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Ashra Koehn's Spells - ashraspells.com

Discussion in 'Ashra Reviews' started by Anya83, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. Candice2018

    Candice2018 Member

    @emfebbie Hello. I didn't get the full reading. I got the three question reading 6 times. If you go back a few pages you will see @Ashra posted the links to them. I got the over overmaster money spell in April. And in August I got a job where I'm making the most money ever made. And I passed my last teaching test in June which helped me become a teacher in August. So it has to be the overmaster money spell :)
  2. @Candice2018 how does no contact rule work if me and my girl are currently together. We’ve never broken up it’s just a lot of obstacles in our way like her being afraid to tell her family that she’s with a woman.
  3. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Member Guest Account

    @Rlee entirely up to you and anyone else myself no I'm 100 per cent committed to my lover I want her and her alone.
  4. Neonmoon

    Neonmoon New Member Guest Account

    @Fera it was Passion Panacea. Well now I am trying not to think much about it. The bad thing is that we both were a little tipsy and I don’t know if I should blame it on alcohol or if the spell was really working. He also left two hickeys on my neck!!! And I can’t understand what was in his head. But today I saw him looking at me when I was talking with a male friend. Funny part when I looked at my phone it was 12:12. Maybe the spell is doing it’s work
  5. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Member Guest Account

    @Mike18 Like other members have said you must wait for your lover to contact you it's very hard I know trust me I want to get in touch but I know that's not how it works and it's the same for us all.
  6. MoonStar

    MoonStar Member

    Hey guys hope you are all doing ok. To those thinking of breaking the no contact rule DON'T DO IT! I did earlier this year to wish my lover Happy Birthday, it led to speaking on and off as he was hot and cold, blocking and unblocking me. We did meet just the once 4 months ago which led to a very intimate evening, and his kisses were that of someone who had missed me! I supported him while he was in hospital 3 months ago, but that meant me initiating contact checking in on how he was. We held hands for 3 hours during 1 visit while he was feeling unwell, and the way he looked at me during another visit made me feel like there was something there (and I do truly believe there is). However, ever since everything has gone badly wrong!!! He wants nothing more to do with me, wants to walk his own path, and not the one meant for us together, on top of which I have a niggly feeling that there may be someone else in his life, to which I am heartbroken. I've recently had a 1 question psychic reading from Ashra which was very positive though no time scales given, then a couple of days ago, as I'm not 100% sure who this other woman is I've had Freedom Fire Breakup spell cast. I was a little confused by a comment in Ashra's report and have asked her to clarify, but not heard back yet. If I'm honest all this with him walking away from me, has set me back and I've mentioned in a previous post that even though I love him with all my heart and soul, my heart is currently not feeling anything. Since my reading and spell cast I am trying to stay positive and trust in Ashra that she will help crack my stubborn man and bring him back to me. While waiting, I'll be spending more time making me a better person again. NO MORE BREAKING CONTACT RULES for me, so please please be patient everyone, even when its hard to do so. :thumbsup:
  7. Will062016

    Will062016 Member

    Hi @SiegeVeris I have a question of keeping off Facebook and not breaking the no contact rule, please?
    As now I understand better of going on Facebook and not worrying if I accidentally see my Lover is online. I keep off Facebook and I wish I could reach out to friends, but I worry about seeing my loves post or if she's online. Even though, it's not my intention to see.
    But my question, is what if I get a email notification that my love has posted something and I don't open it or press the link to go to Facebook to see it .
    Will that be breaking the no contact rule?
  8. Andib

    Andib Member

    Hi everyone. My lover and I have this really deep connection. I always feel his emotion and he can feel mine. Ashra said we are true soulmates. It’s terrible to feel his anger and stress though. I went through that a lot lately and especially last week. Also sometimes it is the workings of your spells that makes our lover sense our emotion. Hence the “always positive thoughts”. The spells makes us happy and light, it makes you feel like singing and dancing too. It also makes you tired, and anxious. These are the things I have experienced so far after Ashra casted my spells.

