    Found 2 diff passwords. They both didnt wrk. :( This is tough y'all. Good luck to you all!!!
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  7. Jerisheca Coffee

    Jerisheca Coffee New Member Guest Account

    Thank you❤️❤️ For everything you are a blessing and really true friend!!!
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  8. Katherine.J.F

    Katherine.J.F Member

    Finally!!! Thank you Ashra for the fast fix of my account so I can be in the forum again. I’m so so so happy I can’t helped myself from smiling here at work. Aaand Happy 19th Anniversary, my angel! You are amazing and I/we are so blessed and grateful to have you in our lives. It’s an honor to celebrate another milestone with you. Much love to you! Wish I could hug you now. You are my angel on earth. Always. Cheers to you and to more years of success! ❤️
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  9. Amanda Rose

    Amanda Rose Member

    I'm having a hard time cracking the code, I'm not the best at these lol. But I did order a couple spells, i just couldnt pass them up.
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  10. LunarEchoes

    LunarEchoes Active Member

    Oh man....I REALLY WISH I could have a chance for a live Skype chat with you, Ashra. And the one lucky winner who will get to meet you in person is super lucky.

    I am definitely taking advantage of the coupon code....I'm torn between a bunch of new spells on that list I haven't heard of. I felt hopeful when I saw some of the spells on there that you have casted for me and I know they are very powerful.

    Are the anniversary spells only limited time? I'm not sure how many I will be able to order right now
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  11. Kaitlyn Pitre

    Kaitlyn Pitre Member

    This is very hard for me too!!!
  12. joonbug19

    joonbug19 Active Member

    Thank you Ashra !! :) really I'm grateful of everything you do for us. I don't know where I would be today the endless dark days are over *cheers to Ashra and her 19th Anniversary we are so blessed to have you in our lives
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  13. Andib

    Andib Active Member

    Happy 19th anniversary of spell casting Ashra. X
  14. Swathi

    Swathi New Member Guest Account

    Found a password with great difficulty, but didn't work:(
  15. LunarEchoes

    LunarEchoes Active Member

    Happy 19th anniversary, Ashra!
  16. Gemmbo1983

    Gemmbo1983 Member

    Any one cracked it yet ? :) I cant do it lol my head hurts haha . The new spells look amazing :)
  17. Mabel Pines

    Mabel Pines Member

    LOLOL, this is so hard! If my spells weren't a secret, I'd ask my kids to help! ;)

    Happy anniversary, Ashra!
  18. munchkin95

    munchkin95 Active Member

    @Amanda Rose I did too haha I bought one :) all I could afford for now :p trying to create a stable account but its not going extremely well :p:pso hard with spells and clothes hehe #shoppingtherapy
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  19. Nimsay

    Nimsay New Member Guest Account

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  20. Lollielou

    Lollielou Active Member

    Still trying to solve this puzzle I thought I had it but unfortunately not :(
    Back to the video again to see what I missed
  21. Marivickawsky

    Marivickawsky Member Guest Account

    Wheeeeeew!:) It’s so hard:):):) Try again and Try again and Try again and again:thumbsup::thumbsup::p:p
  22. Ashra Koehn

    Ashra Koehn Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Reminder: Once you have gained access to the Forum of Secrets, to hold your spot, you must email me screenshots on where you found each piece of the password in order.
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  23. LunarEchoes

    LunarEchoes Active Member

    Sorry, I'm dumb, I scrolled past where you said they are limited time spells. My bad. Well I'm still conflicted what to order, I definitely need something powerful to kick his ass in gear.

