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Ashra Koehn's Spells - ashraspells.com

Discussion in 'Ashra Reviews' started by Anya83, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. B23075

    B23075 Active Member

    I got the Force of Will, does anyone know a spell that can whiten my teeth before I get my braces? I thought the beauty spell but I’m unsure.
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  2. DCD

    DCD Member

    I did something I shouldn’t have. I looked at his social media! He put he’s in a relationship with this other woman 6 hrs ago. Posted a video of them dancing and kissing talking about he can’t want until they can kiss any time they want to! I thought my spells were working. Ashra HELP!!!!!
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  3. Sophierebecca140100

    Sophierebecca140100 Well-Known Member

    Today has been a better day for me today. I haven't cried !! (Celebrate). I have actually had an ok day I haven't had any negative thoughts and am feeling quite good about myself. I celebrated the Christmas light switch on in my town this evening and seeing lots of happy face and singing along to Christmas songs has boosted my mood. I hope it this feeling is here to stay. I have seen a couple of signs too which I am grateful for. Ashra did reply to my last night and as always she was supportive and helped me feel better. Hope your all doing well. Sending positive vibes and beat wishes.
  4. B23075

    B23075 Active Member

    Hey! I purchased Force of Will this morning around 9am and when I get this feeling of exhaustion that’s when I know Ashra is doing spells. Butttt since she’s so busy it would seem odd for her to cast it right away. I got home at 10am and literally just woke up and I’m still tired :( I actually had a dream that I was arguing with the girl I got the spell to remove :confused::hilarious: I’m hoping that is Ashra at work, maybe the casting takes a couple days to do :woot:
    Either way there’s a celebration in my heart because the girl will be gone soon
  5. QueenSharisha

    QueenSharisha Member Guest Account

    @B23075 You’re so right about the spell affecting us deeply. I have been having the urge to be with my partner since I got the passion panacea spell casted. I feel like also we are in a relationship and people around me tell me that me and my partner are meant to be. Spells really do make a difference in your life and I can’t wait til he is in my arms!

    Hi Everyone!
    How y'all doing on this fine day! I actually wanted to share my story on whats going on after my spell. I am actually starting to see my lover in my dreams and I'm pretty sure that they are all signs. My lover is really stubborn and I'm hoping that he is starting to feel the effect. I can't wait to see him again. Also my friends are telling me that they KNOW that he is the one for me. Even the people around me are telling me that it is worth it to fight for him. Also I would like to thank all you guys to spreading positive vibes on this forum. At first I found it hard to stay positive since I have anxiety, but this is a place where I can be less anxious and believe that he will be here soon.

    Thank you everyone! :)

    Don't feel that way at all. We all make mistakes in life and I believe that you haven't messed up at all. I believe that you should talk to him since you were drunk and I hope that he will understand. Communication is the key for every successful relationship. Also I believe that if you truly feel bad, turn towards Ashra. She will help you to get your lover to want you and only you. Ashra will suggest you the best course according to your situation. Don't give up! There is always a way out! I hope you feel better and know that we are a community on this forum and we are here for you!

    With lots of love and positive vibes! xxxxx
  6. Xedrek

    Xedrek Member

    I've recollected what the results of my recent casting was today and I kept thinking of how things would be at our wedding, the jokes and playful ways we would be when living together and it has made me so happy! Picturing her around and thinking of how things would be is just what I should do. Ashra has mentioned so much soulmate connection between us and so I will await for the movement on Madeline's side, the one that will finally start our new chapter together.

    I hope everyone has had a fabulous week and look forward to seeing results from my side and yours this weekend! :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  7. Cho Cho

    Cho Cho New Member Guest Account

    Hi I’m new in in here do you know anything about moonstone spell?
  8. Trey Durden

    Trey Durden New Member Guest Account

    Love it,
    Super happy for you.
  9. t1ofakind

    t1ofakind New Member Guest Account

    @Unique Star Hi sweetheart. My pleasure. Hope that you are moving forward w/ an update or order confirmation at this point? Also, did you register your email too as I also re-register every time during my new six spells castings, lol
  10. LunarEchoes

    LunarEchoes Active Member


    Has anyone had positive results with the powerful spells Ashra offers - Windsong, Overmaster, or Obeah love spell? Please advise.

    I send telepathic messages to my lover every day. My thoughts, my feelings...