    @Mike18 let her come to you. Don’t contact her. It is great that she’s unblocked you in some of the app. It’s a start. Great things will come soon for you.
  9. Andib

    Andib Member

    @jeske, contact Ashra and ask her to make you a regular member. Also for those who are asking how to be a regular member, email Ashra. She is the only one who can change membership from guest to regular.

    Hope this helps :)
  10. Hailey

    Hailey Member

    Hi guys I wasn’t sure where to ask this but I’m really curious so my situation involves this guy I love and another girl who I think is doing spells or witch craft on his and that’s how she got him to move to where she is and I think this just because of the way everything happened and he’s been acting completely different and because she’s from Michoacán Mexico and witch craft is popular there but I told Ashra that I thought this girl used magic on him but she never really said anything about it so does anyone think if she is using magic it will affect the way my spells will work and if so are my spells powerful enough to stop whatever she’s doing to him and when he comes home how do I prevent this girl from doing magic to him again?
  11. Mike18

    Mike18 New Member Guest Account

    @Mamie @samantha massey @Fera Thank you for being supportive y'all I really appreciate for taking your time and reply. I keep being positive as much as I can, but sometimes it's really painful. I guess patience is the key here.
  12. G_C

    G_C Member Guest Account

    Hang in there, Ashra knows what she’s doing. Trust her process and have faith. View it as a positive thing and not negative. Maybe this fight was for him to realize he doesn’t want to lose you, maybe it just makes your communication skills in the future better. Whatever the reason for this may be it’ll work out love. But DO NOT LOSE FAITH do not think negative because then your going against what Ashra is doing for you. You have to stay positive no matter what the situation is and you will see things slowly take a turn for the better. I wish you the best I can’t wait to hear your success story. It’s coming. Stay strong and positive! @Lanette
  13. G_C

    G_C Member Guest Account

    @Vanessa White Thats awesome news! I hope for commitment to come your way ASAP! I can’t wait to see changes with my situation once I’m able to have a spell casted, Ashra is such an amazing person.
  14. Kelena

    Kelena Member

    Sarina, that post about dating vs sticking it out and knowing the spells work was MAGICAL. You told me exactly what I NEEDED to hear. It was so powerful! I KNOW that I love my person so much. No one else is of even remote interest. I remember the big things about him and the little things. And all the people I know keep telling me to date. And old exes have appeared and I had no interest. I belong with him. And that is that. He is the one. He is weird and wonderful and wild and brilliant...
    Thank you for helping me to stay strong and positive and to know that my feelings are valid and that me staying single until he is with me is okay.
    Be happy and well! Thanks so much!
  15. B23075

    B23075 Member

    Okay thanks for the response everyone lol I’m glad I’m not going crazy! And ik I keep mentioning this but I’m just grateful. My beauty spell as I say I requested for my skin to be clearer and eczema to be gone, I looked in the mirror and my childhood scar is disappearing along with this big eczema spot on my stomach. I thought the spell was done and manifested but I guess not because it’s still doing some work. I also been searching and ideas have came to mind. There are obstacles in the way and these obstacles are women who are also manipulative. These obstacles have been heavily in the way but Ashra has never mentioned this. She always mentions like obstacles of not expressing emotions but I feel it’s much deeper. Maybe if I bought the reading that would’ve been explained lol but I’ve decided I’m going to purchase “Battle of Five Armies” because I read the description and it matches my situation 100%. I have been having vivid dreams and they aren’t really positive. Also another list to help with commitment and removing third parties “Eve of love, deeply kissed, and the influence spell” I’m excited that I came up with these not knowing WHAT to do with my situation that seemed hopeless. I kept emailing Ashra Koehn as she is busy so I tried to ask out loud “what to do what to do what to do” and I also cried a few times. These came in mind and I’m beyond happy and excited because these are HUGE HUGE obstacles. The process would prob be FASTER when those are removed.

