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Ashra Koehn's Spells - ashraspells.com

Discussion in 'Ashra Reviews' started by Anya83, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. Fiky

    Fiky New Member Guest Account

    I got a message on the 15th stating that my spells will be cast within the next few days. Today he called me 3 times. I was so amazed. I think the spell is cast already though I haven't got an email yet. Yippee
  2. Hi @CMMMforever I don't think Ashra has approved your account yet. I still see "Guest Account" listed under your name. Since Ashra gets a lot of email everyday, I think maybe you can try to have a more direct/straight to the point email title so Ashra knows that you want her to approve the forum account?

    I love coming to the forum to read everyone's comments. You guys always made me cheer up and be more positive. Thank you! :)
  3. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Active Member Guest Account

    @Dovey Good things come to those who wait I have waited longer than I have wanted to I think we have to let go of the when to be honest because that in itself can bring you down. Stay strong Ashra would not help you if 1 it could be helped and 2 she didn't want to so I say fight I would do absoulety anything for my girl and her son even die that's not a lie it's the truth my love is that strong for them

    @CMMMforever You will be posting your success on here aswell as will we all :)
  4. Mo1967

    Mo1967 Member Guest Account

    @Ashra Koehn emailed me, my spell has been cast so feeling postive with her news, her psychic sight sees everything is great! But I've emailed her early hour of this morning! I've been stupid, I spied on his Facebook shouldn't have done this please forgive me! I've apogised to ashra and my spells, a moment of weakness.
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  5. Karen.A

    Karen.A Member Guest Account

    When a situation seemed hopeless has anyone had the Obeah love spell cast and had any results?
  6. cup_of_joe

    cup_of_joe New Member Guest Account

    Hi Guys, Last week I received a confirmation from Ashra that she would be casting my spell (Passion Panacea) in a few days. But its been over a week now with no word. I know she's busy but I'm getting really anxious since my ex seems to hate me more as the days pass. :'(
  7. B23075

    B23075 Active Member

    The question reading came back in my favor. The other girl was lying according to Ashra. Now my patience is thin and Friday needs to hurry so I can purchase the “Force of Will” she will be gone permanently!! I can’t lie I’m kind of pissed off because we’ve only been broken up a month and yet there’s someone else inlove with you already.
    I’m trying to remain humble until Friday, it is very hard. I haven’t been on social media until today and can see the girl is picking. Little does she know her time is almost over. ESPECIALLY since he will be committing to me BEFORE Christmas :hilarious::laugh::inlove: not that far away. I’m excited because me and Ashra have been working to fix him expressing his emotions and pride. And she said movement soon, and he will always be more open with me EVEN to the public! :thumbsup: Commitment with triple cast coming real soon. Also my Hand of wealth spell is still manifesting. I got two raises and offered another manager position.
    Also have been seeing lots of triple digits and also my soulmates birthday & name. I’m really excited to get rid of this girl!!
  8. Meg123

    Meg123 New Member Guest Account

    I ordered two spells from Ashra more than two weeks and I got a quick email from her after about a week or so saying that she casted the spells and I will be receiving the updates soon but since then It has been almost two more weeks. Does it usually take this long for you guys to get an update on your spells? I am just asking because I am kind of new here and also her website says two contact her if I do not hear back within 24-48 hours.
  9. Unique Star

    Unique Star Member Guest Account

    @t1ofakind hey thanks for responding ans that, I figured. I have not wanted to contact her and just wait, ya know. I feel bad for even inquiring because I can't imagine how many emails she gets. I'll try to write my questions and statements and concerns down and insert them where you said. I do forget at that time and that sucks.

    I check all of my boxes. I'm going to THOROUGHLY check again and go way back. I'm pretty new with just 1 spell cast, but I got worried because I can tell Ashra is on top of her stuff. Ya know? I do hope she's well. That was a concern of mine, too. But I see some people have been helped lately, so that's a good sign of being well. Thank you !!
  10. X_OT

    X_OT Member

    @T.P.W84 Really?? That makes me feel bad lol. I am just afraid to take things to heart then he says no I didn’t say that you’re exaggerating your feelings etc etc. I’m so tired of being told I’m making up things in my head. It’s hurtful so that was my defense. He has to say it directly.. not passively.

    How are things for you this week??

