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Ashra Koehn's Spells - ashraspells.com

Discussion in 'Ashra Reviews' started by Anya83, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. Araba

    Araba Member

    @Lizzardlove Happy birthday girl, stay beautiful & positive :)
  2. Svetlana

    Svetlana Member Guest Account

    Hello everyone. I would like to ask about the passion panacea spell. I would like to know how it's works. What it's does and how my lover gonna feel. Does he gonna think of me, miss me and fall in love or realise that he is still in love.

    I want to know as much as you know about this spell please.

    Thank you. sending lot's of love and positive vibes
  3. LunarEchoes

    LunarEchoes Member

    @EricaLeeCollins199226 You are fine having him on your friends' list on Facebook. It is the same for me too in that mine does not post much on there either. But due to me avoiding even seeing his profile icon, I wouldn't even know if he's deleted me or not. I do admittedly post things on occasion that are geared toward attracting his attention. So I say keep him on there and continue to not look at his page.

    Happy birthday @Lizzardlove :inlove:

    Thank you @Sandra J and @Liomomma I am not a mother myself, but I know many of you are, and all of us are so incredibly strong. I do feel I have played something of a mother role in my life. Even in my relationships I felt a maternal instinct and I love taking care of my boyfriends even if it's just cooking or helping with errands. Sadly the last memory I have of my lover, of actually spending time together at the condo, was taking care of him when he was sick and he had told me I was the best girlfriend ever :(

    Hi @BB Nation welcome to the forums. I don't think you broke a rule in this instance. Just wait for him to initiate contact from this point on :)

    It's great you are talking with her @Hunter Milanoski And her saying you're better at helping than her own boyfriend tells me she isn't meant to last with him. She will realize your worth as more than just a friend soon enough.

    That is good to know @FlyingHigh . I am not at that point yet myself as there is no communication...But I appreciate the advice. Are you still with your partner?

    That's great @Liomomma ! How long did it take for you and your lover to start talking again?

    I saw at least half a dozen Sonatas yesterday, one so far today. Yesterday I had a moment where I was driving; I was thinking about the spell Ashra had suggested to me the previous night and I ordered, and just as I was musing over the spell, I passed a house with my lover's date of birth.

    I dreamed of him last night. It felt like a good dream, a bit mixed, but mostly a good interaction.
  4. X_OT

    X_OT Member

    Movements! & I feel like my last dream about him is coming true!

    He keeps replying to my social media posts!
    But also still replying to others lol. Need to get him focused I can’t wait to hold him again. My exs have also made another appearance so I know this is just all apart of the process.
  5. Nakisha Wair

    Nakisha Wair New Member Guest Account

    Hi do you have the link for love obsession?
  6. chayjose

    chayjose Active Member

    Today is my birthday and my wish was special. Patience is virtue
  7. Svetlana

    Svetlana Member Guest Account

    @Mario Guzman. Hey how are you. Ashra told us to wait for our lovers to initiate contact with us. If your lover contacted you once and you have spoken with each other then that's is the biggest movement. I'm new in this but I would wait again for the next move. I would say just wait for your lover to contact you again and then you can contact your lover when ever you want.

    I'm so happy for you that your lover contacted you. Please update me how thinks going. Wish you all the best with the person you love.
  8. mystery_11

    mystery_11 Member

    I woke up today after a dream that I wished it never ended. So vivid it was that I felt it was real. After this kind of dream it’s mixed emotions. On one side I am happy and I hope it’s a sign from the spells and on the other I am so sad of not knowing when this will end for good. I am also wondering if they dream the same way about us . Should be torturing for stubborn people.
  9. Xedrek

    Xedrek Member

    I had a quick question for you guys...
    Throughout this time, working with Ashra to bring back my ex-Lover, the guy she left me for, his ex girlfriend, has been talking to me. We have been good friends for a long time and sometimes she gets information about my ex-Lover and her new boyfriends relationship. I know she needs to get it off her chest and I understand that.
    My question is, how would you approach any information? When she told me about them posting in social media their relationship status and when it began, it triggered for a moment some hesitation to talk about it. I know from reading everyone's posts and what Ashra says, to keep away and do no contact to ensure spells work more effectively.
    I played it off saying that "I didnt care and that it is what it is". Was this the right way of dealing with this? I havent said anything about the spells outside of the general talk here but I wanted to know if others have dealt with this too.
  10. @Fera -Thank you for the link to the question readings. I'm thinking about getting a couple readings to see if my lover really does love me and when he will be back. Ashra has told me a lot of good information. Which has given me so much hope but I am rather an impatient person and want to be back with my lover ASAP. I have waited for 10 1/2 years to finally be together which was last July.

