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Ashra Koehn's Spells - ashraspells.com

Discussion in 'Ashra Reviews' started by Anya83, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. GayatriM

    GayatriM Member

    @LunarEchoes Congratulations that your spells are manifesting . So happy for You !!
    Has anybody who purchased the spell Destine desire of souls got any update from Ashra ?
  2. Sallygirl

    Sallygirl Member

    @munchkin95 theres nothing wrong but from what I read they go through hot and cold phases with the spells
  3. Maron

    Maron Member

    @Vanessa White can you please share the link of the " almagesta spell " I had it saved but I lost it.

    @fairel83 yes, you can use either " freedom fire or force of will " to also break up bad company your lover hangs with and other obstacles that influences your lover in the wrong way and hinders their return.
  4. Candice2018

    Candice2018 Member

    @Mirica Choi Yes I got my guy in Novemeber after she said it will happen in November, so her spells do work and her predictions are right. Good luck to you :)

    @Jlove1 I got my first 3 question reading in August of last year and my first spell in January of last year, so that's 7 months later. I got a 3 question reading 6 separate times with explanations, so I guess that's considered an in depth reading

    @Chevelle Howard I just told my spells that I believed in them and to please work quickly and that I know they will work because of the signs and the dreams I had.

    @Araba Yeah I became strong with Ashra's guidelines that I wanted to wait for him because I wanted him that bad. He actually told his parents about me and that I got my own place and he will be staying with me a lot. He didn't tell then we are living together because he thinks they won't approve of living with a woman before marriage. I'm sure they will realize he's living with me when he never sleeps home. We have been at our new apartment since Saturday. He said his parents seemed happy for him having a girlfriend and he felt relieved to tell them. I wish he said he lived with me but like I said they will get the hint lol. So things are improving. If my spells worked for me they will work for everyone. They just take time
  5. @Luvbengals - Signs/movements can occur anytime after the spells are cast. Reuniting can happen 2 weeks-12 weeks after the spell are cast. It all depends on your situation. All situations are different, your lover can be extremely stubborn so it may take longer. As of now I have 3 spells cast and 1 in the process of being cast and all I've been getting are signs. I haven't received any kind of movement at all but I know for a fact that my lover is stubborn. I've known my lover and have been friends for 11 years now. We dated for 8 months. Signs can come in many forms. It can be repeating numbers, seeing your lovers birthday, their make/model of car, your anniversary, their name, or even where they work, etc. I too am very impatient so I know how you feel. To keep me from looking at his social media I have completely deactivated all my social media accounts and even Facebook Messenger since the only way he used to contact me was through my cell phone.

    @Chevelle Howard - Trust me I know how you feel. My emotions have been crazy this week as well. I've been thinking about and missing my lover more than usual.

    @Vanessa White - Congratulations on finally getting your lover back. If you don't mind me asking how long did it take for you to see movement after your first spell was cast? How many spells did it take for you to get your lover back completely? I haven't heard from my lover since February 28th. Had my first spell on March 20th, 2019, then had two more spells on May 1st, and May 18th. I also requested to get Destine Desire Souls cast as well but haven't heard an update on it yet. I'm just seeing signs but haven't seen any movement at all.

    @LunarEchoes - That's amazing that you have finally seeing movements. It's a really big improvement. How long did it take you to finally get this movement and how many spell? I'm honestly still waiting to see movement from my spells. My lover has been silent since February 28th, 2019. I just keep seeing signs. It's getting a bit frustrating and lonely that nothing is happening. I have been being positive and working on myself. I've figured out a lot of things since our separation.
  6. Claire

    Claire Well-Known Member

    Hello forum family,
    It’s been a while since I have been on the forum I see so many new names.congratulations to you all that have ask Ashra for help because she really is a amazing person I started working with Ashra in 2017 when I broke up with my soulmate I begged Ashra to help me get him back and she did.It did take a while but it was worth it in the end because he turned back into the man I fell in love with we have been back together for nearly 2 years and we are more in love now then we where before and it’s all down to the amazing work that did for me so please keep being patient and positive because it really does help your spells to manifest.
    Sending each and every one of you positive vibes x
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  7. Freecs

    Freecs New Member Guest Account

    Hi everyone,

    How long do Ashra’s readings usually take till she sends it off? 1-3 days? Does she actually get within the timeline?

