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Ashra Koehn's Spells - ashraspells.com

Discussion in 'Ashra Reviews' started by Anya83, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. Ms. F

    Ms. F Member

    @B23075 - I understand you. I finally had Scar Healing cast a few weeks ago and it's been a year since I was hurt and he lost my trust. I think it has helped as the thoughts of what happened last year doesn't enter my mind as much as it used to and I don't cry or feel sad as much as I used to. I hope you are able to get this spell and it helps you as much as it helped me.

    I had an odd dream last night and wondered if anyone had something similar. I dreamt I was with a guy (not my hubby) and I was really happy to be with him. I don't know his name, but he hugged me and we went to have dinner and he held my had at the table. I told him that "I miss you and I know that's strange to say since we don't really know each other well." I woke up thinking "what the heck, who is this guy?" I don't want to read too much into it but is it the person I want my hubby to be or is it someone out there that's better for me?

    I've been sick since Thursday and he's been pretty attentive with regards to how I am feeling. I stayed home from work on Thursday and he called me mid-day to check on me. Then he called when he left work asking if I needed him to pick up anything before he came home. Now that I am feeling a whole lot better, he's been asking if there is anything I want to do or need and even what I want to eat. He's being very accommodating. :) With the holidays coming up I'm hoping beyond hope that our relationship gets even better and more loving. Trying to be positive about us and thinking about how I want it to be.

    Hugs to everyone. Hope you all have a wonderful week.
  2. Neelam

    Neelam Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Please somebody tell me how to pay for my spells if I am not able to use PayPal because I have only visa debit and I am from India. Now I have started feeling in another way. I don't know why things are not happening for me. Why am I not seeing anything even after having so many spells active on him. What should I do? Why am I not seeing any movement? I am really sad.
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  3. Twiggy

    Twiggy Member

    Just curious. Reading the forum I get the feeling that the in depth psychic reading would be more accurate than a 1,2 or 3 question reading? Anyone can give me feedback on this. Have you found your 1, 2 or 3 question reading was spot on or not?
  4. Monkey14

    Monkey14 New Member Guest Account

    Ashra!!! My baby is back!!! Ashra I can't come up with enough words to express how thankful and happy that I am!!! I felt something real strong yesterday and around 9:30pm last night (Saturday) I had feel asleep but was awakened by a noise at my back door. I jumped up and ran to the door and omg there she was!!! I cannot explain all the emotions that were in me! Words cannot explain the joy that I have in me right now! She's still here I first contacted Ashra on November 4 2019, and on November 16 2019 my baby is back in my arms!!! Ashra you are my hero!!! I am beyond grateful for what you do and the wonderful, kind heart that you have! I could not even sleep last night, I just laid with her in my arms and watched her sleep.... Over filled with joy and happiness!!! Thank You Ashra! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!
  5. DarlingNiki

    DarlingNiki Member Guest Account

    Good Morning, to you all.... well I'm smiling from ear to ear and I have a sensation that has been traveling throughout my body but in a great way. I've been talking to my spells and most definitely they deserve all the recognition. I had a great movement and yet a magical evening with my husband. We attended mom's birthday party. I was looking good, smelling good and so was he. Afterward, we went to the night club for her after-party. My husband and danced and locked eyes and as we were dancing we whisper sweet nothings in each other's ear. The night ended with sweet and simple kiss that it felt like a lifetime for us to reach that point all over again, but he is worth the wait. I thank my spells, thank you Ashra, thank you for everything!!
  6. t1ofakind

    t1ofakind New Member Guest Account

    @Ihopkins95 Thank you for the welcome as well and for sharing of your journey of trial and errors as we all have them along our paths. But as you said we must build ourselves up to expect full manifestation of our investment of love. If we fall down then by all means we must dust ourselves off and get back up. I understand and relate to what you mean as far as being with your lover while in love but not in a committed relationship. You seem like you really believe in yourself and the bond you have with her. Continue to trust that in divine timing you guys will be back together but even better and stronger than before.

    Greatness and success does not come easy, if it were so then everyone would have it, right? We all have worries and doubts as in human nature but Im at the point of understanding that I must get down to the root core of where these things are stemming from so that I can remove the roadblocks that are causing self sabotaging ways. As much as I want my man back, I dont want to settle for a broken and unhealthy relationship that we endured anymore. I value myself now regardless of my past mistakes.

