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@X_OT Hi yes we have 6 children from the age of 6 years old up to 24 years old.

I have had so much worries and bad time he is getting the divorce through.

But Ashra Koehn always get me to stay positive and patient, i have to be strong he is Very stubborn.

Ashra does always see us together in her vision after all the spells she has casted for me.
So i Just think that this is maybe something i need to go through before he Comes Back.
But it hurts my feelings, he has me still blocked on Facebook, messenger and snapchat.
But i am Just waiting for him to send me request again.

I belive in Ashra 100% and i am so grateful for that i found her.

So i Just know that i have to Think about all that Ashra have been seeing in her vision and that will help me to stay positive.

I am thinking of my husband every day and i am missing him so much.
I love him with everything i have.
I Just wait for the univers and my spells to bring him Back.
Wish that it will be soon.
I am listening to tones and music to higher my frequency, and I am trying to get out of my body.
I cant always have the time alone to do this but i am getting my hands and feets out but I am always disturbed.
I get to the vibration stage and i love this when i feel it but i need to get me all out.
I have been out of body before but never like i want to i always pop Back in my body.
But i belive that i will get this.
And i am going to have my husband Back.


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Whats up everyone?
Feeling positive i hope.
I know im feeling super positive, and extremely hopeful.
I have 100% faith in Ashra, and i know my wife will be back in my arms in no time.
I haven't seen anymore movement since the other day, but i know my wife is thinking about me.
She had every opportunity to say something mean when he broke up with her, but she didn't.
Any other time she would have said something hurtful to me, but she didn't this time.
I think this might actually still qualify as movement.
I cant wait to hear back from Ashra.
I’m so excited.
I’m really going to get my love back, my true reason for living.

I hope everyone else is seeing some movement as well.

Everyone deserves happiness, but some of us dont know about Ashra.

Ashra Koehn will make dreams a reality.
I’m so happy that i found her, and also this forum.

Everyone here is so positive, and try to help each other out.

I really needed to find this forum.
I hope everyone has a great day and keeps up the positivity.


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Hello everyone, I had to take out a small loan because I need money for other stuff so I went ahead and bought Love Embers which was recommended by Ashra. I can't wait to see what the report for this spell says and what happens with this spell. My mom keeps getting on me for things so I just told her to stop because it's not helping me at all. I really wish she would just stop because I'm not hurting anyone and I can do what I want. She wouldn't be able to understand because she doesn't have to fight for her lover like I have to for Karim. I love her of course but I don't need the negativity from her but just wait until I get my lover back for good she will be surprised. I miss him so much but I know he will contact me really soon because I can feel it like before. Sending positive vibes and love to everyone!!


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So i purchased "Breath of Love" at standard cast today. Its supposed to work fast and has 2 parts to it. One, where its will get rid of any distractions & second, it will help heal the past. My love has a big problem on moving fwd because of issues from our past. And i believe a couple of his fam members (mainly his cousin that lives with him) & random women from dating sites are distractions. I havent initiated contact since sun night. He text me today but it was regarding our son & being negative about me as a mother.:cautious: I didnt give in, & i stayed positive & sent him pics of our son. I left it at that. Im just tired of the negativity from him. He hurts my feelings at times but at this point im strong & determined to stay away from his home, NOT going to contact him in anyway, and just stay positive. I feel with me being down, giving in to his negativity & arguing back with him has maybe delayed all of my previous spells. I really hope not. But im NOT giving up on this man of mine. I havent for 7 years and i wont now that we finally have an 18 week old son together.

I hope my forum fam is all doing well and seeing results. Coming on here is always a highlight of my day. I love seeing all of the positivity & hearing everyones stories. We're all here for the same reason. And we will get our final outcome. All thanks to the lovely Ashra Koehn, Thank u so much @Ashra for all of your hard work and dedication u give to us. I’m looking forward to your update once my spells are casted. :laugh:

Mabel Pines

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MadForLove, hello! I just wanted to give you a shout-out because I'm also the "much older woman"! My man and I met in real life, though. We are IN LOVE, but he keeps pulling away because of the age gap and some other obstacles. Let's hang in there. My spells are working, and yours will, too.