    It’s just that I can’t get any peace of mind till I get this reading reply...
  8. Mamie

    Mamie Member

    @Ashra Koehn you are the dearest kindest friend. Thank you for all you do. My Steven is always on my mind, lately I could swear I hear him, and am touching him.... his skin... like he's nearby. So amazing and strange.... The joy and love in my heart surely is radiating out to him along with my spells, and overcoming his stubbornness and fear. He will not be afraid and will reach out soon. And be 100% in that commitment place. With me, of course LOL. Love to you Ashra.
  9. GayAstroMan

    GayAstroMan Active Member

    Just some good news I wanted to share with y'all! I reached out to Ashra about my concerns regarding Arte because he didn't reach out to me for about 5 months recently and she did tell me that the issues isn't related me or him, just that there's a lot of drama going on in his life right now so he's just really distracted with it. She will make sure that Arte doesn't get as distracted with the drama going on in his life so he can start focusing on me.

    Thank you so much, Ashra! Reading your response to my email made my day too!
  10. shanhow

    shanhow New Member Guest Account

    Hey Peeps!
    Has anyone had the Deep Dollar Desire Money Spell or Overmaster Money Spell cast?
    If so how is/was it?
    How long before you seen results?
    I know every person or situation is different.;)
    Anywho just want to say thank you Ashra for being there and helping me. You're Amazing:):p
  11. Twiggy

    Twiggy Member Guest Account

    @Kelena Ashra has given me much hope with my situation also :):thumbsup:. Just need to stay positive and let it all happen.
  12. Honeybee20

    Honeybee20 Member Guest Account

    Woo hoo! She contacted me and said we are going to go Saturday instead!
  13. Lady Kimberlie

    Lady Kimberlie Member Guest Account

    @Honeybee20 how long did it take for first contact or to see movement. Ashra Koehn emailed me today and told me that my freedom Fire spell is in effect. I can't wait to tell you all my joy when he finally contacts me and we get together!!! Stay positive my lovlies!!!!!
  14. Mo1967

    Mo1967 Member Guest Account

    @Sandra J . Always love reading your posts and knowing that you and your love are back together. I know this will happen to me and my husband. Thanks for the positive vibes taken with grateful thanks. Love to you back.
  15. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Hi Everyone,
    Recently I emailed Ashra in a moment of need. I was in a mood and she handled it well, she was quick to reply and she was there for me supporting me.

    So I want to take this time to thank Ashra for dealing with me as I am not easy to deal with at times but she has always stuck by me, she has stayed patient with me for such a long time, she has never turned me away or given up on me. She has been amazing even though sometimes I may seem ungrateful of all she has done for me.

    Guys, remember Ashra is only one person and she cares about each and every one of us!
  16. osculur

    osculur Member Guest Account

    I’m so grateful for this forum. I was feeling down yesterday, but today I feel great thanks to the positive messages I’ve received and hearing everyone’s stories and results :). I know waiting is the hardest part (and it doesn’t help that I’m impatient), but I’m certain that I will get my guy back and it will be because of Ashra.

    I hope everyone is having a great day.
    Sending out positivity to all :laugh:
  17. Chevelle

    Chevelle Member

    @Sandra J Thank you for the encouraging words.
  18. LunarEchoes

    LunarEchoes Member

    Thanks @Ginas @GayatriM @Chevelle Howard <3 I hope the Evocation spell works on his mother, she terrifies me. I hope too all of my other spells continue working on my Matt.

    Really glad he told his parents about you @Candice2018 Must be a relief! And that you guys are living together must be amazing. I can't wait until Matt asks me to move back in with him, I've spent every night with him since Saturday night.

    @Charmedgurl9584 It was similar for me, I heard nothing from my lover since middle-end of February. I had figured out a lot of things since our breakup too and that was even something he said, that he had learned a couple of lessons and hoped that I had too. I have many spells active on him, the first contact/movement came after the 16th spell (Screaming Love Cries), my 18th spell was Evocation of Favorable Opinion for his mother to accept me again. It is so hard and it's a new set of challenges now but I know you will see the same movements with Stephen and will progress further on this journey to bring him home to you.

