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Ashra Koehn's Spells - ashraspells.com

Discussion in 'Ashra Reviews' started by Anya83, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. KAS1988

    KAS1988 Member Guest Account

    @Ashra , I sent you an urgent email as I’ve tried emails via Customer Support.
    There’s an emergency situation regarding a child I’ve spoken to you about and had one spell casted upon the other parent to try to prevent things like this from continuing to happen. Please let me know when you’ve gotten the email.
    Thank you,
  2. Babygirl06

    Babygirl06 New Member Guest Account

    Having a hard day today for some reason. I feel really weepy and hopeless today. I'm trying so hard to stay positive but today I just can't seem to get there. It's only been a week since my first spell was cast and only 4 or 5 days for the other 2 and the emails I received after from ashra were very positive and he did reach out to his mom which he hadn't done in 2 months so I guess that's a good sign but nothing else. I'm just really missing him today and wish he was home already. Any advice?
  3. MoonStar

    MoonStar Member

    Just found my Noel White Moon spell cast report from Ashra, it was in my spam :nailbiting: and I am over the moon (if you pardon the pun) with her comments, and it gives me so much hope that my lover will overcome his issues and stop being so stubborn! It would mean the world to me to be re-united with him very soon! I did have a feeling this may have been cast, as a couple of days ago I felt drained of energy when I woke, but also a sense of calm. Also I've been randomly feeling bursts of energy in my heart chakra, this must be the spell, right? I trust in Ashra Koehn and her spell casting and I know that 1 day soon I too will be telling you all of my success.
    Stay positive everyone, those of us who have waited a while will soon be reunited with our lovers :thumbsup:
  4. Bluegirl0712

    Bluegirl0712 Member

  5. KAS1988

    KAS1988 Member Guest Account

    Thank you for the link to the reading!!!
    My husband actually doesn’t have a new girl at all, he had cheated on me in the past but that was quickly ended and he had never left. His male friends were actually our issue in our marriage because he kept choosing them over the kids and I so when I started complaining about it, they were manipulating him into leaving our marriage as they are all single and enjoy partying and going out all the time and he felt he couldn’t do those things being married! But Ashra helped with my spells to prevent him from leaving our marriage that he planned to leave on Christmas Day and he’s stated he wants to take things slow so there’s been 1 night of intimacy ( even though we’ve never stopped sharing our bed) but he’s yet to start showing more daily affection or telling me he loves me again. But I know soon that will come, which is why I was curious if a reading would give me a sort of time frame of when that will happen!

    The revenge spell was actually against my stepdaughters mother who has caused conflict in our relationship before we married (together for 10 years, married 7 years) and now even more conflict since getting married. She’s a manipulative person using my stepdaughter as a form of control over us, but doesn’t actually show my stepdaughter that she loves her or even cares for her (especially after what happened today it’s confirmed that she doesn’t care about her but just wants to maintain having control over what my husband and I can do with or for his daughter). She’s breaking laws every way she turns but we are in a situation where courts won’t remove her from the picture with even all the evidence we have so I turned to Ashra to try to remove her from the picture of all of our lives not out of spite but for my stepdaughters best interest as a child she needs to be permanently removed from ALL of our lives.

    I’ll surely keep updates coming on both my husband and on the situation involving my stepdaughters mother but I’ll refrain from posting names as my stepdaughter is a minor. She’s to the point though that she tells everyone that her mother doesn’t love or care for her and that she wishes she never had to go back to her home. So my faith is with @Ashra to be able to prevent her from having to go back to her mothers and to remove her mother from our lives and hers so she can heal from the emotional, mental, and verbal abuses.

    Hope all is well with your situations as well!! :)
  6. GayAstroMan

    GayAstroMan Active Member

    Ok so, I finally got to read Arte's texts after receiving an e-mail from Ashra that my Force of Will has been cast successfully and responded to him once.

    It's definitely a huge movement! Arte ended up sending me like 5 videos of himself singing a song in sign language and all those songs are related to love stuff too! I remember one video he sent me was a song about how we both would be together forever. This is a huge hint that he does have feelings for me, right?!
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  7. Needhelp

    Needhelp Member

    @Ash997 hi. I understand your situation because I went through the same thing. But please try to understand she is really busy. Maybe you should email her again to let her know that from how many days you are waiting if you are waiting from too long. She will definitely get back to you. Don’t lose hope. You are in right hands and make sure that you tell her every part of your situation and don’t hide anything from here because she really cares about you. If she will need more information about your problem then she will contact you again.
  8. DynamiteDolly

    DynamiteDolly Member

    Hi guys I’m new here Ashra did 3 spells for me a week and and I’m trying to positive and thinking’s of the fun me and the ex used to have and the dumb things we’d laugh about but I have ants in my pants I just want him to text/call/ send me smoke signals anything to show the spells are working. It has been a week and like I always say Rome wasn’t built in a week. So staying positive and smiling at the future I know I’m going to have woth the ex. How long has everyone waiting for movement for the spell to work.