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@LostLove I didnt mean for you to cry :oops:
I find the reassurance is very helpful in reminding each other to continue on. I know that when I'm in a rut, the best thing for me is to bring others happiness. If I continue to do that and make them happy, I will become much more positive and successful in what I do/need/want. :thumbsup:

@Lizzardlove I have felt similar energies around me when a casting has been done, I try to focus on it and extend my own to coexist along with it if by chance it's trying to link me and My Girl together. Keep going strong I know you got this and I'll send positive vibes your way! :D

To everyone else, keep your chin up, wipe the tears away. This year will end strong for us, we all have done so well at keeping to our guidelines and staying true to what we desire. Continue to have that positive outlook and things will work as they should :inlove:


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@Jane Alexander, I started working with Ashra in October last year, right before her anniversary, so I took a HUGE advantage of the discount, but this is what has been cast between October and March: The first 5 were recommended by Ashra Koehn. The second group were spells that I read about in the forum and the 3rd group are some of Ashra's specials spells that she offers from time to time.

We were not in contact at all between September and December 2018 due to me deploying and settling in. Re-started contact by messaging beginning December, where he asked for my address to send me care package for Christmas (he never ever for the entire 5 years had given me Christmas gift or card, but just a "Merry Christmas" sms). Then I told him that December I will be coming Sateside on R&R , met him the first day of January face to face, and heard "hey ...if you ever want to get married, let's go ahead and get married"... I was in disbelieve!! Few days later I had a minor surgery, and while he was in the hospital taking care of me, he went ahead and applied for our marriage license in HI.
@Ashra is a true miracle maker as you can see... :)


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Still awaiting for Ashra Koehn to contact me. I know I’m not the only one with an urgent situation but my situation greatly effects my 2 year old daughter for my lovers new relationship is being put first. I found in the meantime reading good reviews about Ashra makes me feel a lot more positive that my lover will come back and apologize and know that my daughter and I are the ones that are going to be here forever and always have his back. I can’t wait to see how this break up spell works I really hope it kicks butt this time!! Also, I asked Ashra what would be the best spell I didn’t receive and answer so I went ahead and purchased something called “break up spell” I hope that she corrects me if I’m wrong.


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Hi everyone, I hope that all is well wit you all out there. I just recently purchased the Cowl of Whispers Spell. I am looking to this spell to finally give my lover the push to reach out to me. I have been working with Ashra since March of 2018. Me and my lover have spoken with each other off and on through Facebook during that time. We are a long distance situation that started on Facebook in 2016. My lover hardly ever reaches out to me and the only time we have ever talked was when reaching out to her and it was always pleasant conversations. I am hoping that all of these spells will finally kick in and she is the aggressor in reaching out to me. I hope everyone's spells are starting to kick in and you all are seeing movements from your spells!!!!!


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So I have been reading on this forum how talking to your spells help. So I tried it last night and it worked both times. One time I asked that they have my friend/lover message me within the next hour. He did within 15 min. This morning I thanked my spells and Ashra for all the good they have done and will continue to do for me. I told the spells that I know my love is a very stubborn man and only they can make him change to the one that loves me. Back to the man I first fell in love with. I again requested my spells for a sign that he was thinking of me by having him call me. Again within 15 min he did. It was general talking. But it was for 2 hours. And this is a man who hates texting and talking on the phone.

Ashra Koehn and her spells are real and work. I am seeing such big movement since my two halloween spells were casted. Thank you @Ashra for being there at my time of need.
Everyone else I am glad I come to this forum and read every post. Just believe. Stay positive (which I know is very hard to do when your lover is nothing but negative towards you). Love will happen to us all. Even me. I can't wait for the day he tells me he loves me.


