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Ashra Koehn's Spells - ashraspells.com

Discussion in 'Ashra Reviews' started by Anya83, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. @Gianika you can order seals after you place an order for spell. It’s step 1 of the order confirmation page. Step 2 is where you need to fill out you and your lover’s information and details.

    @Melissa A Schulz There are more than one website where you can order spells; however, Ashra also recommends spells that are not on the websites. Which spell are you interested in?
  2. Katherine.J.F

    Katherine.J.F Member

    Dear Ashra Koehn, I have sent you an email last Saturday evening. I hope to hear from you very soon. I badly need your help..
  3. QueenSharisha

    QueenSharisha Member Guest Account

    @DCD I haven’t heard from Ashra in a while as well. But I can tell you this. She is working hard to help others like you and me. I would take it as pretty positive that people want her help. In your situation, I know that Ashra won’t leave you hanging. You can do it. Ashra will make your lover be yours in no time. Patience is key!

    Sending you love and hugs! :)
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  4. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Active Member Guest Account

    @Gianika When you order a spell it's one of the steps before you send the about your situation. I think you can request it as an add on but I always seal my spells keeps your spells strong and you can link the energy together using the strongest seal

    @pfu230 I'm English so I don't celebrate it but happy thanksgiving to you mate. She is coming around that's the main thing man hang in there

    @Asclepiustormos Definite signs mate :)

    @Fiky All good yes it is the start :) keep us updated please

    @Ihopkins95 I just thank them and to them what I want to see

    @Melissa A Schulz First things first don't worry Ashra can help you and she will be in touch she is in high demand for a reason she is so good at what she does. I think it would take a combination of Spells to help you force of will, path to Exile passion panacea along with a commitment spell she what she says.

    @QueenSharisha It's all good signs the dreams:)

    @kmkicp1014 If memory serves it's on the passion panacea website under 1,2 or 3 question readings.

    @Dree There isn't many spells she don't offer to be honest so worth an ask definitely:)

    @Melissa A Schulz She has a few websites to be honest and the spell book is larger than what's advertised she can Taylor to your requirements.

    @Benny Vasquez A lot of fakes out there but don't sweat it your dealing with someone who is top of their game.

    @Kelena Yes can only agree with all of this.

    @Cayde shake it off don't do it again and use the information to your advantage mate onwards and upwards :) We have all broke the guidelines at some point. I have accidentally since then I have followed it well.

    @DCD Break up spell that will dissolve the hold she has on him. In the meantime while it is hard you work on yourself because when he comes back he will be wowed at you won't he?:)

    @Keyonna Culbreath while I'm still on this journey I will say this I would not put a price on my happiness and my girl makes me so happy.

    @Mario Guzman you will be fine mate :) just take it slow build solid foundations man and there is no reason why you won't he together for good. I want you and all on here to have their hearts desires and we will all of us some may take longer than others but it will happen.

    @B23075 That's great that someone in his family reached out. You have some clarity and direction and imagine how much he will miss you and how good it will be when you reconcile and it will happen as for the pregnancy that's great too:)
  5. The Siren

    The Siren Active Member Member Plus Account

    For those of you that are asking for a future sight reading, money, and love spells, here are 3 links down below to purchase of your choice of a 1-3 question reading (it's the first link). As for other's, on the second link down below is where you can purchase spells from Miss. Ashra. I also threw in the 3rd link for all of you that are brand new to this forum to see how karma points work on here if you can't afford to purchase any spells or on a budget, here you go.



    @kmkicp1014 Here you go, hope this helps! I can't be certain when Ashra Koehn will post the Future Sight Reading, I know for a fact that the In Depth Reading isn't available and hasn't been since in the year of 2017. I hope one day Ashra can announce the next availability for the in depth one. :angelic: I want to also let you know that @Ashra Koehn "will not" sugar coat anything based on what she sees and tells you from her visions. And like she say's to anyone that purchase these readings from her," if ONLY YOU can handle the truth," then get it. Otherwise don't get it if you can't, good luck.