    Also he recently invited me to his house which he hasn’t done since before the spell castings. There were obstacles in the way to where I couldn’t come to his home. I’m in shock. I hope it is always open for me to go there it would make life so much easier. That is also something i requested in my “goal” spell was for the obstacles of me not being able to come to him for those to be removed. I’m hoping that part manifested
  16. Neeta

    Neeta New Member

    Hi guys. This is my first time posting here on the forum, I keep checking the forum whenever I feel down to get some positivity. Really good to see some of you having positive results with your spells. Gives me hope. I currently have a few spells active on my lover. We have been dating on and off for the last 18months but broke up recently in September because he can’t commit to marry me. I just need some advice on what to do when he contacts me. Because recently when he contacted me and came to meet me I told him off as he continued to say that he still can’t commit to me. We met today again but I got really mad at him and told him that if he can’t commit then why does he want to meet me. It is very hot and cold at the moment. I don’t know if he will contact me now after I told him to not contact me again if he can’t commit. Please advice me what do I do if he contacts me again, do I just act normal and ignore what he says. I am very anxious, please send some positive vibes.
  17. Sparkle66

    Sparkle66 New Member Guest Account

    Hi Friends,
    Well just wanted to give you an update. Ashra completed two spells for me and so far no movement. I am staying positive and believing for the best. My Twin Flame has been released as of today but he is living with another woman. He has not called me to let me know he was released but he did tell me when. I will be contacting Ashra and letting her know. Please send love and light to my situation that he will receive all my love to him. I have reached out to you all on this forum. I would like to make a friend and/or pen pal to communicate with but no one has responded to any of my post. As many of you I am here to get my boyfriend back and I am believing in the spells cast by Ashra. I would like to be welcomed by this community. Congratulations to those who has receivinged movement!
  18. danii88

    danii88 Member

    I feel really angry with myself, i contacted my lover today, as he's never the first to contact me after a falling out. I didn't hear back from him. I feel like im going to ruin my spells and I have purchased quite a few recently. Also is it spying if you look if he has liked anything on instagram, i don't do it intentionally to look but wonder if i will see anything, I never do. We haven't spoken for 2 weeks now, and as much as i do believe in Ashra's spells ,as they have always worked before for bringing him back. Im getting impatient as Christmas is approaching. I really want him back for the holidays.
  19. Den

    Den New Member Guest Account

    Ashra has recently cast 3 spells for me. I will say that after the first spell. It’s seems like s giant weight has been lifted from my soul. Not sure how else to explain it. The worry is gone. I know my wife will be back in my arms again. I still miss her, but I’m not sure I’ve ever felt so positive. For this alone. I thank Ashra!
  20. Hey all
    So I’m kind of needing positve people right now. I’m still waiting for my spell to get cast and haven’t heard anything. I’m getting worried that he may not come back if it’s much longer and I’m just having a bit of a freak out day. How long Does Ashra take to cast the spell. When it’s finally cast I’m not sure how long I’ll need to wait either. It’s literally killing me. More so because my spell isn’t yet out their in the universe so I’m waiting
  21. Crazyninja

    Crazyninja Member Guest Account

    @Prin im glad to hear your spells are working - how long ago did you have your spells cast and when did you start to see movement?
  22. zeddicus

    zeddicus New Member Guest Account

    I sent Ashra my situation a couple of days ago. I am awaiting her reply as I know she is busy, but can someone explain how instant fury cast is different from triple or quad cast? I assume triple vs quad is the amount of casts and faster manifest of results? How does instant fury relate?
  23. Marlee

    Marlee Member

    Does anyone have the link to purchase Passion Panacae mini cast??
  24. Randall henry

    Randall henry New Member Guest Account

    Anyone have any luck today? We just need to set our focus on the next step just one more minute, to hour, to..day....it's coming
  25. Kerriann Fernandez