    This entire week I have been seeing angel numbers and also he liked a post of mine...

    But I’m over feeling like this love can’t be held. It’s crazy to always feel like I’m trying to catch and eel. It’s so slippery.. I don’t want it anymore, I don’t like this feeling. I have asked Ashra to redirect my spells to someone else who I have always wanted to date in highschool... let’s see how this goes.

    My beauty spell has been great. No issues there I actually can’t stop telling myself how beautiful I really am lately. This is extreme progress.... this time last year and previous years I felt so ugly inside but now I don’t have so much turmoil. Very excited to hear back from Ashra.
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  11. Monkey14

    Monkey14 New Member Guest Account

    Thank you Sandra J! I am so very happy.
  12. Marivickawsky

    Marivickawsky Member Guest Account

    Hi family in this forum. I hope everything is doing fine. I was so desperate this last few weeks. I ask Ashra if my spells still active and she reply back to me. She told me that my spells still working fine. I am waiting patiently to get movements and results. @Ashra Ashra Koehn, I know that you will never let me down. You will never let me to stay in the dark of loneliness. It’s been 9 months since my ex-lover left me. I will patiently waiting. For those people in this forum who feels sadness and heartaches like me, if you feel negativity in your everyday life, make your day positive. Don’t give up... It’s hard I know.. That’s what I feel too.. Just believe in your Spells and Ashra. Everything will be okay for all of us soon... Stay Strong!
  13. Ines Vadius

    Ines Vadius Member Guest Account

    Good Morning All
    I’ve Just purchased a Spell and I’m looking forward to the outcome I’m finally Feeling Like something is going to happen soon with Me and my Lover I can just feel it in my Whole Body . #staypositive
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  14. Sash

    Sash New Member Guest Account

    Hi everyone,
    Seeing all this positive vibes gives me hope that I'll get back my boyfriend and I believe that @Ashra Koehn will bring him back although it's hard being without him for now it actually feels like torture.
    I just have to be patient and take it slow and wait for @Ashra to start with the spell.
  15. Myra_e

    Myra_e Member Guest Account

    I’m always clam down when it’s come to my spell I’m not always thinking about it’s since I’m very at work . However there’s a time when I’m
    Alone and feel lonely at my bed & flashbacks all memories what we have my ex same last night I cried and thinking if he’s thinking with me if he’s coming back before Christmas
  16. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Active Member Guest Account

    @Butterfly07 Whatever is getting you down right now remember this is a process it takes time the stuff you see in films and T.V regarding magic is the stuff of fantasy. Remember, this is energy you must have faith and believe I believe I believe God and fate led me to Ashra and to this forum I believe we will all succeed some may take longer than others due to complex situations and stubborn lovers but ultimately in the end the power of Ashra's spells combined with her determination to help you plus all of our support on here will eventually mean you get what you want. Trust me I'm positive but I too have my off days of course I'm only human but what I have seen the last 8 month's has proved to me this is real and it will work also it's delicate can go up and down sometimes you feel closer than others I have dreamt about my girl every night since end of last week at some point so that's pleasing.
  17. t1ofakind

    t1ofakind New Member Guest Account

    Good morning beautiful souls!
    Hope this reaches everyone abundantly blessed and well with peace regardless of where you are at in your journey of welcoming continuous love into your life.

    I've now have 5 active spells into my almost two weeks journey. 3 love + 2 financial increase. The 1st casting which was Passion Panacea made me sleep almost an entire weekend away along w/ receiving fb messages, requests from two exes, two very small perhaps coincidences and daily increased new daily business clientele. Sunday and yesterday morning Ashra confirmed that my 4th & 5th spell Breath of Love and another spell was casted that included a very lengthy positive and amazing update. It took me the entire day to process and mediate upon receiving such unexpected news of blessings. I also have been feeling in general the past few days a more calmer and joyful in my spirit. But after receiving my 4th & 5th spell within the past 24 hours, I've been feeling almost like I'm on a natural high of joy and clarity allowing me to begin letting go of the ego and pride I had in relishing being the one that got away this time. While harboring and struggling w/ unforgiveness to us both. Learning that I have to truly let go of trying to control and clock watch these spells and also directly with my man when I'm blessed with the opportunity again to directly engage w/ him because it doesn't work best that way nor does it help aide in keeping a positive mindset. Its actually counter productive from what I can see and in my understanding of research of spells signs and movements. I mean guess thats the definition of insanity repeating the same behaviors over and over expecting different results but doing the same wrong things. Being honest, even though I began putting my effort into this, it was more like a seed of faith more-so than a 100% confident in what I was getting myself into as I'm still learning how to tap into this unexpected universal energy power.

