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Ashra Koehn's Spells - ashraspells.com

Discussion in 'Ashra Reviews' started by Anya83, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. cup_of_joe

    cup_of_joe New Member Guest Account

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting here! I just got a confirmation from Ashra on Monday that she will be casting my spell in a few days. I know she's been really busy so I'm just here patiently waiting for an update. Reading all your success stories really lifts up my spirits!
  2. joonbug19

    joonbug19 Active Member

    Thanks Ashra!!
    She cast Ice Into Fire today. I was happy to read her update too. I even re-read over it. I cannot wait for what's next even Ashra done me some favor without me even asking. I am so blessed. She's going to change him for the better so our relationship can be like heaven thank you so much :p
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  3. Elena75

    Elena75 New Member Guest Account

    That’s great.... it must be working. Congratulations
  4. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Active Member Guest Account

    @Misstrae84 I'm glad things are going so well for you both :) how long did it take?

    @1wish4me :) That is good news well done.

    @B23075 means you two will be back together very soon;-) don't it

    @B23075 I have force of will active and I would like to at some point get never lead me go.

    @Kaitlyn Pitre No it won't be long:)

    @Kas Things are moving forward for you both welcome done

    @Ggirl She can help you and will do.

    @Karen.A Dream big dare to dream and each the stars :)

    @Kallu if you have broke the guidelines just apologise and don't let it happen again

    @Maribella9 Glad things have gone so well :) wish you too all the love and luck in the universe you deserve it

    @Will062016 I had a dream awhile back where my girl appeared kissed me then disappeared not totally the same ad yo7 but similar.
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  5. Taylor wesley

    Taylor wesley Member Guest Account

    Ashra got back to me today, I know she has been super busy and I feel horrible for blowing up her email. She suggested that I should add another spell and the reasons why it will help. I’ve read tons of reviews on how other people had multiple spells active and had amazing and in some cases fast results. I don’t think my situation is that complicated.
  6. Lorena7919

    Lorena7919 New Member Guest Account

    Hello everyone!
    I am new to this forum and just had my first spell (Passion Panacea) cast two days ago. I have been struggling with remaining positive last night and today due to outside factors but reading the forum really helped to put me back on track. I do have a question for anyone that can answer, how do I go about getting a reading from Ashra? This is separate from any spells that have been cast correct? Thank you all!
    Hoping everyone gets reunited with their loves ASAP. Peace & Positive Vibes. :)
  7. Sandra J

    Sandra J Well-Known Member

    Hi B23075, I was wondering about that also since I have known Ashra there have always been Black Friday. I will be ready to purchase another spell as always love to keep things intact.

    Hi kallu,
    you should stay calm and not worried about your spells isn't working. I use to break the guidelines and I decided if I wanted back my lover then it was time to take it seriously and not break the guidelines anymore. Just continue to follow instructions and stay positive and believe in your spells and you will see better changes during your waiting period.
  8. Butterfly07

    Butterfly07 Member

    I believe my spells will work and I will be back with my MAN for the holidays or at-least the new year very early that is.
    oh how i love him :)
  9. JoA

    JoA New Member Guest Account

  10. Elizabeth Lillie

    Elizabeth Lillie Member Guest Account

    @Misstrae84 how long did it actually take? I'm curious to know.
  11. Xedrek

    Xedrek Member

    @B23075 dont worry about the specific details to what is said my friend. Keep trucking on and if it isnt one holiday it'll be the other. Trust me once you start thinking over the words, time slows down. I used a stopwatch on this true fact. Embrace what was mentioned, but continue on normally. :thumbsup:
    I'm very close to having My girl back, I can feel it and I am getting very anxious myself. I'm trying to keep myself occupied with other hobbies and playing with my dog. :D
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  12. joonbug19

    joonbug19 Active Member

    @Neelam if you live inside the US area you can purchase your card from Walmart, Walgreen's, CVS, or Kroger's. Make sure you choose from GreenDot or myvanilla most visa cards work for PayPal. (Myvanilla and GreenDot carriers always been successful for me.)
    On a side note, hope you're able getting it figured out and can get it taken care of. I'm sure Ashra will find another way.
  13. t1ofakind

