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Ashra Koehn's Spells - ashraspells.com

Discussion in 'Ashra Reviews' started by Anya83, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. Lizzardlove

    Lizzardlove Member

    I had one question reading from Ashra and i am so happy with this answer that she gave me.
    I am so exited to see this Come true.:thumbsup:
    I know that the FUTURE is not written in stone but i am going to do everything to be positive and patient so this will come true.
    I will wait for him to contact me if it is about us.
    But i sometimes need to contact him becauce of the children.:)
    Stay positive and strong People love the life.
    You are all going to get your love again.
    I am looking forward to let you all know when i will get movement and get my husband home into my arms again.:inlove:
    I dont know 100% but i think that he is not longer with the other woman. Jeiii

    I am enjoying my life in Tenerife with my Kids and my Sister.
    I hope you all will and can have a nice days.
    Thank you Ashra for all that you do for me and everyone on the forum.
    You are my angel.

    Peace and love to you all and hugs for everyone:inlove:
  2. LadyT18

    LadyT18 New Member Guest Account

    Good morning everyone! I just want to update. I had spells cast by ashra a week ago for my husband to end his relationship with the other woman. just this past weekend our son got sick with an ear infection and a fever. My ex hasn't seen him since Christmas and his insurance was being difficult and I needed to speak to my ex about it. I did send him kind of a rude email and we got into a small argument. The next morning he emailed me again regarding the insurance and I thanked him and apologized for my rude behavior and explained the situation I was in. He understood and we talked for a few minutes via email about our son. He told me he didn't want to be enemies with me. We actually got along!!! I sent him two pictures of our son and I haven't done that in 6 months. I was trying to be very polite about everything. We joked about our son and just had a really good convo. I feel like this is a great step.
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  3. Randy Stevenz

    Randy Stevenz New Member Guest Account

    Ashra is the best at her work. Her spells are very powerful. I recently saw my friend to whom I love this past Sunday. We had a great time going out to eat, spending time with her new puppy, and hugging each other. Looking forward to many more things to come with her. I truly recommend Ashra. Her spells are truly the best. Thanks and many Blessings!!
  4. Candice2018

    Candice2018 Member

    @LunarEchoes Hey thanks! Yes it is a relief and it's amazing. Nice that you've been spending the night with him. I hope you live together soon. Did you ask Ashra when it will happen? I did and she was right 

    @Araba Thank you . Yeah he does know his parents but he didn't think they would be happy for him. Then again they don't totally know that we are living together and they don't know my age. When they asked him my age he told them not to worry about it. He does everything in baby steps ugh. You're right we are living together at least. Even when I told ashra I'm not completely happy that he hadn't told his parent about us living together and asked when he will tell them she said be happy that we are living together and that he will tell them soon. Soon was sure right. Very very soon; he told them the same day she told me that  And thank you; I wish you the best as well 

    @Mirica Choi Hi and you're welcome. I come back on here when I can to motivate people. I think Ashra is busy. I emailed her as well and she hasn't gotten back to me yet. I hope to you did tell Ashra his real name. Spells take time but you will get your lover. My boyfriend is very stubborn and takes time with things ; that's why it took 10 months for me to get him but I got him and you will get your man too :)
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  5. Vanessa_Natalia2206

    Vanessa_Natalia2206 Member Guest Account

    @Jeremy Drafall I'm sure Ashra has some spells. You can always email her and ask
  6. MikeM

    MikeM Member

    Awesome!! Thank you @FlyingHigh !! It does seem different than the one I purchased off the homepage links. I'm thinking I'll have @Ashra cast this one as well since it seems that many others have purchased it and seen positive results. I know Ashra is extremely busy so didn't want to keep bothering her asking about this particular one. Once again the forum family has come through with, "Flying" colors. LOL (see what i did there?)
  7. Thanh

    Thanh Member

    Hello everyone! Hope all is well! I have a question and please someone help me If I purchase 2 spells at the same time do I need 2 seals or just one for both?
  8. Chevelle

    Chevelle Member

    @Me-me HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
  9. LunarEchoes

    LunarEchoes Member

    Welcome to the forums @JoA

    Hugs to you @Lizzardlove I enjoy your affirmations <3

    @JemmieB Good to hear your spells were successful; it was somewhat similar for me in that my lover's relationship to the other girl ended badly. It apparently had been going bad for awhile, possibly as soon as my first spells were cast. Give it some time, just don't let him slip away.

