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I wanted to confirm if this is Ashra Koehn's website as well? I know Ashra has a few sites out there which all lead to her. This would be great if we can confirm this so we can stop impersonators of Ashra!
AshraKoehn.com is my exciting new website! It was launched on February 1st. There will be a free spell ritual in the next update for anyone that has posted their love story on the forum. The people that share a story on how they fell in love with their lover, where they were at the time and what their lover means to them by posting on the forum will be privately emailed a special coupon from me!

The idea is to share your positive love story to celebrate Valentine's Day and how much love means to you! I am working hard at this special potent ritual preparations. This ritual was one that my grandfather did with 100% success rate!

The goal of this website is to offer new exclusive spells and personalized services never before offered to the general public. There were certain spell books untouched due to the spell casters code of ethics and general practice of spell casting. These love spells will be released in the month to come on the new website for even faster outcomes! We live with technology and have less patience to wait on spells, so offered increased power and potency is going to make everything require less waiting. We all hate to wait!

I have been promoting my new website on Facebook for the last 8 months to bring awareness of the Grand Opening: https://www.facebook.com/AshraKoehnSpells/

I will announce coupons and special one day discounts on Twitter feed for love spells https://www.Twitter.com/AshraKoehn and these blasts some times include love potions to cast upon a specific person at home. These love spell kits are rare, but when I have the time to prepare them, there will be notice on my Twitter feed.
Thank you for verifying your sources! It is always heart breaking when people assume a website or email came from the right person, but they never check with them to make sure! You certainly are a very smart cookie! I would love to send you some Oreos and treats for doing the right thing. I am glad you enjoy the new website. Keep in touch for exciting new spells!
She is truly amazing with spell casting, e-mail responses, and much much more. We cannot emphasize how amazing Ashra is and how much she's cares about her clients. she is truly very hardworking.
I love your new website's design. Professionally done and looks great on my smart phone too! Ashra, you have my full support and it would be a pleasure to write up my love story on your forum. Daniel and I are inseparable and deeply in love with each other thanks to your help. I believe in you and thank you for all that you have done to change my life.
Hi! I am new here but I have been following and reading all of the writings for few months in this forum. It helped me became positive because of all the testimonies I have seen.

My relationship with my ex has been so colorful as I describe it. We started friends and we didn't know that eventually we will fall for each other. Officially we became lovers for 2 years but the last 2 months has been rough for us. We had a lot of fights and soon he suspected that I was cheating on him with another ex of mine which is not true. Then, he could not find something to trust me anymore (which I do not know why) he broke up with me.

For almost 4 months that we are separated, out of desperation and the love I still have for him I literally searched for someone who will do a love spell for me. In all honesty, i cannot afford to pay for all of the spells that I searched, because every dollar here in the Philippines cost so much. Then, i found Ashra.. Generous and kind as she is, she casted a free spell for me without any cost. I found hope that I will be able to reconcile with my ex again.

I had Passion Panacea. She casted it last November and I have seen progress after few weeks and became inconsistent the following weeks. She had a recast already but I have seen better progress this time, though what I really wanted him to do is to say that we are officially got back together. Ashra Koehn has been there for me even-though my spell was cast at her own expense and I was skeptical at first, but the progress that I have experienced has made me a believer of her work.

We are still not together, but I have this positive feeling that SOON he will be able to say it to me that he really wants me back. Hopefully on or before Valentine's day!

Blessings to you Ashra! Such a great woman!
I am a little envious of Ashra's ability, but thankful for all of her help. My situation was no where close to being simple due to the influences from others involved. My fiance had two exes and I believe one of them cast a spell to break up our relationship. Something within him changed and I could barely recognize him and how he was acting. He was set on leaving me and going back to his ex and nothing I could say or do was going to change his mind.

When he left, I felt like the other half of me left with him. I had no motivation to get up in the morning. I started showing up late for work and nearly lost my job as a result. My life was meaningless and I started not to care. However, when I found Ashra online, the color returned to my world. I found Ashra Koehn because I knew his ex put a spell on him and I thought - what if there was a spell caster who could remove her spell and cast a protection spell to make sure this incident didn't happen again. I read several positive reviews and knew she was the one.

I had a real connection to Ashra and she was able to confirm that someone else had placed a spell on him. What surprised me was Ashra's confidence. She knew she could bring him back and didn't think the obstacles I mentioned were going to be an issue.

