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Ashra Koehn's Spells - ashraspells.com

Discussion in 'Ashra Reviews' started by Anya83, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. Svetlana

    Svetlana Member Guest Account

    @BB Nation. Hello how are you. Yes Ashra will always update you and letting you know how things going. If you want you can email her and ask her to update you and she will happily respond to you back with the update.

    Wish you all the best.
  2. jessjoe18

    jessjoe18 Active Member Member Plus Account

    Hey forum family how is everyone doing?? I hope all is well! Well I got an email from @Ashra @Ashra Koehn she has casted Screaming Love Cries:woot::inlove: and I am.bursting with energy today I have seen so many sychronicities in numbers and so many same color make and model of his vehicles that I am like THANK you Ashra and spells I am excited I haven't had contact with him since Sunday but I feel something big is coming Ashra Koehn said she knows we are soul mates so I am waiting for my baby I miss my J. Anyway how is everyone?

    Happy birthday to all the May birthdays I am sorry I missed you indivually been so busy with work and 4 kids lol.
    To everyone who said condolences for my maw maw thank you it means alot been very hard:unsure:
    So we all are getting our lovers soon let's stay positive and have faith and know our girl Ashra is working hard and she cares and so with that said I am sending everyone love peace hugs blessings and all of us to get movement and our lovers :inlove: have a great day forum family much love
  3. Tomeka

    Tomeka Member

    I wish I was one of the people that got there lovers back I’m just hoping and praying he come back before the Summer time and that’s next Month, I’m just going to try not to worry so much and force on myself and kids
  4. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Just recently I needed some support from Ashra, I needed reassurance. I don't suffer with depression or anything but I have been feeling really lonely and I have been doubting my self worth, I have been asking myself questions like 'Am I not worthy enough for him?'. I was feeling really down because waiting isn't easy especially when you know they are living their life and your life is on hold for them.

    Ashra reassured me that she still believes we can get him back, she is confident that he is not unreachable. I will take her word for it.

    Ashra, you have done it again. I am so happy to hear about more success from your spells. I cannot wait for my turn.:inlove:
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  5. EvelynL

    EvelynL Active Member

    Hey everyone my name is Evelyn Leon and I've been in this forum about a year ago. Ashra has been helping me getting my husband back and guess what..we've been back together since 2 yrs now, still going strong. Thanks Ashra for everything.
    Now I need help with something else, there is this test coming up in May, this test is about my job being a permanent clerk, I've been working this job for about 7yrs as a temp agency. I've been taking this county test for like 8x and failed it all the time, I'm not really good doing tests. I need help from ashra if there is another spell for me to pass this test. I've emailed ashra 3x, I know she's very busy.
  6. Nugget Bruv

    Nugget Bruv Member

    Hey all! So I've had several spells active for over a year; but no results.
    Unfortunately, I'm really losing hope here. It doesn't help I found someone I'm certain would be a much better match for me.

    All In all, I feel very discouraged and am questioning a lot of things. Ashra said everything was fine and on track and to expect results soon, but I'm at the point I'm not too certain of that at all.
  7. bumble bee

    bumble bee New Member Guest Account

    Hey guys I have a question.
    Can the triple cast upgrade be purchased even after 1-2 weeks of your spell has been casted?
    Thank you
  8. Fera

    Fera Popular Member Member Plus Account

    @Mario Guzman! It is good to know that your lover sent you a birthday message. It means that you have been on her mind. Yes she does love you and you are not wasting your time. Just keep on being positive. You two will get together soon! @mystery_11! The lovers might be dreaming about us too. I haven't got any specific dream about my relationship. It is weird. I am not that intuitive I guess lol. @Michele Calvin! Your post does bring so much comfort and happiness. Congratulations my dear! I am glad to know that he is back living with you. Ashra is the real deal! I am also trying to break my lover apart from the other woman, but it seems like my situation is a bit difficult. Just hoping that I will see movements soon. Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way!!!
  9. Me-me

