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I can't be more than happy that I found Ashra,
My journey I've met a lot of scammers, people who say they can help and then want to have from 100$-1500$ for just to help me to give me a spell to use or so the spell for me. Even when i've told them that I'm not only broke (money) but heartbroken as well. Some of them have threaten me and tried to scare me to take my money so they can 'can' help me.. Not one single of them have been so nice to me as Ashra, she understand me in a way No other does.

Now I'm waiting for the spell to kick in and i believe that Ashra is the only One who really want to help others.

I've faith in her magick and i have seen comments here on the forum that I've all the reason to do that.

You guys lift me up in my sorrow with all the loving comments to each other.

I wish that I can be so strong everyday as you're.
Best regards,
The one with the empty heart.


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Goodmoring fam!! It's just about 4 in the morning here in Nebraska and something told me to check on something on social media so I did and low and behold my Halloween spell and Ashra took care of exactly what I wanted and needed to happen!! :):) I'm so freaking excited and happy!!! More great things to come, thank you again Ashra Koehn for everything you have done for me and everyone it truly means more than you will ever know!!:inlove::inlove:, yesterday my man had messaged me to see if I still wanted to go to the store and he came and picked me up, but before he did that he had a situation where he had to talk with law enforcement due to his storage unit got broken into during the overnight hours and stole all of his tools that were worth alot of money and it has him pretty upset and I know whomever did it will be caught and I pray he will be able to get his tools back and despite the incident we had a great time grocery shopping yesterday and he was all over me being very affectionate with me in public :) so I know my spell is working wonders and it has only been 3 days since it was cast and I love it!! I know many of you will see great results with your spells as well!! Stay strong and stay positive, have a great Monday everyone


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@Sophia7mc well I found ashra last year of April and have been working with her ever since. To my recollection it took about 2 weeks for Force of Will to start manifesting but then again I had several spells active with Twilight seal so that could've helped push the spell to act quicker than usual. Everything was great..she was calling everyday all day and texting every chance she got..telling me how much she loves and misses me and would wana see me so badly!! Also very vivid dreams on both ends. It was amazing!! Fast forward to now and we've hit that cold phase Unfortunately. I got Call to Arms casted last week and the next 3 days she called me telling me she was thinking about me and couldn't resist hearing my voice!! At this point I'm over 22 spells in..guess I'm a spellaholic :laugh: ..


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I’ve decided to get the 5 battles and triple seal to banish several women :nailbiting: I figured I haven’t bought a seal before and reading the descriptions, those will really help. I can’t wait to see what this brings and hopefully when he comes back it strengthens our relationship by removing these people.


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@Chocolate.drop nice. Happy for you. I’m becoming a "spell aholic" myself though. :p since june I've gotten somewhere around 10 spells now. And the hot/cold phase drives me nuts! My lover and i arent on good terms right now, due to me accidentally breaking his window. Ugh. I’m so worried and upset with myself. I banged on his window too hard to get his attention& it broke alil. I apologized & offered to pay but other than an angry text from him yesterday morning, he hasn't contacted me. :unsure: i can’t wait til this all passes. I want to hear him tell me sweet things like your lover has. I hope u get your final outcome soon. :inlove:

Mabel Pines

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missnina10, I have a lot of spells active, so I can’t be 100% sure which one it was, but I think Emerald Crystal (a lust spell) worked pretty fast. I chose that spell thinking I might as well try drawing him in faster from a different, sexy angle, :laugh:.

Unique Star, I can’t remember which website it’s on now, but Scar Healing is in the “other” category (the category might be called “spells”). It’s not in the love or romance sections.

fairel83, if that happened to me, I’d be dancing around the room! What a great sign!

Steeltoeflipflops, amazing! If you haven’t texted her back yet, can you go with something like, “I’m so sorry you’re hurting. Let me know if there’s anything I can do.” Just act sympathetic and concerned about her well-being. Good luck to you!!

RainTreeSketch, that is wonderful news! I totally agree with what you said, “whatever Ashra is doing, IT’S REAL.” Two times now, Ashra has said something in a report that made me think, “oh, that would never happen, it must be a metaphor or something,” and then the thing happened. My man is usually very low-key and “cool,” but when he messaged me over the weekend, he was like a little boy on Christmas morning, begging to come over because he missed me. It was soooo heartwarming.

Hang in there, everybody.