    The pain is so great in my heart. All the time, it hurts, so badly. I'm suffering without him, and the weight of my mistakes...
  11. Cayde

    Cayde Member

    :jawdrop: Ok I did a card reading and OMG!!! I am surprised with the results; not only is Ashra correct in every single detail she has told me I was also told I have help on the astral side who is guiding me wonder who that is ;) I never said anything about anything! Awesome awesome awesome my belief in Ashra Koehn is totally correct it’s given me even more positive feelings and energy :thumbsup: thanks ashra thanks for being there to guide me through where I am to where I’m going!
  12. Mario Guzman

    Mario Guzman Member Guest Account

    I'm back after being gone a few months. My love (ex) and I have been talking but there's someone blocking my path to getting back with my love. I have emailed Ashra about it and I would really love for my love and I to get back together again because I truly love her and I cant help but wanting to be back together with her.
  13. Butterfly07

    Butterfly07 Member

    @LunarEchoes how r u?
    How are your spells working out so far?
    Any update! Light and love to u girl:thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  14. Lilmama

    Lilmama Member Guest Account

    Hi @Ashra @Ashra Koehn, I hope you are doing well. I know you are super busy casting everyone’s spells and doing readings. Thank you for all your hard work. I wanted to let you know that I sent you an email, it’s regarding our dog Cooper who is family to us. I would appreciate it if you can reply back soon. Thank you.
  15. DarlingNiki

    DarlingNiki Member Guest Account

    Good Afternoon, to all, let me just say thank you to my spells and to Ashra. I have been speaking to my spells quite often and I requested something this morning and low and behold, 20 minutes later I hear the garage door going up and end walks my husband. We hugged and kissed and discussed a few things like normal, nothing about the issues we had because when he comes around I feel that it is more important to cherish that time enjoying him instead of us discussing what got us to the point of separation. We both know, all we need to do is be proactive and fix things. Why give the negativity the waste of time when we should be focusing on the positive. I love him so much and I know he misses his home and family. One thing I am sure of is it won't be long before this is behind us and he is back home for good. He is coming back for dinner tonight, so slowly but surely I see movements and signs that give me encouragement. God and the universe are behind our marriage and our family, and nothing or no one will ever come between us again, I promise you that. Let's keep those positive vibes going people, today was yet another a good day!!! :woot::):thumbsup:
  16. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Active Member Guest Account

    @Butterfly07 Not myself but I can only begin to imagine what that would do:)

    @Paige Jordan I think she must be behind schedule she will respond don't worry.

    @Sandra J Bless you hope you and Kenneth are well?:)

    @Unique Star I can only agree with what you say.

    @Mary98 I think she just has a lot on her plate she will send you a report soon don't worry.

    @joonbug19 I can not be sure but I think it's the spell energy echoing through out the universe.

    @B23075 Force of will is good the whitening of teeth may be there is a custom beauty spell.

    @DCD Well I too have had the unfortunate experience my friend advice is the guidelines are there for us to follow and don't do this again. Your spells are working, however you have to understand White magic does not intervene in free will black magic does. So I would hard as it is try to put the image to the back of your mind and don't let it bring you down. Our lovers can find comfort in someone else's arms for awhile but that don't mean they are gone maybe it is worth getting a break up spell like freedom fire or force of will or you could try path to Exile. It isn't nice at all but that's why we aren't to check up on what they are doing or stalk via social media you have to trust this process the third party can and will be gone. Focus on you now keep talking to your spells it will happen for you. This other woman will not prove to be any better than you you will see :)

    @DCD Only thing is I didn't mean to see it I came a across it by accident.

    @Sophierebecca140100 Try to keep that mind frame and be grateful for the signs I'm seeing a fair few too :)

    @B23075 Definitely the spells and yes she will be gone for good soon :)

    @QueenSharisha If other people are supportive then that is good, but even if they aren't you know who and what you want don't you?:) Stubborn or not it is working on your lover from the moment it has been cast so don't you worry.

    @Xedrek I like you visualise the future together and how it will be it's exciting and uplifting and believe me when I say I too am my girls soulmate and she mine so like you and your girl this is very real and will happen for us both.

    @Cho Cho Not myself but anything moon related is powerful especially if casted on a full moon a lot of Ashras spells this year have been geared towards the moon energy so this is not a bad one to have the next full moon is 12th December I think.

    @LunarEchoes I have had Windsong cast still waiting for movement. However a shed load of signs just recently so sure it's working well. While I completely understand how you feel you have got to be in confident and happy mood not easy but if your down and unhappy your vibration will be low and that won't help your spells. Matt will come around he is a tough cookie but that don't mean he won't crack

    @Cayde No doubt from me she is right while it is fine to have a reading from someone else and I'm glad it only confirmed what she has said from my side I don't need to I trust her her spells the universe and I fully appreciate all of you your support and kind wishes

    @Mario Guzman That third party can and will be gone the fact your talking is a very positive step well done be grateful for that. Ashra can have the other person removed for now stay on good terms with your lover and trust in this process.