    @Claire It is wonderful as always to hear from someone who experienced great success with Ashra. Even when it takes a long time like it did for you, it's uplifting when we know we aren't alone fighting no matter how long it takes to reunite with our lovers. Thank you for coming and sharing with us :)

    That is good to hear @GayAstroMan I'm sure it is very common for our lovers to be distracted and caught up in drama and has nothing to do with you. I know it is like that with my Matt, always a lot on his mind, especially over the past couple of years. It is wonderful that Ashra has been able to set your mind at ease and continue monitoring Arte and I know you all will find happiness with each other after so long of fighting for him. That is a very admirable determination.

    Let us know how it goes @Honeybee20 !

    Things are going okay with Matt so far, I just worry I will end up being boring to him :( He has always seemed content with the way things are between us, I am just uneasy when he doesn't talk much and I know that is his nature and he knows it too and tries to improve on it, I just am not pushing anything since we are in this limbo between dating and not dating and he is coping still with a lot of emotional turmoil. If anyone has suggestions anything I can do to keep us strong or make him feel better, I'm all ears. Blessings to you all and thank you all again so much for being here for me <3
  19. Lady Kimberlie

    Lady Kimberlie Member Guest Account

    @munchkin95 how can I follow people too? I can't even look at profiles? Thank you for following me. I'll keep you updates along with everyone else in this lovely forum.

    I have 3 spells active with the wonderful Ashra Koehn. The Passion Panacea, Object of Desire and the Freedom Fire. They are all active at this moment and last night I had a dream about my love. I never remember my dreams but at 1:56 in the morning I woke up and was shocked. It didn't seem like he was very happy but maybe thats because he is thinking about the past and not dealing with his feelings. I know he feels horrible about leaving me so I take this as he is working through his emotions. I've been told he is using her as a distraction and she will be the one to break it off first. Exactly what I asked for to happen. I am very impatiently waiting because he is my best friend and would give anything to have our beautiful family together again!!! It will happen. I know it.
  20. Fera

    Fera Popular Member

    Hello @Claire! How are you? So happy to hear from you again. Yes the community has grown bigger and lots of people have got results! It is good to know that you two are doing okay and the relationship is still on. Ashra has helped a lot of people and I really can't wait for my spells to kick in full force. @Honeybee20! Wow that's such a great news to hear. Hope the communication will improve soon. @shanhow! I haven't had any experience with the spells you mentioned, but I had some luck with my money spell. It took a while for me to see results, but it did work. Just give them a try.
  21. Runshawen Ward

    Runshawen Ward New Member Guest Account

    I’ve been really going through these last couple days ups and down about my ex lover I keep seeing her type of she drives and every car I see is the same color as hers but her cars in many different colors but it’s her type of car she drives and she still calls me blocked I haven’t from her in 2 days tomorrow will make it 3 days I’m so lonely without her @Ashra please give me an update or anybody can help me on her ??

    I did tell her that I loved her and that breaking any guidelines??
  22. Araba

    Araba Member

    @Candice2018 Congrats on the new apartment!! I like the fact that he’s taking things slowly with them...he knows them better you know! At least you are together and with time the parents will get into line as well. Wish you the best dear :)

    @B23075 Can you share the influence link spell

    @Honeybee20 Wooh!!!! Okay, it’s gonna be a beautiful weekend for you. Happy for you

    @Vanessa White Okay!! Have never heard that Almagest spell, can you share the link pls
  23. jessjoe18

    jessjoe18 Active Member Member Plus Account

    Hey forum family how is everyone doing? I can't sleep been long day and night I buried my aunt and my other aunt isn't well but I am hoping this goes away. Anyway no contact from my lover yet I am staying positive and my birthday is Saturday I hope he reaches out and comes and surprise me lol. I am hoping save money for another spell been tough with relocating and having pay a big portion of aunt's funeral. Anyway what's going on forum family? I love coming on here and read ppl back with their lovers and or movement. Sending positive love vibes
  24. Vcm

    Vcm Member Guest Account

    Hi @Claire how long did it take to get your lover back please and thanks for sharing your wonderful news gives me so much hope and happiness to hear these stories
  25. Chica

    Chica Member

    Hello friends. I messed up!! After one month of being real good and having no contact I broke the rule. I got lonely, it started to rain, reminded me of us and I text him. He didn’t respond. I was also upset because it’s been a week without a text. What am i supposed to do!! I apologized to my spells but I’m not sure what else I have to do. I have 3 spells cast and Ashra told me that it looked good for us and she looked forward to happy photos of us reunited but I’m so impatient. That is a quality i lack!!! Am i being paranoid. I have faith and trust I’m her bit sometimes the loneliness gets to me and i have doubts in my head. Help me please....
  26. Nakisha Wair