    t1ofakind New Member Guest Account

    Thank you Ashra for providing this beautiful community. It gives me great hope and excitement to see so many people results and strangers from around the world uplifting and encouraging each other for continued positive results. Since researching alot the past few months I took the leap of faith last week to become a new client w/ purchasing 3 spells. A combo of love, healing and finances to help support me w/ using the law of attraction and visualization techniques I've been learning to manifest the true desires of my heart and dreams. As I'm continuing to develop in self love I feel that this was another confirmation step in my journey towards success within and will magnify in my close relationships with others, while healing and restoring my relationship w/ my twin flame. For me it is not as important to the timing of when he returns, as im learning to be patient w/ self and others but more importantly to prepare myself to be ready spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically to receive the abundance of blessings that God has in store for me in all areas of life. One of the things we struggled w/ personally was lurking / spying on each other's social media and then us both allowing our individual insecurities to use it as battles against each other. But now because of the need to maintain the guidelines of my spells for the first time in years I've begun to finally let go of this negative behavior trait and that alone is progress that im grateful for while understanding that it was best to let go of a habit that didnt bring me or him peace. Think what we all should remember is that great things take time, esp to build a solid foundation and that the issues or problems we had in our previous relations w/ our lovers didnt happen overnight so why should feel entitled to getting the solutions overnight? Focus on growth, evolving and becoming better than we were before as individuals and in Gods perfect timing we shall reap the fruit of hard work rewards. Stay encouraged, be a blessing and stay in the vibration love and happiness for self and for others.
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  14. Sophia7mc

    Sophia7mc Member Guest Account

    So yesterday morning, my lover was being so negative towards me & saying hurtful things. I ended it with just telling him to have a good day & didnt feed in to his negativity. By the end of the night, he came over, brought me a couple drinks & ended up staying the night. As we were hanging out, randomly out of nowhere, he said IF we were to work on things, how would we do it because he feels theres too much damage to repair. So just the fact that he said that shows me he was thinking about it. I just responded with saying that things can STILL be fixed but it's gonna take work on both ends. I was so excited inside just to even hear him say that. And that he wants to work on it but he doesnt know how or where to start. This is a start. We made love & cuddled all night. He held me so tight. I loved every min of it. This morning as he left, he said to come over today or tmrrw. Ugh. I can't wait. I feel this is a step closer to my breakthrough. Im so thankful for every lil piece of progress im getting with my lover fully returning back to me. Thanks so much @Ashra Koehn
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  15. B23075

    B23075 Active Member

    I think that eventually I will need a spell to heal the traumas he’s put me through so that my trust and feelings can be fresh. I think I’d do better in life not holding on to this hurt
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  16. Butterfly07

    Butterfly07 Member

    Been having headaches at the same time for 3 days now!!
    Is this an effect from the spells ?
  17. Monkey14

    Monkey14 New Member Guest Account

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to Ashra for taking the time to help me with getting my partner back. I can honestly say that I'm feeling a lot better and I've actually felt like living since Ashra has started contacting me and giving me such wonderful updates. I pray that everyone had a blessed and safe weekend and that each of you will be holding your lover in arms soon!
  18. Hermosa97

    Hermosa97 New Member Guest Account

    How long did it take?
  19. joonbug19

    joonbug19 Active Member

    @Sandra J Ohh sweet!! :woot: That's awesome. I cannot wait for that day to come then. I better save up money huh lol. I bet Ashra's going to have lots of promotional offers and huge discounts. I actually was on the forum last year but I think I missed out a lot. Thank you for mentioning it.

    @Taylor wesley Hey gurl! Yes, lots of us have multiple spells active. We have situations with more obstacles to go through so it's complexed. I have 10 love spells active on my lover and it's a stubborn case. If it's easy easy it can only take one or two. I hear people get movement within a day. I think though that when we have more spells it's the better because we actually get more angles covered.

    @T.P.W84 Thank you for always blessing us with your uplifted spirited motivational speaks. Every time you nail it dude. As others have said before I'm plenty sure there's others who can say the same.