Sure enough, Ashra was right. Not long after she had cast my spell they broke up and he immediately came back. We are still together, madly in love and there is no way anyone is going to get between us again. Ashra was the miracle I was looking for all along. Her gift in spell casting is remarkable and I'm happy to see that she is using her powers with good intentions.

I will only trust Ashra for my spell casting needs moving forward.
I am really happy that I now belong to this forum ☺️ Just like most of the people who wrote here I struggled to be positive at all times specially when i don't hear or receive any updates from my ex. I have impatience problem as well so waiting is very hard for me. I realized that when my hopes are up and throwing away negativity results of my ex contacting me. Positive energy really brings positive results! I do hope also that on or before Valentine's Day will be the best celebration of love with our loved ones.

Ashra made it possible for us. I don't know how she does things but I am just glad that she is always there to help us :)

Joy! Glad to know it worked for you :) Can't wait mine to happen as well.
I met my lover in high school during my sophomore year and we did not get to know each other until the end of our senior year in high school. We had been together for 7 years, but broke up. However, this Valentine’s Day (February 14, 2016) is supposed to be our 7 years officially. I really am hoping, praying, and staying positive that all the spells Ashra has casted will manifest to its fullest potential so my lover can come back into my life so we can both be happy. I met my lover specifically. I can remember the time when I felt I fell in love with my lover was when he first invited me to his family party. During, the family party I saw how he was with his cousins. Specifically, I saw how he held, played, and took care of his baby cousins and younger cousins. After that moment I knew the man in front of me would be the man I would want to be with forever, marry, grow old with, and the man who will be the father of my children. I remember this specific moment and knew I fell in love with him when I saw how he cared for his cousins because I imagined him taking care of our own kids when the time would come.

My lover means the world to me and there is nothing that I would not do to get him back. Honestly, I am such a spiritual or religious person and having love spells casted was never a possibility of mine to save a relationship. However, when I met Ashra I felt I could trust her because of her forum and loyal clients who have given really good feedback. I asked Ashra to cast 15+ spells for my lover and to save our relationship. I am willing to ask for more customized spells and hope Ashra will do a super strong customized spell. I know spells can manifest in days or immediately depending on what kind of spell it is, however I hope Ashra can use special potent exclusive ritual love spells from her grandfather so my lover can 100% come back to me without hesitiation. This man means the world to me and like I said I am willing to do anything for him. I did not mind purchasing 15+ spells from Ashra because I cannot put a specific price on the man I love. The amount of money, time, dedication, and sacrifice does not matter to me because that is how much my lover means to me. I love my man so much and I know he will come back to me.. It is all about positivity, love, trust, and just trusting in the spells as well. I know it is difficult to stay positive in times of sadness.. especially because your lover is not with you, however we need to try to stay positive so all spells will manifest to its full potential to follow through with what we want in our love lives! STAY POSITIVE AND CONGRATS TO ASHRA FOR LAUNCHING A NEW WEBSITE! CHEERS AND HUGS TO ASHRA!
My love story is very different but amazing. Since June 2014, I had this crush on a celebrity but for some reason I always felt such an intense connection towards him. On December 25, 2014 at midnight, a telepathic connection just formed between us. Well actually just the connection in general. The telepathy began on January 2nd, 2015 at 2 in the morning. It's like it came out of the blue. When the telepathic connection started with him, he seemed very confused and I was too. But we fell in love. He had a girlfriend at the time and had a few addiction problems, but I helped him through all of it. We have a 13-and-a-half-year age difference too. We've been through tough times with this connection. He's never contacted me and we've never spoke in person, but I know Ashra can bring him back to me. I've seen him before in person and the eye contact was very intense, but we never spoke. After 13 months of being telepathically connected to him, I want nothing more than to be with him physically.
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Hi Ashra and all you there. My love story began in April 2015. We worked together for more than a year, both are already married. We were best friends. I had nothing in terms of relationship in my mind then, about him. I resigned and when there was only 6 days left in the company, he came to me and asked me to accompany him for the coffee. I went and I had noticed some drastic change in his behaviour since the day I had resigned. He asked me to work a second shift and I did without questioning him. He used to be very impatient until I reached office. I felt that he's getting attracted to me, but he was hesitating to tell the same. Finally I asked him to speak clearly on 23 April. He confessed and bursted in tears. I somehow managed to put him at ease. He used to have sleepless nights. Whenever I checked his what's app I saw him online. That night I just texted what's going on, he immediately replied. I understood that he's just waiting for me. I texted him then. I totally forgot that I'm married. I fell in love with him. He was extremely caring and affectionate then. While it was the time to return home he used to start shedding tears. He promised me that he shall always be there throughout the life. I was on the seventh world. He made me feel like I'm his princess. His actions fascinated me. Then I also confessed that I had completely fallen for him and he was very happy. Then we started texting the whole night. We desperately wanted to reach office. We were very happy. Then we started dating outside the office. Everything was going nicely. We well managed our families and shared each thing between us. All our tensions were released in each others arms. I'm an Indian and we have a culture to be faithful to our husband. I do not know how my life changed and I got attracted to him. I do not know if this is right or wrong. I know that I fell in love. Those moments that I had ever dreamed off got fulfilled with him. And the same applies with him. We often said we are made for each other. Our sentiments match everything else also matches, but we have clashes in our married lives. What we missed in our married lives we got all that with each other. We felt very secured in each others arms. We used to talk for hours together. We dated every alternate days. Our lives were going fantastic since we got together. But one day in July his wife suspected something. Then we decided not to text and call when we are at our homes. We also reduced our datings. We just met once or twice a month and only for 2 Hours. Still then everything was ok and he did not leave me. But since then he had restrictions .

