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I'm glad to be a part of this big family. I like these forums very much. My boyfriend broke up with me almost a year. I find many ways to help me reconciliation love with him, but failed. I was very disappointed. My world was in grey colour, not colourful anymore. I felt myself can't happy anymore. Everytime people ask about my love, I almost want to cry. When I join this website, I get many positive vibes and read many love story of people. Many of them were successful to get their lovers back to them. Some are still waiting, they got some signs too. It's encouraged me not to give up and bring hope for me to get my lost love back.

I would like to say thank you to Ashra for creating this wonderful website and her new site www.ashrakoehn.com. I also very appreciate for everyone at here for their kindness sharing their story, problems and positive vibes to me. :)
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I need to take a look at Ashra Koehn's new website. I'm so excited. Congrats Ashra. You are really a hard worker. You help people nonstop, response to our emails, create websites and many more. Like you are only one person yet you do much. I can tell how busy schedule you have and very little time for yourself. Thank you so much. Thank you for everything. Keep up your good work and make it to ur 17 years of spell casting. I'll be so happy to see that.
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It's amazing seeing how much work she puts in just for her clientele. Despite being a one person crew, she always delivers exceptional service to everyone as fast as she possibly can. She has 4 websites of her own, and they all are up to par like ashrakoehn.com. That alone shows she is the legit real deal!
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I have found this site www.ashrakoehn.com after on last December two weeks after me and my lover had broke up. I am feeling so lucky that I have found this site. I had contact Ashra after I have read the positive reviews and positive comments about Ashra Koehn and her spells. I know that a lot of people from around the world had successful with Ashra spells and I am feeling so hopeful about it. I believe that I can also successful with Ashra spells and I am really can't wait for that day to come.
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All the sites that contain her name are usually assumed hers until she herself says that this is true. I know how you guys don't trust anything on the internet other than Ashra when it comes spellcasters online. If it matters so much Ashra should make a section where it's dedicated to the sites that are truly hers. That truly would put an end to impersonators of Ashra and those fakers in the world.
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A couple or a few minutes ago, I had checked out Ashra's new website and honestly, I really do like it. It's very organized and you can access to contact her easily as well as for the lists of spells that she has, etc. Even I had bookmarked the website too. Congratulations Ashra Koehn! You have a succeeded in doing a well-done job. I do in fact agree with everyone that you're so very passionate about what you do to help others to reunite with their loved ones again, responding to our emails whenever you have the chance to, and many of more. I know that due to your schedule it can become very busy but you never forget about us. Thank you so very much and for everything that you do, Ashra. Continue to keep up your hard work. Sending lots of positive vibes and good luck your way!
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I am feeling so happy and lucky that I have found this site. Ashra Koehn is the best spell caster that I have met. I have read a lot of positive reviews and positive comments about her website (www.ashrakoehn.com). She had helped thousand of people before and a lot of them have successful with Ashra spells. I am feeling so happy for them. The successful story have making me feeling so hopeful and I believe that I will also successful with Ashra spells soon.
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She has her new site and I'm loving it because it has a heart before you could see the inner page of that site. It really shows that Ashra deals more on how to cure the hearts of people. I am so happy that she is real and never try to full anyone.

I know God has a purpose for me to be here. He guide me to know Ashra's site to solved my issue for so long already. I know this 2017, my heart will be very very happy and contented. All I need from now is to be patient and active here.

I am so lucky because not all people could get a chance to be part of her group. Who knows that there is a spell caster like her on net right? no one but I found her just like the others.