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Good Evening forum family, I hope everyone had a productive day staying positive, optimistic and hopeful. I know all these words have a similar definition one way or the other which shows we all are facing a similar situation as well. We have to stay strong for when that day comes and our husbands, wives, girlfriends, or boyfriends are in our arms and we look into their eyes we will really understand and know that they were worth the wait. All the pain we felt, the tears we cried may have given us miserable days but look at what we received in the end.... the love of our lives, the happiness, our happily ever afters. Stay positive!

Ashra, thank you for everything you do for us, all the hard work, the attention and the admiration you have shown us for being so strong and believing in you.

I know my spells and the universe hear my cries and pleads to return my husband home and God hears my prayers. That day is coming sooner than I think!

@Lizzardlove stay strong my sister, we are all here for you. I know the pain and suffering you have endured and it's not easy but it gets better with the works of Ashra!


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Hi @Reema Daher, Ashra normally cast you spell within 1-3 days, sometimes up to 5 days depending how busy she is. Once your spell is casted, she will email you a report regarding how your spell casting went. The moment your spell is casted, it works on removing, obstacles, distractions, complexity, negative people etc and how positive you are, manifestation time frame varies. You may have to add a few more spells.

You will experience lots of emotions also, like feeling happy one minute, extreme sadness as well as anxiety the next. You will know what I mean when you got your spell casted.



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@Lizzardlove Wow! That’s so much love !! I admire the fact that you’re staying strong not only for yourself, but your children too!! They need to know the value of love and forgiveness it’s important. I had to learn elsewhere... You are showing them the way to be confident in love believe it or not...kids always watch even when you think they’re not. I hope the spells continue to uplift you and your family. The capacity of your love is HUGE. I’m jealous !! Please stay encouraged!!

I woke up this morning and got into my car and noticed the miles went up saw xxx222 I guess that counts for something!! Always felt very energized and confident. I feel that maybe it’s to early to say but my beauty spells have got me feeling myself. To the point where I am back to my toxic habit of feeling like I don’t need anyone. Smh ‍♀ feel like I’m going to piss people off with this new vibe of mine. Also saw 888 today and 444, 333. I followed up with Ashra Koehn for recasting and she assured me my love spells have been recasted.


So much that I am so very indifferent if my lover came back to me. That might be the reason why he’s been hot n cold. He’s got a lot going on and quite frankly... I’m not going to stick around for him to take it out on me. Ashra knows what’s she doing; before, I was in a bad spot and he let me down and now he’s virtually in the same bad spot. I feel vengeful to say this - but I am pleased to see he is getting a taste of his own medicine. Let’s just saw he was not very considerate towards me when we first got to know each other... but I told myself not to do him like he did me. Fire and fire makes more fire so I couldn’t “match his energy” I just did it better. Instead of being an asshole I just let him know the truth , that I don’t trust him, which probably didn’t help my situation - at all but I prefer to be honest. He said he trusted me... that’s fine but if I don’t feel the same what is it worth? That is why I requested the commitment spell. I don’t trust him because of his behavior with other women. At the end of the day it’s whatever.

Honestly now, I am even more excited to see everyone’s progress. You all make me feel like my love is a bit trivial. :laugh:. I just feel a lot better letting go of the idea of being with him and celebrating myself cause I learned a lot about love since finding Ashra, it’s officially been a year. I learned about myself which is most important and I hope you all realize the same. Always love yourself first then love will find you with ease. Ashra’s friendship is so much appreciated. She introduced me to the forum which inspired a new way of thinking!!!

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@Reema Daher hey. She will email you to let you know that it has been cast, but from what I remember with what I've read when I selected my spell, there are extra options we can take advantage of on the page when we purchase to prioritize our spells. That's all I remember, but I'm new. I hope this little bit helps. It took only a few days for mine to be cast.