    I'm going to continue moving forward with the Scar Healing and Delete The Past in combo w/ triple seals to add more healing of our past experiences to help prepare for a stronger future as Ashra said. I'm so geeked I haven't even slept yet just working on trying to get my coins, mind, body and spirit together to manifest balance and harmony with everything. Because when he returns I want to ensure being a stronger position to enjoy and receive our love this go around which is a privilege I didn't fully understand how to cultivate and appreciate.

    If anyone is having financial strain in addition I do want to encourage you to also trust Ashra Koehn with her wealth spells recommendations as I'm already quickly seeing the manifestations of the results. But also remember faith without works is dead, so don't just expect a genie to pop out of the bottle with making it rain dollars everywhere, lol but if you knock on the opportunity doors they will open more effortlessly from what im seeing.

    @T.P.W84 Yes indeed I totally agree the enlightened discovery is of these spells are for both of us. I can definitely see the bigger picture in us becoming whole and as one team as we originally envisioned. Ashra now has earned my full confidence as ongoing client. You rock and thank you for your group embrace of everyone. You are a blessing and Im rooting for your all your wins with your special lady.

    @Sandra J Hi sweetheart, Ive been following your journey of patience and strength. You are a great example that patience always win and mostly important a esteemed virtue. Thank you as well for staying in the forum as a continued source of encouragement and hope to others. I admire your determination to fight productively for what belongs to you. Continued blessings to you and yours.
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  18. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Active Member Guest Account

    @Butterfly07 virtual arm around you whatever is getting you down you can get through it I have had the hardest 2 years of my life not just this ok it's a big part of it but even at my lowest I said it will turn because it will maybe not as fast as you want but it will time heals everything in the end
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  19. t1ofakind

    t1ofakind New Member Guest Account

    To clarify, Ashra did NOT recommend my continued spell purchases. It is I that decided to invest according to what my spirit feels guided to help target specific areas of my relationship and in my life. I'm definitely #TeamAshra

    Ashra has definitely earned my trust and confidence!!
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  20. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Active Member Guest Account

    @Butterfly07 I don't think you have messed up if you have you I say just step back a bit and yes you are better than you man's current partner and time will prove that. Best thing to do would be to contact Ashra and she want she thinks but I would not let it bring you down you didn't mean what you said it happens I would not bring it up again to be honest.

    @chayjose :) it is will be don't worry.

    @Fiky Wow that's quick and yes I would say they have been cast :) so please you have had movement so quickly. Ok, my advice is take it slow and don't open up unless he does remember you can't make contact first until your an item again.

    @Mo1967 I'm glad you have had a good review my friend it happens just don't make it a regular occurrence

    @Karen.A Not myself but if you do have that cast that's like the most powerful spell there is and it is not one Ashra will cast unless it is needed it takes 4 days to cast.

    @cup_of_joe I wouldn't be the negat8ve towards you could be your lover fighting his feelings you may find it has already been cast.

    @B23075 I knew it :) yes she will be g9nr and you two will be fine my friend keep us updated:)

    @Meg123 I have found with Ashra no news is good news she will only contact you if there is an issue or if she sees something Now are you seeing signs? you can ask her to let you know what she sees but in all honesty imagine you have thousands of customers that's a lot to keep on top of Spells take priority and should then readings and e-mails are probably very low priority.

    @Unique Star As far as I'm aware Ashra is well I heard from her 5 days ago but don't sweat it I'm sure she is fine.

    @X_OT You follow your heart and do what you think is right whatever you chose we will support you. I know my girl is my soulmate and we belong together that has been confirmed I knew it the first time I kissed her and from being with her and she felt it too she would probably deny it but it's a fact and Ashra has confirmed we are soulmates I believe in Ashra and her spells so. My week has been fine thank you, not as many signs but I'm not able to talk to my spells as much because I'm away training with my part time job and sharing accomadation with 2 other guys and they can't know about this. I have dreamt about a lot last few nights so I'm pleased. I'm sure your better looking than you think I have had beauty spells cast too and I have noticed a change in how I look and how others view me.

