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Ashra Koehn's Spells - ashraspells.com

Discussion in 'Ashra Reviews' started by Anya83, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. Dang I wish I had known earlier. I dont get paid again until wed night.
  2. Patyalvte

    Patyalvte New Member Guest Account

    sounds amazing! I have a lot os spells active, I'll wait for them to work. Thanks
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  3. Diane1023

    Diane1023 Member

    Ashra, what are the ways to pay for this? Because PayPal is not accepting my prepaid Visa card and I really want this spell.
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  4. Rhoswen

    Rhoswen Member

    @Ashra Koehn will it be too late to request it tomorrow? that’s when I usually get paid :unsure:
  5. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Active Member Guest Account

    @Karen.A Reach for the stars and dare to dream your dream will be reality

    @Mo1967 My sister has just gone on and on and slagged my girl off I defended my girl but my sister does not approve and basically doesn't think we are meant to be as much as I love my sister she is wr9ng we are meant to be.

    @Cecaelia Believe me there are indeed powerful forces at work and the universe tries to test us tonight my sister has had a go at me and basically started slagging my girl off I defended my girl I think this is a test but like you it's a test I will pass with flying colours my commitment to her and to this will never fold

    @Taylor wesley Focus on yourself let your spells do the work believe and have patience complicated break up or not it can take time you have to hang in there.

    Ashra Koehn, Sounds great thanks for sharing with us my friend take care :)
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  6. Hi Ashra, I have ordered this spell. I'm so super excited when will you let me know when it's done.
  7. Hopefulinusa

    Hopefulinusa Member Guest Account

    Sounds awesome demand of the heart. Hopefully I can get still get it tomorrow, hope it won't be to late.
  8. EricaLeeCollins199226

    EricaLeeCollins199226 Active Member Member Plus Account

    @Ashra , @Ashra Koehn , would this spell be available around the 29th of this month? I'm asking because I won't have anymore money until then as I'm broke right now. I get paid for December on the 29th since the first is on a Sunday. Well at least there's only 18 days until I get paid again so not too far away so I'm excited about that. I have a REALLY strong urge to contact Karim but I'm not breaking no contact and I bet he feels the same way as me. I can feel he's going to contact me again really soon because he can't resist forever. I keep remembering all the time we spent together since we first met and I get happy because we have had so many good times together. I want him so badly lately so I imagine he feels that way too so these spells are really affecting me so much. Sending positive vibes and love to everyone!!
  9. Lilmama

    Lilmama Member Guest Account

  10. Unique Star

    Unique Star Member Guest Account

    If only the full moon was in 2 days :nailbiting: Thanks, Ashra!!
  11. Zed

    Zed New Member Guest Account

    Hi how long does Ashra take to get back in contact
  12. Sandra J

    Sandra J Well-Known Member

    Hi Jlove1 Yes you will get back the love of your life in due time. I know it's seems like a long time to see changes but believe me it will happened just continue to trust and think positive about your spells bringing back your lover. Ashra knows what she's doing and she will make sure your lover is back in your arms for good.

    Hi Marie F I know this is hard for you and I know the spells you purchased will make things happen to you for the good. Ashra understand what you're going through and trust me she will not leave you hanging alone . Object of Desire is a great spell to have on your side so hopefully Ashra will send you the link to it so you can have it cast soon. Please continue to stay strong and don't lose faith.

    Hi DCD Nice meeting you and yes you're going to see and feel the powerful effects of Ashra spells while you're waiting for your lover to returned to you, I know it's not easy to just waiting but you have to trust me Ashra spells are real and you will get back the love of your life.
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  13. missnina10

    missnina10 Well-Known Member

    Just purchased demand of the heart and I am so excited
  14. munchkin95

    munchkin95 Active Member

    @Butterfly07 It took a while, up to nine months for him to get over his ego and him being mad at me. For him to reach out and make things neutral again. It takes time, I even had a weird sign today, an old friend of his named Jayda works at a pharmacy near me and called me another girls name after I said nope Sarina and then being called, oh yeah, Andrew's ex? I dislike being called to my core...I wanted to hurt her...and more...it made me overthink that he dated his friend Larissa which she called me...urg @Ashra Koehn I just wanna be his girl again.....urgggg
    @T.P.W84 I cannot wait until things settle and he expresses in words his feelings because I don't like casual haha I like seeing him, but not casual.
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  15. Butterfly07

    Butterfly07 Member

    Has anyone one tried the emerald crystal lust spell?
  16. Hi y’all I’m gonna get it either Thursday’s or Friday because she said it will still be available
  17. Xedrek

    Xedrek Member

    I know I said it my order confirmation but thank you again Ashra for this opportunity. I feel like this change with the full moon will make major changes for alot of us! I cant wait to see what happens!
  18. Taylor wesley