    Thanks D x
  9. Jynnien

    Jynnien New Member Guest Account

    Um Hello everyone. I posted in the reviews for Ashra and I contacted Ashra about my situation. I've never met anyone so caring....she listened to my problems and I am pretty sure I am driving this woman absolutely crazy. But....my situation has been a difficult one and I want to ask for some guidance. I have my situation in detail in my other post. But Ashra is so gifted. She really is it's like she knew Austin. She confirmed my instinct that Austin is my twin flame or soulmate. I had Celestial Mantle, Stonework Soul Calling, Freedom Fire Breakup and Object of Desire triple cast done. Ashra has already casted Celestial Mantle, Stonework Soul Calling and Freedom Fire Breakup. I want to follow the guidelines and rules to a T but part of the problem is the no contact rule. I can't lose Austin. He means so much to me and Ashra....she knows me too. She's an amazing person. I haven't talked to Austin but the problem is....I work with him. Has anyone had a similar problem where you see your soulmate literally every day? I don't want to break this rule or slow down progress. Is there anything I can do?
  10. Yana

    Yana Member

    I hope that this time someone will replay to what I write. This week I broke the no contact rule
    I contacted ASHRA and she said that despite everything she is sure he will come back to me, and the truth is that the signs began to grow stronger. I dreamed about him, I began to see the number 333 . his name on songs and in t.v and today I had a dream that says that my spells work. Does this mean that I will soon begin to see movements? Please someone answer me
  11. Will062016

    Will062016 Member

    Hi everyone
    Umm... Even though I've been keeping off Facebook but I had to reach a friend to get his messenger and I accidentally touched one of his posts with her name tagged in it and I saw my lover's name on there. It was a glimpse though and I backed out quickly. So I never got onto her page or dare go press her name. Did I break the no contact rule??
  12. Deanna Hurst

    Deanna Hurst New Member Guest Account

    I had passion panacea cast 10/31 Halloween day an let's just say the greatness is only when I read it here I haven't experience bone of the love that people here describe, I've remain positive threw the outcome, it's just that its hard
  13. Glenmartin12345

    Glenmartin12345 New Member Guest Account

    Can ashra help me get my wife back?
  14. Dan1687

    Dan1687 New Member Guest Account

    @alexhope22 hiya, I had the same spell casted on the 27th December and also felt tired and slept a lot, when I contacted Ashra she said it was normal to feel like that after the spell, if you read thought the forums people have also experience it happy new year to you as well and sending positive vibes your way 2019 is where we will get are lovers back it's just a matter of time
  15. Dan1687

    Dan1687 New Member Guest Account

    @Kelena thank you so much for replying, you just made me feel more positive, yeah am trying not to think of the spell as my day job keeps me busy until am am dinner brake haha, also signed up for my local rugby clubs that's will also keep me busy thanks again for replying big hugs Dan x
  16. Dark Child

    Dark Child New Member Guest Account

    How long did it take to see results?
  17. Samanthalily

    Samanthalily Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Hello everyone! I hope its not too late to wish everyone Happy New Year. I hope 2019 will be more better than last year and each and everyone of us can get our desired outcome. I've read many get good news and I'm happy for you guys. I hope my turn is soon. I don't know what spell to choose to work on my situations, I hope Ashra can guide me what should I do next. I'm hoping to hear good news from Ashra soon!
  18. FlyingHigh

    FlyingHigh Member Guest Account

    @Jynnien my situation is similar to your in relation to work. I asked Ashra and she have advised to try to stay in good terms and avoid conflicts and fighting. As long as I can do that, being in contact would not be an issue. Hope this helps.
  19. munchkin95

    munchkin95 Member

    @Kelena Thank you so much for the shoutout. I really appreciate it and it reminds me that I am heard on here. Sometimes it's easy to think no ones hears you because of how many people are commenting and speaking all at once. You get lost in this vortex, thankfully @Ashra makes each and everyone one of us feel taken care of and special. She knows we all deserve attention because our individual situations are important and are creating unnecessary sadness or unhappiness. She has taught me so much, love is strong and love is unexpected and manifestation is all about believing in the possible and never giving up. xo
  20. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Member Guest Account

    @Jynnien You won't lose him not now you have Ashra helping you. In this situation where you can't avoid talking to each other be positive all the time and strictly business don't mention your relationship you only open up when he does totally reciprocate if he is funny with you in anyway just step back and keep quiet don't let it get you down he will be fighting his feelings for you soon enough which will lead to erratic behaviour.
  21. Glenmartin12345