    Me-me Member

    @Ashra Koehn thank you for the update on the ones that has been reunited with their loved ones. I hope i too will be sending you an email stating the same thing. ;) Also thank you for providing this cherish in love spell for everyone:inlove: i hope your getting some rest girl i know you are always working for us i just want to say i appreciate you :inlove:
  10. SierraB123

    SierraB123 Active Member

    Hi everyone! I'm really happy that so many people here are united with their lovers!!! I haven't been on here in a long while due to stress and some combat depression. In about 3 weeks, I'll be going to do some important training, and I believe that Tyler will be there as well, if he doesn't make it up later. I haven not seen him or heard from him since February, and that's also where a lot of my sorrows have come from. I've basically just forgotten about him, and am allowing the spells to do their work. Maybe during this upcoming bout of training, he'll see me and wonder what I've been up to.
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  11. Mirica Choi

    Mirica Choi Member Member Plus Account

    That is amazing to hear that recently so many are finally reunited with their lovers after a long period of time! Hearing this I am hoping that I will get my lover back soon! It has been a year since he has broken up with me and I missing him daily! And wow thank @Ashra, you are giving us so much to reunite with our lovers! Your the best! I can not wait to hear more good news from you! And once again Congratulation to everyone who reunited with their lovers! I hope I will be soon! :inlove::inlove:
  12. FlyingHigh

    FlyingHigh Member Guest Account

    Thank you @Ashra for yet another great spell.
  13. Vanessa_Natalia2206

    Vanessa_Natalia2206 Member Guest Account

    ;):)Hey everyone update on hand of wealth. So I got a raise and I’m so happy !!:p @Ashra Koehn dear I thank you from the bottom of my heart . I’m so happy and positive it’s going to keep positive until my love Oscar comes back . Have a great night muchachas
  14. Akshaya

    Akshaya New Member Guest Account

    Ashra...please help..me...i have emailed u...waiting for ur reply
  15. Kelena

    Kelena Member

    @Heena thanks for the shout out! I appreciate you more than you’ll EVER know. You ROCK!!! Happiness and love out to you and yeah...he is in his way!!
  16. Kelena

    Kelena Member

    @Heena I don’t know WHAT came over me? It was like this despair, but out of NOWHERE since I’d been soooo positive and happy and doing things for myself. Thanks for the lifeline of positivity. I KNOW that ASHRA is AMAZING and has mad skillz...must continue to believe with ALL my being!
    I LOVE my forum family!!! ❤️
  17. Jhope

    Jhope Member

    @Michelle Calvin Do you have the link for Severing Connection and Never Let Me Go? Just curious to read up on how those work and also how long ago did you start with these spells and see the effects?

    @Lizzardlove Happy Birthday to you Lizzardlove :)

    @Mario Guzman Happy Birthday to you Mario

    I've read on posts where the females in this forum seem to get contact from other ex's, I'm just curious what did you girls order in your spells or how have you been acting since waiting for your spells to manifest? So far i haven't personally had any ex's reach out to me though I would be really surprise if any of my ex's suddenly msg me not that I want them to but curious of which one would msg me, I'm still waiting very patiently for my love to come around and contact me, I am doing as much as I can with positive affirmations and getting myself into positive vibrations.

    I came across an interesting book and author, who talks about imagining yourself In the End with your significant other, I am going to start practicing this method to build my subconscious to have new memories that haven't been there and imagine the Goal I want to have with my significant other and love of my life.. :) If anyone wants to know more i'll try to explain in more detail as I have been learning about this just recently myself so learning to meditate more and imagine..
  18. Aarcee012

    Aarcee012 Member

    Dear thank you for helping everyone get reunited with their loved ones. whenever you do get time can u please reply to my email I am still waiting for u to cast my spells which I had placed order for. thanks and much love
  19. @Ashra Koehn I have some movement, still have trust issues to iron out. But this weekend I was in edge waiting for him to say them magic words. But we did have a good morning. He was a little hot and cold for a brief moment, but he got over it quickly. I'm thinking the spells are working things out in him. However, He did say he missed me!!!
    @Sandra J what's the name of that spell again. Loves Cry????
  20. Islandbreeze

