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Ashra Koehn's Spells - ashraspells.com

Discussion in 'Ashra Reviews' started by Anya83, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. Ash997

    Ash997 New Member

  2. Xana

    Xana Member Guest Account

    @Vanilla Chai I know exactly how you feel. I feel exactly the same. After 5 days from the spell cast my love contacted me. I got so excited! it wasn't a lovey dovey text though. but I emailed Ashra asking for advice,and since i didnt get an answer i couldn't resist any longer and answered. he didn't really get back to me after that but I still sent him a few messages and in one I told him I missed him. he just replied with a blushing emoji. i think i messed up as i think i shouldn't have sent any more messages to him. after the first one. i have contacted Ashra telling her all this and she still hasn't replied. i think it's because she has a lot of work. i'm so scared I ruined the spell and it won't work any more. I really hope it does and that it is still working. so i know this waiting gets us really down but we must fight it! I'm trying now again to not contact him or see social media. I'm also trying to not think about him. i know it's not easy. we must be strong and believe it will happen. you're not alone! wishing you all the best!
  3. Xana

    Xana Member Guest Account

    @G_C That's lovely news! Congrats!!
  4. deadlydesire18

    deadlydesire18 Popular Member

    I purchased the Force of Will about a week ago and I am anxious to hear how it went. I haven’t gotten an update about it yet but I guess she is busy because there was Boxing Day and I guess a lot of people purchased services. How have your experiences been with Force of Will? Did movement happen relatively quickly? I hope I hear about it soon. I may purchase it again in the future for a different situation if it brings great results like others have been posting about when they heard back from it. I hope it was a good decision.
  5. Trang

    Trang New Member Guest Account

    I’ve just ordered passion panacea spell!
    Can’t wait for the results!!
  6. Tyrell2155

    Tyrell2155 New Member Guest Account

    I just casted my first spell on Friday, It was passion panacea hopes everything goes well:) I have faith in Ashra that's its going to work
  7. ExaltedLight

    ExaltedLight Member

    Good afternoon, everyone! How's it going today? I trust that you are well.

    As of January 6th, 2019, I have four spells active on Uriel (U's name). The guidelines Ashra had given me seem rather straightforward, although I won't deny I had some difficulty not thinking about the spell in the early stages. I also had drama to put an end to in late November and early December, which bred some temporary negativity. However, I've learned from my mistakes, and I can tell you for certain that I'm not the same woman who ordered Passion Panacea on October 27th, 2018. If movement was delayed because of my mistakes, then I take full responsibility. Maybe my situation is more complex than I expected it to be.

    Whatever the case may be, Ashra had stated outright on the day after Christmas that Uriel and I are soulmates. Furthermore, Ashra implied we're lifelong soulmates.

    I'm happy to hear that some of you either have received movement or had Ashra cast a spell on your behalf. @G_C, congratulations! All your hard work and positivity has paid off! Now you're with the one you love most. What a fantastic way to start off 2019! Ashra is a miracle worker, huh? @RashimaB, the guidelines should be followed.

    In any case, have a wonderful day filled with love and light! Sending positive vibes your way!
    Priya CP likes this.
  8. Candice2018

    Candice2018 Member

    @Crazyninja Hello and thank you. I'm glad to help :) I want to inspire people like people on the forum have inspired me. I have 10 spells active on my guy. 7 of them while he wasn't mine yet. I needed an intimacy spell to make him more open and intimate and it worked and I got an influence spell on our parents to accept us and for him to want kids. And he talks about kids now when he never wanted them and my mom does accept him. I was afraid to tell her because he's younger than me. His parents don't know who I am yet but I have another influence spell for my guy to me more public about us. That's one of the spells I had casted after we became an official couple. He's a very private person even to his family especially that I'm older than him he's afraid to tell his parents. Ashra said he will be public with us and she said when he tells his parents they will approve of us. She has been right in the readings so far and I know other that and things in her readings will come true, so I really suggest them. I know you will get your lover too. You want to know when you will get them then get a reading because yes Ashra truly is the real deal :)

