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Ashra Koehn's Spells - ashraspells.com

Discussion in 'Ashra Reviews' started by Anya83, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. lola smith

    lola smith Member Guest Account

    What should I do in my situation my ex has contacted me several times since I had my spells casted a week ago but he’s been saying to me he wants space but has been spying on my Facebook getting mad about every little thing I post and wanting to fight about it today he told me he wanted a complete breakup but I know him if he was truly done he wouldn’t reach out to me at all so what should I do
  2. Patiently_enduring

    Patiently_enduring New Member Guest Account

    I know this isn’t about spells, but I just felt comfortable enough to share a bit about myself. I’m newer to the forum I had passion panacea casted for me on Friday. I want to put all positive energy into the spell make thins run smoothly and help speed the process along but it’s certainly a challenge. I met my ex lover in freshman year of highschool. We had a love hate relationship from the beginning but it was painfully obvious to everyone how we felt. Through highschool our bond as best friends grew stronger and stronger. We would see other people too afraid to admit anything to anyone. The summer before our senior year we became close very close. That’s when I knew I was in love with him I broke contact it was too hard seeing him with his current gf I didn’t give much explanation. I was so embarrassed how much it affected me. A week after I graduated my senior year of highschool my family home where I grew up burnt down. Nothing was left I was the only one in the house so my attempts at putting it out didn’t work, I did manage to save my kitties people still think it’s crazy I ran back for my cats but hey they are my babies lol. A week later he contacted me saying he was there if I needed anything immediately I took the chance to rekindle the friendship. Only a couple weeks later we found ourselves at a party drunk and spilled the beans I loved him and crazy enough he felt the same way even after all the time separated. He broke up with his gf and we began dating shortly after. We really were good for eachother supported one another, had so many special moments, we kept eachother strong. That was this summer. He was my first everything. People tell me I’m young and will find better that it’s only the first love. But I know some of ou Will understands that the bond I feel even if I don’t spend the rest of my life with him I know there is more to our journey. Two days before my 19th birthday (january12th) he told me we fought too much, that I put too much stress on him my jealousy had gotten in the way. He ended things. Things between us aren’t good at the moment. But I can’t help but feel the love, feel the energy, the passion between us still. I’m here now I’ve found Ashra. I will stay positive my spell will work.
  3. CScul

    CScul Member

    Hi everyone, hope all well, trying yo take everyone's positive messages and guidance about trying to remain upbeat. It's hard cause he is being nice to me but at same time telling me we are like this so the kids are ok, so I'm like kinda, ok so your nice to me so the kids will settle with this but you still have no feeling for me. Ohhh I am so going to try and stay positive and keep going, working on getting myself ready for his return. Thank you beautiful ashra, so glad I found you and this forum with all these wonderful people.
  4. c_c_7

    c_c_7 Member Guest Account

    Hi everyone really excited been getting all the signs too!! I know i will be hearing from him. im getting a reading done to find out when contact will happen. Im fighting the urge to contact him and its been intense the last few days. Im wondering if that means he is getting the same feelings
  5. MD2018

    MD2018 Member

    @Samantha Pace, congratulations for you spells getting active. I wish you see the results sooner than expected. Ideally, the time takes to see the movements are 2 to 14 weeks (as I read at times on the forum and luckily I remembered :)) within few days, you will be seeing signs like below :
    His name (hearing to reading around)
    His birth date, numbers like 11,22,33,44 and more in the triple and dual forms.
    His dream, and more.
    Can you share your experience during the spell was casted?
    Wish you get him sooner and with loads of love.
    Wishing everyone a great coming Valentine's Day! :):thumbsup::thumbsup:

    @Unsure59 , thank you for sharing your side on what Ashra shared with you. It really keeps me motivated and positive.
    And yes, wish everyone gets their lover sooner and I feel like you, it's coming nearer.
    Sending positive vibes and love to all!