    We were together in a committed relationship the first few months but broke up due to distrust, self sabotage and insecurities on both our parts. We continued to date off and on for 3 years but never made it back to establishing a foundation. Though we love each other we are both runners and struggle with trust unfortunately. So this is why I say I need to be patient this time around with both of us and allow the universe to do its magical thing in order to create something a stronger healthier solid foundation upon our return to home as soulmates. I will be ordering Scar of Healing next in a couple days. I feel like im ordering spells not just for him but for both of us.
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  7. Unique Star

    Unique Star Member Guest Account

    @B23075 I think that Scar Healing deals with that issue. But of course, read it yourself and you can ask Ashra for her input on it with your situation.
  8. SiegeVeris

    SiegeVeris Member

    Can someone just please direct to me to a influence spell? Please.. I would like to use it on my lover so her parents can finally change. I feel ignored and like I have no answers. @Ashra
  9. Unique Star

    Unique Star Member Guest Account

    Hey all. Just a question..we all know Ashra's schedule must be out of this world, but is it normal to not receive confirmation on a purchased spell after like..13 days? I'm just curious. Just wanted to know it this is normal.
  10. Gemmbo1983

    Gemmbo1983 Member

    I’m trying to stay positive but I feel so sad when I hear my husband tell the kids stuff & it all sounds like his life is perfect while I’m struggling to pay my bills & make sure my kids have everything
  11. QueenSharisha

    QueenSharisha Member Guest Account

    Hello Everyone!
    I’m new to this forum and I am seeing already so many positive reviews. This makes me so happy. I actually had a quick question for you guys. I actually had the passion panacea spell casted and I’m unable to stay positive since my lover is very stubborn. Also I sometimes look at him through Instagram. Did I ruin the spell? How can I stay positive? Also how do karma points work? I got my first spell casted for free since I am a college student with a lot of loans. Thanks guys!!!!
  12. Mo1967

    Mo1967 Member Guest Account

    @T.P.W84 thanks for your words, I know in my heart that we will be back together! I spoken to ashra again and a new suggestions for a new spell ! I'm so impatient but I'm hanging in there! Sending you love
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  13. B23075

    B23075 Active Member

    @T.P.W84 no seriously it’s not a good idea to get them haha I just did because I had anxiety. But someone told me we won’t get back together. Which is kind of off if I just got a reading from Ashra saying when he will commit.
    Sometimes Ashra is too busy to help calm my anxiety so I do does this sometimes. The only way we won’t get back together is if the answer to my 1 question reading from Ashra comes back as a “yes”.
    Then I’ll leave it in the past and move forward. I’m trying to have high hopes, it does just seems as if me and him continue to go through the same cycle. He is very damaged and it takes a lot of patience to deal with someone like him. I do just want my mind and spirit free of worry. If leaving the situation will do so, so be it. I want this to work more than anyone but if the reading is not what I hope for, I cannot move forward.
    It includes a possibility of another child from someone else, which I highly doubt o_O but we’ll see.
  14. X_OT

    X_OT Member

    Well Ashra’s beauty spell gave me some confidence to post a sexy picture and now I have the attention of my highschool crush. I am at the point where I want my spells to be recasted for someone else and he would be then one. It’s not that I’m giving up on my lover it’s that I know he’s going to be in my life for sometime... but I’m not sure if we would be able to accomplish the emotional depth that I seek for a number of reason... going to reach out to Ashra
  15. PrettyBlackBerry

    PrettyBlackBerry Member Guest Account

    Ashra Koehn, I love you! You are simply the best and glad that you will forever be apart of my life. Thank you for everything! Your rock:):thumbsup:
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  16. Mary98

    Mary98 Member

    Hey everyone I hope you are doing okay I see that most of you are seeing movements from your spells. Ashra is indeed a true spell caster. I'm also waiting for her to cast my spell I purchased it last week Monday.

    @RubyXRed is it possible to move spells from your current lover to another one and if it possible does Ashra Koehn charges you or she does it on her own expense? I'll be glad if you can give me some clarity to my question. Thank you all the best to you all.
  17. Andib

    Andib Active Member

    Hi @T.P.W84 yes we are getting our lovers back. And very soon. I have trust and faith in Ashra and what she said recently are just uplifting and amazing. Not that the previous spell casting updates were not.