    @KAS1988 I don't have the link anymore sorry. Ask the great Ashra herself. The spells you have will work. I suggest a reading so you know when he will be completely back with you. Good luck to you. But with Ashra you don't need luck. You need patience and to be positive while waiting. Results will definitely come with the spells. It seems like your spells are working already. And soon you will have complete manifestation like I and others have ;)

    @Unsure59 Thank you so much. Yes I definitely feel like I won the jackpot and all because of Ashra. You will get your man back too. Everyone will get their lovers no matter how many spells you have active. Spells do take time but you must believe. And with my stories everyone should believe :)

    @RashimaB Hello. Thank you. I just saw your post. Yes don't break the no contact rule. I have but he is finally mine after not breaking the rule again. I am happy to inspire people. Like me, you and everyone else will get your lover too :)
  9. Kelena

    Kelena Member

    @Mirica Choi and @Hummingbird coming through loudly and clearly!! I hope you had a productive weekend and have a positive and dynamic week! We are all in this together!!!
    Much love out to you!!
  10. EricaLeeCollins199226

    EricaLeeCollins199226 Member Member Plus Account

    I haven't had a spell cast yet because I'm working on earning enough to afford my spell. I am sure though that after I have a spell cast I will be back to write a good review. I know that because from reading on this forum that you are a genuine spell caster who really cares about your clients. I know that my situation might be bad now but with your help It will get better. It makes me so happy to see that other members have gotten their lovers back. Now I know everything will work out in the end with my lover. I can't wait to have a spell cast!
  11. SierraB123

    SierraB123 Active Member

    @G_C - Congratulations!!!! I am so very excited for you!!! What spells did you go with? And how long exactly did you have to wait? I see you mentioned about 2 months. Was that all you had to wait for?? I'm so glad that Ashra has another success story to be proud of!!!! I sure can't wait until I can announce mine. I've been patiently waiting for that day or night.
    I'll be going to duty this weekend coming, but sadly, it's to a new place, and my lover won't be there, but maybe by a miracle, he too will transfer to where I am. For now, I'm just waiting for his first sign of contact. I keep playing it over and over in my head on how it will be. These success stories are what's keeping me going. If it wasn't for Ashra, I'd be a total mess.
  12. CrystalP

    CrystalP New Member Guest Account

    @G_C Congrats in the positive result! So you only waited 2 months for the spell to manifest and got this result? Which spells did you purchase? Did you break the no contact rules at all? Please do share with us so we can feel positive and hopeful again.
  13. Priya CP

    Priya CP Active Member Member Plus Account

    Hey @ExaltedLight Oh wow, I'm so happy for you! Thanks for sharing with us. It's okay, we all make mistakes somewhere while following the guidelines but as long as we understand our mistake and stop doing it and keep following the guidelines, everything should be fine. Also, if there's something wrong with our spells like if it's working in the wrong direction, Ashra will let us know and she'll do adjustments to make sure it works properly. You're so lucky that Ashra told you that you guys are lifelong soul mates, you guys will for sure always find a way to get back together :) I hope my lover Is also my soulmate. I'd have movements like Ashra told me even though it took sometime for my situation, I'm hoping that it'll continue.
    I was feeling really sad today morning, so I'm thinking of getting twilight moon seal for my passion panacea triple cast just to make it more powerful and boost it, and protect my spell hoping that it'll improve my situation more. I already got a psychic reading long before, but I've been really stressed and worried about my situation that I'm thinking of getting a few more in-depth psychic readings after purchasing a few more spells.
    I hope every thing will be okay soon for all of us. Have a nice day!
  14. Venus

    Venus New Member Guest Account

    My partner asked for a divorce and im an emotional wreck because I have apparently neglected their needs for the past two years, i do however feel that shes interested in someone else. I ordered the Passion P spell and trying to avoid contact but couldnt avoid the whatsapp status update and it killed me inside when I read it. I dont know if that breaks the no contact rule, but I have now deleted the chat and blocked her. Any advice on what do do
  15. Amanda Rose