Thank you also Ashra for the warm welcome and open arms you showed me when I first came here.
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I like the design of www.ashrakoehn.com and the heart that displays on your screen while the page is loading. Ashra Koehn is the only spell cast I trust.
I absolutely love this site so much. When I first came on here I was actually really impressed by everything that was on here. I came on the forum last May so it has almost been a year for me. I seriously just ca not wait for when I finally get my lover back but I just want everyone to know Ashra is the real deal. If you are looking to get a weight loss spell go to ashra if you are trying to get your lover back pick ashra if you need any kind of spell go straight to ashra because ashra is the only spell caster that I know is real and actually wants to help people. Ashra Koehn is the real deal compared to other spell casters. I am sure other spell casters are really jealous of ashra but who cares! Ashra is awesome!
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I visited Ashra's site and I like its simplicity. She's very dedicated to her work and helping her clients. I like that everything is easily accessible and user friendly. You don't have to click endlessly in order to find what you need and you don't have to leave the welcome page in order to contact her. I also like the image of the red heart while her site is loading. I'm so glad I've seen her official website. I will pass it on to others in need of help.
The design of Ashra Koehn's website is just beautiful. At first it was confusing to me that she had a few different websites, but I can understand now why she does. She is a kind and wonderful person, and the time and dedication she puts into her services just shows us how much she truly cares about everyone. Her website, www.ashrakoehn.com is very welcoming. I believe she tries to make her websites as warm and welcoming as possible in order to show that she is the person who is going to take care of you from here on out. And she will. There is not another like her. Other spell casters appear to make their sites very mystical and mysterious, perhaps to show that they are that they are that special magical person you were looking for. Ashra shows that she is a person who, yes can cast spells, but will also be there to take your hand and lead you back to your hearts desire and will not desert you once your spell is cast.
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@Ambrosia _421, I agree with what you're saying about how sweet Ashra Koehn is and not only that her website is amazing. I really thought Ashra was just talk when I met her but she is all about business and most of all she's devoted to her clients. Ashra is just God sent to everyone and most of all such a unique person. I never felt so welcome here in the community and most of all we all met a new friend Ashra and she's a inspirational to who comes in contact with Ashra Koehn. Ashra we love you and most of all thank you for all that you do for us.
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May I counter check how many websites officially by Ashra? Can anyone list them here for reference? Because to prevent the fraud or fake spell-casters! There are way too many Ashra impersonators out there.

I think I browsed the right one as Ashra approved my account in this forum.
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I've been on this site a few times before and I love what it has to offer. A good amount of spells offered on the forum are also offered on the website. I like how you can choose what kind of potency you want your spell to be once you purchase it and the highest is fury casting. I haven't purchased anything officially on that website, but I definitely plan on doing it real soon. I've heard that the wait time is also a lot less so I definitely think that trying at least one spell from the list is definitely worth it. There are also other cool spells listed on there that aren't listed on here. Overall, I plan to use it as soon as I can.
Thank you for making this thread roshmodayz!

There are a lot of people impersonating Ashra, asking for money and claiming their spells work instantly!
I won't be fooled by the fakes that claim to be ashra! I know the real Ashra! The real Ashra never demands money upfront!

The real Ashra is caring of her clients. She doesn't just throw you to the curb if you can't pay for her spells.

If Ashra was in it only for the money do you think she would have the Karma point system as an alternative? It angers me when people steal someone's identity to try to scam others just for money, but staying positive will help me maintain happiness!
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Yes. I believe this is her real website, and not an impersonator's website. Ashra sent me to this link via email, so I trust it is the real Ashra Koehn, and the real Ashra Koehn's website. Ashra has many websites, this is only one. This is where I am earning Karma Points to order my spell. AshraKoehn.com is her new website that was launched, I believe. Ashra would not lead us in the wrong direction.
I like the design of this website and I do believe that it has a lot of promise to it. I have been reading a lot on it and it's been fascinating because I have learned so much more about Ashra and how her spells really work. I'm happy to say that I have purchased 5 spells from her website and I can't wait to hear back about all of them and how it is going to help my situation. I know that Ashra is real because she has websites out there to prove that her work is true and that her testimonials are endless.
This website is amazing!! I love how everything is set up to be and the topics that are on here are relateable to a lot of people. I love the karma points and the trophies which make me feel good when I spread more positivity. It also helps me focus on myself more and to improve myself when my ex returns. Also it makes me think things more in a positive light. So when I do reach my goal and Ashra starts working on my spell I can come to this site and spread more positivity all around. Because the more positive you are the most likely the results you want to see will happen and she will reassure you about it.
Ashra Koehn is a real spell caster, she is the only genuine spells caster that produce results. Her spells have worked for so many people that she has helped. She is an amazing woman, she is true to her word, and she keeps her promise. You are the only genuine spell caster I have seen in this entire world. Ashra, I am grateful that I found you, and I can not thank you enough for all you have been doing for us. Thank you Ashra.
Her new website is easy to navigate. Its easy to find reviews, forums, and spells. its super clean and gives a lot of interesting detail to the viewer.
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ASHRA PLEASE HELP AND REPLY. Tried to send contact you on www.ashrakoehn.com and I hope you reply soon.