    @LunarEchoes - I'm sorry that you haven't been doing well either. I've been struggling also but I really hope that these new medication I got put on is going to help piece all my thoughts back together again. I'm so glad that Ashra was able to brighten your day with an update. They always make me feel better after I get one. It always makes me feel like I really do have someone on my side and gives me hope that one of these days I will get my lover back.

    @jessjoe18 - I'm so sorry for you and your family's loss with your grandma. I am no stranger to loss myself so I know how hard it can be losing someone that close.

    @Svetlana - I find that going to the gym to work out or do yoga outside by my pool is very relaxing and helps to calm my thoughts. If you don't have a pool you can just go outside in your yard, a park, beach, or even in your house to do yoga. I actually teach yoga to my couple of friends, and a few acquaintances. You can also collaborate meditation/Law of Attraction into the yoga as well.

    @Liomomma - Thank you for responding. My lover really isn't standing over me in bed. It's like his astral projection or something. I would be sleeping and would wake up and see his astral projection/or apparition standing over the top of me in bed then disappears. I haven't heard from my lover since February 28th, 2019. I was sick so I couldn't reply back to him, I was so sick I was put in the hospital. When I got out the next day I was still weak and stressed so I didn't respond back until March 6th. I asked him if we were still together and he never responded back so I assumed he didn't want to be together anymore. I haven't contacted him since or been contacted by him. But I do drive by him every once in awhile since he lives pretty close to me and one of the local garbage men so he picks up my neighbors garbage. I've loved this man for 11 years and we only dated for 8 months.

    So today is day 1 on my new medication. I did feel nauseous and dizzy when I first took it but after a few hours I felt better and like I had more motivation than I have felt in a long time. I was able to do so much within an hour. I hope all the mothers here had a fantastic and stress free mother's day. I myself am not a mother yet since I haven't been able to carry a child to term. But I know that my time will come eventually.

    Happy Mother's Day !!! :inlove:

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  11. Ashley9300

    Ashley9300 New Member Guest Account

    Urgent/Quick Question- when anybody had their love spells casted- did you guys have a surge of random people coming back into your lives? Guys that I haven’t talked to in months are suddenly watching my snaps. Unfortunately my POI blocked me on Snapchat, so he’s not watching my snaps. But I feel like these guys are coming out of the woodworks randomly. Anyone else?
  12. Chelsey Kortz

    Chelsey Kortz Active Member

    Hey everyone how is your day going and happy mother’s day to all the wonderful mothers out there on this forum I hope you all had a wonderful day and got to spend time with your kids and what not. So I got a spell called screaming love cries and I just got it for fun I am not sure but if someone has this spell how did it work for you and when did you see movement or anything.
  13. X_OT

    X_OT Member

    @Sandra J Thank you for your well wishes! It seems that everything has settled on the family front for now.

    Someone asked about Tri-Force Love Luminosity i think it may have been @Heena. I ordered that in December I believe and I used it as a boost. I wouldnt say it brought my love back into my life;however, I did feel a new sense of self and understanding of why my lover was acting a certain way. I think this was recasted and I have been seeing results after the recast.