    Amanda Rose New Member Guest Account

    Does anyone have the link to purchase a one, two, (or more) question, in depth reading?
  16. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Member Guest Account

    @RashimaB We have all done things to slow our spells down. I'm amazed at myself but I have managed not to contact my girl she has me a few months back and she seemed very interested to know how I was and if I was seeing anyone...I answered honestly as that's how I am honest. With your situation it sounds like your lover isn't sure how to make the first step and it is the hardest isn't it? but once you both get past that there will be no stopping you I know you will be together again soon.
  17. Lee Ying

    Lee Ying Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    I just ordered the Overmaster Money Spell on Saturday. I need money to invest for my online business opportunity. I want to become a successful online entrepreneur. I need that so that i could become successful. I am jealous with my friends who are studying and working while i am here still with nothing. I really hope that i could make it some day. I know for sure that Ashra is the only way for me to achieve my dreams to become an online entrepreneur. Hope you guys are doing fine. Happy earning!
  18. Fera

    Fera Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Hello Venus! How are you? How long has your Passion Panacea been active so far? Your situaton seems a bit complicated as your lover might be interested in someone else. I am also struggling with the no contact rule. Yes what you did is considered as breaking the no contact rule. I had my ex guy's number on my contact list before and ended up seeing his whatsaap status. To save myself from getting hurt, I decided to take him off my contact. It's fine to delete the conversations, but you better let the door of communications open too. I mean you shouldn't have her blocked. Who knows she will reach out to you anytime soon. I hope it helped you my friend. Have an awesome day!!!!
  19. Bambionice

    Bambionice New Member Guest Account

    I would also like to now if anyone has the links to the different readings. I want to have a deep reading when I have the money but right now my only concern is when he will be back
  20. KAS1988

    KAS1988 Member Guest Account

    @Amanda Rose
    This was the link to the in-depth reading that was shared with me here on the forums:

    I’m currently saving up the $ to purchase it myself! Praying for some sales in my business so I can order it soon as I have 6 active spells on my husband so a reading would be my next step to get a round about “when” on the manifestation! :)

    I’m not sure where the 1-3 question ones are at as I’ve not found those yet!

    Best of luck doll! :)
  21. K123

    K123 New Member Guest Account

    Hey! Has anyone been offered tri force love luminosity or have purchased it and successfully casted? I want to know your thoughts on it. I was suggested to cast this along with the three that are active. What are your thoughts? Please share ♥️
  22. DynamiteDolly

    DynamiteDolly Member


    I couldn’t find it either hopefully someone will answer and send a link.

    D x
  23. Roque Caudillo

    Roque Caudillo New Member Guest Account

    Woke up this morning, feeling emotional, missing my lover so deeply. Its morning like this that I just wish he would contact me and tell me he loves me. I know that we must be patient and stay positive but its these type of days that get me the most down... I hope all of you out there are staying safe and please know that we are in this together. We are not alone! On a more positive note I did hear from my ex lover a few days ago, I was a little sad that our conversation cut out early... he seemed very interested in knowing how I was doing and telling me about his current situation. I do find it interesting that when are calls are interrupted it's always because he gets another call and I feel like it's his new lover calling him. It's like he knows when to call to interrupt our conversation, has anyone else expiereced something like this??? Where others are interfering in one way, shape form or another???
  24. Mel10

    Mel10 New Member Guest Account

    Hi guys, need some support to my situation. My boyfriend of almost 7 years broke up with me 7 weeks ago. We had a good relationship. He has been having ups and downs of depression for months now. He had said he had to be alone and had to fix himself. I know that communication wasnt great all the time but i would like to be there for him and help him and eventually work things out. I am trying so hard to keep myself together but keep finding myself weeping, not sleeping, not eating because of all the anxiety i have. I had the passion panacea cast on dec 26 th. I did contact many times before it was done and tried not to since it has been done. I got one response last week, just hoping things work out and he contacts me soon. Any suggestions? Thank you
  25. munchkin95

    munchkin95 Member

    GUYS WE CAN DO THIS! As we need to do is listen to Ashra’s guidance and everyone’s guidance on this holy forum :laugh: I am feeling very determined because my lover and very practical and uses logic and not love. I believe and Ashra pretty sure believes I’m the first women he truly loved and I’ll be his last. His one and only <3 If this csn work on andrew it can work on anyone’s person!
  26. Unsure59