    Welcome @Daisy1089 Heart of the Enchanter is a spell I have had cast and Ashra reported very positively on it. Signs and movements can be a lot of things - signs can be dreaming of your lover, seeing angel numbers (2222, e.t.c.), numbers that hold special meaning with your lover (their birthday, anniversary, e.t.c.), seeing their make/model of vehicle. Movements are when the spells have manifested in a way that is physically evident to you, so when your lover contacts you.

    Fingers crossed for you @Honeybee20 Let us know how it goes!

    Happy birthday @Me-me I hope all that you wish for comes true for you

    Aww @Mirica Choi please don't feel ignored, and no need to feel self-conscious about the way you look! I know how it is to be bullied and it's awful. Just don't let it affect your confidence, and if you want even Ashra offers a beauty spell that many have reported have cleared up skin blemishes and such ( https://www.passion-panacea.com/beautyspell.html ). Hugs

    I am so very grateful to @Ashra for the progress that's been made. I have frequently told my spells this and thanked them for all that has been done so far. I asked them and made a few 11:11 wishes both for having Matt ask me to be his again and to help me get my old job back. Well things are still going at an odd pace with Matt but I got an email back from my old job and it seems likely I can go back there sometime later this year. So I am very grateful for things coming together in the ways that I want even if it is taking its time.
  10. Sallygirl

    Sallygirl Member

    Hey everyone just wanted to say I hope everyone is having a great day and just stay positive. As for my my live is slowly coming back. He is video chatting with me more and more. Making plans to come visit me in my state and I couldnt be happier right now. Thank you again Ashra Koehn for everything you are a blessing. For those that are still waiting for your love ones to come back they will just have patience and stay positive.
  11. NICKYBABE915

    NICKYBABE915 New Member Guest Account

    Does anyone know How long does it take for Ashra to answer the one question reading?
  12. Sandra J

    Sandra J Active Member

    Hi LadyT18, That's great news about the break up between your husband and that lady . Ashra spells are powerful enough to remove obstacles that's interfering with your relationship, happy that you both is getting along better. Trust me it will not be long before he comes back to you.

    Lizzardlove I see that you're full of positive energy and ready to see the full results of your spells. Keep busy and enjoy life while your spells are working on your husband to return. Staying busy kept me from thinking about my situation and spells. Ashra is such a great person and she just love reuniting couples back together. Can't tell you how thankful I was to have Ashra in my life.

    Chelsey Kortz, I have to say this Ashra will never ignore you, Asking her to recast your spells is ok, Ashra will take time to do that for her clients especially if you're not seeing movements Ashra is such a sweetheart with a kind soul . Ashra will do what makes her clients happy and if we're happy so is Ashra.

    Ryguy94 that's great news you're seeing movements from your lover. Everything will work out for you !

    Murica Chol that is the problem while you're not seeing movements from your lover. Please make sure you have the real name and birthday, date the person is born we may not think it's important to us, but it is really important because it's a big help when Ashra start casting spells. I hope she will respond soon.

    Neelam that's wonderful news Ashra cast your spell to bring back your lover. Good things about to happened for you, nd you will have your lover peremeant.

    Me-me I like to say happy belated birthday to you and I hope you made the best out of the situation. I can relate with you about being emotional and drain . I also see that you have numerous of spells active on your lover. Keep it together sweetie he will return to you, Ashra knows what she's doing and your spells can sense your feelings and it will not help bring back your lover if you're speaking negative. You have to stay strong and say to yourself it's going to be alright and he is coming back soon, You have to speak positive energy to bring forward the manifestation.

    Lilmama welcome to the community and you're going to see great results and movements with your spells. Stay focused and keep your mind positive.

    B23075 I see you have two great spells that I have active on my lover, Never Let Me Go and Screaming Love Cries., with a seal is a awesome and I saw movements with both . You will see changes in everything you're looking to resolve.

    JoA, Welcome to the community where everyone is friendly and don't judged, I hope that you're feel comfortable while you wait on your lover to return .

    MIkeM, Freedom Fire Break Up Standard And Freedom Fire Break Quad, Freedom Fire Break Up Triple Cast
    I had everyone of these spells working on my relationship and yes it does work to break up two people's and also a group of people's. I also had each seal to keep them stronger and protected.

    GayAstroMan I feel what Ashra is saying to you about Arte's and his life on social media isn't good at all, I noticed Ashra has been helping you awhile now to bring him to you, Looking for other men isn't good at all , Drama definitely not good and I know you're not about that life by reading your post .
    Daisy1089 , Welcome to the community and yes I purchased Hearts of the Enchanter Triple Cast and seal it also. It's a great spell and good to have on your side.