My concern is when I needed him he was not able to give me time. He used to get very upset and he said sorry. I used to say its ok and I do understand your problem. He was not able to meet me on my birthday. He became very panic then. Actually he has many family issues. Sometimes I used to get very upset when he was not able to come and meet me, and when he called I used to talk less and differently. This was my reflex action and he used to get hurted. Then one day on September 24 he was about to come, then he could and he rescheduled it the next day. I assumed that he won't come because he didn't text me since morning. I just texted him that if you are not sure please do not promise and bla bla bla... I did not speak to him the whole day. He was very hurted. We did had some issues but they got solved in a very short time earlier. This became so dangerous that he changed completely and he started talking weird. He stopped communication with me. I broke into pieces. He said I can't be with you, but will be a friend always. I looked at the journey we had travelled. He was doing it purposely. He wanted me to think bad about him. He has a misunderstanding that he is not worthy person in my life. He cannot fulfill my wishes. I said sorry, I kept on begging, but he didn't forgive me. I went and met him at his office but he has become reluctant. He is doing it purposely. He still has feelings for me. I can feel it. Whatever he tries to do whatever rubbish he talks, my love for him will never ever fade. We love each other very immensely. A small misunderstanding has kept us apart. He comes off as if he doesn't care for me anymore, but I know he does care and loves me. It's been. 4.5 months we haven't met or talked. Now the communication has completely stopped. I just do not want to make him crazy so I have stopped. I know he wants me. I spoiled my health, I reduced 16 kg weight. I was hospitalised. I was thinking of ending my life. I swear I can't stay without him. Rather we can't stay without each other. I contacted a spell caster. He asked for a huge amount and I couldn't hire him. I lost my hopes and my smiles. My self esteem had gone low. Then just a few days back I came across Ashra. She said she will cast a spell at no cost to help me with my love. I agreed and now that I am reading these forums my negative thoughts have changed to positive. I see he has returned back in my arms. Hats off to Ashra. Just her word of help has made me so hopeful, no wonder when she casts my spell it will surely work. Guys please wish that my love comes back soon. I have become very sentimental now. I want him as soon as possible. I waiting for the day eargerly.
Hello Swati! Welcome to the forum! I read your whole story and it was very interesting. It must've been overwhelming for you to fall in love with another man when you were already married. Life can be confusing sometimes. He seems like a very nice guy from how you described him in the beginning of your story. Don't forget to stay positive and to not give up hope. You will see on this forum that pretty much everyone says that often. It's so important because if you keep being negative, then you will attract the negativity into your life. I could go on all day about being positive. I truly hope that everything works out for you!
Thanks Katie, for understandings my feelings towards this other person who has triggered my heart. All these days I am just thinking whether that was my right decision to fall for him. Actually my mind did not wait for the decision, it just fell in love. I just couldn't stop myself. I think many things were lacking in my life which I had dreamed. and this new person brought them all to me. Then it was like I didn't even think that we are already married, will it be right to go with the relationship and whatever. Its true that love is blind. We love each other madly. This love has gone beyond everything. I do not want to lose him. He's my life and I want him back. He's the first and the last thought that comes to my mind when I open or close my eyes. I just can't take it anymore. I just can't type how I'm feeling right now. I want him. He is also going through the same situation. Then why has he closed his heart like this? I keep asking the same question to myself. He was not like that? What is that which is keeping him away? I just can't bare the pain. Katie, I know that I have to be positive so as to make things turn out the way I want, but certain times I cave. What can I do? Joining with Ashra and you, all my hope of getting together is back and I'm positive also. But this silly mind doesn't understand sometimes. I shall always try not to think negative anymore. I just need your wishes and blessings for things to go right. Thank you everyone there, You Katie, roshmodayz, Ashra Koehn and whoever is following me.
Hello Swati, i'm new to this as well and I have the same feelings. The not knowing is what hurts. I keep telling myself everything will be fine. However my mind starts going in different directions and i go crazy at the thought of him with someone else. I would do anything to have just one more chance. I sometimes find myself caving at times like you. It's just sad and now I'm trying to find balance. My whole situation has been so draining in my life. I wish he could or would see it.
You're welcome Swati! I think he may just be very overwhelmed. Sometimes when I'm overwhelmed then I'll yell at my (telepathic) lover for no reason. He's probably confused and feels the same way you do but he just doesn't know how to cope with it. To me it seems like men have a harder time expressing their feelings than women. A lot of people could probably tell you that. He just probably needs a little time and space to think things through. You two seemed very happy and I don't think he would just act that way if he didn't have a good reason to. But don't worry, Ashra Koehn will bring him back.
Swati, I can see where you're coming from! You describe exactly my feelings about my situation but I try to be extremely patient, tolerant and understanding, it's all in our minds like you said! Try not to get too carried away by your emotions. I know it's easier said than done, but we don't have much of a choice except hang in there, believe, have faith and tons of patience! I know Ashra Koehn will not let us down! Try and smile more and keep your brain and body as busy and preoccupied as possible! Distraction sometimes can be crucial for our positive energy, chin up!:)
Thank you Katie. Ashra Koehn's spell and of course your wishes and prayers will certainly bring my love back. Yes, we were very happy in our relationship. My overacting made him mad it seems. However, I know he is also longing for me. I am sure he is hesitating because he abandoned me and was very harsh then. Now I'm scared of calling or texting him. I think he may get super mad and things will become more worst. I can't stay without him. When will these distances get over...