    @Marivickawsky Yes, stay strong because you too will see success we all will :)

    @Ines Vadius Trust your feelings they probably aren't wrong.

    @Sash Of course it's hard when you love that other person so much but how do you know he isn't missing you aswell? We can't read their minds just believe, trust in the spells,the process and follow the guidelines and you will see soon

    @Myra_e Completely understand but you must go about your own life and try not to get too down it will happen for you but when we don't know

    @t1ofakind Thank you and the same to you, totally agree with what your saying putting it into practice is not easy but we will get there in the end. My girl is lucky lucky to have met me lucky to have known me and soon she will see just how lucky the grass is not greener on the other side people always think that the fact is it is not the case when you find someone special you hold on to them
  21. Hi @Karen.A, Ashra casted the Obeah love spell for me last week, and I am waiting for results. I have a lot of spells active before I purchased the Obeah love spell. But since I was drawn to the spell when I first read about it, I went ahead and purchase it. I will keep you posted if I get any results. For now, let us all stay positive! I know we will be back with our loves soon with Ashra help!
  22. Twiggy

    Twiggy Member

    Good day everyone. Hope you are all seeing signs and movement. I am pretty sure my lover is in a cold phase and fighting the spells. But he is also very unwell at the moment.

    @T.P.W84 Thank you for responding to me about the 1, 2 and 3 question readings and accuracy.

    @Meg123 I advise you to check your junk mail, and add all of Ashra's email address to your email account. I never received the first report about Passion Panacea as I did not realise it may go to my junk email.

    CONGRATULATIONS to those who have got their lovers back recently. Love to read on the success stories and it's great when those who have their lovers back previously come here still to give us hope and positivity.
  23. LostMyLove9

    LostMyLove9 New Member Guest Account

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this site, as a matter of fact I'm pretty much new to this whole posting on a forum thing. I signed up 2 days ago, because I have lost the love of my life due to my insecurities. She has vowed to never speak or be with me ever again. I regret the things I have said to her while under the influence of alcohol therefore, I have quit the habit cold turkey since the day I lost her. Sad to say that it took up to the point of her moving away for me to do so. I'm disappointed and ashamed of myself for accusing her of cheating on me. Just months before our plans to be married in the 1st week of January, I now find myself alone due to my stupidity. I admit my fault and quickly corrected it, by quitting the influence that has put me in this position. I purchased the Passion Panacea spell 2 days ago as well, for which its my last shot of redemption to the love of my life and I to get back on track before our wedding day even though there hasnt been any contact between us. Although, I haven't heard any update of whether or not my spell has been cast or if I still have a chance for her coming back to me so our love can be stronger than ever. I've read alot of you all successes and determination within yourselves through your situations and found it to be uplifting as well as inspirational. I wish nothing but happiness to those who have their love back and all happiness to those who will get their love back.
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  24. Dan K

    Dan K New Member Guest Account

    Amazing, that must have felt so good.
    I just emailed Ashra for first time I'm hoping to get a reply back so she can start to work with me.
  25. B23075

    B23075 Active Member

    @T.P.W84 thanks for the words of encouragement! :) As I had no hope since the beginning of our breakup. He had been in jail for going on two weeks :oops: its sad but then again the longer he’s in there, the farther he’s away from her and I can get to the Force of Will. I just want it active while he’s there. I know he’s in there losing it because every spell update Ashra gives me and even in a reading she says he thinks about me a lot.
    I’m thinking of getting a triple seal for it, but I don’t really think it’s necessary.
    I am finally happy he will commit soon, be back with me, and open to me even with the public. Once he messages me and we’re back together I will let everyone know!
  26. B23075

    B23075 Active Member

    I even have plans for when we’re back together:confused: I don’t wanna be too obsessive tho. But I do have plans and places I would like to travel to with him and his son. And I want to help him financially but with spells. I’ll make a decision because I don’t want my help to go to waste. And I also don’t want us breaking up again it is only his commitment problems that were hurting our relationship.
  27. B23075