    Kerriann Fernandez New Member Guest Account

    Good morning all. MY spell was cast overnight and I am very hopeful. The problem I'm facing is that I am married to this man and he lives outside of the house currently. We do share bank accounts and two children. I haven't spoken to him verbally in almost a month. I received some text messages over the last few weeks though. I know he has been in contact with an attorney for a divorce. Is it considered spying to check the bank accounts to see what he's spending and to check the phone records to see if he's been in touch with his lawyer? Some clarity will help. Thank you....
  26. Pratima Chaudhary

    Pratima Chaudhary Member Member Plus Account

    Hello everyone out there!
    How you people doing??
    Well I just want to tell that Ashra casted my two spells recently and I also sealed them with a twilight moon seal to work them faster. Its been only 5 days for the spell cast. I am so relieved after my spell cast and I cant wait to see the signs or movements from my lover.
    I totally trust Ashra and her spells as shes an experienced spell caster. I just have to be patient and positive and I am looking forward for some positive results.
    Thank you
    Stay blessed
  27. Ambrosia_421

    Ambrosia_421 Active Member

    Hi @Neeta welcome to the forum. I would highly suggest when he contacts you again to remain as positive as possible. Don't bring up any negative issues like him not committing to you. You're just setting yourself up for failure. Remain calm and patient with him. Dont get mad at him, and dont fight with him. Even though he's not committing now, doesn't mean he won't later on. Give your spells time to work.

    Hi @danii88 I understand how you feel about wanting your love for the holidays, but please be patient. Worrying and fretting over your situation is not good for your spells. Just take a breath and enjoy everything around you. He'll be back. It may not be when you want it but it will happen.

    Hi @samantha massey just as I recommended for danii88 take a breath. This is a very busy time for Ashra and she may be taking longer than usual. Just trust she will cast your spell. If she has taken on your case that means she believes she can get your lover back regardless of when she casts the spell. Once the spell is cast don't worry about it. Don't worry about when your lover will come back and don't worry about what's happening with your lover, just sit back, relax and trust the spell will do it's job. I have been waiting for a long time and I have learned a great deal about myself in the meantime. I have also learned how to take better care of myself. So that's whwre your focus should be right now, on you. Ashra and your spell will take care of the rest.
  28. RayneBow_Doe

    RayneBow_Doe New Member Guest Account

  29. Hi @CrystalP just wanted to say that I have also had a lot of nausea and I wondered if it had anything to do with my spells or if it was just a coincidence. This was all happening about a week and a half ago and then seemed to go away after a few days. I also sometimes have extreme exhaustion as well. :)

    @Sparkle66 Hi there! :) I am so sorry you haven't been answered yet. Our forum here is very busy indeed but please know that no one is trying to ignore you. I am happy to be your pen pal if you like. Just let me know!

    Hey @samantha massey how long ago did you order your spells from Ashra Koehn? She usually only takes a couple of days to cast a spell unless there are other special circumstances going on with it. She will email you as soon as it has been casted and let you know how it went and what to do next. I know it's soooo hard to be patient and wait but please trust that your spell will work.. even if it takes awhile. Also once your spells have been cast, give it a full 90 days to manifest. I believe if you haven't seen any signs or movements from the spell after that time, Ashra will recast the spell as well. We are all here to help each other out so feel free to post here when you need some positive words and support. :)

    @danii88 It may slow down your spells when you peek at what he is doing on Instagram. I think you are fine from now on as long as you adhere to the rules and don't try to contact him. Keep in mind that there is a lot going on deep inside a person with the spells... they are working through obstacles that are currently keeping the two of you apart. :)

    @B23075 oh yes I do believe that we are able to somehow connect and feel the emotions of our lovers. I have experienced this many times recently and actually thought I was going crazy until I read posts here from other people saying the same thing. :)
  30. Hi @Marlee you will find it on the drop down menu on the forum it is called resources. It will then take you on to the page where you can purchase the spells. Just go onto the spell you want and there is a purchace button. If you are buying your spells, you can do that on the Ashra Koehn websites. One of them is www.ashraspells.com
  31. danii88