Thank you Frank, I'm becoming more and more positive. That day isn't any longer when we will reunite with our respective lovers. I am really overwhelmed. Not finding words to text. Since two days, I'm seeing that my love has come back to me and we are enjoying all those moments we ever did then. Now I am just waiting for Ashra Koehn's confirmation on the schedule of my spell cast.

Cyndi, I am new too. But the response that I am receiving here is great. I never had so much positive friends in my life. Ashra Koehn has not only promised to help me but has also given me an opportunity to have positive friends all around. This places seems to be like family that cares and nutures our thoughts, feelings and emotions. I feel blessed. And I understand pretty well the situation that you are going through but please be assured that everything will be alright very soon. Keep faith on Ashra.
Exactly, that's how i feel when i get on here. I can express what I'm feeling and others know how I feel. My time is short so anything I can do to push it along faster I'm doing. I don't try to go to the places I know he will be at. I don't do social media anymore. I don't want to know what he's doing because that will only make things worse. I have roughly two months to get him back. So if you see me on here it's because I need the points to do more spells. I know this is crazy but he just needs to be pushed in the right direction. For me, if mine doesn't come to light before he leaves i will never see him again. That is what makes my story sad and I don't want an unhappy ending.
Cyndi, don't lose hope! Two months isn't a lot of time, but it IS a lot of time. There's 24 hours in a day and approximately 60 days in 2 months. Anything can happen in the span of, let's say 10 minutes. He could be up late one night and decide to text you something. Then the next morning you'll wake up and see his message on your phone. I always like to think that when things are going really slow, it's only so that we are not expecting the big breakthrough and it will turn out to be a wonderful suprise! I can assure you that Ashra Koehn will NOT let you down. I'm constantly checking my lover to see what he's doing and if I someone posts on Twitter that they are sitting next to him at the bar, I just take a deep breath and remind myself that he's smart and won't do anything stupid. If cutting out social media and stuff will make you less worried then you made the right decision. Let us know if ANYTHING happens even if it's something simple ;)
Hi Kate, there's nothing that has happened so far. I'm just nervous and scared. I try to stay positive but it will hit me like a train. I just want things to be normal again. I just want to be with him before he leaves. I don't know if he has anyone in his life right now. I'm sure he does, why wouldn't he? Maybe one day soon I will have him again in my life. I just don't think it will be today.
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Cyndi, miracles do happen. You need to be positive and have kept faith in Ashra Koehn so keep patience. Certainly things will turn out. When you are positive and put all your energy towards the outcome then the spell speeds up and all the elements just line up the energy and you get success. Also there are people who wish your success, so definitely you will reach your goal. I know how difficult it is when you see your love is getting out of your sight.