I know your busy but it's urgent.

I'm not often alone. In fact I never am (it's complicated, I have a controlling mother) however mums away on holiday and Tuesday the 11th of July is the only time I'm totally alone untill 11pm (U.K time) this is great chance to see and catch up with the ex (I haven't seen him since 2014 and he knows my family are obstacles to us reuniting or even being friends.. but he's just flatly refused via text to doing something on Tuesday saying "not on a work night sorry"

Please help and get him to change his mind and see me later tonight (Tuesday 11th July) I will do anything ashra. I'm still trying to build up points for your spell work. So we can permanently reunite but haven't got enough yet.

Please help me to see him on Tuesday. It will make me so happy and give me a boost to carry on as life has being very tough and hard over the last couple of weeks.. I cannot stress how much I need to see him and what it would mean to me.. so please help please.. I will do anything!

Please reply today and let me know if you can do anything to help.
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I love this website and all of her others as well. They're all easy to use and they're all full of information explaining what you need to know about spells and what they will do for you. I've ordered a few spells off of her websites and it never took more than a week to get back to me about them. A lot of the spells that are mentioned on here have been listed on her websites and deliver the same promise. I haven't used ashrakoehn.com yet, but I plan on it really soon because there's a lot of spells that I have yet to try.
Thanks for the confirmation! I just visited it and it looks really cool with the cute animations. So we can request spells from both sites? Are there any other sites or is it just these two websites? Are the spells the same as it is on this website or are they different? I googled Ashra's name and there is like 4 different sites and I was just making sure I have the right website.
I'm a little confused about trying to purchase a spell off of this website. The only two spells that I can get the payment option on are Passion Panacea and Object of Desire. It gives me the potency options like normal, but the other spells listed on there don't give me a price or a PayPal option to purchase the spell. I'm a little confused by that. I see the contact button everywhere, but I can't find the prices. Does anyone know where to find all of the prices for all of the spells listed. Do you have to contact her first to find out the prices of the spells and get recommendations? Sorry, I haven't used this website before.
I love how this website provides so much information about her and her spells. It really helped me out to learn who she is and what her spells could do for me. I love the design of the loading heart. It just shows how much love means to Ashra. I have been on it a few times, but I haven't been on it recently. I plan on going back there as soon as I can. Thank you for having so many websites available to us. I love looking at all of them and learning a little more about your rituals. I will order from there again soon.
I went to a couple other sites that belongs to ashra. I seen a spell that say mana to mend. I read how powerful it is. It's alot of powerful spells on that site that's not on this one. How do we request for that spell on here? Do we just email Ashra or just purchase on that site? How many sites ashra have? Once my financial situation is fixed I will be purchasing spells from her as well as collecting my points.
i'm pretty sure that Ashra is a real and legit spell caster. she has many sites that all tie with eachother with each having their own specialty attached. reading many reviews on her as well, and seeing how others have progress, including me and my spell hasn't been casted yet, is phenomenal! i highly recommend Ashra and have little to no doubts that she isn't real, because it seems like she is and is here to help in the best way she can!
Hi everyone! I am also new here, and reading all the forum makes me feel more positive and hopefully more in the near future. I have also noticed a few sites of ashrakoehn.com but for some reason I cant find her new website as that link does not work, there are other sites but i dont know if they are ashras. Ashra has nearly 17 years of experience and I am happy to put all my trust in her to get someone back for me. Reading all these comments make me feel as if I am also important and lucky enough for someone to cast me a spell to make things better, things have been tough lately
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This new website is created by Ashra and has a whole lot of different spells that can't be found in the resources section. To be sure of it you just have to contact Ashra so that you can hear it from the horse's mouth. I would recommend you visit the new website and browse through it , maybe something might catch your attention or you may be interested in getting some new spells for your situation.
Hi All, I am new on the forum and I feel more positive already just by reading everyone's stories and successes with their spells. I have noticed Ashra Koehn’s sites and I am not sure which one is really Ashra, but after reading the comments, I feel more confident that I am in the right place.
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Ashra has multiple websites, but all of them should lead to the same email address and contact form. Lots of spells on specific websites cannot be found on the other websites. I think the most current one is passionpanacea, but I am not sure. There are also spells on this forum that cannot be found on her websites and some of them are also not accessible until you upgrade your account.
I am so happy that Ashra has many websites, and her website Ashrakoehn.com is absolutely perfect, she really do care for her client and I am so happy to know it.