    @Tiki 44, Thank you dear! I wish he gets to me soon and wish the same for everyone and for you as well.
    Don't worry, you will see the signs soon as well. Passion panacea was casted on 21st December and even I didn't see the signs sooner. Don't worry dear, stay positive through the journey and you will be the one for sure, sharing your success story:):);):thumbsup:

    @ursh, you are welcome!:) I am glad to help and hope your readings come true. Stay blessed and positive:)
  6. NTayCa

    NTayCa Member Guest Account

    One more update:

    Holly Guacamole, I was right I havent been paying attention. I actually HAVE seen his birtday year appear places. I was watchjng the news a lot yesterday, and some of it was rehashed today and all over the place I see his birth year. Wow :jawdrop:!!! Didnt even notice!
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  7. Candice2018

    Candice2018 Member

    @munchkin95 Aw. Don't worry. When I worried and didn't believe movements were not coming yet. You have to believe. Once I believed movements came. You will get him back like I have. Don't say you hope because that means you have doubts. Her readings were right about my guy and he said things to me that she has told me about him without him even knowing who Ashra is and things also came true in her readings. My guy is very stubborn hence my 8 or 9 spells on him. Maybe get more spells? It's been 9 months since you broke up or since your first spell? Either way he will come to you. Please stay positive. It will help movement faster. Once I read the forum and people's stories and how stubbornness is making people's lovers act hot and cold I became more positive and once I got my readings I believed even more which helps. Believe in the readings. Like I said they have come true for me :) After I got my first two spells recasted because I had 2 at the time my guy texted me the day after. Your lover can be very stubborn like mine and is trying to fight his feelings hence the no contact but with the spells he won't be able to control it and he will come to you. I hope everyone who hasn't gotten movements or results yet reads this post so I can help people who are feeling worried. And believe in the signs and the dreams. They mean the spells are working and you will get your lovers. I still get signs and dreams. I even told him about the signs and my dreams of him and he smiles every time :)
  8. Ihopkins95

    Ihopkins95 Active Member

    Hey everyone, Good news. I had Almagesta asted yesterday. I have been exhausted lately and tired. Something is different lately. Like I am truly ready for Tracey to be in my life. I have waited so long and now that I am ready for her. Hope everyone is okay. Positive vibes!
  9. 19Payne95

    19Payne95 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    I’m getting Blue Tooth of Valor spell again for several reasons plus the influence spell, plus the lottery spell, and the money spell. For various of reasons. I really need the Blue Tooth of Valor spell and the Aunt Mai’s Terminus spell for good luck to reach my next goal in life. I know Ashra’s spells will help me achieve a lot of my goals. I have to stay positive and keep being active and working hard. I can’t let Ashra’s spells do all of the work. Like, I gotta keep applying to jobs and searching. I already got my second job, thanks to Ashra! I’m hoping to get my driver’s license with her help, but like I said. I can’t sit around and do nothing. With Ashra’s spells being on my side, it’s giving me the courage and strength to keep pushing and trying while I’m still at my current job. :)
  10. Lovehope

    Lovehope Member Guest Account

    Hey guys, I really need your help on whether the bad dreams I have been having about my lover is a bad sign of something?
  11. Kelena

    Kelena Member

    @SierraB123 you are always so positive!!! It’s nice to see that you are doing well. I wonder about the people whose YouTube videos I have viewed. Yours were so inspirational I feel that you MUST soon have results! Have you been on this journey with Ashra for very long? I guess that I don’t know for sure. Anyway, be well and happy and I hope that you have what you need/want in your life now and in the future! Thanks for your upbeat and positive posts! I have chatted with some truly lovely people on the forum and you are one that I hope to have as a forum friend too! Be well!
  12. jessjoe18

    jessjoe18 Active Member Member Plus Account

    Just keep being positive because he will come around Ashra and the spells are working on your behalf. I know it's hard but you know he may be hiding his feelings because he is afraid to express them. You didn't come this far to fail Ashra and the spells will not fail and neither will you. I believe you are going to come out victorious with your outcome and you will be with your lover I believe this full heartly. I am praying and sending you positive vibes and love so keep head up and the signs and movements will come forth. light and love to you.
  13. Fera

    Fera Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Hello Vanessa White! How are you? That's awesome! What kind of movements did you see from the spell? Thank you for the kind words. I hope things will work in your favour. @JessJoe! I am doing great honey. What about you? So far I only have seen subtle signs. I am waiting for my ex to contact me desperately. She said I will be seeing movements soon, but don't know when it will be... I am going to buy another spell and hopefully it will work wonders for me. @LolaSmith! Did he reach out to you first? Hmm I think he's trying to get a rise out of you or something. Just let him be my dear. I mean try to avoid any fights with him.
  14. Ellie17