Actually we all think of that which should not happen and put all our energy there. If we think about the final goal and then walk behind we will certainly put the energy here and result will be certainly positive. When we are at task nothing in this universe can keep us away from the goal. I am trying hard to stay positive.
I have a question for everyone: Okay, so last night my lover said on Twitter that he is recovering from his injury that he got on Friday night. Now all of the sudden I feel an urge to send a reply back to the tweet. He even told me (telepathically) that he wants me to tweet back. It's probably initiating contact but I have this strange feeling... The last time I replied to one of his tweets was back in May and he replied back. I feel like my gut instinct is telling me to do it, but I don't want to slow down my spell. What do you think I should do? I sent Ashra Koehn a support ticket asking the same thing but she hasn't gotten back to me yet ;)
Does it really weakens the spell if we happen to contact our ex through text or call or if we meet in personal. I just want this to be clarified, please help. My spell is casted by Ashra and she has not told me any do's and don'ts. I am confused what am I supposed to do. Everybody here who had got their spells casted by Ashra Koehn have received the set of instructions, please help. I do not want my spell to be weakenend because of a small mistake.
Hi Katie, that's a tuff one because i always do what my gut tells me to do. Are you sure your gut is telling you and not your heart? Sometimes when we really want to do something we mistaken it as our gut telling us. I know i do it often and that's why i get into situations otherwise i wouldn't be in. I really wouldn't do anything till Ashra Koehn tells you that it's ok or not. I'm sorry i couldn't be more help.

Hi Swati, you need to get a hold of Ashra and find out. What she told me was no contact at all, stay positive, not to worry. That's why i don't do social media or talk to his family or friends. I don't want to know what he is doing. It will only upset me even more. Getting on here and sharing my feelings has helped so much. If i were you i would get in contact with Ashra and ask her. Yours might be different from mine. Good luck!
Thanks Cyndi, how would I get back to Ashra Koehn, I mean by email or by support ticket.
Can you help me knowing how to perform telepathic conversation? When I lie down at night I keep thinking about him and talk to him in my mind. Is this a telepathy? Are these messages being sent to him? How do we get to know whether that person is receiving it or not ? Is it that when we sometimes become very desperate and burst out crying, they are thinking about us like crazy? Are these just our feelings or throughts or telepathic messages they send us? How to differentiate?