    B23075 Active Member

    Also, Ashra spells also work on us and it’s crazy. I remember a description in a recent spell she cast to where we both will have an urgency to be with one another and for some reason I’m literally ready to jump out of my skin because I miss him so much, and wanna be with him now. And physically/ spiritually it feels like we’re still in a relationship. It’s weird to explain it feels as if he’s close to me and really he’s not.
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  28. Unique Star

    Unique Star Member Guest Account

    @T.P.W84 hey. Yes, I feel that most be it. That she's behind. Understandable

    Thank you for all that you do for us, @Ashra @Ashra Koehn Stay well and rested
  29. cup_of_joe

    cup_of_joe New Member Guest Account

    I just got confirmation from Ashra today that my spell has been cast! Such great timing too! I had the WORST day and was totally bummed out when I got to work. Then when I checked my email there it was! An email from Ashra! I hope I get to see and feel signs soon that the spell is doing it's magic. I'll pray long and hard to the universe and God!. Cant wait to be able to share my success story as many have already in this wonderful forum. :)
  30. Hermosa97

    Hermosa97 New Member Guest Account

    Hey guys I got my spell casted November 4 it's been two weeks and four days ago I seen some movement. I think one of his closest friends wrote me on Snapchat and me n her (gay girl) don't even talk like that I figured it was her sending her music to ppl on there n it was the fact that she out of all people sent a random message I just felt it was a sign n opening the message I seen saved messages between us from a while ago that had to do with my boyfriend n me old videos n stuff it felt good and gave me hope . So far no other signs I think of him daily and I miss him soooo much I'm hopeful.❤️ Keep the postivity coming guys
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  31. Butterfly07

    Butterfly07 Member

    @T.P.W84 thank you for your response! I have contacted Ashra but seems to be busy and thank you for reminding me that I am better than her and time will prove it! I don't recall saying it but if I did I didn't mean it either! I have as u said stepped back a bit also!
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  32. Jason Spear

    Jason Spear Member Guest Account

    If you get a spell triple cast ( I understand it will be cast 3 times) what does the extra stuff mean? Like Triple echoes.
  33. EricaLeeCollins199226

    EricaLeeCollins199226 Active Member Member Plus Account

    Hello everyone, how are you all doing? I am doing good though I fell down and skinned my knee really bad earlier. I got so much cleaning done so I'm feeling good but I wore myself out lol. I still can't decide what spell to buy so I am going to read about all of them. To be honest I feel drawn to a lot of the spells which is why I can't decide lol and they are all good spells. If I don't hear from Ashra by the 29th then I think I'll buy a spell or two and then see what she says since I know she'll tell me if a different spell would be better instead. Only 9 more days until I get paid so I can't wait to buy another spell then. Sending positive vibes and love to everyone!!
  34. Butterfly07

    Butterfly07 Member

    Has anyone had the Emerald Crystals Lust Spell?
  35. Paige Jordan

    Paige Jordan New Member Guest Account

    How long does she take for her to email you back? I really need her help ! @Ashra Koehn
  36. Sandra J

    Sandra J Well-Known Member

    Hi tlofakind I feel that even thou my lover is back with me now I feel it doesn't hurt to encourage others to stay strong and not give up on their lovers. I have been where you are wanting to know when will he come back to me, I have purchased numerous of spells to break up his relationship with the other woman because in my heart he made a mistake to have broken up with me. I am happy to see that you're begin strong and trusting in Ashra spells knowing that you will get the Victory.
  37. Unique Star

    Unique Star Member Guest Account

    @LostMyLove9 aw I'm sorry this has happened to you. don't worry. You are in good hands with Ashra. I pray she'll be back with you in no time.
  38. Mary98

    Mary98 Member

    Hey everyone I hope you are doing well. I purchased Passion panacea spell from Ashra Koehn last week on Monday and I have not heard anything from her yet, is it normal for her to take too long to get back to us it just that I'm so curious because it gonna be two weeks now since I have not heard back from Ashra. Or does orders get lost somehow?.. Anyway I wish you all the a blessed day.
  39. mikeman199988

    mikeman199988 Member Guest Account

    Still no response from Ashra Koehn yet.
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  40. joonbug19

    joonbug19 Active Member

    @Jason Spear good question. You're right on about the triple casts being casted 3x times I myself wanted to know what "triple echos" meant.
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