    Ellie17 Member

    Hi everyone
    Just want to share how ashra is helping me out with my current situation.jan 31 the last spell that ashra casted for me was hearts of enchanter before ashra cast the spell my husband and i had a fight.feb 2 he just texted me about my phone.then yesterday i was suprised when he texted me and ask me out.then today he picked me up from work.before hand i saw different signs like black crow,seagull and rainbow.then 3 days after numbers like 1111,800,777,0000,444,333 and i read its numbers of angel.@ashra thank you for the help and i can attest you are real.but still i wanted to asked you to help me so i will have my husband back and we could be together till the end.im still positive that everything will turn just fine.to all longing for their love ones to come back,do not break no contact rule a piece of advice just reply what is needed and if he ended the conversation let it.do not be tempted to initiate the conversation.patience is a virtue.always be postive so you will attract positive energy.my husband and i taking it slowly and fix things.for now we are not back together but im positive and claiming we will be back together so soon.discipline,patience and be positive are some of the keys for the spell to take effect.hoping this will inspire others that the fast way for the spell to take effect is believing that love will come back to us.happy valentines everyone♥️♥️♥️
  15. Alyssa1286

    Alyssa1286 Member Guest Account

    Hi all! I was just thinking how things happen for a reason and how thing will fall into place. Eariler today I was thinking how I wish I would of met Ashra back when Andy and I were still together. But I feel like I would be worried all the time and not relaxed enough to let the spells and Ashra do their jobs. If I had found her at the time of when we were still together The hurt would of still been fresh and my mind wouldnt be so positive. Now its been almost 8 mon that him and I broke up. Almost 2 months with no communication. I feel finding Ashra when I did was the right time for me. I am more positive (even more now since the spells have been cast) its given me time to focus on myself and be healthy i side and out. I know Andy and I will be together and back in communication. For now while the spells do their work on him. I am focusing on myself. I am going to purchase the weightloss spell very soon. I want to get back to my fitness regimen that I was in long before I even met Andy. I want to feel good and 100% confident. I’m also going to purchase the lottery spell in a couple weeks to(lately I find myself buying lottery tickets. I been pretty lucky. No big wins but I do win a little something lol. With her spell maybe itll be bigger:woot:)With Ashra’s help and everyone support on here I am feeling much more positive and I know good things are coming my way. All of you as well!!! I just wanted to share. I am so happy I found Ashra and this forum.
  16. WithHope

    WithHope New Member Guest Account

    Hi. Quick question. I know we're supposed to stay positive while our spells manifest, but what if you can't for unrelated reasons? Like someone got some awful health news in your family. I still see signs and feel like my ex is really close, but I'm having a rough time with my family. And right now - my ex is the only one I want to talk to about all this. I won't contact him - don't worry. I just don't want my negativity about something unrelated to impact my Passion Panacea or Almagesta. Does anyone know?

    With hope,
  17. jessjoe18

    jessjoe18 Active Member Member Plus Account

    Honey that is only human we all worry about our family and to me that is normal to feel the way you do. DON'T beat yourself up because you not negative anything to do with your spells. So keep head up and I will pray for your family memeber. if you can try to stay positive about your spells working on your lover just take a few minutes for you and I believe all will work out for you in that department. I am sending you love light positive vibes for your family member for complete healing and a better report.

    @Fera Girl I am hanging in there he contact me today again and I see signs. YOURS is coming because you didn't do any of this for nothing so I know your lover will contact you Ashra won't steer you wrong neither will your spells. I am praying he contacts you real soon son you can say on this forum you heard from him. Sending you love and hugs my friend.
  18. munchkin95

    munchkin95 Member

    @Kelena hiii girl. How are you?!! What's going on? I keep trying to post and tag you but I don't think you can see me :jawdrop: I hope you are doing well. Update me!! It's Sarina:) my username just got changed :D:D:D:D
  19. jessjoe18

    jessjoe18 Active Member Member Plus Account

    @lola smith
    Let him keep initiate contact but don't respond to the negative. He may be jealous and wants you to respond in a negative way. it's very important to stay positive and believe that your spells and Ashra are helping you especially that your spell was just casted a week ago. Also I think your lover is just venting because he may be harboring how he really feels about you and may not tell you because a good bit of men hide feelings because they have been hurt in the past. I know you are in the right place because Ashra is awesome and your spells are working so just keep your head up and stay positive as much you can because that will help your spell manifest quicker. Hope this helps you
  20. munchkin95

    munchkin95 Member

    @WithHope i totally am in the same boat. He was my man and my best friend and I'm going through a Rough time too, with a sick family member. Talk to me and everyone here to help you stay positive. That’s all there is to it and try not getting into time frames like I did and trying to find answers. Be with your family and love yourself. I'm going to start writing out stories of us back together to manifest the law of attraction. It’ll hopefully help me stay busy and make my spells really work! Maybe join me? @WithHope stay hopeful :inlove:
  21. alexhope22

    alexhope22 Member

    Has anyone got their Valentine spell cast yet? I’m still waiting on mine but it’s okay because my spell is still active. I’m still not giving up!
  22. WillieT