    Unsure59 Member

    @Kelena my pleasure, if I can inspire even one person then job well done. It wasn’t always that easy for me to be and remain positive I’ve grown so much on this forum. I’ve cried, laughed, sulked and God knows what else. I’m a better person because of what I endured and how I allowed myself to be vulnerable and to be human.
    All Baby steps, it’s all about timing and those who can endure till the process is complete will achieve their happiness.
    Shout out again @Candice2018....
    Someone asked about a link to the readings here you go...
  27. 4Love

    4Love New Member Guest Account

    @G_C May I ask what spells did you have cast? What did you do when you started having doubt? Congrats I’m sincerely happy for you. I believe but sometimes I start to loose hope.
  28. Crazyninja

    Crazyninja Member Guest Account

    So i have contacted ashra and told her what the spell caster said. Can she check if someone has blackmagic on them? I thought i read somewhere that she can tell when she casts a spell. I really hope she can help me and prevent anything bad from Happening between me and my lover/husband. I only trust ashra and i have faith in her i just hope this spell caster is lying and the spells i have will prevent it from happening. I am very distraught right now. I dont know what to do!!!!

    @Ashra please please please get back to me asap and help ease my mind.
  29. NiNiB

    NiNiB Member

    Hello Omgness reading all the positive messages gives me such hope that her spell will work for me and my situation. My POI and I are in a bad place and a foreign woman is involved. He tells me he is in love with me still and wants to move forward having kids but this woman still remains in the picture. We have been together for 5 years and have never had any issues. I am looking forward to one of her spells.
  30. Chaedolla1981

    Chaedolla1981 Member Member Plus Account

    @G_C ....Congratulations love! I’m so happy for you. I was feeling a little blah today but after reading your comment, I must admit, you brought me out of my funk. You just proved late a little time, patience and trust will conquer everything. I can’t wait to experience what you are experiencing....it must be a dope feeling! I thank you for sharing your great news with us. You’ve given someone like me something to look forward to. Peace and Blessings!
  31. Daleahmiffey

    Daleahmiffey Member Guest Account

    My lover is with another woman, he’s barely known her for a few months, and she’s pregnant with his child. I’ve been seeing shows -unbeknownst to me- that have characters who get pregnant. It discusses the joy of it and how your whole life changes. Is this a sign? How can I turn this into a positive thing? It’s driving me crazy, and making me equally angry and sad.

    I hope you’re all having a great day.
  32. NiNiB

    NiNiB Member

    Hey how are you? I am new here and just as curious, how long does it take the spells to work and does she send any specific instructions with them? I will be ordering the same spell and I am truly excited to see if it works or not as I heard the current woman did some type of spell herself does anyone know how this will work?
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  33. G_C

    G_C Member Guest Account

    @NiNiB I am sorry you are in a tough situation he definitely needs to value you more but I know Ashra can make him come to his senses. Keep yourself busy, focus on your happiness, remain positive and patient. He needs to learn that he cannot have you both, that will only hurt and push you away. If you havent already explaine to Ashra your situation definitely do that, maybe even dona reading with her and she will recommend a spell that will remove the other woman, and make him realize he only wants and needs you. He needs that clarity. I know things will workout for you, waiting for the results can be tough BUT oh so rewarding!!! It’s definitely worth it. The process will build you and make you a stronger woman & ofcourse get you the results you desire. Don’t lose hope, Ashra can help ❤️ Also to reply to your 2nd message, the time frame for spells to manifest is all different depending on the situation/the people involved. Ashra’s spells are beautiful they don’t backfire, they aren’t done in a negative manner, so if this woman did a spell (which sounds like it was out of lust) just let Ashra know. She will take care of it. She knows exactly what to do for all kinds of tough situations. She’s one of a kind!
    Many blessings to you ❤️
  34. G_C