    @cup_of_joe Welcome to ashra.net MA dude! I hope you enjoyed your time being here. I know you're excited to get your first spell cast from Ashra. Whatever it is love, money, career, and other things in general Ashra's spells sure do work!
  20. Taylor wesley

    Taylor wesley Member Guest Account

    I just want to come on here not because I am feeling low, (which I am not) but just because I want to text my lover so bad and tell him I love him. I won’t do it because I’d mess up my spell Ashra casted me but I want to so badly. I miss him so much. He’s my best friend, my lover and my twin flame. It hurts but I know I will be getting him back. It’s just a matter of time.
  21. Ihopkins95

    Ihopkins95 Active Member

    @B23075 There are two sides to a couple's story, so people in between cannot know what you're lover really wants. Don't listen to others and trust in your love for him. Who cares about this other girl, so what? Think about how he must feel. For all we know he could be stuck and really wants to be free. But let him initiate contact. Don't worry about other people. Think about the emotions you feel for him. Don't ever lose sight of what you feel based on everything other people say. Be positive and trust. Let go of worries and keep going. You got this!:)
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  22. CMMMforever

    CMMMforever Member

    How do I like a post? Maybe my account hasn't been approved yet by @Ashra Koehn? I am loving all the positive posts on this forum, it keeps me feeling good! Have a great night all. ;)
  23. Monkey14

    Monkey14 New Member Guest Account

    Good morning everyone! I pray that today would be the day that my love contacts me. It's getting real hard being without her. I'm keeping my spirits up and my thoughts positive! Ashra has given me such wonderful updates and I know it will not be long before she is mine again. Thank you Ashra for working so hard to help me get my love back.
  24. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Active Member Guest Account

    @mikeman199988 You will get an update don't you worry

    @Kaitlyn Pitre I'm glad you got such a good report and no it won't be long :)

    @Kas Baby steps is good small progress is better than none at all that's the way I look at it

    @Mo1967 Yes it is the start because he cares enough to want to know how you are :)

    @Monkey14 No right or wrong way to post my friend and I'm glad you had a good report.

    @Andib Me and my girl are soulmates too I believe that you and your soulmate will be together again as will me and my girl hang in there my friend :)

    @B23075 like your situation my girl has a lot of negative influences around but force of will will help him to see that those toxic influences are not worth bothering with. like you I have been waiting a long time but I know in my heart we belong together me and my girl and Ashra has told me we are soulmates in fairness I didn't need a psychic to tell me it was down to how it felt being with her I knew from the first moment I kissed her she was different I say trust Ashra because I'm telling you I do

    @Mo1967 which to be honest my friend you can understand imagine you were him you had ended it pride plays a big part in this remember people don't want to look weak but in all fairness for me pride has gone out the window I'm mid thirties and I just want my girl I don't care about anyone else I could go dating but what's the point of heart isn't in it and I I'm not going to love anyone else the way I do her because we are meant to be. I look forward to you your post telling me your husband has opened up and you two are together and I know that won't be long now.

    @Monkey14 Feeling it in body is a sign too my friend I can feel my lovers presence sometimes :)

    @Kendall Devin Bell Mate get delete the past this spell will help with the bad memories and I'm pleased your seeing signs and movement so soon that's very positive :)

    @Cayde I'm fine thank you had another spell cast recently a glowing report. I see signs everyday sometimes not so many but I know it's working just want the third party to go away her to reach out now. I'm a Christian it's in my nature to help people from what I have read though being good slows your manifestation....not sure about that but I won't stop supporting you all we are in this together and when one of our lovers return it's a victory for us all because without supporting each other we will find it hard.

    @Amour18 You will get it don't you worry fingers crossed that you do there is a chance

    @EricaLeeCollins199226 The tirdness is definitely the spells

    @joonbug19 I don't doubt it she is amazing at what she does.

    @Sophierebecca140100 It will happen for you keep taking to your spells

    @cup_of_joe We are here to support you

    @joonbug19 And it will better remember use this opportunity to build something better you can't go back to how it was Ashras spells will open the path to that so you and your lover can have the relationship you should have had the first time around and one that will last for good and I believe once all the obstacles have been removed that you will be able to do that no problem.

    @Elena75 It is working from the moment it is cast remember that sometimes you won't see so many signs or feel anything but it is working.

    @Taylor wesley Definitely but whether it is complicated or not it may take some time pride can get in the way as can 3rd parties etc but ultimately the spells remove all of that in the end.