    Im freaking out.. I think he may be planning to move to a different country. We talked about this when we were together but I honestly would follow him at this point. I would like to move to another country,always have, I just want him back in my life. I could careless about long-distance but I need for him to be committed. I sent Ashra Koehn a message through her support page and I hope she can provide a spell for this !
  14. Mario Guzman

    Mario Guzman Member Guest Account

    @Svetlana I just got another message from my love wishing me a happy birthday! I'm excited this is another movement. I still love her very much and this is what I've been patiently waiting for. I'm smiling big time.
  15. Fera

    Fera Popular Member Member Plus Account

    @Lizzardlove! Many happy returns love! Did your guy send you any birthday text? I hope all your wishes will come true. Stay positive always! @X-OT! At least your lover still bothered to reply to your social media posts. My ex only viewed my stories, but he didn't say anything. So yeah it is kind of annoying sometimes lol. Don't worry your spells won't ever let him focus on other females. He will be yours completely! @Svetlana! How are you sweety? Actually no matter what love spell you cast on your guy, he will feel overwhelmed with his feelings for you. He for sure will think of you and miss you like crazy. Sooner or later he will realize that he is still in love with you. Passion Panacea is a great spell, but you need to have realistic expectations. It takes longer sometimes for people to see movements. Just keep on earning your points! Good luck! Hello @Stephane! This is the link for Battle of Five Armies https://www.passion-panacea.com/protection-spells.html It's used to protect you from negative energies or removing blockages, curses or hexes. I hope it helps you.
  16. Vanessa_Natalia2206

    Vanessa_Natalia2206 Member Guest Account

    @Ashley9300 yes that is normal of spells to bring people from your past back into your lives. I have exes from a couple of years ago trying to talk to me and watch my snaps .:unsure::sneaky:
  17. Ms. F

    Ms. F Member

    Happy mother's day to all the moms. I don't have kids but have 2 dogs who are my kids. They got me a gift certificate to a store I frequent! I'm surprised again that he made an effort. In trying to stay positive.

    I hoping to have a phone interview this week, so cross your fingers and toes it goes well. I did ask Ashra to carry spell for me regarding this a few weeks ago.

    I hope everyone's week goes splendid, think positive and hugs to everyone.
  18. Kelena

    Kelena Member

    Happy Mother’s Day to EVERYONE! Love out to ya!!!!
  19. Fera

    Fera Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Hello @chayjose! Happy Birthday! So many members were born in May lol. Have a blessed day!!! @Ashley9300! Oh my! It also happened to me and that's weird lol. I also have a surge of people coming back into my life. The guy I broke up with some years ago popped up all the sudden and sent me a message on Messenger. I don't know why I am manifesting a wrong ex lol. How long has your spell been active? Your person of interest will unblock you soon. You just need to believe in the process. @Xedrex! Yes that's the right way of dealing with this situation. You should act like you don't care about it. Don't spy on them as it will hurt you in the end. Your spells need positive vibes to work properly. I hope you are doing great!!!
  20. juan miguel hanopol

    juan miguel hanopol New Member Guest Account

    good day everyone i hope everyone is doing good :)
  21. Aquabeauty83

    Aquabeauty83 Member Guest Account

    So my lover doesn’t directly contact me yet he always go through our mutual friend to send me a message for some unknown reason. We’ve been involved almost 2 years now so I don’t get why he doesn’t ask me himself, lol smh. I’m wondering now though is that still considered a sign of him initiating contact even though it’s indirectly?? I’m seeing now from previous posts some are saying Ashra told them it’s ok to contact their lover if they have reached out on a consistent basis 1st or do bc at this point I feel me and K was pretty consistent especially with us seeing each other which was the most I had been in contact with him since the beginning of last year. Can someone give their insight on this please?!?
  22. Mario Guzman

    Mario Guzman Member Guest Account

    Wow, I'm just on cloud nine right now, my love messaged me on Friday morning and about an hour ago to wish me a happy birthday. Friday was to wish me an early happy birthday. I wished her a happy mother's day. I'm so glad for this movement. I hope that I get more
  23. EricaLeeCollins199226

    EricaLeeCollins199226 Member Member Plus Account

    @LunarEchoes , I'm sorry I just now saw your post because there are a lot of posts here. Anyways I decided to take good pictures of myself for Facebook. I was wearing a pair of black leggings because my lover always liked it when I wore them. That's not breaking no contact is it? I didn't tag my lover in it or even say anything about him though but I also took these pictures because I was dressed nice. I figured why not because it helps me to feel more confident. It's almost been a month since my lover last texted me and last saw me. I really miss him but I'm staying positive and patient. Sending positive vibes and love to everyone!!
  24. Chelsey Kortz