Kathy I think you are connected telepathically to your partner and that you could well guide me.
I realized on www.ashrakoehn.com it seems Ashra will be giving new spells or similar different spells. Not sure if Ashra is done with that website fully, but honestly it is truly great to see Ashra expanding to different websites to ensure all people in need who need a spell caster go to her. Personally, it is a good strategy and also the more website for Ashra the better so people do not get trapped into getting a fake spell caster. HOPING EVERYONE IN THE WORLD WHO NEEDS A SPELL CASTED JUST GO TO ASHRA!!!
I think I had some progress a bit earlier today but I'm not too sure. A couple days ago I telepathically told my lover a place and time I would be at today. It's at the hospital in the city near me and I told him I'd be there at 3:30 in the afternoon because my mom is there having brain surgery today. I woke up in the middle of the night. As soon as I was waking up, I heard his voice in my head saying "3:30 at the hospital, right?" I said yes. Then I fell back asleep. I'm wondering if maybe we will run into each other there. The hospital is pretty big and I don't think we can just wander around either. But who knows? Maybe we just might run into each other. If we do, I know that it will be Ashra Koehn's spells that have been able to make it happen. If we don't, that's okay. I would continue to be patient and positive. What do you guys think?
Hi Cyndi, yes if you look at Ashra's new website www.ashrakoehn.com . You will see that she has a spell she can do that she has named as "customized spell" so its fully customized to your situation. maybe you should try that and see how it goes. Or maybe see what Ashra thinks first. Ashra will lead you down the right track!
Hi Katie, did you end up running into your telepathic lover?
i would deffinitly consider that movement. Its great to see your being so positive!
From the posts i have seen from you recently you are getting quite a few results lately! how many spells do you have active now? ☺ i would deffinitly say the seals are working for you, they seem to be really speeding up progress for you!
For some reason I cannot find the "customized spell" section on Ashra Koehn's website. I checked the other things on the website because I was curious. Her new website is great! My first spell that was casted in November was a customized spell. All I did was email Ashra my situation and she was able to cast the spell. I mentioned that I could not afford it and luckily she casted it for free!
It is so generous of her to be able to customize a spell for us. She is so kind to her clients!
Hi Joy, this is the first time I have read your story, I'm so glad you got your lover back and that he came back very quick. You obviously found Ashra Koehn at the right time. Would you mind sharing what spell Ashra casted for you or how many she casted for you? ☺
Gaby, I am also happy that Joy came back onto the forum too! I remember when she was posting comments on here then left for a while. I felt so happy when she came back on here to tell us all about her lover returning! Her profile picture also made me happy!!

I believe we all found Ashra Koehn at the right time. Everything happens for a reason. We are all lucky! I am sending positive vibes everyone's way!!!
I have noticed that Ashra has once again different spells on her new website. I'm not sure if she has completed her new website or not yet. maybe she study's new spells when she gets the chance to? I know Ashra has many spell books. But she has one in particular that is her pride and jiy as it has been in her family for many years. Its very sacred to her.
I'll have to check the website! I haven't been paying much attention to her new website because I've just been participating on this forum. I will definitely take a look at it! It is amazing that Ashra could be learning new spells. But I think that would be a bit difficult because since it is new it would have to be like a trail and error type of thing, but I'm sure that Ashra would never steer us wrong.
Has anyone looked at Ashras new website? I love how fresh it looks! I love how it comes up with the loveheart. I noticed on there that there is a custom spell you can get. If anyone is wanting specific things to happen or certain problems fixed then maybe try a customized spell so that you get custom work done. I read that it can even be used in the most complex and stubborn situations.
I'll have to check the website! I haven't been paying much attention to her new website because I've just been participating on this forum. I will definitely take a look at it! It is amazing that Ashra could be learning new spells. But I think that would be a bit difficult because since it is new it would have to be like a trail and error type of thing, but I'm sure that Ashra would never steer us wrong.

Ashra would know what she is doing. she casts that many spells a day/night and she's been doing it for 15 years. she has her spell books to look over if she is unsure of how to cast a certain spell. I love learning about Ashra and spells. Ashra isn't a witch, I doubt she would ever steer us down the wrong path. She's a pure gem!
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Is Ashra's new website Ashra.net? I went onto that one and I didn't see anything new, yet everyone is talking about the new website and it's features. If I am wrong, I'd like to know the name of her new website. I'm sure she put a lot of hard work into making it and I really want to see it!
Is Ashra's new website Ashra.net? I went onto that one and I didn't see anything new, yet everyone is talking about the new website and it's features. If I am wrong, I'd like to know the name of her new website. I'm sure she put a lot of hard work into making it and I really want to see it!

Hi Katie, that's Ashra's old website. Its still active and useable, you can still seek Ashra's help on it and purchase from it, but her latest and newest website is Ashrakoehn.com you'll know its the new website when you type it in the search bar as it comes up straight away. It is definitely new, I'm not sure if Ashra is still working on it but there is different spells on there to have a look at it. I like the idea of the customized spell. that's great.
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I just read about Ashra Koehn's new website. I tried to find it and I cant find anything new. it would be good if u can post the link of the website because i really wonder to see it. I guess it would be very helpful. I love reading new things and getting info about the different types of spells and what is more important is Ashra's website. I would really love to see it and read about it. I wish someone can just lead me to it. thank you