    My lover is an Alpha male. Overachiever, highly intelligent, damaged from previous relationship experience and his ex wife did a number on him and he is a Scorpio (overly stubborn). He is an amazing man.

    Thanks for all your positive and encouraging posts. Your girl is lucky to have you as well as my man to have me in his life. We won't give up.

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  18. Kas

    Kas Member

    Goodmorning fam, hope you all have a good Monday!:) Nothing like being lied to your face, so Freedom Fire here I come along with the Revenge spell!! Do what I have to do once again to remove these negative people out of my man's life permanently for good!! Stay positive everyone
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  19. KittyFaro

    KittyFaro Member

    Hey group :)
    Just wondering if anyone has heard from Ashra, the last couple of days please? I've sent her a couple of emails/messages regarding my situation, but not heard back from her... I know she's super busy.
    Trying to stay POSITIVE! Xx
    @Ashra @Ashra Koehn
  20. B23075

    B23075 Active Member

    @Ms. F I will be getting Scar of healing next week. I hope the time for manifestation won’t be long. I will also be getting another aura cleanse soon. It’s just been too much negativity going on around me lately :oops: I’ve been holding on to hurt he’s done last year and the more he does things the more it builds up :mad:
    I just wanna be free from it :) I think I’ll get further in life not stuck on “pain”. I think the Force of Will on top of scar healing will ease a lot of stress I was put on last month to this month. I’m trying to make the month of December and ongoing as peaceful as possible.
    Are you still dealing with this person who’s caused you pain?
  21. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Active Member Guest Account

    @EricaLeeCollins199226 It effects us all some more than others I feel a tingly sensation in my arms and hands when a spell is cast then there is the presence I feel sometimes like my girl is with me it's very unusual. Do whatever you think you have to we are all behind you.

    @Ms. F I try not to find reason in my dreams to be honest but if your lover is in them or there is any reference to them in your dreams then it's a sign :) from what your telling me things are progressing well.

    @Twiggy The 1, 2 and 3 questions are accurate the in depth reading gets booked very quickly whatever you ask remember this it will be the truth if you can't handle what Ashra may say then don't ask.

    @Monkey14 That's fantastic news well done :) I'm really pleased for you I wish you and your lover all the happiness and love in the world you deserve it congratulations keep us all updated won't you? :)

    @Neelam It's taking longer than you want that's all these spells can effect us loads then nothing at all I wouldn't worry yourself he is coming but it will when it's right

    @DarlingNiki That's superb and talking to your spells really helps I find. I'm not really able to as much as I'm sharing accomadation with some other guys not sure how they would react so I'm keeping it quiet. I still talk to my spells but when I'm sure there is no one else around and quieter than normal and less detailed.

    @t1ofakind It is for the both of you definitely I have changed and my girl will be surprised on her return how but all good :)

    @Unique Star You should have had one she maybe behind

    @Gemmbo1983 It's most likely not as good as he is making it sound so I would not get down.

    @QueenSharisha You can't spy on him so no more checking up on social media and no contact, no asking others how he maybe either you must not bother with any of that. Focus on you to out with friends see your family take up a hobby anything to take your mind off it and make sure you believe no matter how stubborn he is the spells will break his resolve eventually hang in there.

    @Mo1967 It's fine I'm patient myself but this has really tested me no the max but there you go the end prize will be so worth it

    @B23075 I have anxiety too so don't worry about it but I'm not involving any more psychics now have had a couple outside of Ashra to be honest and I'm not sure they are trustworthy no idea to be honest. I'm trusting this process and I'm trusting in Ashra, her spells and the universe to reward me for doing everything I have been asked. Your answer will be the truth and it will give you the clarity you want so fingers crossed it is what you want to hear.

    @X_OT She will give you the answers you seek

    @PrettyBlackBerry Can only agree with you :)

    @Andib one of my exes was a Scorpio we were not well matched at all. Me and my girl are well matched and thank you I hope she soon sees how luck she is. It is a matter of time but it will happen for us all.

    Hugs back.