    Islandbreeze Active Member

    @Ashra Koehn
    My dear Ashra can you please reach out to me and let me know why my points are not visable on my account anymore. I've tried asking other members if they were experiencing the same?
    Can someone help me with this??
  21. Twiggy

    Twiggy Member Guest Account

    I loved reading the update from Ashra and I am so pleased for those who have been reunited with their lovers. I can't wait to be one of those lucky people.
    I enjoy reading through the posts and hearing of your movements/signs. It helps to understand what might go on during the manifestation of my spells.
    At times I feel like I am being annoying emailing Ashra, but I have some questions that the forum family can't answer for me and I hope she doesn't mind :unsure:.
    I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week :)
  22. Mario Guzman

    Mario Guzman Member Guest Account

    After the 2 conversations I had with my love, I still have strong feelings for her.. even more now. Yes I still love her.. how do I go to saying happy birthday to her without breaking the guidelines?
  23. Jhope

    Jhope Member

    Just wondering if any of the members here can share which spells have work the best results and fastest for you? Just wanting to hear everyone's thoughts on it and also what did you do or how were you feeling at the time when your spells were cast? Were you calm and positive? Were you thinking about your partner a lot or just focus on your own thing? Just interesting to see what's people personal stories and journeys have been like just to compare notes and such :):thumbsup:
  24. Truebeliever006

    Truebeliever006 New Member Guest Account

    Hey everyone , when Ashra recasts your spells do you get a different type of notification? Or is it like when you request a spell you get the follow up secure email? She was supposed to recast yesterday but I didn’t hear from her. - thanks
  25. Vcm

    Vcm Member Guest Account

    Thank you @Ashra Koehn for everything I hope i get my lover back this year but I am praying that he'll come back soon and before his birthday which is in November
  26. I'm sorry I wasn't able to say thank you individually to everyone. So Thank you all for the BIRTHDAY LOVE!!!
  27. Mirica Choi

    Mirica Choi Member Member Plus Account

    I want to congrats to everyone who finally got your lovers back! That is amazing news to hear, from hearing this, I can't wait until I get my lover back! I already got many different spells, and I am working hard to get another spell! There are so many spells I should could get to get my lover back! I hope after getting my lover will return soon as it has been over a year since he has broken up with me! Once again, congrats on everyone who has their lovers returned! :inlove::inlove:
  28. Jlove1

    Jlove1 Member Guest Account

    Hello everyone! heads up stay positive each day
  29. Xedrek

    Xedrek Member

    Really love hearing the update Ashra Koehn! It's so wonderful hearing people sharing their success with you. I hope that everyone here that are also waiting and sending out their positive vibes everyday, craving for the day to come for their lovers to come back to them can join those success stories soon! :)
    I hope everyone is having a great day!!
  30. Lizzardlove

    Lizzardlove Member

    @Ashra Koehn :angelic:
    I am so happy to read this from you that so many People have been reunited with there lover again it makes me so exited.
    I am waiting for my husband to Come Back home to me, so i can send you post about us.
    My son told me today that his father break down in work so much that he was crying alot.
    My son told me that he had never seen his father cry like he did today, he said that he Just was crying and crying and he told me that his father said to him, i dont want to have this like it is.
    So i hope and think maybe my spells are working on him now first he break down like this.