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Hi @Reema Daher,
welcome to ashra.net and.. to answer your question
Ashra usually gets back with a spell within 3 days. If you don't receive an update about her casting it and it's been a week she insists us to email her normally it happens because she's busy and gets so many requests. She overlooks our emails sometimes. She can be receiving floods of emails due to her high success rate.

@Unique Star hey ! :D Glad you could find scar of healing again. I knew you would. I'm also planning on adding scar healing to my list because why not!? Sounds like a great idea to me. Wishing nothing but success .


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Good evening lovely forum family! I hope everyone is finding love and success in their lives

I have a bit of a question, if anyone may know a rough answer.

Over the past 3 months, I have purchased a small handful of spells on my friend, "C."

About 4 months ago, we had a falling out, quite sadly, due to his mother's influence. With Ashra's incredible help, I do believe that we will be friends/be together soon!

My weird "issue" has come up quite recently.

Over the past 3 to 4 weeks, I have had 3 coworkers and 1 non-coworker give me some sort of sign, that they were "into" me.

One went as far as asking me out for a coffee. (Innocent enough)

I have NEVER, EVER had this much attention all at once, and seemingly out of the blue. I am curious if my lovely spells are having an OPPOSITE effect?

OR is this a sort of test?

Even with this new-found attention, I do not find anyone else attractive, other than "C."

Believe me, I've been trying to see myself with ANYONE other than "C," but after having mutual feelings for each other for 15 years, I truly feel that I would rather stay single (and find a self-happiness) than to be with anyone other than "C."

If anyone happens to have had a similar experience, I would love any advice you may be willing to give!

Thank you SO much!

Marie F

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Hi Ashra! This Jacqueline, I am excited to see movement of the spell you casted for me. My husband and I are not communicating and he is very stubborn. We are also entangled in lawsuits we filed against each other. I hope you can help bring my husband back home so we can live happily with our children.


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Hello everyone!
I hope everyone is well and happy and slowly seeing movements. Just a reminder to stay positive and allow things to unfold naturally. things will come true and events will go as you wish.
My guy ever since I got home from my sisters wedding in South Carolina has been messaging me via snap chat fairly often and it’s making me utterly filled with content. He makes me happy and he’s becoming an old scared self. When I say scared, I mean showing his feelings of insecurities and being comfortable enough to show them. He’s been telling me he doesn’t want to bring me down because he feels he’s going nowhere in life. He feels school is not high thing but he knows he has to make a living. I knowing he’s capable of so much, tell him he’s capable and he is going to find his career. He said again and again you’re right but I’m just lost. This is a huge movement in my eyes and I know Ashra is smiling thinking ya ya he’s opening up! Not just s** for once haha we are talking like real talk and since then yes he’s asked for s**y pictures but he’s also had that wanting to chit chat vibe. I feel he misses me because he always asks what I’m doing and when I’m home. I know super soon I’ll see him, maybe even this week. I know he’s dealing with a lot and I hope he knows I’m there for him, through he bad and the good. Urg I adore him, he makes me have all these glowing, butterflies, sparkle feelings each time we talk and see each other and hug and kiss. Urg I miss his kiss... his everything.
Peace and love everyone!


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@MsViolet I can relate to a falling out due to my lover's mom's influence...As far as the sudden attention from other men, this is generally seen a positive sign that your spells are working. I've had a similar thing happen. I don't necessarily feel it's a test, I tend to see it as the energy pulling on your man's love and accidently pulling romantic feelings from others. Or creating a kind of "magnet" within yourself that is attracting others, as many experience the spell's work within themselves as well.


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I recently reached out to Ashra for help with my husband of 19 years having a girlfriend for two years. He has left our home and our family and I am hurting so much because my love is still there. He says he has no feelings for me anymore and that he loves his new girlfriend who lives 9 hours away! How long does it take for Ashra to respond after you reach out to her? Also, where do you buy spells? I don't see any of that on this page. I am a firm believer in spells, energy and spirit, i hope Ashra can help me and my family.