    Glenmartin12345 New Member Guest Account

    I know where you are coming from I have kids to my wife who left me and I see her nearly every day
  22. Gillian9

    Gillian9 Well-Known Member

    YANA! Hello! What Ashra says is true, if she says that he will come back to you, he will! I am not sure on "when" you will get movements, but the moment you don't expect it, thats the time it will happen. Please remember to follow Ashra's guideline and refrain from contacting your lover. My advice is to let go of the outcome. Don't think about the result too much as it will delay your manifestations. Just go on with everyday life and act as if you already thag person by your side. Hope I answered your question. Have a great day! :)
  23. AliciaA

    AliciaA Active Member Member Plus Account

    @Yana those sound like pretty strong signs. although no two people have the same exact situation, there is no timeline for when movements start. it happens quickly for some, others take more time. the complexity of your situation factors in. all spells need time to incubate and then to manifest. in the meantime, it's best that you go on about your everyday life as normal, try to forget that you have even had a spell cast, stay positive and be patient. I hope this helps in some way. positive vibes, love and light to you!
  24. Sandra J

    Sandra J Active Member

    Hello everyone I hope you all enjoyed your holidays . Ashra I need help with some other things and I know you're busy right now, Yes Kenneth is still with me but there are some things I need to have handle . I hope to hear from you soon and I know you will take care of this situation for me . Because you have never let me down and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.
  25. DynamiteDolly

    DynamiteDolly Member

    Hi Yana

    That’s amazing news it’s looking positive when did Ashra do the spells for you? X
  26. Hummingbird

    Hummingbird New Member Guest Account

    Can I get a reply to my message above? Anyone? Lol! This is just like be ignored by your significant other...lolololol!
  27. Spanna55

    Spanna55 Member

    Hi everybody,
    My lover contacted me just twenty four hours after Ashra cast my spell, things are sort of back on between us but hes holding back.... when iv seen him face 2 face everything has been brillant between us, but hes not his usual self when we are apart as he hasnt been initiating much contact between us... this is making me confused!! Its only been just over a week but im positive that things take time, an as i know how stubborn he is i know he will resist....
    Im just looking for positivity really...
    Hope everybodys doing OK

    Love n light
    Spanna X
  28. Kelena

    Kelena Member

    @Unsure59 THANK YOU!!! Thank you!!!THANK YOU!! U r AWESOME! Your words were very inspiring and COMFORTING! Love out to you and blessings!
  29. X_OT

    X_OT Member

    It’s been nearly a year since I have spent time with my lover. The no contact rule isn’t difficult for me,believing in Ashra isnt too hard, it’s that I am unsure that my lover has been receiving the energy Ashra casted. He is a very logical person who doesn’t make decisions based on feelings; pretty typical. I’ve had 4 spells casted,Force of Will being the last, and for some reason after this spell was casted I saw less movement. Love Embers + TriForce Love Luminosity gave me a lot of movements.

    I know the spells have worked because even the unpleasant events that’s occurred while with my lover have been forgiven and virtually forgotten. Instead it has been replaced with the same interest and curiosity from day one.

    My first spell was casted 12/11 so I know it’s too early to reach out for an update but reassurance is needed. I’ll continue to be patient and wait. I am grateful to have to chance to work with Ashra and read these awesome stories.
  30. CrystalP

    CrystalP New Member Guest Account

    Anyone experienced these after the spell cast? Nausea (symptoms like pregnancy), dizzy, can’t concentrate, feel weak in the feet and hands? I keep experiencing these symptoms but no movement yet. Hopefully soon.
  31. GayAstroMan

    GayAstroMan Active Member

    Hi everyone, hope your Saturday is fabulous! I just got one-question Psychic Reading from Ashra now because there's this one question that I would REALLY like to know regarding my relationship with Arte and having the answer would help me stay more positive and put me at ease! Looking forward to getting the detailed answer from Ashra about it! :D

    I also just found out we'll have a total Lunar Eclipse later on January 23rd and it'll be a super moon too (Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse) which mean it'll be EXTREMELY powerful for the spells to manifest and I can imagine that Ashra will come up with a new spell that is super powerful for everyone to buy during limited time! I hope she does!
  32. Angela Edwards

    Angela Edwards New Member Guest Account

    How long does it take for the cast to reach its full manifestation??
  33. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Member Guest Account

    Sarina, I hear you I read everyone's posts I can't always help but I do read what people have to say.
  34. Daleahmiffey

    Daleahmiffey Member Guest Account

    I was thinking about uploading a video to the forum or to Ashra’s YouTube page, how would I go about doing that? I love the forum, but there is just something so comforting about hearing someone speak of results. Or hearing someone offer motivating words.