    I truly hope everyone is staying positive and strong enough to let your spells manifest to the full bloom . I read where alot of you're down and depressed about not seeing movements right now. It's a working progress to let your spells work on your lovers and situations. These spells doesn't work over night .Ashra has given you the key to have your lovers back for good, but you have to keep faith and trust to let the spells remove obstacles that's interfering in your relationship with your lovers. I know it can be hard to just think about what if my lover isn't coming back and that's when you decide to fight and keep fighting like I did with my lover. Ashra has worked her tail off for everyone at least take a moment to just relax and enjoy the ride while getting everything you wanted.
    Sending Positive Vibes!!
  13. JT

    JT Active Member

    Hi everyone, I am so happy to see that many people are seeing movement in their situations. It definitely gives me hope and reassurance that I need to know that I am working with the right person in Ashra for my situation. Happy Birthday Me-Me, may your greatest wish come true for you on your special day. Hi Lizzardlove, wishing you the best for your situation with your husband to repair your family. That is great news if he left the other women which makes it 1 step closer to getting him back. Hi LadyT18, sorry about what is going on with your son and his ear infection. That is great that you and your husband are starting to talk again since it has been about 6 months or so. Take this as movement from the universe that your time for being back together is becoming a reality. Have a great week everybody!!!!
  14. Lady Kimberlie

    Lady Kimberlie Member Guest Account

    This is going to be short and sweet!!!

    He texted me!!!! I responded but not too much. There were a few back and forth but then I think he went back to work. Not going to contact until he does again!!!! So happy right now!!!
  15. LunarEchoes

    LunarEchoes Member

    @Jeremy Drafall I believe of few of Ashra's spells can be tailored to what you are seeking. Ashra offers a couple of wealth spells https://www.passion-panacea.com/spellsformoney.html or https://www.passion-panacea.com/wealthspell.html Since you are seeking fame, you might look into Blue Tooth of Valor, which helps with luck https://www.passion-panacea.com/goodluckspell.html or Aunt Mai Terminus, which can aid you in achieving any task or goal you are after https://www.passion-panacea.com/success-spells.html
  16. Dovey

    Dovey Member Guest Account

    Omg dudes!!!!! I have prayed for a huge sign to really get my attention and to verify that my man is thinking of me. Like not just repeating numbers...but a huge sign that would literally pop up and hit me.
    I go into the living room and the news was on. I grabbed a handful of cashews and looked at the tv screen. Then all of a sudden his name as first name (in the English sense because his name is Spanish..but i call him by the english meaning) and my name pops up my name as last name.
    Does that make sense????
    It only popped up for a second and then it was gone and I caught it!!!!
    Seriously, is this a major sign that I prayed for????
  17. @LunarEchoes -Thank you for sharing. Wow, it took many spells to get your lover to finally contact you. I honestly wish I had the money to be able to get more spells so I can get my lover to contact me quicker. It would be our 1 year anniversary on July 4th and as it gets closer and closer the more I want him back. This time last year we were talking every day and getting closer but we were seeing two different people at that time. The Destine Desire Soul spell was my 4th spell in 3 1/2 months. I continue to see signs and even see him driving his garbage truck past me. Twice today as a matter of fact. That's what happens when he is the local garbage man so I go to my grandmothers I pass him, I go to my father's bam I pass him and of course he picks up my fathers trash too. My legs start shaking whenever I pass him as well.

    @Luvbengals - Men usually are very stubborn but I'm just as bad. Most twins do share energy of some sort especially identical twins. While studying for my Psychology degree I read that there have been cases where twins are able to sense if their twin is hurt or in danger. I also dated fraternal twins before. I dated the one brother in High School that was actually my first then I dated his twin brother almost 3 years ago. It seems like it could be a sign dreaming about his twin. I don't actually pass my lovers work either but my lover is the local garbage man around where I live. I used to see him driving around every once in awhile before and when he would see me I would get a creepy text from him saying "I see you." Lol. Now I'm seeing him 1-2 days a week. I saw him twice today while I was out and about doing errands all day. So I see that as a sign , I also see more of his make/model of his two vehicles, garbage trucks from where he works more, and his birthday, name everywhere. It's crazy. Like I said you can get the weirdest and random signs ever. Don't look so hard, relax and let the signs come to you. I promise you they will become so frequent that you will get impatient and just want to see movement. Mediating, doing the Laws of Attraction, and talking to your spells really do help the signs. That's all we really can do just go about our everyday life and patiently wait even though it is hard.