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@Mabel Pines That is amazing! I'm always stunned when I hear someone's lover admit their feelings so candidly, it is incredible and I feel such evidence that it can only be from the spells.

@Steeltoeflipflops We don't count things as coincidence here when it comes to spells. It truly sounds like your breakup spell worked and pretty quickly, I might add.

@Chocolate.drop I have many spells cast at this point so I guess that makes me a spellaholic as well.

@Ashra please let me know as soon as you have cast my spell, I know you are very busy. My situation is steadily worsening. I was mentally preparing to return to work but just couldn't, I took the offer of personal leave time my HR representative had offered me, to give me another three weeks. My depression is just so bad.

The Siren

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Good morning everyone! :) I feel a lot better since my recent spell was casted last week. I feel the negativity has lifted off of my shoulders. :thumbsup: Now I'm starting to have this sprite of positively out of nowhere flowing right through me. :innocent: That weird negativity that I had, it feel as if it didn't want to "leave" out of my body, it felt so weird that I have a hard time explaining what I had to experience this pass week, but thankfully it's gone. :innocent: Thank you Ashra for expanding your anniversary spells for the next two weeks (now one week), very very sweet of you. :inlove: I hope you are resting as much as possible after all of the hard work you put yourself into, you really deserve it. :inlove::inlove::inlove: I'm going to purchase one more spell from you which is the"Delete The Past" and that will be all for now. Next month I'm planning to purchase another reading. Curiosity has gotten to me leaving me to wonder now "what month and year will Bobby be permanently back in my life?" I'm hoping Ashra will have a certain timeframe to tell me. I have been feeling for this past week that Bobby will return anytime now, I really feel he's just around the corner now. :inlove: Best of luck to all! Until next post, take care! :inlove::inlove::inlove:


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@Milla omg I’m so excited for you , I’ve been dying to get that spell but I just have been hesitating because the spell is a little pricey, Well I’m just a little confused because the secret spot is supposed to be very very powerful but I haven’t heard anyone tell me any real success with this well and I want to get it because I feel like it would be perfect for my situation since me and my lover no longer speak .. once you start seeing any movement or results please let me know

Unique Star

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@LostLove they threatened you?? What? That is scary and ridiculous. Well, I agree with you about Ashra. I believe in her and her magic, as well. I'm waiting for the spell to kick in. I need to add another, but either way, things are looking up for us! Let's stay positive together. The posts here help me, too. I love reading them!!!! Hugs to you


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@Lizzardlove Glad to see you back on the forum. I was thinking of your situation the other day? You have kids right?? How’s everything going with you spells?

@Gemmbo1983 Do not fret.. good things are coming your way. Please be confident in your spells and they will return the favor. Don’t be misguided by other people’s information. Only saying this because it distracts from cultivating positivity .. easier said than done but hey.. so why if he has someone moving in, you’ll be moved in too very soon or atleast with him. She doesn’t have anything on you and the love that you want to show your partner.

So what *** @Gemmbo1983. Ashra has your back and that’s a fact

@missnina10 Heart of Enchanter gave me pretty fast results. The energy is very heavy tbh but a month after casting he returned. Thinking about the spell gives me butterflies


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I sometimes think how is she going to come into my life, how will it happen, where and when, I’m a decent guy just trying to provide a good life for my family and as much as she hurts me with constant rejection and her shitty attitude towards me and our relationship I try to make her life as easy as I can, I’m not a bad guy @T.P.W84 yeah mate I’ll get my happy !!! Sometime I feel guilty of even coming home I get made to feel like the dark cloud. I am not I am totally deserving of what i want, she ( my crush ) will come to me I will be making her happy as she will be making me and I feel damn good thinking of that :) oh and on a side note since Halloween’s spell I’m getting dreams of her a lot and not only the lovely nice ones :woot::woot::woot::woot::woot: :laugh:


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I'm starting to talk to my spells a bit more and was wondering what others might be saying or talking about to theirs.
I've mentioned positive energy and being thankful for them being casted, even made one request for signs/possible dream of My girl as well.
Is there other things people are saying to their spells?


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@Islandbreeze I'm glad you have seen the results you wanted however I'm not surprised at all well done and keep us all updated with anything else :)

@Kas Don't really celebrate Halloween if I'm honest but each to their own and for those of you that do hope you had a good one.