    @Lorena7919 You can have a reading from her 1,2 or 3 questions or an in depth reading if you go on one of her websites

    @t1ofakind Wonderful post and all very true and valid.
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  25. B23075

    B23075 Active Member

    4 more days until I can get the force of Will I’m ready to jump out of my skin, it’s so close yet I’m so impatient. Also waiting for the reading so my soul can be at ease! Also my dreams have been very vivid lately. Ashra stated I’ll see movement soon and I had a dream last night that he messaged me on Facebook and he liked every single post I made trying to get my attention. Last time I had a dream like that, it really happened. Also I do have psychic abilities as well but I haven’t had dreams lately.
  26. Cayde

    Cayde Member

    Picking my daughter up from her dance rehearsals and wow there she is my crush :inlove: her daughter is in the same school of dance but different age group so her kid is next door but there she is :woot: omg !
  27. Dovey

    Dovey Member Guest Account

    So I messaged @Ashra Koehn that something was going on at work. I was really worried about it . I had a good cry that evening. But today, I realized it is me that had a confidence issue. And assuming things was just making it worse. So now, I do not feel as worried anymore about it.
    After a long time, I finally had a dream with my guy in it.
    I am waiting on the signs and movements that i pray to my spells and to God and the Universe. I haven't gotten anything that i request. Like getting my right eye to twitch. Instead my left eye is twitching and i know that isn't a good sign.
    So i will pray again tonight.
    I'm not going to give up. I might fall but i will get back up and keep trying. I want my guy so bad. I want a chance with him.
    I will continue to work on my faith and believe in this process more. I'm really getting better at this. I'm not as anxious as i use to be.
  28. Pebbles

    Pebbles New Member Guest Account

    I've had several spells cast. I have attempted to contact Ashra and give her an update and have not gotten a reply. I've attempted twice, waiting several days in between as to not rush her, I know she is busy. Should I email again? It has been a few weeks. Thanks!
  29. SJP

    SJP Member

    Anyone had the Never Let Me Go spell cast?
    If so, any success?
  30. B23075

    B23075 Active Member

    Sometimes I get cheap readings from people when I’m feeling low just to get closure when Ashra is busy. A lot of them aren’t accurate and some are. I just left the phone with one and she basically said things Ashra has told me in an update. She says the love he has for me is very strong, stronger than normal and that it’s so strong he tries to avoid me because he gets overwhelmed. She says he try to play the “hard role” meaning he tries to make it seem as if he doesn’t need me and he’ll do good with or without me. She says he hides his feelings. Which is exactly how our breakup ended. He was acting nonchalant! BUT she showed his love to me through social media, he did show a lot of love it was just our last argument when he acted as if he didn’t care. The readers pulled cards and got two very positive cards and said that he puts me on a pedi-stool:inlove:
    Both also said contact will be made very very very soon. Thanks to Ashra! And I’m also waiting on my readings from Ashra for hers is more accurate as always! Also plenty of signs, I try to avoid. The song “dangerously inlove” which he sent me a few weeks ago keeps coming on. He doesn’t know how to really express himself so he sent me that. Everytime I pick my Aunt up, she brings his name up. It saddens me because she always asks if we talk and I still say “no”. Within a month Ashra has offered atleast 5 spells to me which I’ve gotten so that when he comes back it’s stronger than ever!!! Force of will AND NEVER LET ME GO, I’m coming for you!!!
    these people gave me hope as I was beyond depressed and saddened.
  31. X_OT

    X_OT Member

    I miss my lover like crazy right now. I’m allowing myself to release myself full into loving him. I think I was holding myself back.. I muted his posts to stir clear of reaching out but Ashra even suggested to unmute. I want to tell him I love him. He said he loved me but not like in a direct way it was more of a slip of the tongue. Not sure how to feel
  32. Lilmama

    Lilmama Member Guest Account

  33. Ihopkins95

    Ihopkins95 Active Member

    @t1ofakind Welcome to the forum! It is always nice to see a new member on the forum. I have been on here for quite a while and it seems like we share the same thing going on. My love is a twin flame too. During the beginning of the spellcasting though, I struggled with spying and lurking. I learned that we must continue to build ourselves and follow the guidelines. The funny thing is I love my twin flame. Even though we weren't officially in a relationship, I still think about her constantly, but I know my abundance of blessings from the lord will come very soon. I have been at this for quite a while.