    I felt really nostalgic yesterday, and dipped into the memories him and I had together. It made me sad in a happy way, if that makes sense? There are so many things that I want back, our routine is the biggest. He would always get up before me, and sit in the living room to watch tv. I would always wake up to the sound of the television, or to him banging around in the kitchen. The smallest parts of our routine are the ones I miss most. I know with Ashra’s help, we can help bring him home. Patience and positivity is key, but it’s so hard to maintain sometimes. Good vibes to everyone today, and if you could spare a little, send some my way. I feel that I’ll need it today.
  35. moongirl

    moongirl New Member Guest Account

    Hi everyone!
    Happy new year and I hope you all are having a great day as well. I just wanted to introduce myself to the forum and just get used to talking to the community! I came to Ashra originally over a week ago with an issue that I was having with my lover. To sum it up by just telling the current state, we got into an argument on Christmas eve about why he wouldn't commit to me, so I told him that since we're single than how would he felt if I just up and had sex with someone else. He started crying, got really upset, and then blocked me on all social media sites and via phone. I had Ashra cast Hearts of the Enchanter with Instant Fury potency last Saturday. Then this Monday, I had Ashra cast Eyes in the Soul. I am not the most well off but I am willing to pay whatever to get my lover back so I went for the strongest potency on the strongest love spell she has listed. I haven't seen any movement and I am trying to remain patient but it is so hard. I miss him so much. I put faith into Ashra and I know that she is working and judging from all of these reviews, I know she is real. I asked her a few questions last week and she hasn' gotten back to me yet due to being very backed up. So maybe you guys can help me?

    1. What did the instant fury potency do in reference to this spells strength?
    2. What do I do once he reaches out?
    3. Once he reaches out, when can I resume looking at his social media again?
    4. Which of the two spells was to help him get rid of his love for his ex lover and only see me?
    5. How do the updates work? Does she check in as she sees his energy shift?

    Thank you soooo much Ashra!! I know around the Holidays is when the lonely grow desperate and longing, so you've been working very hard. I am so excited to see movement and for the return of my lover back into my life!
  36. Vanilla Chai

    Vanilla Chai New Member Guest Account

    Can someone please give me advice on how to stay positive? This is my first time using Ashra spells and it’s just been wild getting used to this. Before Ashra I spent $100 on a different spell caster named violet powers and at first she was very active in getting in contact with me and one day just stopped contacting me. That was maybe a month ago and I suspect at this point that it was a scam. I reached out to ashra 1-2 weeks ago. It’s been about a week and a half since she’s replied to my email and I know she’s a busy person but from my last experience of not getting a response back it has just been so difficult trying to remain happy. I’ve been having so many unhappy and depressing thoughts and while I do have a therapist there’s just times where I feel stuck and that’s i’ll never be happy. Everyday I check my email and just looking at the non existing funds I have in my bank account makes me more depressed. What can I do? And when can I expect a reply from Ashra? I’ve just been so exhausted and sad and I hope that my Passion P. spell works because I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m trying to be a better person with the therapy but does anyone have any tips to help with coping? Or what’s the longest Ashra Koehn has gone without replying to you? I guess i’m paranoid and I feel as if all of my efforts to get my girlfriend back into my life will backfire on me and make me more miserable than I already am.
  37. G_C

    G_C Member Guest Account

    Had no idea I’d be on here today to say IT WORKED!!!!!!!! He’s back omg Ashra did not let me down!!!! I had so many doubts but I just let her do what she had to do and it’s been about two months and he’s asking to see me again AND left the girl he was with!!!!!! Guys, don’t doubt Ashra, and don’t lose hope just cause it’s taking longer then you’d like for it to. I am so happy right now. I am still shocked I’m having to go back to the texts to make sure I’m not dreaming. Everyone, THINGS WILL WORK OUT! He and I were in the worst situation we’ve ever been in! Yet here we are now after trusting Ashra and he’s back like he never left ❤️ So happy great way to start the new year THANK YOU ASHRA !!!! A million times thank you
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  38. angel_ex

    angel_ex New Member Guest Account

    Hi everyone! Does Ashra do spell/hex/curse removal? I really believe someone cast a spell on my lover and confirmed by a psychic I trust from Morroco. All the bad luck that has been happening cannot be just a coincidence. I sent @Ashra an email and I know she is busy but I am hoping she will reply. I am so worried about my love. His energy is out of whack. He is like a completely different person.
  39. Mirica Choi

    Mirica Choi Member Member Plus Account

    Hello, people how is everyone from all over the world! Today is a new day, hope you are all feeling better! Hi, Hummingbird! I am sorry to hear that no one had replied to your message! I would be glad to reply, and sorry I don't seem to see your comment above, would you mind comment what you asked? We all didn't mean to ignore as there are so many people here and comments just kept on coming! :inlove::inlove:
  40. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Member Guest Account

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