    @Melissa A Schulz Look at the second link I posted on here. Here is one spell you can have yourself to look into along with many other varieties of spells. You can also use karma points to save up if you can't afford the spells, I will also post a link for that as well (which is the 3rd one). Talk to you soon, lots of love and hugs! :inlove::inlove::inlove:
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  6. DCD

    DCD Member

    Ok guys. I need to know the best break up spell there is! Here’s an update. So much back and forth last week. So after he showed me the papers and all that negative stuff he text me at 2am yesterday. He said he was sorry for everything and that he never wanted me to hurt. The conversation turned into flirting, then FaceTime then him asking me to come over. Of course I went. I haven’t seen him in months! I just needed to see him badly! So I’m there. And we’re talking. Next thing I know we’re having s**. After it was done I popped up and said “I should go”. I quickly gathered my things. He asked me why I was rushing. I was honest and told him because I was starting to get into my feelings. He pulled me over and hugged me. I began to cry. I told him I loved him. He didn’t say it back. We talked a little about our situation and he told me that for now I need to let him go. That he doesn’t know if he is making the worse mistake of his life or if this thing with her will work but he is going to Maryland over the Christmas break to move her in with him here in Texas. Of course I’m crying and he’s hugging me and holding me. He promised he would still talk to me even when she comes but it would have to be when she isn’t around. Somehow I have gone from wife to the other woman/secret. I left his place at 7am. I didn’t hear from him for the rest of yesterday. So far today nothing. I’m feeling down today. I don’t know what is causing this feeling but I don’t like it. I can’t tell this other woman he and I had s**. I know if I did he would stop talking to me all together. Part of me wants to tell her in hopes she will end things and he will want to repair our relationship after he’s done being angry. But the other part of me doesn’t want to take the chance. I have been emailing Ashra but I’ve gotten no updates on what visions she may be having. I’m feeling like I need to somehow stop this woman from moving in with him. I just don’t know how. So someone please tell me what the best spell is to break them up immediately and how to get it! Please! I’m running out of time!
  7. matthew owen

    matthew owen Member

    @The Siren thank you for uploading the link for the questions reading as i just ordered 2 readings :)
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  8. shanhow

    shanhow Member

  9. CMMMforever

    CMMMforever Member

    @DCD im sorry for your pain. My husband of 12 years, 20 together, has been cheating on me with someone who lives 9 hours away for 2 YEARS! It is so heartbreaking. I can say that I had Ashra cast the Freedom fire breakup spell a little over 2 weeks ago and although im not sure, because I wont ask, i believe that my spell is working. My husband called me to ask if I contacted his girlfriends husband and outed them (i didn't because I do not need the drama or want to push my husband farther away) i said no and he hung up. Yesterday i recieved a friend request on FB from someone who lives in her town, i assume it is either her husband or someone who knows him or her because I do not know anyone from her area. I think my spell is the cause of her husband finding out. My husband apologized to me this morning saying he was sorry they were trying to involve me in the mess he and her created and said the husband is probably trying to contact me to out my husband to me. I asked my husband why? Wouldn't she have told him that I already knew? (She knows that i know about her) He said he didn't know because he hasn't talked to her in a while and he doesn't want the drama from her family, so he is staying away. Now he has never said he is done with her, but I belive this is all from my Freedom Fire Breakup spell!!! Ashra will be checking on things this Thursday for me, fingers crossed its good news and they are over! Try the breakup spell, it may help your situation. Also, Ashra has to be real because I don't know anything about this girl, not her name or what she looks like, only where she is from and her phone number, so Ashra is that good!
  10. B23075

    B23075 Active Member

    @T.P.W84 haha it’s a blessing. My update from Ashra Koehn almost made me cry. She made sure to let me know she would not let him turn his back on me and that she will fight hard to make sure he returns to me. I feel and believe her! I’m sorta kinda debating if I wanna influence the courts, or just wait a little bit :confused: sounds bad but yes he did get my number through his family member over the weekend but he still hasn’t called. That makes me feel as if he did not call yet maybe because he’s still talking to the other girl over the phone :oops: I don’t want him released unless she’s out of the picture. That’s selfish :laugh: I’m gonna go head and get it. It’ll take time to manifest into the courts anyways.