    Chelsey Kortz Active Member

    Hello everyone I need your help with something I am trying to find a spell called sensi forgiveness I can’t find the link and I think this spell will reallly help me out to get movement faster and I need my lover to forgive me for some things so if anyone has the link please send it my way I would really
    appreciate it. You will be doing me a huge favor and you will be helping me out so much with getting my ex back please can someone send me the link to this spell. Sensi forgiveness!
  25. Kelena

    Kelena Member

    Hey everyone!
    I’m a little down. A really good friend of mine told me to do an etheric cord cutting ceremony to cut my love for my guy. She went on a tear about how he isn’t coming back and that I need to let go!!! I’m soooooo sad ya’ll.
    What do I do? I don’t spy. I don’t look. I don’t call him. I don’t talk s about him. I remember the good times. I listen to positive affirmations. I keep buying spells because they make me feel better. I just bought one yesterday, in fact. What do I do???! I miss him! I’m living my life and taking care of myself. I’m getting out and going out with friends. I’m going shopping and going to the gym and getting into my hobbies.
    I love you guys so much. You have been so helpful, you KNOW who you beautiful forum family members are!!!
    Does anyone have any advice???
    Have a GREAT week everyone! Be good!!! Be happy!
    (If anyone has a minute, any suggestions?)
  26. Maron

    Maron Member

  27. Michelle Calvin

    Michelle Calvin Member Guest Account

    We have been together for a year as of January 12,2018. We were both married and then both left. His wife is a drunk and every time he tries and end things she goes crazy and threatens to harm herself. I tried to end things and he cried for probably 4 hours and said he was in love with me. Two days later he asks me for 48 hours so he can figure out his life. I know he loves me and I also know living with a narcissus is hard.

    I tried eight other spell casters before I found Ashra. None of them were able to break them apart.

    I hired Ashra in early March. She cast Freedom Fire, Severing Connection and Never Let Me Go. Near the end of last month, he finally left his wife and he is currently staying at my place. Ashra did what no other spell casters could do and that was break them apart. He seems to be making an effort to focus on us. Our intimacy and love for each other has grown over the two weeks he has been living with me.

    I trust Ashra because she was there for me. She cares about us and her spells work.
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  28. Svetlana

    Svetlana Member Guest Account

    @Charmedgurl9584 hey how are you.
    Yes that's the best thing to do. I'll start with yoga and I'll go more often to the gym.

    I found that positive songs keeps me positive and I'm watching comedies which makes me happy, laugh and just to not think of it.

    Thank you I'll start with yoga today
  29. FlyingHigh

    FlyingHigh Member Guest Account

    @Mario Guzman happy belated birthday to you! Mine is on the 16th... :)
  30. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Member Guest Account

    @Mario Guzman Happy birthday mate sorry it's late:)

    @Lizzardlove Happy birthday to you sorry it's late my friend :)

    @Terra She don't mean to miss e-mails she is just swamped

    @Mary Chuter You should be excited and hopeful :)

    @Svetlana This is a spell for all solutions if you read the description it will explain how it works. It will work to remove whatever barriers and obstacles are keeping you two apart a good basic spell and one that works well with a few others combined spells.

    @LunarEchoes The dream is a good sign even if it was strange had a couple myself lately too. I was told I was the best boyfriend ever a few occasions I am and I'm sure you are a wonderful girlfriend and our lovers are lucky to have us aren't they?:)

    @X_OT moving forward well I'm very pleased for you :)

    @chayjose Happy birthday sorry it's late hope you have a lovely day and you will get your wish :)

    @mystery_11 Yes they do dream of us, This law of attraction here but you have to live like you already have your lover back imagine how you would feel that supposedly will help speed the process up that's what I have read read up on the law of attraction it's hard to do but it works by all accounts.