    WillieT New Member

    @19Payne95 where are those spells listed I can't find them. I've been looking for them
  23. Hey everyone! I'm really excited about the next few months... I'm going to be saving up for a new apartment and I'm currently looking for a new job. I have one now but I need something with a little more money. I think working on self improvement while we are waiting for our reconciliation with our lovers is very important... So that is going to be my main focus from now on! I know it will be very soon that we are together and I want to be in a much better place by then and I know I am going to be! Hope everyone has a good night and finds something that keeps them going! :)
  24. Priya CP

    Priya CP Active Member Member Plus Account

    Hey guys!!!! I hope everyone's doing good and having a nice day. I haven't been active on the forum from a few weeks as I was just very busy with my study work and my life and I got a bit distracted away but I am back now and I hope I can continue being on the forum every day and also I have been waiting to hear back from Ashra from a few weeks but I haven't yet and I was starting to get a bit worried so I reached out to her from support ticket last night and now I am just waiting. I came on to the forum right now and just noticed that Ashra had updated everyone saying that she's been very busy and on a tight schedule. I hope she's alright as she isn't getting much sleep and I will just patiently wait for her to get some free time to respond back to me. I really hope she will let me know which spell I should be getting next on my situation.
  25. Gemmbo1983

    Gemmbo1983 Member Guest Account

    Hi all. Is it normal for bad to happen encore the good happens?? My husband is in a relationship , and has taken her in holiday this week which is heart brwaking for me and our children. I have 2 spells active. Has any one had windsong?

    I haven’t really had any movement, all I’ve seen is the same car make as his and some dreams but they have been mixed.

    I seem to not be noticed x
  26. Love Hurts

    Love Hurts Member Guest Account

    Super excited because Ashra just casted almagesta for me and I cannot wait to see results!!’n
  27. buu01

    buu01 Member

    Hello. Today I received an email from Ashra that my spell was cast. Now I have to wait for the effect. I hope that it will appear soon. my situation is difficult. we have contact with each other But he is afraid to open.
  28. Christian Sanchez

    Christian Sanchez New Member Guest Account

    I'm leaving to basic training tomorrow and wont be able to use computer or much of anything to reach out and/or contact ashra for 2 months. I have sent her emails prior about what's going about my situation taking a turn for the worse but didn't notify her that my ship date got moved up. I don't want to bombard her with so many emails and I'm aware how extremely busy she is especially right atm. I'm worried I ruined all the work that is done. Please can I get some advice
  29. GayAstroMan

    GayAstroMan Active Member

    Hi y’all! Tomorrow is the Valentine’s Day and I hope y’all are staying positive no matter what!

    I am having a hard time staying asleep as of last night because Arte was on my mind a lot and I’m feeling of energy as of last night and this morning too, is that normal?
  30. lola smith

    lola smith Member Guest Account

    @Fera yes! He has been doing all the contacting with me he’s a Capricorn I’m a Scorpio so we are both naturally guarded but I am still having faith in ashra spells that he will stop being so stubborn and just relax and let everything go I know he’s got a lot of stressors on his plate as well I’m just trying to be as peaceful as possible with him
  31. bellezoe

    bellezoe New Member Guest Account

    Hey guys!
    Does @Ashra provide spells for hair growth?
  32. munchkin95

    munchkin95 Member

    GUYS...EVERYONE ON THE FORUM. HE JUST MESSAGED ME ON SNAP CHAT!!!! I can barely breathe right now, writing this, it's crazy. He basically said, "hey, regardless of what happened between us, he hopes I'm doing well and persisting through it ( no heartbreak or continue my happiness obvi (my depression))) and he continues to say, he's not sure if I'm going anywhere today, but to be careful, because it's terrible out" and I answered very calmly because I don't know if he answers and be hot and cold now or if he just wanted guilt off his chest. But one thing is for certain, he does have a soft spot for me, and he knows he can't resist caring if I'm okay. It seems with that simple message, that he's forgiven me ish or at least on the road too. I'm hoping the best and for him to answer my message :) This made my day, it's February 13th here 2019 and I'm marking this down, as a day to remember. Thank you for everyone motivating me and @Ashra for being my angel. let's hope he listens to his heart now and reaches out again.
  33. Vanessa White