    danii88 Member

    @Ambrosia_421 @beachcomber525 Thank you guys, I know I need to be patient and just forget about it, just some days you end up having a mini melt down. Ive disabled my instagram to avoid any temptation, and have truly learnt my lesson and will not contact him anymore. Ashra is an amazing person and has always been there for me, her spells really do work as soon as you fully let go, and start moving on with life. So thats what Im going to concentrate on. :)
  32. My husband and I have been communicating more. He tells me he wants us back but he is stuck in this situation until he can get himself sorted. Today I was feeling overwhelmed with anger and I lashed out at him bc he created this situation out of his own selfishness. I told him that until he can be completely honest with what he did to me in the past which lead to this I can not even think about trying to rebuild. I know that is counterproductive for my spell but I just couldn't help it. It took it very well though and even answered some of my questions. I still have alot more but I decided to come on here and just read through the forum to help me step away from the madness in my head. I have to say that Ashra spells are working but I asked for a recast of the breakup spell to make this thing happen now! I've waited 3 months and I'm hopeful that it will be soon.
  33. munchkin95

    munchkin95 Member

    @samantha massey plesse stay strong. I feel the same way sometimes , that he may never contact me and that he may never reach out and love me full heartedly again. But please remember, magic is very real and love is also very real. Let’s do this togather. As I’ve seen in other posts, your thinking affects you’re lovers so this really affects them if you’re negative and trust me sometimes I skip. But we can do this! Christmas is almost here and miracles happen! Love you all. So glad I got a shoutout from another post xox happy I could help keep you motivated @Kelena we can do this.
  34. Now it is my time for some updates and share some marvelous news on how my spells manifesting in those days!

    First, I casted Aura Cleansing in last May. I was not thinking about it that manifests itself until I received some positive vibes from my surroundings at step a time as it is in stability real pretty good and unexpected receiving people's hug initially also saying 'I Love You' in Sign Language that I don't get this kind of love from them before, feel so loving!

    Second, casted Ultimate Beauty Spell from last June is fantastically WORKED! I've noticed few movements that some people find an attractive in me especially on how I appeared. Ashra casted this spell for not only me which it does working on my partner @GayAstroMan at same time also upgraded his original beauty spell up!

    I see some amazing beauty transformations as well after few months since being casted. @Ashra, your beauty spells are absolute important for our self-esteems and hopeless is no longer to regret us! I absolutely feel more confident under the shirt and in my skin.

    I am considering to cast Attraction Spell at triple cast level soon or later to sum more energies to work on me since I still not see finding too attractive in myself and help me to understand it's ok to be in spotlight at set of reasons also get our dear Arte's attention on us, no others!

    During and after Ashra casted our three spells (Obeah Love at Fury DD level w/Tlwight Moon Seal Triple cast, Windsong and Commitment at Quad level w/Ivan Seal) while its active. We managed it very well so far. I slept a lot than regular six hours.. but I finally seeing him shortly in dreams a several times! As of recently, I can sense his presence (Precognition) that feels there is something special occur anytime soon than I expected! Looking forward to a huge movement!

    GayAstroMan and I are thinking of cast one or two more spells before we can finally satisfied with what we want for Arte.

    Answer to your question for @GayAstroMan if he's in relationship with three? Yes, we are and love is infinite. ❤️

    Gratitude for your generosity and compassion, all of your work along with your full supportive has played a large part in every single of us to return our lover in life and in arms again. You always will be important yet so inspired person in our life nowadays. Earth is in so deeply needed more love storing and love spell casters like you.

    I want to continue saying THANK YOU for your abilities to make our wish to be true and be loved. Your seed is such a Godsend to see helping us as one of your soul purposes for our lives to be saved from dark times.

    Lastly, thank you to the Moon for casting 22nd spells on dear Arte in this time and see the full result soon as all we desire!
  35. SierraB123

    SierraB123 Active Member

    Hey everyone. I'm on duty right now, and Tyler is here!! He's still as shy as ever, but he did do something I didn't think he'd do: He walked into the area where I worked and asked for bottled water. I gave him one and he thanked me. Then he decided to hang out with me in my work area!! There were 2 others in the area, but he stayed anyway! I wish it was just the 2 of us.