    @Vanessa White - That's incredible that you saw movement within 4 weeks of your first spell. I honestly wish I had movement that quick. I only have 4 spells and just getting signs. 3 of my spells were Triple cast and two were sealed. I don't have very much money so I rather have spent the little extra money to get the Triple cast than the seal. I know that Ashra is amazing and absolutely believe in her. She has had my back throughout this whole thing I just get a little bit impatient though especially since July 4th would be our 1 year anniversary. I miss him more than anything. My lover was/is my best friend, Twin Flame/Soul mate. It breaks my heart that last June he told me that even if we didn't start dating and get together he would always be there for me, and be my best friend. I haven't heard from him since February 28th.
  18. Me-me

    Me-me Member

    Well i didn't get to see my love for my birthday but he did wait until 12AM and text me hope you enjoyed your day i was surprised and wasn't expecting that from him i feel he had to be thinking of me to say that i just wish he would stop being so stubborn and tell me how he really feels about me/ us. i guess I'll take it as movement because last year we was not talking at all he made my night because he texted me :inlove:
  19. osculur

    osculur Member Guest Account

    I did end up looking at my lovers current gfs Facebook page and I see they’re still together. I try not to look and I haven’t in weeks, but sadly I did. Though they are together, I know he’s not happy with her. I’ve known him long enough to be able to read him. Also when I looked at the picture of them together, I wasn’t sad. I actually felt a sense of clam and electric shock in my heart of love for him. I’m currently very happy as well! I ordered Freedom Fire and I know it’s working and their relationship will end soon.
  20. Fera

    Fera Popular Member

    Hello @MikeM! How are you? It is completely fine to add the spell without Ashra's suggestion. I never asked her either. If you think it's what you need, then just order one. I have a break up spell active too and still waiting for a movement. I suggest you not checking on your lover's pages. It will only put you in a bad mood. They will fall apart when the time is right. Here is the link to Freedom Fire https://www.ashraspells.com/breakup-spells.html hope it helps you my friend.

    @Daisy1089! I got Heart of Enchanter cast last year as it worked alongside others spells I have active. I believe it is perfect for stubborn situations. Just hoping that you will see results soon. Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way!!!
  21. Vanessa_Natalia2206

    Vanessa_Natalia2206 Member Guest Account

    Hi forum family ! How are you guys today ? I’m waiting for Ashra to update me on casting soul link . :) sending love and light towards everyone’s way :D
  22. Fera

    Fera Popular Member

    Hello @Lincoln! You can order Eve of Love spell here https://www.passion-panacea.com/love-spell-casters.html @LadyT18! That is a baby step! I know you expect something more, but for now having a good communication with your lover is important. At least you guys got along with each other now! I hope you two will be back together soon. @Jeremy Drafal! I am not sure whether Ashra has a spell to help us become famous. It is best to contact her personally and tell her about your situation. @Me-me! Many happy returns. I wish you all the best. Sending lots of kisses and hugs for you all!!!
  23. angelabee

    angelabee Member

    @Lizzardlove I’m so happy for you! We’re claiming victory! :inlove:
    Ok I got to tell y’all the craziest thing that happened! So I posted a couple of pictures on my Facebook page because I know my lover is page watching my page so I’m giving him something to look at :D I posted these photos this past Sunday BUT!!!!!!! I just noticed today that I posted those pics at 4:10 pm that day! Y’all this is my lover’s birthday month and day which is April 10th! How crazy is that!! I didn’t even realize I did that! Major sign for me!
  24. rubixxx

    rubixxx New Member Guest Account

    Hello! I'm just new here. Is there anyone here used the Karma Spell? How's the effect? Can't wait until Ashra does the spell. Thank you so much.
  25. Kitsune

    Kitsune New Member Guest Account

    Helloooo! I'm interested in purchasing a spell, but I originally reached out to Ashra through the contact form and haven't been answered yet (it's been 2-3 days).