    @Kas If I knew the names of the negative people around my girl they would be gone from her life too. Unfortunately we don't have similar friends we have 1 friend in common say in common he knows her and she knows him hardly friends but there you go. We don't live in the same area ok it's a drive from me but not like it's 50 miles or anything like that
  22. Ellie17

    Ellie17 Member

    Hi forum family if you have doubt with Ashra i would tell you this.Ashra Koehn is LEGIT. there are lot of times i see movements follow your heart and be patient. Ashra is awesome and nice. she will do everything to help us. got message from my lover he cares and miss me a lot. I haven’t been here for awhile so busy with work.
  23. Patricia KB

    Patricia KB New Member Guest Account

    Hello everyone. So glad to have this forum, is there a reason I am not getting replies to my replies with questions?. Thank you
  24. MadForLove

    MadForLove Member

    @T.P.W84 ...you are quite inspirationall. Responding to us all and thereby lifting our spriits when we are feeling down.
    With my stressful life I have been off work for a while now. And my stubborn lover who has shut me out is not helping me. But coming to this forum and reading all the success stories definitely gives me hope.
    I know that I was meant to meet @Ashra, @Ashra Koehn. I have gone through several spellcasters before her and lost 100's if not 1000's. They would give me false hopes. Guaranteeing results. But then months of waiting patiently they would stop responding. But Ashra is so different and therefore the real deal. She listens and customizes the spells to my specific needs. And she will not stop responding to my numerous emails of desperation (sorry).
    I can not wait until my lover comes backs and admot
  25. MadForLove

    MadForLove Member

    Oops..hit sent too fast.
    But I jist want to say thank you to @Ashra and the forum family. I can't wait until my lover admits his true feelings to me. I know he loves me
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  26. Mo1967

    Mo1967 Member Guest Account

    @KittyFaro yes! I heard from her yesterday, but I know she is busy! But she will get in touch don't worry
  27. Unique Star

    Unique Star Member Guest Account

    @KittyFaro havent heard from her in more than a couple of days. I hope she's okay.
  28. MoonLover19

    MoonLover19 Member

    @Peebles Sometimes things come through on your paypal email account i know i check both emails if you do check that. Emails get lost in the mix. Id go to her main page and direct contact her
  29. MadForLove

    MadForLove Member

    Can I ask...am I crazy to be in love with a man who is 17 years younger than me? I know society will never accept such a relationship. But I definitely don't look or act my age. We have such a deep connection and that is why I love him soo much. But I think that is one thing that keeps him from loving me. It seems as though he is embarassed by an older woman loving him. And he has told me that he really prefers girls who are much, much younger than himself.
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  30. DCD

    DCD Member

    @KittyFaro I was wondering the same thing. I haven’t gotten a response to any of my emails. A spell was suppose to be cast for me this morning, I haven’t gotten any confirmation that it was. I hope she is ok.
  31. Katherine.J.F

    Katherine.J.F Member

    Hej Kas. Can you please give me the link to both spells you had. Freedom Fire and Revenge Spell? Thank you! I'm also in the battle of removing the negative people out of my love's life for good. Knowing and considering about the spells you had, made me interested in them too. :)
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  32. Butterfly07

    Butterfly07 Member

    @T.P.W84 I need your words of positivity! I'm broken right now
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  33. t1ofakind

    t1ofakind New Member Guest Account

    @Unique Star Hi dear. Have you checked your spam and update mailboxes? Thats where I recieve all my consistent updates, confirmations of castings and anwsers to my questions. However, I ensure to always ask my most important questions and concerns in my orders detail box and also when sending my pictures during the order processing which seems to be working for me with continuous communication from her. As an full time entrepreneur I can relate to Ashra, my priority communication goes first to my current ordering clients and business team / staff then secondary and following project goals priority. Not to say it may not be a priority to the person contacting me but that in a world that is not always automated or monitized its also difficult sometimes to keep boundaries for peace of mind when your dealing with a high volume of people daily. Especially in relations to counseling / mentoring people in addition to providing the services to those who may need more guidance than others.
  34. Dovey

    Dovey Member Guest Account

    I feel so defeated. I don't know how anyone can hold on for so long. I don't know what to do anymore.
  35. t1ofakind

    t1ofakind New Member Guest Account

    @Monkey14 Omg!! So exciting to hear. Congratulations!! Continue putting your best foot forward as you celebrate her return.
  36. Sandra J

    Sandra J Well-Known Member

    Hi Neelam I see that you're stressing out over there because you're not seeing movements yet doesn't mean your spells isn't working on the problems to bring back your lover. I know that it's hard to stay calm and cool because you want to be with your lover now. Did you order any seals on your spells to protect them so they can continue to develop stronger energy during your waiting. If you feel that something is missing them maybe Ashra will recast your spells so you can see more movements and results from it.