    And I’m excited for the pregnancy but I do know it’s gonna also take time. I’m gonna get my life together as I been doing. And maybe get money spells to help him financially :p then we’ll be baby ready :inlove:
  11. SJP

    SJP Member

    :nailbiting:Can someone please explain to me the no contact rule and when to contact them...
    Like my ex lover and I, have a baby together and I see him for sure for appts.
    And lately we have been hanging out.
    So since we are talking and are on good terms, can I text him too now? Like now we hang out and I know for sure my previous spells casted got rid of a girl he was talking to.
    I continue to work with Ashra to get rid of all or any other females or distractions so we can finally be together, but I don’t know when I can fully initiate contact if we’re not a couple yet. But like I said we do hang out now and text each other...
    Please help anyone
  12. Kelena

    Kelena Active Member

    @DCD Ive often gone with my gut and gotten great results. ASHRA will always steer you to something else if she feels there is a better choice.
    As soon as you can, try to release your situation to ASHRA (I know...at first hard until you get that she is handling it.) Then comes the best part...go and work on yourself...resume an old hobby, get a new one, work out, go back to school, get the career you’ve always wanted. Become your best self without making them your everything. Sometimes they need to be with that other person to see just how much they love YOU....how special you are....how you you are. Date yourself for awhile...and fall back in love with yourself. It will help the spells to move faster and it will help you to be your best self.
    Good luck!
  13. Chelsey Kortz

    Chelsey Kortz Active Member

    Dear Ashra I have sent an email a couple weeks ago. I do hope to hear from you because I need your help very bad. Please email me ASSP
  14. Melissa A Schulz

    Melissa A Schulz Member Guest Account

    What spell or spells has anyone used in situation like mine and how fast did it work. So far I have passion panacea wondering if I need more for my situation. Haven't heard back from Ashra Koehn when I asked. I want to do it right i feel hopeless
  15. mikeman199988

    mikeman199988 Member Guest Account

    Try "Force of Will".
    It will help your lover's other woman be eliminated from his life forever.
  16. Gianika

    Gianika Member Guest Account

  17. Svetlana

    Svetlana Member Guest Account

    Hello everyone. I want to share something with all of you. I'm going through a very hard and painful time. The man that I really love and who I'm thinking of day and night have a girlfriend. His dating someone else. How can I deal with this what can I do sometimes I feel so lonely. Sometimes are days when I don't know what to do anymore and feel like to give up on him but then I'm telling myself that I can't do that as my love for him is very strong I can't just give up and let the other woman to be with him. He belongs to me he is just my. I've never lost the hope I trust in Ashra and in my spells I know that everything will be alright and that he will soon realize that he want to be with me. Sometimes it's very hard to stay positive and strong but I will stay strong I just need to become stronger and stronger for both of us I need to bring him back in my life with the help of Ashra. There is nothing more important than him even though he hurt me so much he told me things that burned everything inside of me. The pain of the words that he said to me are so painful but I forgave him everything that he have done to me. I don't want to talk about the past and go to the past the only thing that I want is to be in his arms to look in his eyes and to kiss his lips. To hear his voice and to see that beautiful smile. I love him so so much my love for him is so deep and strong I will never give up never ever I'll wait for my man and I know that he will come back to me.

    Lots of love from Svetlana
  18. KittyFaro

    KittyFaro Member

    Good morning, beautiful forum family!
    I'm pleased to say, its a brand new day, and I'm feeling much better after yesterday. I don't know what was a matter with me, I just woke up feeling so sad, down and irritated and annoyed all at the same time. I took a walk‍, did yoga and talked to my spells, but nothing was helping.

    Towards the end of the day, whilst I was preparing dinner, I got a super giddy feeling, and I found myself smiling....what the heck?! it was like when I'd spoken with or spent time with Lee...only I hadn't. A short while later, I checked my phone, and I had an email from Ashra, sent around the same time as my 'feeling'.

    She was letting me know, she had just finished casting my 'full moon' spell, and was very excited about this type of spell.

    I sat all evening grinning my head off, and when I slept, I'm sure I dreamt, but on awakening, I can't quite remember the details, but I know he was there :)

    I am so super super excited/happy, I know I cannot lose :)

    @ALL FORUM, I do have one question though, will @Ashra @Ashra Koehn be able to know, if others are involved? And why he is holding back his feelings/ lcommunication?
    Peace+ positively to u all xxx
  19. Bluetiger24

    Bluetiger24 New Member Guest Account

    Hi guys,

    Is there a spell from Ashra that can force someone to love you back?
  20. Gianika

    Gianika Member Guest Account

    @roshmodayz hello. Any updates about your spells. I guess the more spells active you have on the person you love the better but I can't really afford that much. How can I gain karma points.
  21. B23075

    B23075 Active Member

    @Svetlana as I told @DCD go with the Force of Will to rid the other woman. I was in the same boat literally weeks ago. I cried and cried because I thought this other girl was pregnant.