    My question is, do I just pay for a spell and she will get back to me or am I waiting for her to reach out with advice for the situation before choosing the spells? Thanks in advance.
  26. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Member Guest Account

    @B23075 Both are strong spells to help with your situation:)

    @Chevelle Howard You can feel it definitely the day one of mine was cast I felt a surge of energy first thing in the morning

    @JoA Welcome to the forum :)

    @ashtonelizabethtalley1999 Caring,sweet and also great we are truly blessed to have her:)

    @zarah555 Yes you will be with him let us know when you have movement:)

    @Lizzardlove Glad your having a good holiday with your children :) Everything will workout for you you will see :)

    @MikeM I too have unconditional love for my girl. Whether it be freedom fire or not it's a breakup spell and it will work have you tried force of will?

    @JemmieB Pleased it has worked when you are ready you are ready while I'm an outsider and it's easy for me to say don't leave it too long if he is reaching out let him know you are still interested.

    @GayAstroMan I think he maybe trying to distract himself from his life and possiboy from the effects of the spells. It's done now the spying just make sure it don't happen again apologise to your spells and Ashra.

    @Daisy1089 Not had it cast myself I would not mind this is a powerful spell and I'm sure it will bring about the change you want

    @Honeybee20 :) Friday will be a good day I'm sure

    @Flea23 Dreams are big signs that your spells are working. I'm sure he was reminded of you when the storms are raging :)

    @Ariesjj21 It's fine don't worry we are all only human at the end of the day. Tired is a good sign everything is working well and you enjoy what's left of the rest of the week.

    @EricaLeeCollins199226 Your doing the right thing just step back he will miss you. Ashra will let you know if you need anything else spell wise.

    @Lady Kimberlie Dreams are signs that it is working:) I wouldn't even try to decipher that they mean just he happy to know that it is working for you:)

    @Lovenursemom6876 Nothing is impossible if you want him I say fight for him.

    @Mirica Choi Bullied for your looks don't listen to bullies nothing makes my blood boil more bullies are cowards and get a kick out of put downs don't let anyone bring ypu down you have as much right as anyone to happiness beauty is skin deep. You will have your hearts desire my friend:)

    @Me-me Hope you had a good birthday :)

    @Jeremy Drafall Do you really want to be famous? I'm happy just being under the radar myself to each their own.

    @LadyT18 Any progress is progress and the fact you were able to talk calmly and it flowed is good and that you stayed on good terms is all good well done keep it friendly until he opens up then you can.
  27. Jul1e

    Jul1e Member Guest Account

    @B23075 hi there. Yes it’s an expensive spell but my goodness it works. I had contact within weeks of being cast and my lover confessing he was lost without me and wants a life with me. Broke up with the woman he was with aswel. Good luck with saving for it, I highly recommend it!
  28. LoveHurts

    LoveHurts New Member Guest Account

    @Vanessa White congratulations on getting your man back. I'm hoping I could get my man back soon. I've been working with Ashra for a while now, but I've broke a lot of rules and I'm not aware that Im breaking it.. Do you have any advice for me how to ask forgiveness to me and my spells?
  29. Truebeliever006

    Truebeliever006 New Member Guest Account

    Hi @Ashra and everyone, I had asked this previously but didn’t get a response. I know we have the no contact rule but will I ruin progress by wishing my ex happy Father’s Day and Initiate first contact? He contacted me on mother’s day and we saw each other but not again since then. We do not share children.
  30. MikeM

    MikeM Member

    Last night I purchased Freedom Fire for @Ashra to cast. I was always nervous yet excited with the other spells she has cast for me, but this one was different. This morning I am extremely excited and my stomach actually is doing flips, like butterflies or something. That hasn't happened to me in many years. Maybe my soul is telling me something, like, it's time! Anyone else ever feel anything like that. Has anyone seen pretty quick results with breakups using this spell? Thanks everyone.
    I stay tired. I usually give my all at work, which is a pretty physical job. But I want to believe it's the other spells working as well.
    I will catch up and comment directly towards others on the forum this afternoon. Sorry if I haven't interacted with everyone more.
  31. NICKYBABE915

    NICKYBABE915 New Member Guest Account

    Hey everyone! Is it true that Ashra Koehn won't cast a spell if she doesnt see or feel that you will get your lover back?
  32. tootsie88

    tootsie88 New Member Guest Account

    Hi everyone,
    I wanted to update everyone and let them know that after TWO weeks of Ashra having cast 5 spells for me, IT WORKED! I am a true believer now. I was in a situation where it seemed IMPOSSIBLE for my fiancee to come back but he reached out to me last week asking me to attend his therapy session. I can now proudly say that we are going to attend couple's therapy to help heal our relationship and he ended things with the other woman as well. I am the happiest I've been in these past two months where it felt like I had hit rock bottom. Keep believing, IT WILL HAPPEN!
  33. Chica