    Taylor wesley Member Guest Account

    Hello all. I need advice, I’ve emailed Ashra but I know she is busy. So Thursday Ashra emailed me and said she successfully casted passion panacea. I’ve seen a little bit of signs. I know passion panacea is a very powerful spell but my lover is stubborn so does anyone have advice for me? Should I have another spell casted? I need him back fast as possible. Thank you in advance.
  19. Gemmbo1983

    Gemmbo1983 Member

    @Andib do you know the link for that spell you recommended? Xx
  20. @T.P.W84 Those sensations usually start from my back and if it last long enough, it radiates to my arms and hands. The sensations I have been feeling is more like that feeling I get before I starts shivering when I am cold, or that feeling of getting goosebumps? haha I don't really know how to explain it. Thanks for letting me know that it's because of the spells! :)

    @joonbug19 Here's the link for Tri-force love luminosity: https://www.passion-panacea.com/triforcelove.html
    joonbug19 likes this.
  21. Lizzardlove

    Lizzardlove Active Member

    @Gemmbo1983 and @Mo1967 í feel you both my husband is with everything through court and i am talking to lawyer now.
    I asked Ashra if she could give me advice about my case and she did.
    I am so grateful for having Ashra to help me.

    @T.P.W84 thank you, you have so much positivity, i love how good you are in taking Your time to talk to everybody and give positive vibration from you.
    You are right we are all going to get our love back into our lifes.
    I have been staying stronger now and think more positive.
    I am not going to let him break me more down, i Just have to smile and think that Ashra got this, she will get him home.

    We all need a big hug so i send one from me to you all.
    I know that i would love to get big hug.

    I bought Demand of the heart triple cast and i am exited to hear how the spell cast will go.
    Thank you @Ashra for everything, i am so grateful for having you.
    You are my angel, my guide.
    I sent my lawyer e-mail this morning about what i want to do.
    After that advice you gave me i hope that this Will all go well and help me with my case.
    I have not heard from her yet.
    I will stay positive, strong and patient.
    Thank you @Ashra Koehn
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  22. Reema Daher

    Reema Daher New Member Guest Account

    thank you for the message, you cast a spell for me last night. Should i wait for this outcome first, how long does it usually take to work?
  23. Asclepiustormos

    Asclepiustormos Member Member Plus Account

    Thank you Ashra Koehn for offering a short notice of new spell for Full Moon in Taurus today. So unfortunately, we will not going to purchase more spells to work so much on our case since we have many numerous of spells. But still waiting for your response on a spell recommendation which will receive us an immediate movement before this year ends. Thank you.
  24. Sash

    Sash New Member Guest Account

    Hello Ashra im new here, I’m really really desperate i need a spell to get back my ex. I've already been scammed by some fake people but I believe you can help me get him back.
  25. FlyingHigh

    FlyingHigh Member Guest Account

    Thank you @Ashra for another awesome opportunity.
  26. Dovey

    Dovey Member Guest Account

    @Lovelylady617 it is best to contact her at her customer support page for urgent matters. Give Ashra a few days to reply.
  27. The Siren

    The Siren Active Member Member Plus Account

    Hi @Ashra how are you? No need to apologize, we completely understand how busy you are especially around this time of the year, hope all is well with you and that you got the
    chance to rest. :) Today I feel refreshed after the long weekend we had. I've been sensing that Bobby will make contact with me around the holidays, that will be the best Christmas present ever not just for me, but for anyone, to have their lover fully come back around this time of the year. :inlove: I'm already making his late birthday present, I know he's going to love it. Once it's done I'll have it stored away safely in the back of my closet for now until the day he comes back, I'll be able to give it to him. Another thing too, on the day Bobby permanently comes back, I'll take a picture of us together and post it as my main profile picture to show all of you guys, and to help encourage all of you that "yes" you can do this to remain positive, "yes" your lover "will" come back. :inlove: How was everybody's weekend, did anything interesting happen, movements, signs? :inlove: Tomorrow I'm able to purchase my last spell from Ashra's 19th Anniversary. I'm also looking forward to get my reading done next month when I decide which question reading to purchase. :rolleyes:
  28. Joi M Joaquin

