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Ashra Koehn's Spells - ashraspells.com

Discussion in 'Ashra Reviews' started by Anya83, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. munchkin95

    munchkin95 Member

    @Ariesjj21 thank you for your kind words. You've just helped me a lot. It seems the beginning to my beautiful success is soon, our spells go through phases and mine is done the second now so this means is getting closer and closer I feel it in the air.
  2. Andib

    Andib Active Member

  3. Alyssa1286

    Alyssa1286 Member Guest Account

    @G_C Hi! Very happy to see your lover contacted you. How long were you two out of contact before he reached out?
  4. Fera

    Fera Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Hello NiniB! Welcome to the community my friend! Have you consulted with Ashra about a spell you need to purchase yet? Your situation is a bit complex as there is someone else on the scene. I agree with G.C. Your guy should respect you more. I don't think he's in love with the other woman. It's more like infatuation and will fade away within time. She might be playing with his head. You should keep them apart right away. Why don't you go with a break up spell? Spells usually manifest within two to three months but it depends on our situations. All you need to do is to remain positive and do your daily activies as usual. Once your spell is cast officially, do your best to stay on good terms with him. Don't fight or even bring your relationship issue up. I hope it helps you my dear.
  5. G_C

    G_C Member Guest Account

    @MD2018 I would take that as a good sign, I wouldn’t stay stuck on it though because focusing too much on it can delay the process and even cause you to break the no contact rule. But if it helps any I had dreams of my lover being back in my life once in awhile and he’s back in my life now ❤️ Thanks to Ashra but I wouldn’t sit here and give the dream too much thought.
  6. ktaylor

    ktaylor Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I've been working with Ashra for awhile and she is currently watching my situation. There is a horrible girl in my way right now, and Ashra has seen my intense worry over my situation. I have one spell active on it and I bought windsong on Sunday and I hope it will be cast soon. I'll have 2 spells active on my current situation. It really sucks this happened because literally a week before he was talking to me and was flirty....he was clearly influenced by a not so worthy girl that is using him. Im having a hard time being patient and I have been very frustrated that past 2 months....
  7. Unsure59

    Unsure59 Member

    Girrrrllll!!! this is most definitely a sign. This is huge hun, the universe and Ashra’s work is coming full circle. I love it lol, you will have your happiness soon love just hang in there. I would write details of the dream and see if it correlates to things Ashra Koehn has mentioned.

    Good luck to you and keep us posted.
  8. MD2018

    MD2018 Member

    Hello @Crazyninja.. Is it really possible other woman performing black magic spell on our partner...Before contacting Ashra, one caster told me d same. ...I am not too sure, it that can be possible. ...

    Ashra please check and let us know. .. Thank you. ..
  9. 1nonlyme

    1nonlyme Member

    @G_C and @Ariesjj21 Thank you both for your advice and positivity!! It's been a rough few weeks for me and reading your posts brought back my smile... Thanks again :)
  10. Bluegirl0712

    Bluegirl0712 Member

    Here is the link to anyone who asked for the 1 question, 2 question, 3 question psychic reading.


    Make sure you change the amount according to what you want, per Ashra:

    1? Reading is $50 USD
    2 ? Reading is $100 USD
    3 ? Reading is $140 USD
  11. Venus

    Venus New Member Guest Account

    To everyone on here, thank you for sharing your feelings, it got me through yesterday and the day before. I am not alone. Im holding onto the good memories as well as I can. I will persevere. May 2019 bring us all the happiness we deserve.
  12. Sayphone

    Sayphone New Member Guest Account

    Hi does anyone know the link to get rid of the curse spell? As I tried to contact Ashra so many times but she hasn't reply back or anything :(
  13. Lee Ying