    @Xedrek I would avoid talking about it yes maybe say good for her not to show any ill feeling like you are bothered but yes don't have a full blown conversation about the ins and outs.
  31. FlyingHigh

    FlyingHigh Member Guest Account

    @LunarEchoes, yes my partner and I are still married (we got married in march, absolutely thanks to ashra), but we are facing some challenges as we are "an ocean apart" and long distance relationship/marriage seems to be hard on both if us. Here is briefly our story. We met each other back in 2014 during a deployment, but did not keep in touch after deployment was over. Then a year later we ran into each other at another military base, and it was then when we exchanged phone numbers. We started communicating and from work associates we became friends. Last year however some tension appeared into our friendship (unknown to me why at the time) and it was clear to me that we can no longer be friends as we were and something needs to change. At this point i started considering just letting the friendship go or move it the the next level. I found Ashra Koehn in October and after casting a good number of spells, in January he confessed that he felt different about me and therefore the "tension" in our friendship. This was followed directly by a marriage proposal and a beautiful wedding ceremony in march (no dating in between as I left for another deployment in january). After we got married our relationship started getting challenging as long distance relationships do things to people, but we are still married and I hope Ashra would help maintain this relationship until we get reunited at the end of this year.
  32. FlyingHigh

    FlyingHigh Member Guest Account

    @Terra the only way I have ever been successful in contacting Ashra and getting a response actually was through the support ticket link.
  33. bumble bee

    bumble bee New Member Guest Account

    Hello ppl, hope you all had a fab weekend.
    I have a question- are Ashra’s Spells permanent? Or does it wear off after some time?:nailbiting:
    Thank you
    Sending you all lots of good vibes and love for this coming week:inlove:

    @Chevelle Howard thanks hun
  34. Mamie

    Mamie Member

    @mystery_11 thank you for the (evil) grin today - yes, what we are experiencing should also be torture for our stubborn loves hahaha. All they have to do to end that torture is pick up the damn phone and move it already!! ;):rolleyes:
    I was in my hometown again yesterday. Total surprise to pass my love. Again. He smiled and lifted his chin in a "hey" - cause both hands were on the handlebars. I waved back. Grateful to have seen him. Now, Come on dude ring me up! You can do it!
  35. MikeM

    MikeM Member

    Thanks for the words of encouragement @T.P.W84 . I am so ready for it to happen. Lol
    I had a fear of not being good enough for her and waited too long to finally open my heart and tell her everything. Once I did it was too late and she started seeing someone new. I know she us supposed to be in my life!
    I no longer have that fear or any other
  36. Lincoln

    Lincoln Member

    Amen I totally agree with you it's not that hard
  37. Alyssa1286

    Alyssa1286 Member Guest Account

    @Mamie I’m so happy for you! Movement is movement is movement! You got to see him even if just for a minute Great news!
  38. @EricaLeeCollins199226 - Trust me I keep having people telling me the same thing as well, that I deserve better. It is annoying. So I tell them that they can either support me or get the hell out of my life. I tell them that I know that I will get my lover back that I am getting signs everyday that him and I belong together and I feel it in my heart and gut that I am the only one for him. I don't tell anyone about my spells the most anyone knows is that I have a mentor and I look up to her.

    @Ashley9300 - OMG....yes!!! I had an ex from 5 years ago keep sending me secret messages on Messenger. I can't seem to figure out how to read them though but it really doesn't matter anyway. I was just curious with what he would probably want. Probably to ask me the same thing that he always would ask me here and there. If I'm single, and that he messed up 5 years ago dumping me and wants me back. I even have new guys hitting on me and asking me out at the gym.

    @Svetlana - I'm doing alright. How are you? Trust me the yoga will work. Once you sync your breathing with the poses and get into the flow your mind, flexibility will all be improving. I always tell the people that I teach that when you do your poses and breathing imagine you are pushing all of the bad/negative thoughts out of you. Remember to breathe going into the pose then breathe out when you transition into the next pose. It's kind of hard to explain and it may not make sense to most people but it will once you do the poses. With the gym don't over do it the first few times or else you will be extremely sore and you won't be able to move the next day. Every day you build up the length of time at the gym, how many times a week at the gym, and the reps of your exercises. I always used to be a gym rat that is how I originally lost 132 lbs a few years ago. I'm finally back to my 2 hour long gym sessions and back to working out 4-5 days a week. I'm finally starting to lose the weight that I gained back. Your very welcome. If you need help with the best yoga poses don't hesitate to ask.