    Joi M Joaquin New Member Guest Account

    @Ashra Koehn Thanx so much for the info , i really appreciate it .. i will look into this info ... :)
  29. joonbug19

    joonbug19 Active Member

    Awee maans :eek:
    I would have loved to have gotten Demand of The Heart added on to my spells already active. Unfortunately for me I have gotten Ice into Fire Ritual cast not long ago. It was one of them you can only choose one type of deals. I didn't have anymore money left in pocket. So the next time I'll be able to actually get more energy spells added on just not this very moment. For those who were able to get it though I hope you get better results. Moon spells are always good to have cast. I wouldn't want to miss another opportunity but I know Ashra will have plenty more.
  30. joonbug19

    joonbug19 Active Member

    @Ashra Koehn thank you for great opportunities :laugh: I'll make sure I won't be able to pass up anymore of these moon spells. I'll be ready the next time especially with Christmas not being too far away.
  31. munchkin95

    munchkin95 Active Member

    Another Update
    Andrew is still acting so frisky and also so cute, sending kissy faces. I know I am so CLOSE to getting my happily ever after with him. I trust Ashra's reading and I know they will come true so soon. Whether this year or next year, we will be together and smiling and happy. A new beginning...getting close to tears because that's all I've ever wanted.
    How's everyone doing? @T.P.W84 @Marie F @Taylor wesley @Twiggy @joonbug19 @Butterfly07 @Mo1967 . I wanna hear updates, my friends.
    He has been super sexy haha can't wait to keep seeing the sweet side show.
  32. Taylor wesley

    Taylor wesley Member Guest Account

    @Lizzardlove is there a certain way I’m supposed to talk to my spell? I have passion panacea casted Thursday and seen a couple signs but nothing big. He hasn’t contacted me at all.
  33. CMMMforever

    CMMMforever Member

    Just an update. My husband came by today to see our kids. He kept asking me if I had sorted things out in my head over the weekend (i went out of town to get some distraction). I told him I already knew what I wanted. I didnt go further than that. Then he said he wanted me to know that he was really sorry for what he did to me ( the cheating) and was sorry that it went down the way it did and he didn't mean to intentionally hurt me. Later he asked me about Thanksgiving. He already told me he didn't want to do Thanksgiving together due to our situation. I told him I planned to do Thanksgiving at home with the kids and if he wanted to he could join us. He never really gave an answer just said we need to figure it out. Im hoping these are all good signs. I haven't been telling him my feelings, just trying to be nice and keep it friendly. I strongly believe these things are the spells working and look forward more movement! Thank you Ashra for all that you do!
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  34. Can’t wait to get demand of the heart casted soon :)
  35. Reema Daher

    Reema Daher New Member Guest Account

    I hope so, Ashra seems legit. I really hope so because if my guy comes back I don’t know how I’m going to repay her. I will definitely find a way to make it up to her if my spell works fingers crossed
    munchkin95 likes this.
  36. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Active Member Guest Account

    @Lovelylady617 Yes it is sit back the spells are going to fix this for you ask,believe and you will receive talk to your spells once they are cast tell them what you want to see from them talk to them like they are your friends and remember to thank them too.

    @Andib I had a feeling there would be another moon spell to be cast too.

    @Reema Daher Ashra is legitimate no doubt about that in I feel the same whole I have paid for her services like we allnhavr there really is not a big enough thank you for all she is doing for me.

    @Lovingyoumysoulmate Another opportunity will arise either way your soulmate will be back won't they :)

    @Patyalvte They are working from the moment you have them cast speak to your spells it works trust me.

    @EricaLeeCollins199226 All good my friend they effect you in strange ways :)

    @Zed Usually a few days but she is busy so just be patient.

    @missnina10 You should be because your girl will be back won't she?:)

    @munchkin95 Can't be long now my friend I'm rooting for you :)

    @Butterfly07 No but I wouldn't mind it sounds great although the spells can already effect you in that way :)

    @Xedrek Major most definitely mate
    munchkin95 and Mabel Pines like this.
  37. Misstrae84

    Misstrae84 Member

    Ashra, your work is truly amazing!!!!! People, her work is very real...He is back & every day he is showing me what I've always wanted from him...He's like a whole different person and not stubborn anymore...Its like he's opened all the way up! I don't know what you did but it's here right in front of me...I believe my spells fully manifested... Thank you Ashra! I'm still in shock but very thankful that you've saved our relationship..❤️❤️❤️❤️
  38. Ashra Koehn

    Ashra Koehn Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Update: I was extremely impressed with how the casting went last night and I feel that a lot of my clients are in for good news! The full moon appeared exceptionally big and bright and I was able to tap into this energy during the casting on Demand of the Heart. Updates started rolling out a few hours ago. If you have not received you update, you should within the next few days.
  39. KittyFaro

    KittyFaro Member

    @Butterfly07 - I have ordered the emerald lust, just awaiting it to be cast :)
  40. Neelam

    Neelam Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Great!!!!! Ashra I could not order this spell because PayPal was not accepting my card. The same card I used before. I don't know why. I think PayPal is having done issues. Thank you for replying back to me. I will be getting it soon. Take care.
    I am waiting every day to hear from my lover. I am sure I will be sharing the good news with you soon.

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