    A lot of people have good insight and knowledge of the spell process and will definitely help you wherever you can. Again, welcome to the forum!:)
  34. lovelymegan

    lovelymegan Member

    I love how positive everyone is. It really helps when your waiting for your spell to reach its full potential. Thank you Ashra for casting my spells and understanding my situation. I can't wait til Im with the one I love.
  35. MadForLove

    MadForLove Member

    Ashra is truly amazing. Believe in her. She is the only one that can help us. I know she will help me. My lover as stubborn as he is will love me as much, maybe even more than I love him. It is just a matter of time. Ashra takes the negativity way and changes it to hope. I believe. You should all believe in Ashra.
    Thank you @Ashra Koehn @Ashra for being here for all of us at our time of need. Willing to help reunite us all to the one true love
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  36. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Hi everyone :)
    Hope you are all doing well and focusing on being positive and seeing movements in your spells work. I have been in touch with Ashra Koehn and she has agreed to move my spells to another person which I am very happy with and I cannot wait to see movement soon. I also cannot wait for everyone to start seeing movement and for everyone to get the results they want. Love and light to you all.
  37. Asclepiustormos

    Asclepiustormos Member Member Plus Account

    Last Friday night, GayAstroMan and I burnt some letters by a white candle and threw them in a vase with lot of energy while fire burning. Went outside throwing ashes through wind blows to help our spells. Sending the energy to our beloved Arte and our spirit be with him for his birthday. Feeling so good about it for not break the no contact rule. We haven’t hear from Arte after and patiently waiting for a movement come out of him, it been so forever.
  38. Dree

    Dree Member Guest Account

    @RubyXRed How do you move spells to another person? I did not know you could do that?
  39. EricaLeeCollins199226

    EricaLeeCollins199226 Active Member Member Plus Account

    @T.P.W84 , I am definitely being affected by my spells because I want to text Karim so bad lately. I broke no contact last night but I apologized to Ashra and my spells along with asking for forgiveness. I'm not going to let it happen anymore and I'm still seeing good signs so I feel he's going to contact me soon. Last night I went to a bar with a guy friend and his friends but he knows I am not interested in being more than friends. I had so much fun and I forgot about my problems for a bit so it was nice. When I get paid on the 29th I'm planning on buying at least one spell but I'm stuck between Windsong love spell and Hearts of the Enchanter. I can't buy both at the same time so which do you all think I should get? I emailed Ashra but haven't heard from her. So Only 12 days until I get paid I'm so excited and I really miss Karim so much. I think I'm going to start watching horror movies more often to keep myself busy. Sending positive vibes and love to everyone!!
  40. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Active Member Guest Account

    @Sophia7mc That's good well done what you must do and o have mentioned it before is start a fresh pit the past behind you ok it's not easy and will take work but the past stays in the past learn from it you both deserve better from each other you will be fine don't worry :)

    @B23075 Maybe scar healing will help you

    @Butterfly07 Hell yes:)

    @joonbug19 Thank you :) we have to support each other through this I want all of us to have our lovers back and we will :)

    @Taylor wesley Yes you will have him don't you worry :)

    @Ihopkins95 Totally right :)

    @Monkey14 Yes she will be back

    @B23075 I had a dream about my girl last night it was strange but the fact I'm dreaming about is good

    @Cayde A very encouraging sign sure she will be talking to you soon buddy

    @Dovey It is working no doubt sometimes I don't see as many signs but I know Its working and it will for you too keep praying keep belief and faith you will have him

    @Pebbles Can do but remember she has s lot of e-mails so I'm sure she isn't ignoring you I take no news as good news to be honest I think she would only message you if there was reason to.

    @SJP Not myself but I would like to have it

    @B23075 Men hide their feelings so they don't look weak I'm sure deep down he does love you and I know you will be successful

    @X_OT I would be happy with that myself

    @lovelymegan And you will be with the one you love too

    @RubyXRed Love and light to you aswell

    @MadForLove I believe in her too and her spells

    @Asclepiustormos I have done this too it's a powerful way to get that energy out there he will come around :)
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