    I am very exited to hear from you :angelic:@Ashra Koehn when you have casted the spells for me.
    I am exited to hear how my spells go out in the energy world.
    I know that i am always buying more spells i feel like i cant stop buying them until he has Come home to me. ( I am spellaholic ) LOL:hilarious:

    I will keep staying positive and strong smile and live my life.:thumbsup:
  31. Jul1e

    Jul1e Member Guest Account


    Ok long story short. Had a few missed calls on Sunday on WhatsApp from a number not in my contacts. The profile picture was of my loves favourite band. I never added the contact as they would see my last seen and profile picture. Sat and waited it out. Yesterday the picture changed and bam! It was my love! Went and spent the day gardening and thought positive....today, he emailed me asking if we can talk!!! I played it cool as the last time he contacted me (before Ashra’s help) we ended up having the biggest fight ever and the most horrible things were said ! He said he has lots to say and tell me and not in an argumentative way!! Holy toot ! Don’t know what to reply back. It’s been so long I wouldn’t know where to start. Anyone got any pointers here? I want to play it cool and not end up arguing as that’s square one again. Please advise my friends xx
  32. Svetlana

    Svetlana Member Guest Account

    Hello everyone. Today was the most beautiful and happier day in my life. I've received an email from @Ashra Koehn saying that she has casted my second spell. I am so so happy. I can't even explain what I feel right now. It's the most beautiful feeling and I feel so happy because I know that I'll be back with the love of my life. Ashra thank you so much the word thank you is not enough I would like to hug you. You saved my life because you gave me hopes and you've brought me up when I was down on my knees. I am so glad that I found you and that I have you in my life. You holding my hand and you are with me all the way trying to help me. I'm blessed that you are in my life. You are my angel @Ashra Koehn . Thank you once again.

    Your friend forever
  33. Sandra J

    Sandra J Active Member

    Ashra sound like an great spell Cherish to Love, I believe this spell will help out alot of those who haven't seen results with their lovers. If I didn't have Kenneth back I know without doubt purchasing this spell would be my priority and ready for Ashra to cast to bring back my lover . Good luck to everyone who will be able to purchased .
  34. Robbie Dwyer

    Robbie Dwyer New Member Guest Account

    @shorty16 , just checking in to see how you are. Any movements with your spell? I had the same one cast this past Sunday along with the Object of Desire but no signs, etc. just yet but i know it takes time. I see you have been waiting awhile so i wanted to be sure you are okay:) I am robbie by the way and new to this forum:)
  35. Ashra Koehn

    Ashra Koehn Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Update: I'm running behind schedule and working overtime to make sure everything is completed by the end of the week. If you requested Cherish in Love, you should be receiving an update before Tuesday.
  36. Ginas

    Ginas Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    @Jhope I believe that Ashra would need to send you the links to the spells since they are from the spell book that she doesn't show on her websites.

    @Truebeliever006 When Ashra recasts your spells, she would usually email you and tell you that they were recasted. However, since she has been super busy and swamped with emails, you might have to send a support ticket or to try emailing her again. Also, Ashra goes by the order of emails that she receives them in. I hope that this helped! :)

    @Chevelle Howard Do you mean Screaming Love Cries? Here's the link: https://www.passion-panacea.com/fast-love-spells.html
  37. DynamiteDolly

    DynamiteDolly Member

    @Ashra @Ashra Koehn

    It would be nice if you got back to me who’s been waiting over 3 weeks for a response.
  38. Jhope

    Jhope Member

    Hi Ashra,

    I understand you are busy with your schedule please when you have some time to share your thoughts and opinions from my emails i sent for past few days, just want to have some clarity on my next steps and choices of what i'll need to do.. I just want to be sure to get the strongest potency for my spells to see some results within this month or early next month if possible, just don't wanna stress out and keep wondering which spells to get for me. Would love to just get the most potent ones so that everything is in alignment and when i do get my desired results that I can share my success stories and that you can focus on the members in the forum and community. All the best and best wishes Ashra

  39. Mamie

    Mamie Member

    @Ashra Koehn no worries! Or, hakuna matata!!!!!! Thank you for posting. You always get it all done for us.
    Grateful, my light is bright, excited here to reunite with Steven, and :inlove: :inlove:
  40. PrettyBlackBerry

    PrettyBlackBerry Member Guest Account

    @Tomeka stay strong sweetie your love will return...blessings

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