    Lee Ying Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Hello there everyone I hope that you guys are doing just fine today. Well, I am really glad to say that Ashra already replied my email yesterday. I am so excited and cannot wait for the actual update. Now, my main goal is to built a profitable online business. I have already gone for the Deep Dollar Desire and now I just ordered the Overmaster Money Spell. My next spell that I want to purchase is the Effusive Lottery Spell. Would love to win some cash during Chinese New Year :)
  14. izzybister

    izzybister Member

    My situation is now critical...I'm hoping Ashra will be able to help . Patiently waiting to hear back from her . I know she is super busy, but the situation has taken a turn and time is running out . Thank you Ashra for all you do .
  15. Candice2018

    Candice2018 Member

    Good morning all. So things are going great with me and my boyfriend but I am kind of sad because he still isn't saying I love you to me. Ashra told me in a reading he will say it late last year early this year and things her in readings have come true already but I still can't help but be sad that he isn't saying those 3 magic words yet. She said he won't say it yet because due to his stubbornness and he is very stubborn. I don't know if I should say something to him like I am waiting to hear him tell me something but I don't want to say what is because I want him to say it first like give him a hint. But who knows if he'll get it I do send him hearts when I text him and I tell him I'm crazy about him like I'm trying to give him hints but I think it's going over his head. Because even when I first told him I liked him and he said he didn't know that I had to spell it out for him and I kept telling myself do have to spell it out for him? We already talk about living together but he can't say I love you ugh. And Ashra told me we will live together so she's right about that too. I just hope her saying her saying he'll say it early this year means soon. So do I say what I said I want to say? Please help
  16. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Member Guest Account

    @EricaLeeCollins199226 Yes you will have your lover back and we are right behind you every step of the way ;-)
  17. Kelena

    Kelena Member

    @Venus you are most CERTAINLY not alone! You have friends on here...most of us know what you are going through and how you feel! AND we are rooting for you!!!!! Take a deep breath when you feel sadness and then be grateful for the ability to take that breath and count one or two things to be grateful for! I promise, it will lift the cloud of negative. Negativity always lifts with positivity!
  18. Bluegirl0712

    Bluegirl0712 Member

    @Candice2018 you're lucky to have your bf with you. I wouldn’t ask him why he hasn’t said it yet. Didn’t you just get together with him? Love takes time. Months or years. Maybe he doesn’t “love” you... YET! :) Like my late wise grandpa said, “people say I love you too often. It should only be said when you really mean it.” I agree. I don’t want someone to say “I love you” unless they’re ready. It would be a lie if it’s said too early. If Ashra said he will say he loves you this year then he will. Stop sending him hearts, kisses etc emojis and see what he does. Just be happy you’re with him. You could be like the rest of us just wanting a simple text or phone call from our ex. Be happy with what you have and don’t rush love. :inlove: Take care and hope I’ve helped! :)
  19. WillieT

    WillieT New Member

    I have not seen that on the spell site do you have the link
  20. Italiangirl

    Italiangirl Member

    Hi @Candice congrats!!!! Do you
    have any advice on how not to worry or think too much even though I have faith and all. I’m worried and miss him like crazy. I have spells on him. No matter how I distract myself or where I am he does NOT leave my mind. I miss him so much my heart hurts every day. I’ve been sick the past week so I have been a bit down. I don’t know what to do to get him ASAP.

    I also truly understand how busy Ashra is and worried also bc I bought an in depth reading with questions like 2 months ago and haven’t gotten an answer about that. I hate being ainhyand I know he should be returning soon. Any help is appreciated!!!! Thank you so much!!!!
  21. NTayCa

    NTayCa Member Guest Account

    Hello, I'm new obviously. I'm hoping Ashra can help me. I have a ex friend/lover who has refused (not entirely sure if that's the correct word to use) to tell me why he suddenly wants nothing to do with me. We were such good friends and when things moved forward he suddenly got sketchy. And he was the one who ensued me, all of it is a sudden shocker and he went as far to hide from me. I couldn't help it, it made me angry to be treated in such a way when I haven't been treated that way since high school, (and it wasn't even a friend who did it to me back then) I snapped at him in front of everyone. But he has left me confused and sad. I also am going through a lot, my mother became very sick from a severe stroke and cancer and I have gone from young college student to full blown taking care of someone while working full time. It was so nice to finally have someone whom I could confide in as I have been feeling so lonely since my life changing. So that adds to the anger, because he decided to hurt me at such a bad time. He started dating someone, and according to a dear friend that we BOTH share, she cannot stand the way she treated him, which I guess evidently lead to them breaking up. But for heavensakes he is still trying to pursue her despite her not budging at all. I can't help but see it as instant karma on his part, especially because she does creepily look like me. Others have said the same thing. I almost feel like I offended him without knowing it, which makes me even angrier. Because anyone and everyone who knows me knows they can come to me about nearly anything.