    I got a 1 question reading and Ashra said the girl was lying. But I think it was just a joke coming from her. Either way he led her to believe they had a future together :oops: I emailed Ashra and was 100% confident I was done and didn’t want to move forward in this process. I asked her for a spell to remove my feelings so I can move on. And I expected her to do just that! INSTEAD she ensured me he will be coming back to me, and that she was working extra hard to make sure of it.

    She said she would not let him turn his back on me. And she did just that because he made contact through someone else because he’s in jail.

    I’ve read other members and they actually moved their spells to one person from the other. But Ashra says she does not see my lover with anyone else but me.

    And other psychics said we are meant to be together, for a very long term relationship because we are soulmates :hilarious: SO, my point is, if it’s meant to be, it will be and Ashra will help you so please do not panic like i did because like Ashra said IT CAN effect the spells. I didn’t believe it at first until herself told me to be positive because it will draw him closer.

    I am not only working with Ashra but I’m learning as well. To become positive and to also have faith. For someone you truly wanna be with YOU WILL FIGHT FOR IT!!!!!! She did bring my lover back we were in a relationship but I broke it off, But we are meant to get back together :D please please please try Force of Will and even I got 5 battles with triple seal to remove other women whom were distractions from our relationship. It will take time indeed but if you have faith it will happen faster :inlove:
  22. QueenSharisha

    QueenSharisha Member Guest Account

    @SJP Thanks for reaching out! The no contact rule basically means to not spy on your lover or contact them in terms of your relationship. It is okay to contact them for the sake of the children. But make sure it is nothing about your relationship.

    Sending you good wishes and love!
  23. joonbug19

    joonbug19 Active Member

    I KNOW RIGHT!! Same thing had happened I was in a moment I slept last weekend and I received a vision of Ashra emailing me back. It's amazing the things that happen from that energy that just lets you know already.
    I believe she knows our lovers rather they with someone or not to answer your question. I too believe she knows what's happening with the communication part.
    Just a similiarity my lover has also hidden his feelings. Guys can be complicated so I wouldn't worry the feelings will slip out HE HE

  24. B23075

    B23075 Active Member

    @KittyFaro she won’t update you and let you know if others are involved you’ll probably have to get a 1 question reading. As for me I find out everything and or someone sends me things like if another girl is involved ( without me asking ) even people I don’t know. They shouldn’t but I guess it helped me out because then Ashra knows whom to get rid of. But I knew of specific people, names included so it helped. You could probably just get like 5 battles and request it rid anyone involved with him romantically
  25. Xedrek

    Xedrek Member

    @Melissa A Schulz (since I hit my time limit for editing) only you can feel if another spell is needed for your situation. I have a number of spells for mine due to stubbornness. It plays a big role in someone ignoring the signals right in front of them or resisting the thoughts that crowd their mind. Take some time to think on this individual, will one spell be enough or are they too stubborn and wanna resist their own unconscious feelings? Each one can help take an extra step towards our goal, but regardless you must stay patient too. Dont think because you have "x" amount you'll get results tomorrow, each spell is unique and makes their mark.

    Ashra has many clients always needing help so don't fret if she doesn't get to you, spend time on here to keep from getting too anxious and let time pass until she reaches out to on a recommended spell.
    I hope this helps :)
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  26. Araba

    Araba Member

    Hi everyone and a big welcome to our new friends, trust me you are in the best hands.:)

    @munchkin95 @T.P.W84 @Lizzardlove @Sandra J and all my wonderful forum friends, it’s been a while I posted here but have been following everyone's story and also amazed at the amount of success stories I read here.

    @Ashra Koehn well done and thank you for fighting for us. I know sometimes we could be impatient :)

    @munchkin95 hey girl!! am so glad he’s finally coming around, remember I told you he was :thumbsup: you just give him more time.., I believe he will open up even more.:inlove:

    @T.P.W84 My ever pragmatic friend :) it’s soooo good to hear you still holding up and as always so defensive of your girl, she must be soo lucky to have someone like you, and am certain very soon she will see you for you and know that you two were meant to be:thumbsup: thank you for keeping the house in order with your words of advise.