    Hi kas I know it seems like once your lover is back it always seem to be more problems with outsiders so that being said you have to take action and purchase more spells to remove the problems. I have those same problems dealing with people's still interfering in my relationship and I know I have purchase every spells to help me to have peace in my relationship. I did purchase Road Opener to help remove obstacles and to see things workout between kenneth and me, Freedom Fire Break UP is a great spell to use to remove people's away from your lover for good.

    Hi QueenSharisha I see you're excited about your spells been cast on your lover to bring him back to you, Ashra gives us these rules for a reason so please don't keep looking at your lover on social media it will only slow down your spells and you will wonder why come you're not seeing anything.

    Hi Gemmbo1983, I am sorry that you're dealing with so much from your husband just remember this to shall pass and you will be alright.

    Hi DarlingtonNIKI, I am so happy for you! Ashra knows what she's doing we all just have to have faith and believe in their spells knowing you will see the light at the tunnel. Please continue to keep us posted on your journey.

    Hi Monkey14 I am happy for you that your lover returned to you and I know you're over the moon knowing Ashra has giving you back your smile again . Please keep us posted on your journey.

    I just like to say to those who still waiting on your lovers please stay patient and know it will work out in your favor, I know we want to see things happened soon as those spells have been cast. Continue to just know that your spells are working out some things in your lovers life and trying to fight Ashra spells, but we know that Ashra spells are to strong to fight. I am praying for you all to have your lovers back soon and I know that's what Ashra wants too.
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  37. CMMMforever

    CMMMforever Member

    @DarlingNiki & @Monkey14 I am so happy to hear your good news! Gives me more hope for my situation. I love seeing all of the successful stories! Keep the positive vibes going. :thumbsup:
  38. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Active Member Guest Account

    @Ellie17 I don't doubt it one bit at all I'm glad your seeing movements please keep us updated.

    @Patricia K Barnes What questions do you have?

    @MadForLove It's my pleasure to try and help you all you have helped me ok I'm positive but I have my off days too I like you miss my lover we haven't spoke in a long time but I know I will see her again and that we will reunite for good one day and I will put this period behind me. I refer to this as a pause "the awakening" basically the feelings will awaken eventually it's not a break it's a pause and the pause will be gone soon. I want you to know that you and all of my forum family will be successful in time some of us may take weeks others months and some longer but the end game is in sight and we will be successful

    @Unique Star She was her usual happy self when she messaged me on Friday

    @MadForLove Age don't matter you can't help your feelings and who you fall for thats why I will not let anyone tell me to move on because I know I have found someone right someone good and some I love more than anyone in the world 100% unconditionally.

    @Katherine.J.F Wish I could name the negative influences around my girl there is a few.

    @Butterfly07 do you want to send me an inbox message on here or post it for us all? I don't mind either way I'm here.
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  39. Butterfly07

    Butterfly07 Member

    I think I messed up! My lover and I started talking and we had planned to be intimate at a location, but over the weekend I had a few drinks and might have said something disrespectful to him which I don't recall at all! I have apologized but I don't think he will look at me again! I'm trying to show him in better than his gold digging gf but I keep pushing him to stay with her!! At this point I AM DONE! because I don't think there is anyway he will forgive me or still wants to be with me! I think I've lost him !to add insult to injury, When i rememebr that i did, MY heart aches...:-(
  40. chayjose

    chayjose Active Member

    Good Evening Everyone. I haven't actually been on here in a while, however I'm happy to say I'm back. My mum saw a physic and said someone is going to come in my life and I will soon have a boyfriend. I hope she is saying this is my lover as my heart does not beat for anyone else but him. Things have been going well however I do worry
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