    @Terra - Sometimes her emails either get redirected to your spam folder or it just gets lost out in the cyber world. She will get back to you. Just give her time she is really busy and she probably has cast the ritual for you already the communication/update like I said probably just got lost somewhere. Since you let her know that you didn't receive the update it won't be much longer that you have to wait.

    @Kelena - Trust me I know how you feel but honestly if she/he really was a good friend they would support your decision on wanting your lover back. I've told my one friend that if she really was my friend that she would support me and keep me positive that my lover will be back. I told her if she didn't support me to get out of my life that I don't need that negativity in my life. As soon as I said that we both started crying and she said that she just wants whats best for me and she didn't like how he treated me. I told her that she knows that I have loved this man for 11 years and I know he is the one that he was just being an asshole and not letting me in. That it will be different when he comes back to me. Once you tell her/him how you feel hopefully if the friendship is real they will understand as well and support you. I know my friend hates listening to me about him coming back to me but she is right there telling me to keep believing that it will happen. Letting him go isn't making you happy, but holding on may make us a bit neurotic but we are happy. I don't look, stalk, call him either. I may talk about him and how we once were to my one friend. When I see the signs she is with me so I say someone must be trying to tell me something. Lol. Awesome, I'm glad that you are living your life the way that you want now. As long as you keep doing what you are doing you should be fine. I'm working on getting there. I just don't have very many friends. I only have one friend that I actually am close to.

    @T.P.W84 - Thank you for saying that. I mean I haven't been looking that great lately since I've been living in workout clothes unless I am going to work since I have been spending a lot of time at the gym. I am weird, I feel like the more I wear my workout clothes and wait to wear my regular jeans I see more of a difference in my weight when I put on my jeans. Pretty soon I won't be fitting in my jeans anymore. Which means new clothes shopping. Lol. In all the times I have driven by him he has never stared at me but Friday he did which was amazing. So I know he is starting to come around. I couldn't help but notice that you told @Mamie that you were a Libra. My lover is a Libra as well. Lol. I'm a Virgo since I'm beginning of September and he is end of September. I'm so glad that you felt the energy level surge this month and getting more signs. It's even fantastic that you are dreaming about your lover again. I haven't been dreaming of my lover at all lately even after the Eternal-Love Evnox spell was cast but I have been seeing his shadow/astral projection standing over me in bed last week which was rather creepy so I know he must be thinking about me more when he is sleeping. I know once I get my first paycheck from my second job since I just started back at my second job I'm going to get another spell. I will keep getting spells every month until he comes back. I have a feeling it won't be long either. I know he is a stubborn a** but I know he won't be able to keep resisting anymore, I can feel it especially with this last spell. I even have a feeling that your lover won't be able to resist anymore either.

    I had quite an interesting talk with my brother last night. I told him about my theory about people who usually don't keep their trash bins out but then they randomly start to keep them out even after the trash gets picked up. I told him that the people must know that my lover is either their garbage man or they know that my lover works for that same company so they do that on purpose to mock me. I know it isn't true but I think that it is funny to think about. I never really believed in coincidences so I know that those County Waste garbage cans that are out are trying to tell me something especially when they are still out empty 4-5 days after they were already picked up. I know its kind of sad that I remember the pick up days of most of the County Waste guys since my lover used to tell me all the time when we were still together.

  39. Diane1023

    Diane1023 Member

    Hey forum family,

    Does any know if @Ashra has a luck spell to help me luck out so I can get stationed exactly where my lover is. We are in different states now and we both want to be in the same state. But it’s our jobs unless I get really lucky. Please let me know.
  40. Twiggy

    Twiggy Member Guest Account

    @FlyingHigh where do I find the support ticket link?:)

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