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Ashra Koehn is Celebrating 19 Years of Spell Casting!


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Happy 19th Anniversary @Ashra Koehn @Ashra !! Though some of us are still on that journey to regain what we know should be in our lives, we are very grateful for everything you have done for us.
Good luck to everyone trying their best to get access to the Forum of Secrets and those that may have accomplished the task already, congratulations. I've watch the video a couple of times in the few minutes I had at lunch but have only seen a handful of the clues. I will continue to try later on.
It would be awesome if any of us have purchased I don't know say maybe 10 or more spells, before today, could get access to that forum. best of luck to everyone!!!!!


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wow you guys that's great there's been so many ppl that came so close solving the riddle. I can't wait for Ashra to reveal the results :laugh:z I had to miss out tho as I'm not the best at solving them . Anyway I keep looking at the spells Ashra put for the anniversary your girl went with Call to Arms but I'm stuck between the Halloween one, Breath of Love, Promise of Forever, and I believe the Thoughtseize one. My lover is really stubborn so it's tough to pick I wonder what the best option would be .

Ashra Koehn

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WOW! There were a lot of winners this year. All 10 spots were claimed! A lot of people took part in the my 19th Anniversary celebration. I made sure to upgrade the server in advance so it wouldn't crash this time.

I love all of the thank you emails and videos that came pouring in. I do read every single email.

I'm sure once you read the solution below, you might be saying to yourself that you were so close!:facepalm:

ALL screenshots were taken from this video:


Password =

Puzzle Piece: Gemini = 6

Puzzle Piece: Scorpio = 11

Puzzle Piece: Sagittarius = 13

Puzzle Piece:
Leo = 8

Puzzle Piece: Taurus = 5

Puzzle Piece: Aries = 4

Puzzle Piece: Ophiuchus = 12

Puzzle Piece: Pisces = 3

Puzzle Piece: Aquarius = 2

Puzzle Piece: Virgo = 9

Puzzle Piece: Capricorn = 1

Puzzle Piece: Cancer = 7

Puzzle Piece: Libra = 10

Password = 61113854123291710

14 people entered the forum of secret. However, only the first 5 who entered claimed their prize and the first 10 are placed into a draw.

Winners in order:
  1. angeliclove82
  2. Blueberry
  3. SingleInRed
  4. Purkela
  5. AndrewDixon
  6. Yanna
  7. KavitaKumar
  8. CT-Jarvis
  9. MoonLover19
  10. Steve mwakio
Did anyone find this year's puzzle easier than the last? How was the Anniversary video and did I do a good job with the presentation and puzzle? I value everyone's opinion:)

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