    G_C Member Guest Account

    @4Love That is completely understandable I was the same! Some days I’d feel sooooo great and positive than other days I would doubt it. Doubting it only delays the process. Keep that in mind. Regarding the spell that was casted I left it all in Ashra’s hands so I did not ask her exactly what work she was doing for my situation I just trusted her. She knew every detail and she took it from there. (The outcome is FANTASTIC) anytime you have doubt love just keep yourself busy. Find something you love to do that keeps your mind occupied and happy. Remain positive and know that all good things come with time, patience. Just tell yourself “I know Ashra’s got this, I know things will workout the way I want them to. No need to focus on it anymore I will keep going with my life as my spell is manifesting” keep your mind off it. I can’t stress that enough, it WILL happen. You will have great things headed your way. Just hang in there :) put positivity in your mind, so positive things can happen in your life. Many blessings to you love ❤️
  35. G_C

    G_C Member Guest Account

    Sorry if I am missing anyone’s comments to me, I have been replying to as many as I could ❤️ Keep in mind STAY POSITIVE AND STAY PATIENT, what you desire will come to you. You will live a happy life, storms come before rainbows. Ashra knows exactly what she is doing, and the only part you have to focus on for yourself is positivity and patience. Focus on something else and not on the problem that Ashra will be fixing for you. It’s hard to be positive sometimes but keep pushing! Remember that negitive thoughts only push away great outcomes a little further. You don’t want to delay the process, you want positive things to be brought towards you, so positive thoughts is what you must give yourself & the universe. What you desire WILL COME TO YOU! ❤️ Have faith loves, hang in there. I cannot wait to hear all your happy stories soon!
  36. c_c_7

    c_c_7 Member Guest Account

    @Crazyninja yes Ashra can tell the blockages when casting the spell. Some blockages will be removed during the cast some may require an extra spell. I got an amazing detailed report. Ashra will look at your individual circumstance and your lovers and know exactly what is needed. She described my lovers personality without me telling her.

    In my experience most of the casters that could have potentially cast a black magic spell or are asking for money to prevent one, have just taken your money and didn't cast anything. So there is no curse or bad spell to worry about.

    Hope this helps a little.

    Ashra will reply
  37. Venus

    Venus New Member Guest Account

    What should i do? The woman(my friend too) whom i suspect slept with my wife wants to meet me for a coffee and chat. When i confronted her last week she denied everything as did my wife when i confronted her. I do know however that my wife has feelings for her. I had the passion panacea cast last week and im not expecting any results right away because it was just casted. Would it be advisable because im still extremely emotional about the divorce which just came out of the blue for me.
  38. X_OT

    X_OT Member

    @K123 I’ve had Tri-Force Lumnosity offered after a spell and noticed movements afterwards
  39. Ariesjj21

    Ariesjj21 Member

    Every time, my lover contacts me... he always starts with "I feel like, I haven't heard from you... in awhile." Then, it goes "I miss, this... talking to you."

    I've been following the rules, and learning from my past mistakes from my ex of 12 years. Let, him come to you. Be postive, think of the good times (not the bad, it will only hurt you more).

    @Ashra has been an ultimate savior. She knows, your situation... and is AMAZING! I've repurchased the Beauty Spell, that I got a few months back. So, that I can have more confidence, have my head up... have my lover look at me, and only me.

    For those, who are feeling down in the rut? REMEMBER, always .. ALWAYS have faith, believe in yourself, and NEVER think negative. I know, it will be hard... but just believe in yourself, that you can.

    OHHH, and GOOD MORNING from my side of the world!
  40. MD2018

    MD2018 Member

    Hello everyone ... And specially hello to Ashra ... One of my relative told me, she had a dream of me and my Ex hubby been reconnecting...she explained her dream in brief. ...that my Ex came to me, apologized and we both were together...
    Does it mean a sign for me?? Or something else ...Not sure. ....
    Please let me know friends and Ashra. ..

    Does it gonna happen in my life? ??

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