@Mabel Pines I would not think too much about the meaning of dreams I read a dream could be the opposite of reality so that girl saying he isn't relationship material and not into you is a load of rubbish. On the whole did your lover cast a spell on yo7 I feel sometimes like my girl did so while some would question what I'm doing to me it's like well she did first :)

@Mo1967 I too had a good report my friend :)

@EricaLeeCollins199226 Nothing wrong with being a spellalohic at all you know what you want and your going to have it:)

@missnina10 Well myself I don't think there is such a thing as instant depends on the situation to be honest. Instant magic is the stuff of fantasy and films this builds over time and strips away at layers. I will say this though Moon scry last year within about 5 weeks I had contact from my girl.

@LunarEchoes Keep with the affirmations yes animals can be signs I keep seeing ravens and crows all meant to be signs that the higher powers are working for you

@Sophia7mc I'm glad I could help ;-)

@Yanna It can bring out your inner peace and it is great agreed:)

@Lollielou All true and will be true:)

@Gemmbo1983 Dreaming about your lover is a good sign easy for me to say but don't worry about the 3rd party they find comfort for awhile and then discover that they are not any better than you you will have him back.

@Svetlana Well done my friend just stay cool now take it slow and don't rush baby steps :)

@Mabel Pines That must be great to hear that :)

@fairel83 All good:)

@Steeltoeflipflops It's a sign mate and I would be equally a bit ok what do I say probably something along the lines of good hear from you and I'm sorry it didn't work out for you. Don't go into the ins and outs stay on good terms

@EricaLeeCollins199226 I'm well thank you that's great he was in touch so quickly:)

@Vanessa_Natalia2206 A strange one in that I was contacting her knowing that I can't in reality is that the universe telling me we will be in touch soon:)

@RainTreeSketch Well done my advice is to just take things slow he isn't going anywhere and neither are you softly softly build solid foundations :)

@Willwegetthischance Thats superb and yes keep talking to your spells and thanking them for all they are doing :)

@Svetlana Don't worry it will turn for you stay calm

@Maron Can be like that sometimes mate just hang in there

@Lizzardlove He is unwell too thisnis definitely a sign:)

@LostLove Yes she does understand and won't scam you like anyone else :)

@Kas Good stuff my friend keep us updated on any further progress:)

@Chocolate.drop The fact she hit the hot phase though shows that it has worked partly and the cold phase is a phase and will pass so well done hold on you will have her back:)

@B23075 Negative influences and toxic people are a pain and something we can all do without but that spell will remove them.

@Milla My situation is more complicated than I initially thought that is a good spell force of will you may find your dreaming about your lover now I have been :)


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@LostLove we have similar situations and understand eachother very strongly. Either we have been there or wanting the same thing for one another. I know if it wasnt for this forum, the people and their inspirational comments everyday, I'd be struggling alot more than I am.
We are here for one another to give a reaching hand to assist in any way we can.
To provide confidence in another brings joy to ourselves, good karma results in good karma back. :inlove::D


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SO I had a dream about the girl I want to be with last night. It was brief but it was still a dream. I keep reading on the forum that it is a sign of movement from my spells so that gets me excited!! I am really thinking there is something on the horizon coming really really soon!!


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@Unique Star
Yeah, the scam spell caster said something like this: pay or else... The rest i want even remember it makes me sick.
That sounds like a good plan - stay together and help each other.


@Xedrek So beautiful said. On spot.
Today is not a good day I've more emotion than i had before i found Ashra.
So your words made me cry a little.

@T.P.W84 I totally agree. Ashra Koehn is amazing,


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guy so i received the spell update of Never let Me Go from Ashra Koehn yesterday and it was amazing. There is another spell I’m going to request for tomorrow in addition to Screaming Love Cries and Scar Healing that’ll make it 4 strong spells this week and i’m honestly beginning to feel good that i’ll see some strong movement in a matter of days or hours


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@FlyingHigh...wow such a great story. I am in a similiar situation. Met a guy online far away from me. We clicked right away. But a few weeks later he changed. Became so cold. But it was too late, I was already in love. He is 17 years younger than me. I think the age difference scares him. Scares me too. Now we are just friends. He tells me he just prefers younger girls and it breaks my heart. He is so cold and mean when we do talk. I just want the guy I initially met and fell in love with. And I know Ashra is the only one to help me. Please send me positive vibes.


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Hi @The Siren ,
I’m glad your negativity went away and you started to feel more positive! I felt more positive after Ashra castes my Halloween spell.

How did your first reading with Ashra go? I am considering getting a reading, but I’m not sure which one should I get. Do you have any suggestions?