    That video is great, I wish everyone luck in solving the puzzle!
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  24. Nimsay

    Nimsay New Member Guest Account

    Where's the video? Can someone help me?
  25. Gemmbo1983

    Gemmbo1983 Member

    Any lucky winners yet :)
  26. Charity902

    Charity902 Member Guest Account

    Love the video. Happy anniversary
  27. Ashra Koehn

    Ashra Koehn Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Ashra's Anniversary Event Coupon:
    Use this code to save 20% off your next order: Ashra19

    Offer valid until October 20th, 2019. This discount can be used on any services offered by Ashra Koehn including the Obeah love spell. Minimum purchase amount required for coupon: 49.99 USD

    Ashra's Anniversary Spells - Available for a Limited Time:

    Truth be Told: https://www.ashra.net/s/truth-be-told.html
    Delete the Past: https://www.ashra.net/s/delete-the-past.html
    Path to Exile: https://www.ashra.net/s/path-to-exile.html
    Severed Souls: https://www.ashra.net/s/severed-souls.html
    Storms of Naija: https://www.ashra.net/s/storms-of-naija.html
    Road Opener: https://www.ashra.net/s/road-opener.html
    Book of Seven Spells: https://www.ashra.net/s/book-of-spells.html
    Call to Arms: https://www.ashra.net/s/call-to-arms.html
    Promise of Forever: https://www.ashra.net/s/promise-of-forever.html
    Wishes Granted: https://www.ashra.net/s/wishes-granted.html
    Hearts of the Enchanter: http://www.ashraspells.com/fast-love-spells.html

    Tremble of Love: https://www.ashra.net/s/tremble-of-love.html
    Breath of Love: https://www.ashra.net/s/breath-of-love.html
    Ice into Fire: https://www.ashra.net/s/ice-into-fire.html
    Sacred Evael: https://www.ashra.net/s/sacred-evael.html
    Lovenessence: https://www.ashra.net/s/lovenessence.html
    I Need You Now: https://www.ashra.net/s/ineedyounow.html
    Beauty Spells: http://www.ashraspells.com/beauty-spells.html

    Halloween Anniversary Spell - Preorder

    Ashra's Most Guarded Secret Spell

    The Anniversary coupon code will also work for qualifying services offered on the following websites:

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  28. munchkin95

    munchkin95 Active Member

    Omg I can like posts now omg omg omg! I've never been able too! I am beyond happy :) are there cool new things to the forum!! Thanks Ashra, I have ordered the War heart because my guy us super stubborn hehe
  29. Ashra Koehn

    Ashra Koehn Well-Known Member Staff Member

  30. Sophia7mc

    Sophia7mc Member Guest Account

    I DEFINITELY will be getting "Delete the Past". As soon as my lover gets close and is hot with me, he then gets cold again & brings up our past. ALWAYS. :unsure: That's whats been holding him back. So i cannot WAIT til this spell is casted. As soon as my money gets on my card within 24 hrs, ill be purchasing ASAP!
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  31. Charity902

    Charity902 Member Guest Account

    I have watched this 6 times, can’t even find a number. Lol
    Puzzles was never my strong suit. I think I better stick to some of the discount spells. Before I hurt myself.
  32. InkBaby87

    InkBaby87 Member

    @munchkin95 I can too! Yay!! How fun!
    I ordered a few cause my guy is stubborn, and it's a very complicated situation. Hopefully these are the kick in the ass he needs
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  33. LunarEchoes

    LunarEchoes Active Member

    @munchkin95 I was happy when I saw I could 'like' posts now too
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  34. Paula Winks

    Paula Winks New Member Guest Account

    So happy for those who have had the pleasure to work with Ashra. Truly an amazing person! Such a wonderful opportunity for you, Ashra, to be able to have 19 years of passion and compassion for those in need. Thank you!
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  35. Paula Winks

    Paula Winks New Member Guest Account

    Beautiful girl! What an amazing opportunity for you to have had 19 years of doing what you love! Love. You do LOVE!
  36. Yanna

    Yanna New Member Guest Account

    I am so close to solving this, I just can’t see what I am missing. Ugugughhh
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  37. Kennara

    Kennara New Member Guest Account

    Ashra this video was very beautiful. Once again happy anniversary hugs and
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  38. pfu230

    pfu230 Member

    Its frustrating lol Yanna
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  39. DarlingNiki

    DarlingNiki Member Guest Account

    Happy 19th Anniversary! Thank you so much for all your help!
  40. LunarEchoes

    LunarEchoes Active Member

    I've never been good at puzzles, I wonder if this year's video puzzle is harder than any of the ones before? I ask because I don't know if Ashra has ever offered live Skype chats and meeting her in person so maybe it's going to be more challenging since she is offering these incredible opportunities.
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