    Chica Member

    Hey guys. So I need some advice.. I currently have 3 spells casted on my ex, but I have no “seals”. Should I get one, and if so which one? And why? If y’all could help out with your opinions I would really appreciate it. Thank you. Hope everyone has a blessed weekend :)
  34. Jadyn Ray

    Jadyn Ray Member Guest Account

    As anyone had the wishes granted spell done for them?
  35. Twiggy

    Twiggy Member Guest Account

    Just requested Ashra to cast Scar Healing. Has anyone else had this spell cast and what was your experience. Thanks.
    We had a few problems in our relationship and I broke his trust. He last told me thinks about me and our memories, but he gets angry about the betrayal and broken trust, so hoping this will help with those feelings he has and he'll come back to me soon.
  36. fairel83

    fairel83 Member Guest Account

    Can somebody tell me the difference between Force of Will and Freedom Fire Spell?
  37. Ambrosia_421

    Ambrosia_421 Active Member

    Hey forum family. So I have an example of how your spells will work on you. This is pretty intense, or so i thought at the time. When I first started working with Ashra she told me the spells would help keep us from moving away from each other. Well the spells continue to show me this is true.
    A couple weekends ago the neighbor downstairs had a question for me, some kids were knocking on his door and running away and he wanted to know if i was experiencing the same thing. I responded no, but there had been an incident of someone turning off my power. (Possibly kids again). I wanted to show him where the electrical box was in case it happened again (you know being a good neighbor). Anyway we end up talking for a bit, and he admitted he'd been drinking most if the day and said he was attracted to me. Tried to invite me to sleep with him. I politely declined and told him i wasn't interested and that I was happier by myself(secretly thinking until my love comes back but i keep thoughts of my lover safely locked in my mind). He persisted a bit and again i told him i had no interest in him. And he's got this crazy ex girlfriend who constantly spies on him... So double no way!!
    When that ended I went back to my apartment, alone, and went about my business, confident in my love for my lover. (Thankfully i haven't heard from the neighbor since). Now for the fun part. That night i had a very vivid dream of my lover. Very positive and happy. Then that morning, when i got in my car I had a flash in my mind of my lover's face. That day, and for several days after ive been seeing vehicles like his, been seeing and hearing his name, been hearing songs about getting back together (or about not giving up) and ive been getting many flashes of memories of us. I mean it was like non stop. I am convinced my spells were making sure my attention was strongly fixed on my lover. I have no way of knowing at this point, but if the spells are doing this to me, I wonder if they are steering him away from others and towards me? I'm sure they are, but I wonder if he experiences what I did. Fun to think about.
    Moral of the story. Dont give up. Your spells will work on you and your lover to bring you two back together. It may not be what i experienced, but they will find the way. Spells work in mysterious ways ;)
  38. Daisy1089

    Daisy1089 New Member Guest Account

    @Fera. How long did
    It take you to see results when you had hearts of enchanted casted?
  39. Patricia Rumbaoa

    Patricia Rumbaoa New Member Guest Account

    I ordered Passion Panacea and that day that I got an email from Ashra about it being completed, my love talked to me at the gym and I wasn’t even expecting it! He came up and talked to me and at the end of our conversation he kissed me! After that, I ordered another spell. I got it completed today!! I’m so happy that there is movement since the first spell! I’m hoping and praying that it keeps getting better from here on out. Thank you so much ashra! I’m counting down the days til my love comes back to me. ❤️❤️❤️
  40. munchkin95

    munchkin95 Member

    He reached out again...HE asked my opinion for a photo shoot he had on the best picture..so random..via snapchat as usual, then things got intense...he wanted to see me asap and left a bar he was at and came over and BAM....THINGS WENT INSANE AND HE KISSED ME ON MY FRONT PORCH...MY BRAIN WAS EXPLODING. When things got heated and our bodies were forming as one, he said some things that made me realize everything is manifesting..."You're the only girl" "Only you turn me on" " only you get me" " are you comfortable?" "I want us as close as possible"....GUYS...NEVER DOUBT...EVEN MYSELF I 'VE BEEN DOWN BUT WOW..i HAVE A HUGE HICKEY ON MY NECK TO PROVE THAT THINGS WENT AMAZING FAST. he even called me the next morning to chat. Sorry, so many caps I realize. :) I'm so glad, I can't wait to continue talking to him.

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