    When we started working together again he tried very hard not to make eye contact with me, which correct me if I'm wrong, means shame! Well, Christmas was hard for me, I lost my long childhood very dearest best friend as well as someone I looked up to as a brother. And I was so broke this christmas I couldn't afford anything, not even my anxiety medication. I worked christmas and finally was able to get a hold of my grandfather. I didnt care that i was at work, I needed the love of a family member at that moment. I know my ex friend/lover heard the entire conversation as he was standing directly next to me most of the time. I mentioned being late on bills, how my mother is depressed and I dont know what to do. I mentioned feeling lonely, and missing my dear best friend. I cried real tears, but as soon as I hung up with my grandfather, sniffing my tears away my ex "friend/love" says to me "Hey (my name)?" And I answered shortly "what!?" And he replied "Merry Christmas." I looked up at him shocked, he had barely spoken to me since our last night together or even made eye contact with me, and here he was looking right at me looking sincere. But the problem was I am still so hurt and angry that I didn't respond enthusiastically I just said Merry Christmas in a grumbly way.

    If he is feeling remorse, why not talk to me!? I hope Ashra can help, I emailed her early today, I am anxiously waiting. I am just so tired of feeling lonely, and feeling hurt.
  22. X_OT

    X_OT Member

    I’ve been seeing a lot of movement lately....

    Unless his car is going out of style and depreciating - because it seems as though a lot of people have been purchasing his model lol - either way. Lots of them, lots of forgiveness even some things I thought I couldn’t get over. Waiting for some confirmation from Ashra... I decided to purchase a reading as well.

    Very confident everything will work out.
  23. G_C

    G_C Member Guest Account

    @Alyssa1286 Thank You :) it took 2 months to see the results I broke the no contact rule but got back to no contact and stuck to it and that’s when things started looking up. So it only took us two months of no contact for the results (I messaged him a Merry Christmas he responded to that and that was it) things are great now :) patience definitely takes a HUGE part in the process
  24. Guys! I've been getting a lot of movement lately!!! Out of the past 7 days he has messaged me 5 of them. Granted they aren't long conversations or anything, I am still getting some contact! I've literally been waiting 11 months now since I started with Ashra and things are starting to go in my favor! Truly I think my best move was when i got the scar healing cast in early December. I've had a feeling for months and months that I needed to get it but I always put it off because I had other things I needed and other spells I was buying. It really was essential to this to help put the past in the past and heal the damages. I really think that was the thing that helped everything else start working a little better. If you and your lover had something bad happen between you or you hurt them I highly recommend you add this with your other spells. Good luck everyone and keep your heads up!
  25. X_OT

    X_OT Member

    Sarina, how did you know your spell is in another phase? Did you ask Ashra?
  26. alexhope22

    alexhope22 Member

    I hope my lover will come back to me before this month ends.
  27. Venus

    Venus New Member Guest Account

    I couldnt help myself, my partner kept on texting me about how im feeling since she asked for a divorce and i tore into her. Ive been having ups and downs. Doing my best not to contact her but her persisting with the same line of questions made my blood boil. Ashra said try to act like a friend but she betrayed me in the worst way possible. I still want her back because i love her so much. She made contact first so I didnt break the no contact rule, right?
  28. mystery_11

    mystery_11 Member

    @Candice2018 Please don’t be sad that he hasn’t said I love you. Men don’t say this word easy. Enjoy the fact that he is with you and he shows you through his actions the same that you want to hear. That’s the most important. Some men say it and they don’t mean it and that’s the worst! Ask for actions and not for words! Those are the most important.
  29. Lollielou

    Lollielou Active Member

    @Candice2018 im really happy for you and your progress with your bf Iv been following your updates for some time now
    With regards to what to say this is just my opinion I would just let it come naturally he will say it when he’s ready,
    don’t stress to much about it and be grateful of all the happy times your spending together.
    I would be happy for a message from my love right now lol currently going through another cold phase with him
    But trying to stay positive that things will change for the better soon.
    I’m sure he will soon tell you he loves you don’t worry about it :)
  30. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Member Guest Account

    @MD2018 Yes it's a sign and could one that he is close stay cool it will happen for you
  31. Pauline chapman

    Pauline chapman Member Guest Account

    Hi guys I have 3 spells active at the moment. I have not heard of my ex lover yet but have been seeing signs. Same car as his (I have to look twice)

    I hear his name on tv all the time

    A few nights ago I was sitting on my balcony it was around 1030 at night I have a bamboo screen up for privacy but a car drove and stopped down stairs in front of my apartment. There was a song playing reallyyyyy loud all I can remember is the words let’s start over. Took me a while to realise what was happening but I heard the car door shut and drive off it was dark I didn’t get a good look at who it was. I don’t know if it was him
  32. M.W.

    M.W. Member Guest Account

    My ex pop up in my dream every now & then but don't say anything. Can someone help with that please?
  33. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Member Guest Account

    @Italiangirl It's hard to forget someone you love I really wanted to wish my girl Merry Christmas but I could not risk it slowing down waited a long time already. I'm getting a lot of confliction some say don't think about your lover others say do.. not sure what to do for the best I'm somewhere in between at the moment one thing is for sure though my friend we will have our lovers for good :)
  34. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Member Guest Account

    @NTayCa Us men can be complicated but with Ashra's help you will have your situation resolved stay cool and be positive she can and will help you.
  35. Bebe Koh

    Bebe Koh Member Guest Account

    Hi again
    Guys just wondering. What if he misses me and wanted to talk to me, but he's the one waiting for me to contact him.
    Im just scared that, what if he wanted me back but he's just waiting for me to say it too.
  36. Yana

    Yana Member

    Hi, I purchase today 1 question reading how long it's take to ashra response to the question? I am really excited to get a answer.

    Also she told me that I don't need more spells so it must to be a good sign no?

    Today I can't stop to seeing double nembers and 222, 333.
  37. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Member Guest Account

    Hey everyone I'm off for a few weeks with limited access to my phone and the internet. I hope to come back to find that some of you have had your lovers back remember we are in this together all of us we will be successful not matter how hard it gets keep telling yourself your desire will soon become reality. Stay blessed my forum family God speed to you all speak in a few weeks.:)
  38. Ariesjj21

    Ariesjj21 Member

    Hi guys! Just wondering, if I should repurchase a spell, from before? I've asked @Ashra, but she hasn't responded yet. And I know she is busy. But, I feel that i need too. Should I wait for her response or get it anyways? HALP!!! PLS!!
  39. Gillian9

    Gillian9 Well-Known Member

    Hi BEBE KOH! Are you Filipino? Well I know you miss your lover so much but you have to stick to the guidelines and you must not contact him. If he wants you back, he will be the one to contact you. Just be positive and always stay calm and don't think about him too much. Just enjoy your life and focus on your time for the team time. When the time is right, your spells will manifest and he will come back to you.
    Hi YANA! It usually takes some time for Ashra to get a reading done. But don't worry because she will get your reading l. Just relax and when she says that you don't need to get any more spells, then its true. You jusy have to stay calm.
  40. lotustar86

    lotustar86 Member

    @T.P.W84 you are so right that you men can be complicated! Lol I have been waiting for signs for my lover to come back to me or if there is a chance. I reached out to ashra to see if theres anything in my cards but havent heard back yet. Hopefully she will have news soon! Staying open and positive is hard at times but I know the ultimate goal is worth it and I've been focusing on the future and all good vibes.

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