She is so genuine that even though she is a very busy person she is still doing everything just to make her clients happy.

Her website is really interesting and I know many people will gonna always visit it because she is a really good person and she is helping many people worldwide. I can't believe how she is putting all her effort for her works. She is so amazing!
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I recently discovered Ashra's new website and since it looked so different from this one (with all of the forums) I wasn't sure if it was actually her working one! But I'm glad this forum could confirm I was in the right place. Thank goodness! Does thus mean all of her contact information on that website should be correct too? I still have more browsing to do on the other site..
I had visited this new site of Ashra Koehn a few times now. I really like the floating loading love widget. The design is really simple yet nice and cute too. The red hue theme does suit the site, especially that most of Ashra's spells are love spells. If you go see and click on links of spells, it does give enough information regarding the spell which can convince someone to either purchase it or contact Ashra about it. With the help of the given information on each spell, you would know which spells you should choose. But you can always choose to ask for a spell recommendation from Ashra herself.

No matter which site you choose, they will all lead to the same real email addresses of Ashra. However, not all of her sites contain some links to certain spells. Some may have what some don't. Sometimes, the prices might not match up. It is still best to visit every site to check which spell you really want or need. Madame Ashra does care for her clients, which is why she created these sites with the right designs. It's true they need some modification to the style and structure, but it wouldn't matter. I like it the way it is and I love simple. :)
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Hi there, everyone where ever all of you guys are in the world! Hope everyone is doing just fine today! I read that there are many people who created website pretending to be Ashra! I haven't come across to any of Ashra's impersonator's website, but I am glad I found Ashra Koehn's real website! Ashra is amazing of what she is doing for the world! This is an absolutely awesome website for people to interact with other people thoughts and where we are able to purchase spells when some of us aren't able to pay! :inlove::inlove:
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Hi there, everyone where ever all of you guys are in the world! Hope everyone is doing just fine today! This website, www.ashrakoehn.com is one of @Ashra websites! Followed by her other websites: www.ashra.net/community, www.ashra.net, and www.ashraspells.com! There are also people out there who would create fake websites and pretend they are the real @Ashra! Just watch out on which website you are going on to reach out to @Ashra! I am glad that this thread was created as we all want to make sure we are getting the right help from the right person! :inlove::inlove:
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Hey everyone!!!!! I hope you are all are doing good and having an amazing day. I did go through all of Ashra Koehn's website and they are all amazing and they have a lot of powerful spells in each, so many spells for different situations to help her clients out. I really liked all of them and when I have money saved up, I will use her website AshraKoehn.com and finally get some spells that she would recommend to me. I would highly recommend that everyone takes a look at it just to be safe, you might need it later and also to never get scammed by her impersonators.
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what is good about Ashra Koehn is she is doing her very best to give us a comfortable access in her site. Its very easy now that no matter where we are. No matter where we go. We could have an access on our account.

We have to be careful in what site we are. Be sure its the right Ashra's website because it coukd help us more
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Hello, people from all over the world! Today is a brand new day, hope you all are doing better than yesterday! @Ashra has many different websites that are run by her! This website, www.ashrakoehn.com is one of @Ashra's amazing websites! Including this one, where all of @Ashra's clients can purchase her spells for free using Karma Points! @Ashra such an amazing spell caster helping other when we are not able to pay! :inlove::inlove: