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Ashra Koehn's Spells - ashraspells.com

Discussion in 'Ashra Reviews' started by Anya83, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. Karinalove

    Karinalove New Member Guest Account

    Question if someone reads a tarot card and mentions something about a past ex can that slow down my spells?
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  2. MD2018

    MD2018 Member

    So so happy today, may be if it's a sign telling me it's gonna happen sooner and sooner:)
    I would like to share that I had a dream last night where me, my ex and my son were together enjoying. I was more than happy in my dream as I was with my son. And I was sharing with one of my friend (in the dream), that me and my ex were separated and now we are together, she was surprised. Even I am as well;) (but there was nothing which says / shows we have remarried or he has broke up with his affair)
    But everything was so so so much great! My son was so happy with me and there nothing seemed if he (my son) has forgot me. Well that made me more happy.
    Waking up in the morning was a great feeling as I remember my dream completely. And I was very anxious to share my dream with you all.
    @Ashra , thanks thanks a lot. I am so much grateful to you , which you won't believe at all.
    Yes, this is what I wanted is turning to be true.. Countdown begins ;) I consider this as biggest sign which would turn into reality within few days. (hope so! )
    I am crazy today. Lol
    Wishing you a great Valentine this year and wish you all get your lover sooner and sooner..
    Have a great day ahead! :):):)
  3. Yana

    Yana Member

    @Ashra you work so hard to help us get our lovers. You must to get rest,, I hope you can do it in the weakend. It's so good to hear that a lot of clients have results, l hope that soon I will send you to email with results Thank you dear Ashra!!!
  4. Rachel_C

    Rachel_C Member Guest Account

    Hello everyone! I’m finding it a lot easier to stay positive and hopeful whilst being on here with you all and being able to talk about my situation freely. After I got the email last night from Ashra telling me the casting of the valentines spell was successful, I started the no contact rule. I hadn’t enforced this until I knew for sure my spell was cast and it was done yesterday so that’s when I started. He messaged me on Snapchat to ask what my story was about, I told him and the conversation ended. Then when I was out with my friend he put a snapchat story up but also sent the snap directly to me too. The fact he sent it to me too is technically initiating contact first because he’s very sneaky that way, I didn’t type anything back I just sent a snap back because he sent one first then it went back and forth until it stopped. Would anybody say these 2 things are movement? Little movement at least? I’d like to think it is! He usually wouldn’t care what I post on Snapchat and definitely wouldn’t send me a generalised snap either but he did! I can’t believe I might actually be seeing small movement so quickly after having my spell cast. It makes it a lot easier to stay patient and wait knowing he’s already interested in my life again and hinting for me to speak to him! But I WONT message etc first, I refuse to because the more I resist the faster I may see end results. I made that mistake in the past and although I did see results faster than others, I feel it would’ve been quicker if I hadn’t broken the rules. I am so excited to see if I see any more signs and movement. I hope everybody else is seeing signs and/or movement! I have such a good feeling that a lot of us will be getting our lovers back very soon :)
  5. GayAstroMan

    GayAstroMan Active Member

    I am patiently waiting to hear from Ashra for the three questions reading I bought last week. However, Ashra - please don’t stress yourself out too much with all the work for Valentine’s Day! Everyone is so lucky to have you working hard to make sure they’ll get their lover in the relationship with them!

    Please take some well-deserved break when you’re done catching up, Ashra! :)
  6. Bebe Koh

    Bebe Koh Member Guest Account

    Can Ashra provide me a time frame when i and my lover will be reunited? Im planning to purchase a 1 question reading. Thank you for those who will respond.
  7. Neelam

    Neelam Well-Known Member

    @Bebe Koh hi dear!!!! Yes if you ask that in your reading she will definitely tell you the time frame when you might reunite with your lover. She is a wonderful spell caster, psychic and an amazing person. She takes care of everyone and you will definitely get accurate answers to your questions from her. Good luck.

    Hello everyone !!!! I don't remain active on the forum as much because I am quite busy in my life and that's good for me because that helps me to get off my mind of my lover. However, I am patiently waiting for the moment when I can share something great with you all. I trust Ashra and my spells. Sending you all positive vibes and lots of love.
  8. ExaltedLight

    ExaltedLight Member

    Hey, everyone! Good morning! How are you all doing today? All good, I hope?

    Anyway, congratulations to those who have purchased the Almagesta love spell! You'll see signs and/or movements soon; I'm quite certain of it. I am happy for the members here receiving movement, especially in the Month of Love.

    @Ashra I'm not sure if you had gotten my email regarding the recast of Passion Panacea, but even so, I wouldn't want you to recast on my behalf with that much sleep. You're the best miracle worker I know, but you're not superhuman, Ashra. You should rest up whenever the opportunity presents itself; the next few days are going to be daunting. You're dedicated to our causes and are determined to bring our loves back, which I'll be forever grateful for, so thank you.
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  9. Sophierebecca140100

    Sophierebecca140100 Well-Known Member

    @Bebe Koh

    Yes ahsra can provide a time frame , she did for me when I did a one question reading too. She can't guarantee it though but she is very accurate. Good luck .
  10. Pookie4life

    Pookie4life Member

    I have felt so positive today. I have felt so close to him and for the first time felt like is return is so close. I'm serious I can feel him again. I was driving home from work and they played 5 songs In a row that have been our songs over the last 5 years we where together. One right after the other. I am shaking inside guys. OMG I feel like he is so close. If I didnt know better I would think he is right beside me. I can even see the text he would send in my mind. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this?
  11. 19Payne95

    19Payne95 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Bebe Koh,
    Ashra does provide possible timeframes, but it depends on if you’re following the guidelines because if you are not following the guidelines then it will push the timeframes back and make your spells go slower than you’d like it too. But Ashra does provide timeframes if you specifically ask for a timeframe in a psychic reading. :) make sure you ask for a timeframe of when your lover will contact you. :)
    what type of psychic reading were you looking for ? One question reading, two questions, or a three question reading ?
  12. Unsure59

    Unsure59 Member

    I just received my Almagesta cast report, so far so good. Although Ashra has said I did not need any more spells but what the heck it’s valentines so I gifted it to myself. Thanks Ashra you are the best and thanks for keeping me sane even when I doubted and wanted to give up.
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  13. DepoRN

    DepoRN Member

    I have a question. If I were to get the twilight seal, would that be a seal for all the spells I have active ? Or is it just for one spell? I was reading that it would link all spells together and have them working at once. Would you guys recommend it???
  14. MD2018

    MD2018 Member

    @Bebe Koh, yes Ashra will give you the time frame. Do not worry and stay positive dear:)
  15. Pandora929

    Pandora929 Member

    I also wonder about tarot readings, since I do readings. I would imagine it would be considered "spying" and would therefore slow the process. But I'm not sure.
  16. 1nonlyme

    1nonlyme Member

    @purkela if you haven't received a response yet the link for readings is http://www.ashraspells.com/reservations.html
    Be sure to change the amount on the invoice
    One question $50, Two $100, etc etc...
    I recently had a one question reading and although I was nervous; I was pleased with the results! Ashra will be straightforward with you!! Best of Luck!
  17. Ambrosia_421

    Ambrosia_421 Active Member

    @DepoRN twilight seal does work on all your spells. I bought it after having several spells cast and Ashra assured me it covered all of them. I woul recommend this seal as it is very effective.
  18. Ambrosia_421

    Ambrosia_421 Active Member

    @Pandora929 i dont think it would be spying. Its similar to the psychic readings people get to ask questions about there lover. And those don't slow down spells. So I'm sure having a tarot reading is fine. I've had a reading done and it didn't hurt anything.
  19. Candice2018

    Candice2018 Member

    WOW, Ashra... only a few hours of sleep. You are so busy yet so helpful. Thank you again for getting me my baby. You did so much for me to get him. Thank you for recasting the overmaster money spell recently. It has worked before and I know it will work more. I know I asked for more. I know you will get to it when you can. Sorry if I email you too much lol. You truly are a great friend. I am so happy that I met you. You changed my life in a great way. You deserve rest for giving us the best ;)
  20. Daleahmiffey

    Daleahmiffey Member Guest Account

    Got my email for the Valentines Day cast! Super excited from the news I received. I’m so happy that Ashra was able to take the time to work with me once again.

    I was thinking about buying a lottery spell, has anyone purchased one? How did it go?
  21. Alyssa1286

    Alyssa1286 Member Guest Account

    Good morning/afternoon/evening all! Hope your weekend is going good so far.
    I had another dream of andy and I last night. The dream was quick lol. I was sitting at a restaurant with 2 friends. The table we were at was small and round. I was sitting in the middle. In the dream I had no idea andy was there and vice versa. I’m sitting and I see him come around the corner. He stops in his tracks with a surprised look on his face but also a tiny smirk. He takes out his tablet and moves it to a certain angle and as he is doing that his smile becomes a little bigger. Then he takes the picture. After that I woke up. I wonder what that meant??? He has a picture of me in his head that is getting bigger possibly?????:jawdrop:

    Has anyone ever had a dream like this? My instinctive love pulse is now active and so is the valentine’s day spell. Since these two have been cast this past week. This is the second dream I’ve had of him and I. I have other spells active as well. A few weeks ago I had a couple of dreams of us to. The dreams all seem peaceful and the feeling of him opening up and wanting to feel the closeness again without fear. I do ask my spells to send me signs in dream form as well. They definitely listen.

    Have a good day!:)
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  22. SiegeVeris

    SiegeVeris Member

    Dear Forum,
    If anyone has not received a report for a reading or spell. Ashra Koehn told us to wait about five days. You just got to be patient like I am. I'm on day number 3 and things are going so well. The more you dont think about it! The better! She'll get back to ya'll I know it!
  23. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Member Guest Account

    @Gia She will reply she is just ultra busy.
  24. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Member Guest Account

    @DepoRN Not sure about linking the other spells however the seals keep the energy in like a box if you like always best to get the spells sealed at the highest if you can as well soon
  25. Rachel_C

    Rachel_C Member Guest Account

    @Pandora929 I didn’t even consider the fact that tarot readings were spying on your lover! I’ve been listening to online ones where you pick a card with your intuition and every single time they’ve been very accurate. Now I want to know if this is against the rules and has possibly slowed down my spells because I didn’t think anything bad of it at all. Now I’m worrying lol
  26. 19Payne95

    19Payne95 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Congrulations on getting your Almagests spell casted!!! That’s wonderful, seriously!!! Did you see any signs or movements right when it was casted ? And I’m glad Ashra Ashra told you didn’t need anymore spells. That is PROOF that Ashra actually cares about each and every one of us and that she isn’t after our money. If she was, she would’ve kept telling us to buy more spells but Ashra isn’t like that at all. Which is wonderful to know Ashra actually cares about us! :) by the way, what other spells did you get if you don’t mind me asking!!

    Twilight Moon Spell is definitely powerful than the other seals, you can still get the other seals such as Ivan Shield and Dragon’s Blood seal because they protect your spells from the negative energies in your environment. However, if you add the Twilight Moon Spell with or without the other seals it’s still powerful, because Twilight Moon Spell will seal ALL of your spells including the other seals, plus it will protect your spells from every negative energy from each aspect of your life. For example, if you and your lover are long distance and there’s obstacles in the way; Twilight Moon Spell can help keep the obstacles away while binding your spells to you and your situation. I hope I explained this properly, do you understand what I’m saying ? :)
  27. Mamie

    Mamie Member

    @Pandora929 and whoever else asked if tarot or any other kind of reading is considered spying and might slow down spells, well, I feel that if that were the case, then readings by @Ashra would be the same, wouldn't they? And so she wouldn't offer them! Clearly she does..... and they are a great help for and to us! It's not the same as actively spying, checking out their social media etc etc - which no, we shouldn't do. So, I think you're just fine, it's ok to get these kinds of status reports on your situation and life (but not too many, let things flow and try to do other things to stay busy and find joy!), and so not to worry!
  28. Yana

    Yana Member

    I waiting to my update to from Ashra. I know she super busy. I hope to hear a good news and to see the movement that I have been waiting for.
  29. Will062016

    Will062016 Member

    Hi @Candice2018 ,
    I have a question, is seeing double numbers like "44","66","88" and "11" on license plates are they signs that the spells are working?
    I only one once saw "111" and I had two dreams of me and my love back together.
    Have you ever had similar signs before?
  30. Thank you so much for your work get some sleep girl. I just also want to say that you are the best I couldn't find anything that would help me get my boyfriend back and now I can because of you, you helped me through it so positive that the person I love very much will come back to me I've had great dreams about him and I never will think negative agian because that's not what life is about. I believe in myself so much now thank you getting my thought this
  31. Christyyy

    Christyyy Member

    Ashra is simply the best at her craft. My situation has gotten really bad and she’s doing something for me to try and fix I love how much she wants her clients to have success.

    Btw I’ve seen people curious about the weight loss spell I have had it cast a year ago I’ve lost near 60 lbs I went from 150lbs to about 90-95 lbs (fluctuates) I now lift really heavy in the gym and getting very fit. I do not ever crave really gross fast food or heavy dense foods when I crave something sweet it’s healthy and when I want a cheat meal it’s still healthy my body just does not want junk I know it’s the spell her spells are no jokes
    I have about 5-6 active spells I think.

    Every time I’ve had a bad outcome ashra does her magic.
    I have big hopes she will fix this really bad situation going on. I’m shocked at what she is doing for me I’m glad I haven’t chosen any other caster besides her.
  32. Meeri

    Meeri New Member Guest Account

    I'm new to the forum and wanted to share some of my positive feedback with everyone. I had a couple different spells cast, and it was amazing how quickly Ashra was able to cast them and send me good news on how they went. I appreciate all the energy she was able to send out for me, considering how busy her schedule is and the amount of people she helps day in and out. So I wanted to say thank-you.

    I had Passion Panacea cast for me at the end of January. A couple days later, me and Chris had gotten into a fight over some unresolved issues from the past. It was to the point where I felt as though he was never going to get past these obstacles with me and be able to move forward. That fight ended up being the first obstacle being sought out. A lot of people will say that their ex's or their partner are very stubborn, and he is one of them. He was so upset, and said he needed some time to think about things and if he could move forward with me. It honestly felt like this could have gone one way or the other, and I was a little afraid because I didn't want to lose him. Except I remembered what Ashra had said, and I just tried not to worry about it. Which was extremely hard to do!

    I did something a little different, and I knew that it may set my spell back if I did. I felt this wave of emotion come over me, and I just had this urge to send him a message. That urge was most likely me being silly me and missing him, but I didn't send him anything in attempt to get him back. I told him I loved him, and that I will let him go figure things out on his own so he can decide what his heart wants and needs. I shared my vulnerabilities with him one last time, and told him he didn't need to respond until he felt ready. After that I decided to let it go so my spells could manifest from that point forward. I think I just needed to give myself some closure regardless of knowing good things were yet to come.

    The next day he texted me, and began to share all these deep feelings and desires of what he wants for us and for our future. Everything he said to me was so beautiful and genuine, and I don't think it's just a coincidence that he would share that love with me again so quickly. We had a lot of deep talks, and decided to move forward into our relationship. This is only in the first two weeks, but I feel like things are going to be okay. I feel calm, but also feel excited to see where our relationship is going to go from this point forward. It's amazing to have the opportunity to share this story, and for someone like Ashra to have the ability to help restore love in this way. I hope this is enlightening and gives people lots of positive vibes and inspiration. I would NOT recommend contact, but it's an example that even if you do make some mistakes along the way your spell will be okay. Everything will workout no matter what. xo
  33. ursh

    ursh Member Guest Account

    Good evening everyone
    I had my lottery spel cast on Thursday.I am so excited and will keep you posted on the progress. You will not imagine the excitement I felt on receiving the confirmation, I can just feel it that this time my life will change for ever. Thank you Ashra!!! You are God sent!!

    Can someone send me a link to ordering a reading, I have tried all links even the one recently shared on the group but it says slots are full, please help!
  34. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Guest Account

    I may be single again for valentines day this year, but my lover will be too with the power of Ashra's spells ;) he ain't gon' be with no one but me!
    I promise the next valentines day we will be together again for valentines day and we will be celebrating our love again! I cant wait to have the valentines spell Amagesta cast. I am very grateful for this opportunity, Ashra always works so hard and she is always supporting me as much as she can! She keeps me believing anything is possible!
  35. MD2018

    MD2018 Member

  36. Parul

    Parul New Member Guest Account

    Did you see full results?
  37. Heena

    Heena Member Guest Account

    Hi guys!
    I requested my spells last night, I'm so excited for the spell to be cast so I can start sharing with everyone! I've read so many positive things on here, I can't wait to have my ex back in my arms!:)

    Thank you Ashra:)
  38. Nugget Bruv

    Nugget Bruv Member

    Gosh I wish I could order a reading.... I may soon but soon isn't close enough!
  39. Fantasia

    Fantasia New Member

    Hello everyone ! I got by far the strongest sign yesterday evening and about an hour later Ashra emailed me that she had cast my Almagesta spell!! I was also overcome with incredible energy and actually had insomnia, where as for 10 days now, all the other spells I’ve had casted have made me exhausted. Has anyone else experienced this ?
    Sending lots of love and light this Valentine’s Day week !!! :inlove::inlove::inlove::inlove:
  40. Rachel_C

    Rachel_C Member Guest Account

    I have yet another update if anybody has been following my comments.. the conversation escalated to the point where a few home truths had to be mentioned. He told me it hurts him to think of me with other guys, and if I mention it is hurts him regardless of feelings. He can’t stand the idea of me being with another guy but if that’s true there’s no way he doesn’t love me at all. I understand he may not have active feelings for me right now because our break up was harsh but deep down I know he still loves me or he wouldn’t care at all. Anyway, this conversation ended up being one that’s kind of gave me more hope. He told me doesn’t think anything can happen right now at this moment between us but for the future? He’s not sure, he doesn’t know. This gave me hope! Hopefully it’ll be sooner rather than later that he decides to try with our relationship again! :) I hope you’re all doing well and the universe gives you a sign that you shouldn’t give up just yet. Love and light to you all.

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