    Vanessa White Member Guest Account

    @Fera Hi! I’m great & you??? Sorry I’m just seeing this, you have to put the “@“ sign in front of my name so I can be notified I think.... well I have 5 spells active now over the course of 7 months! I just added Algamesta & the day Ashra emailed me the confirmation, the movements started he sent a really sweet text!, that Friday Night, I put my phone on “DO NOT DISTURB” bc I wasn’t expecting to hear from him bc we wasn’t talking, I woke up to 4 missed calls in 4 hours & a text! he’s been calling more, checking in and doing all the things I’ve been wanting him to do! So I know it’s working! I pray it’s permanent! Ashra said that this Almagesta would help with that! Bc that last few months it doesn’t last but he always returns! I’m feeling like this spell was what I needed!!! I hope your lover will be contenting you soon! May get a surprise vday call or text! Wink
  34. CScul

    CScul Member

    @jessjoe18 thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement, I am trying so hard. Xxx
  35. Alyssa1286

    Alyssa1286 Member Guest Account

    Hi everyone! I want to share a dream I had last night. It was interesting yet I feel like it was a sign for sure.(It felt so real)
    In the dream I met Ashra. She came to me. She was literally painting a picture of me and how I want to be come more fit. She was painting a picture of me running. Then we went on a walk together. The sun looked like it was getting ready to set in about an hour. So it was all kinds of pretty colors. Ashra said to me “you have a question about Andy?” I say yes. I said does he think about me? She said(I wish I could remember the exact words. Because they felt like real important words) “He does think about you every single day. The spells are growing stronger on him. There getting to a point where he’s not going to be able to hold out much longer. “ In the dream Ashra was also telling me she saw an image of him spending a good part of his weekend sleeping LOL. I’m not sure if that was suppose to mean anything. But he does like his sleep in the real world lol. Then Ashra and I went to a coffee place. At this coffee place there were two other women there waiting for us. One of the ladies names began with a K. The other one was really quiet. The lady with the K name said “wow we all haven’t gotten together in years” I’m looking at her like I never saw you before LOL. She looks at me and say “oh we go way back. We knew each other in our past lives” Ashra was still sitting there nodding her head agreeing with the woman. Then shortly after I woke up. When I woke it was 3:50am (when I looked up 350 its means Change) I woke up happy, calm, almost as if I really was having a conversation with ashra. I didn’t want the dream to end. At one point her and i were talking in an area that would be a forest. The dream felt real. @Ashra I hope you see this!!!
    For almost a week I have been having dreams of lots of meanings. With Andy in them signifying that he is stsrting to change and the spells are having effects on him. Also that Andy and I will see one another. And then this dream with Ashra in it. I am being given all signs. I know its only a matter of time before there is huge movement.
  36. Yana

    Yana Member

  37. M.W.

    M.W. Member Guest Account

    Can someone PLEASE answer me? I've seen my ex truck all this morning as well as other days. Now, I saw his birthday. Are those signs?
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  38. Patiently_enduring

    Patiently_enduring New Member Guest Account

    can anyone see this? Just curious...
  39. Vanessa White

    Vanessa White Member Guest Account

    Hey Forum! Question! Me & my lover have been talking & he’s been consistent texting & calling but this morning he didn’t say “good morning” & hadn’t said any yet! ... is it ok to text him? Or just wait?? He has looked at my social media story today tho! I think he feels sometimes he wants to feel loved & thought about but I know my spells are working & don’t want to break the no contact rule! Should I just let them contact me?
  40. Pookie4life

    Pookie4life Member

    I have always kept a journal. It has always been my release with my snixity. I have always wrote my feelings good and bad. Important events and special memories. Today I started a new addiction. Today I started writing the visions I have of me and my lover. I didnt know what this would accomplish but it really has helped with my positivity. And it also has kept my mind busy because I keep having different visions now. I would recommend this exercise to anyone needing a boost.

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