    @DarlingNiki You have got this down to a T well done I'm so pleased for you:) like I have said some of us will take longer than others but the end result is always the same and I think you are close to that now keep us updated :)
  17. Gianika

    Gianika Member

    @T.P.W84 Can I ask where can I order seals for my spell. I have not heard of a seal for spells and I cannot find it on Ashra's website
  18. pfu230

    pfu230 Member

    Happy almost Thanksgiving to you all, its been a while since I had spells casted by Ashra and wow I believe they are working as planned. "She" is trusting me again even though I remember her saying that she could never trust me again. I know I have to be positive and having a good mood and man I will say its hard extremely hard. heres to pushing :banghead: ✌️ Thank you Ashra
  19. Asclepiustormos

    Asclepiustormos Member Member Plus Account

    This morning, someone appeared on Discord has very similarities from physical appearance to personality traits. Yes, this person is exactly looked like Arte very much and birthdate is seven days apart! Both have most similar placements in their chart but expect for Sun and Moon. This person’s ID number is 9999. We take them as big signs.
    We keep seeing numerous of signs in mysterious ways everyday as of lately and felt something noticeable from the spells that Ashra did do her expense. Knowing Ashra truly wanted to see us get the results as possible as it will happen in near future. Thank you to @Ashra Koehn and the miracle works, and our universe for putting us in bright future from hardest days.
    Look forward to purchase few spells on this weekend.
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  20. Fiky

    Fiky New Member Guest Account

    My spells have been cast some days ago. Today he came to me and bought me 3 pairs of shoes. I think this is the start. Cheers Ashra
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  21. Ihopkins95

    Ihopkins95 Active Member

    Hey guys, I need a refresher on talking to your spells. What do you usually say? Any ideas would be appreciated.
  22. Melissa A Schulz

    Melissa A Schulz Member Guest Account

    I am new to this site and not sure if I am posting correctly. So I apologize. I have emailed Ashra several times the last few days and havent heard back. I know that she is busy I am just getting really scared. I tried other spells and casters which didny work and found Ashra Koehn. My husband has been having an affair for over a year. He's moved in and out with her. He goes hot and cold with me tells me he thinks of me a lot and wonders how it would be if he came home. She is now pregnant so he said he csnt leave her. He filed for divorce and we are to go to court on the the 4th of dec. I am wanting to have spells casted to have him change his mind and cancel the divorce. To have him come back home. To want me only have eyes for only me for him and her to hate each other etc for our marriage to reconcile and be full of passion and love like it was. What spells did you all use to get results? How soon did you see results. I need help please. @Ashra ,@Ashra Koehn I apologize that i emailed several times. It just I feel its urgent and I am scared I shouldve used you in the beginning.
  23. Melissa A Schulz

    Melissa A Schulz Member Guest Account

    Hi that's amazing. What was your issues? What spells did you use? My issue is below if you could maybe give insight. I havent heard from Ashra yet but I want to get started. When were your spell(s) cast etc what strengths . I am so happy for yoh
  24. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Active Member Guest Account

    @Everyone pretty much every time I shut my eyes my girl is there like she is with me signs indeed very good ones can't thank Ashra and her spells enough. Movement can't be far away now
  25. QueenSharisha

    QueenSharisha Member Guest Account

    Good Morning Family!
    I saw a beautiful dream of my lover last night! He was wearing pink shoes (he would never do so). I googled the meaning and it represents love!! I am now starting to believe that he is starting to get the feelings of the love spell. It has been two weeks and I am getting so many dreams. Thanks a ton for your supports guys! I truly love this forum! Shoutout to Ashra Koehn for everything she does! Love you!
  26. Keyonna Culbreath

    Keyonna Culbreath New Member Guest Account

    How much did you pay to be reunited with him?
  27. kmkicp1014

    kmkicp1014 Member Guest Account

    How do you order a reading from Ashra Koehn? I have looked all over the website and I can't find it anywhere to buy or order. Is there another way to go about that?
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  28. QueenSharisha

    QueenSharisha Member Guest Account

    Hi @DCD!
    Don’t worry! It’s fine if you saw his social media but accident. Things happen! Just ask for forgiveness from your spell. I have seen my lovers pictures by accident through third parties. But let me tell you, Ashra’s spells are gonna work! It might not be now, but it will be later. I wouldn’t lose hope. Good things take time! Stay positive!

    Sending Love and Hugs! xxxx
  29. Dree

    Dree Member Guest Account

    Does anyone know if Ashra offers a chakra cleanse spell or chord cutting spell?
  30. Melissa A Schulz

    Melissa A Schulz Member Guest Account

    Is there more then one site to order spells I am not seeing all the ones you guys are mentioning
  31. Benny Vasquez

    Benny Vasquez New Member Guest Account

    I have had 3 different spellcasters and as soon as I paid they never talked to me again prof talik, cosmo knight, and voodoo priest.

    I have contacted Ashra Koehn she has recommended a spell for me I am keeping my fingers crossed.
  32. Twiggy

    Twiggy Member

    @Ashra @Ashra Koehn I did reply to your email but I didn't get any response back. I know you are really busy but I really need your help with my situation. I sent another email as well about recasts. Can you get back to me please.
  33. Kelena

    Kelena Active Member

    @DCD yeaaah....so don’t EVER break the rules again...this is one of the WORST things that CAN happen. It is devastating and can completely implode YOUR energy that is needed to propel the spells forward. It is now going to take ALL of your energy to shake this off. 1. Write Ashra and let her know what happened and what to do next. 2. Ask for forgiveness from your spells and thank them for all of the hard work they have done. 3. Look into a break up spell (though Ashra May have already recommended one). 4. Block yourself from their accounts...ALL OF THEM. Because now that is likely to be all you’ll see is more of that. It WON’T do ANYTHING to help you be more positive and it’s nothing you want to see so....disconnect. 5. Work on you now. Go out with friends. Go out alone. See people. Have fun....remember who you were before them and fall in love with yourself. Love YOU....let them be and let the spells work. There is nothing you can do but let them work and stop putting energy into being impatient. It will be when it is. Sorry for your shock and pain...it hurts. You will be a better person for it. I PROMISE.
  34. Svetlana

    Svetlana Member Guest Account

    @Ashra my dear friend I have emailed you pls respond to me I need ur help so much. I'm going through a very bad and painful time. @Ashra Koehn pls pls thank you
  35. Kelena

    Kelena Active Member

    @DCD PS for heavens sake don’t talk about it with people who don’t know about your spells...they will feed the negative emotion and COMPLETELY derail your spells and the energy. TRUST me here. Vent on the forum....there are some real veterans on here who can help you to the other side. Hang in there, okay?
  36. Cayde

    Cayde Member

    Ok so I did bad :( I felt the draw to check on a certain persons FB page...BUT I got info that would/could possible help my situation like a birthday date and a name of the partner, so what I was thinking is true but now I know a little bit more about it now is this information that Ashra could benefit in knowing and HELP! how to I get rid of the ashamed feeling for the social media peep o_O ? I’ve been doing so well :unsure: well I still feel pretty positive about stuff may be a bit more as I know why things are complicated.
  37. DCD

    DCD Member

    I haven’t heard from Ashra in a while. I truly hope she’s ok. I know she’s busy but I’m desperately needing her help. My husbands gf will be here in 5 weeks. I need to somehow stop her from moving in with him. I know if she wasn’t in the picture he and I would have already been back together. She has a strong hold on him and I need her to go away!! What can I do?
  38. B23075

    B23075 Active Member

    @kmkicp1014 heres the link to the 1, 2, and 3 readings and it also includes the priority reading

    @Melissa A Schulz Ashra is typically busy but she always responds to me. If she haven’t already, to break them apart I would go with the Force of Will. I got the freedom fire breakup before and it worked but if you want them broken up for good I would recommend “Force of Will” I just got this spell a few days ago.
    Also to change his mind I would go with the influence spell and I would actually add a triple seal for faster results and to ensure environmental factors don’t affect it! Here are the links to both including the triple seals

  39. Mario Guzman

    Mario Guzman Member Guest Account

    Ty @T.P.W84 this has been the greatest thing that has happened to me and I hope it continues to go in a good direction
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  40. B23075

    B23075 Active Member

    Hey forum!! I did receive movement from one of his family members. He will be contacting me soon! He is indeed still in jail and he won’t be getting out until March. I cried and cried and cried. I actually asked Ashra if there were anything she could do so he can leave sooner.

    I guess the good thing is that I did get Force of Will so it will have already manifested before he gets home. And in the mean time I can focus on stability :inlove: I got the pregnancy reading twice and Ashra said I will conceive early 2020. Welllll I looked up what is considered “early” and it is from January to the month of May. I guess since he won’t be back until March that leaves me with March to May :sneaky:

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