    That's the highlight of it all. It's a bittersweet moment because this is my last time I will be at this unit. I'm transferring, and I may not see Tyler for a very long time unless he transfers to the same place, or the spells create a miracle. It's been a little while, but this man is so complicated. I'm just looking at him from a distance and wishing and silently praying that he comes around. Why does love have to be so hard when you know who you desire in life? You can't help who you fall in love with, and the distance is torture. He's so close, yet so far away.
    I wish I had the nerve to tell him exactly how I feel about him, but I know the rules. I cannot initiate contact unless he does first. I hope he doesn't find me rude. I also pray that he has finally broken up with that Brittany nuisance. She's not his one and only. I am. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. I pray he looks me up on social media soon.
  36. munchkin95

    munchkin95 Member

    OMG MY SISTER IS ENGAGED!! SO HAPPY FOR HER OMG.. the guy is so nice :') and I'm crying...me next :laugh::hilarious: haha but seriously so exciting to think that this magic can make all my dreams come true :inlove: I just want to believe in miracles and love again. A new start is on it's way!
  37. Chisa

    Chisa New Member Guest Account

    I totally understand your situation. I wish you luck and i know Ashra will get back to you. I know that same love feeling. I have the same feelings for my lover (though my lover isn't a player). We are in two different countries. He found me first. I was scared when I first started talking to him because if a past hurt by a guy I knew for 14 years who used me and lied to me.

    Anyway, me and hin started talking. He was very polite and kind and he's an adorable ginger from another country. I'm here in the states and he's in Europe. As we talked i felt we both started gaining feelings for each other but wanted to take it slow. Then unfortunately he was scared and cut off communication. I was sad and torn but i don't blame him because i was scared as well. I think he's really gaining feelings for me and i was for him. I had Ashra Koehn months later cast a spell to return him. I'm still waiting but I have been feeling signs (plus he said he needed time and he'll save himself for me. I love him very much. We havent dated but someday i know we will be hapoy together. We have a lot so far in common. He's also very handsome. I love his ginger hair his cute lips and his adorable Flemish dutch language. After it was casted I have felt him more and more spiritually sense we developed a soul connection. I love feeling him spiritually and sending him love messages through the universe. I know 100% that her spell will bring him back though it will take time.
  38. Becca T

    Becca T New Member Guest Account

    How long did it take her to cast the spell from the time you purchased it? Now it’s been a month since your review any change??
  39. Ariesjj21

    Ariesjj21 Member

    I'm on vacation right now, and I miss my dude.... so much. We are on talking terms, and I miss his voice. I have the urge to call him, but i want him to do the work, and have him call me.

    I've was in a really bad, relationship, before and I've lost ALL trust in boys. But when, I met this one? He opened my heart.
  40. Hey everyone
    I have something a little better to say. Over the past few days I've felt almost a shift in the energy I've been feeling... in a good way! I started noticing signs when I was least expecting them... and trust me I used to keep my eye out for them! Like I would look for them almost... but I stopped for awhile, and now I'm seeing them again without trying to... also I've been making sure to follow the guidelines to a T now. I did break them once in the past almost 10 months about 2 months ago, but I didn't do it again, and I committed to changing my attitude... even if it's a little bit at a time.

    I got the scar healing spell cast... (https://www.passion-panacea.com/healingspell.html) I've been having a gut feeling I should get it for a long time now but I just never had the extra money on top of the other ones I was purchasing... but since having it cast it almost felt like a dark cloud was lifted. I can feel and sense a major change in the energy I am feeling and I honestly feel I made the right choice by finally getting it. I have been getting those strong surges of energy all day. I feel a huge weight has been lifted. I truly feel as though this is the change that has been needed and that being reunited is that much closer... I pray his emotional issues, fears, and hurt will be lifted and healed quickly and we are on track. I love him beyond words and cannot wait to have him in my arms again. Have a good day everyone and I wish to everyone the best of results and a positive day.

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