    Nakisha Wair New Member Guest Account

    Hi, I seen that you purchased the obeah spell last year. I was wondering how long did it take to fully manifest?
  27. Dree

    Dree Member Guest Account

    @shanhow: What is the Deep Desire Money Spell--Can not find it? I am looking for a reasonably priced general money spell. Thanks.
  28. Honeybee20

    Honeybee20 Member Guest Account

    Lady Kimberlee I started with Ashra in March and I have 5 spells working on my situation. Stay positive! It will happen. I’ll keep everyone posted to see how it goes. We planned for a walk but it’s been raining here all week. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow morning but I’m still hoping she decides to come anyways. She’s been wanting to see my house. Either way she’s showing way more of an interest. She made future plans to go skydiving with me in August. She even looked at places nearby and the cost. This is all a good sign that she’s already planning a future with me. We even have a date in September to see IT 2. I guess first things first though. She needs to come over!ha I keep hinting around she can come whenever as in my doors always open to you. But she’s never been at my house and we’ve never dated before. It’s been a slow process with her as I have been madly in love with her for two years. It’s already been a beautiful story between us and with Ashra’s help it’s become amazing. I’m excited to see the full manifestation and share it with everyone!

    Positive vibes!
  29. Honeybee20

    Honeybee20 Member Guest Account

    Also I gave her my address and now she knows where I live she was so happy she did that thing where she leaped off one foot. She’s so beautiful and adorable.❤️
  30. Sallygirl

    Sallygirl Member

    @Vanessa_Natalia2206 Thank you I'm just staying super positive right now. Hes much more nicer now. I'm just waiting on my update from my last spell I got. I know with your situation he will come back soon. Ashra is great and works hard so dont give up at all
  31. Saggal

    Saggal New Member Guest Account

    Guys, how is everyone? I'm sure everyone having good news already or very soon x

    So, after last sign i had about he liked my Facebook profile picture, there's nothing since then.
    However, this morning before i awake, I was having a dream and in the dream I got a phone call, while i looked at the screen, i saw that was him calling and i was so excited and happy looked at my friend and didn't know what to do lol, then somehow I answered, he was asking me something stupid and very short conversation then the call ended.

    It was just a dream, but I would love to anyhow take that as a sign? That would make myself feel better, at least.

    Still waiting @Ashra / @Ashra Koehn to do the adjustment on the spell and hopefully it will be soon, and so have things move faster.
  32. Ashra Koehn

    Ashra Koehn Well-Known Member Staff Member

    UPDATE: For anyone who requested a psychic reading. Please remember that there is a long line. Please be patient for your reading to be completed. Thank you.
  33. ssandsb

    ssandsb New Member Guest Account

    I know Ashra is busy but how long does it take usually to receive a response back via email? Im very new to this site
  34. Chevelle

    Chevelle Member

  35. Chevelle

    Chevelle Member

    @Claire thank you so much for the encouragement. It helps alot. Thank you to everyone who's been in our shoes who is trying to get there lover back
  36. munchkin95

    munchkin95 Member

    I cannot wait to have a healthier and more consistent relationship with him...and go on dates and snuggle and be dorks together and laugh and be silly and go on trips and just be happy because life is too short to be anything less!!
  37. fairel83

    fairel83 Member Guest Account

    My lover came home last night....after not being under the same roof with me for a few months, but he slept on the couch last night! He is definitely being hot and cold for as he tells me that he is thinking about me and that he loves me. *sighs* he’s extremely stubborn
  38. Aquabeauty83

    Aquabeauty83 Member Guest Account

    @Ashra Koehn I've been waiting since last year for spots to come open and I missed it so when do you think more spots will become available??
  39. shanhow

    shanhow New Member Guest Account

    @Fera thanks for responding lady. I'm definitely gonna give it a try!:thumbsup:
  40. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Member Guest Account

    @Saggal I'm well thank you, It was a sign and that's very positive the movement liking your post don't worry there will be more soon :)

    @Ashra Koehn We all appreciate everything you do thank you and take care :)

    @Saggal Don't try and decipher what the dreams mean the fact is dreaming of your lover is a big sign all good:)

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