    @Lizzardlove It’s so great and very encouraging to see you fight for your husband the way you are, am sure he must be fighting his feelings & of cos the spells as well, give him time and I believe he will have a change of heart:inlove: you have been more than patient.

    @Sandra J you are one of those people that inspires me and with no doubt make me keep hoping and believing we( my lover & I) will be just fine...... very very soon, thank you :inlove:

    I know the holidays are coming and we are definitely looking forward to spending it with our loved ones and I pray the universe grants us our desires, it’s not easy but let’s stay positive as much as we can and believe our spells are working, don’t doubt because they are... trust me, I know they are.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all My American friends here :inlove:
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  27. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Active Member Guest Account

    @CMMMforever It must be the spells that are doing that for you and yes may help no may it will work for you Fingers crossed for what Ashra Koehn has to say but I'm sure you won't be disappointed

    @B23075 Fine nothing wrong with being selfish I'm one of the least selfish people you will meet but where as my girl is concerned I don't want anyone else to have her because we belong together end of. Yes Ashra’s updates are great I have been close to tears too.

    @SJP You can contact him about your child but only about that even though your getting on well you can't contact first until your back together he must contact you first every time.

    @Kelena While I hate the thought of her with someone else she will see in time that I'm better and yes you are right they realise their love for you.

    @Melissa A Schulz Your not hopeless because outside of the guidelines having belief and being patient there isn't much you can do other than let the spells do the work for you. Try the spell that @thesiren suggested sounds good.

    How long is the normal wait time after I first email? I sent one this morning and havent recieved a confirmation. Im fine with waiting, id just like to know if something went wrong or not.

    @Svetlana I know how you feel I feel the same about my girl and I like you won't give up I wont listen to anyone else telling me move on because true love comes around just once and I'm not settling for anyone outside of my girl stay strong Svetlana please remember we are all in a similar situation and even the strongest of us have off days.

    @KittyFaro Yes she will know alright no doubt about that and she will help you remove them too.

    @Bluetiger24 Force is probably more black magic white magic strongly convinces and influences. Ashra deals in white magic mainly she does do some black magic but black magic can backfire.
  28. Cayde

    Cayde Member

    “Force of will”
    Ok on this spell I notice it’s saying “back together” well I’m looking to pull someone new near, someone I don’t know so well, I’m aware she had/has a BF and I had freedom fire cast, now I’d like to keep all suites away from her until she is ready to be with me...will this spell cover that situation? It seems my situation is never straight bring her back, there always got to be these other factors in like hardly know her, partners and all that awkward stuff! Well my hope is overflowing for the situation and my mind is certainly set!
    oh BTW my lottery luck spell seems to be working I haven’t won big at all but I’ve had a prize on every draw for the last couple of weeks from a free draw ticket to $20 wins imo my positive determination has allowed this happen, I will win big, I will be with my crush and I will be successful in everything I have asked ! Stay strong friends :)
  29. Love123

    Love123 New Member Guest Account

    Can someone please answer me how these adding a seal to your spells mean...i could not understand what seal is that...
  30. Parvien

    Parvien New Member Guest Account

    Hi can you send me the link to the Force of Will spell please?
  31. Sandra J

    Sandra J Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone I know most of you are still patiently waiting for your lovers to return. Ashra will make it happened for you, I hope Ashra will have Black Friday. I can always used a little push on my lover to make sure he stays focused on me. Thanksgiving is approaching I pray for you all to be safe and most of all start thanking your spells for results and movements.
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  32. CMMMforever

    CMMMforever Member

    Trying to decide on my next spell, i can't decide between Force of Will or Eve of Love? Has anyone used these spells before and did they produce swifter movement. My seperated husband of 12 years basically is telling me that he lost all his romantic feelings for me and doesn't think he will get them back. :unsure: Our relationship became a bit stale after 2 kids, financial stress and just life stuff. I want him to get some of those feelings back for me, he basically just treats me like a friend right now, no affection at all. I already have a few spells active and only 2 of them are at the 2 week mark. Should I just be patient and let them all fully manifest?
  33. marie3240

    marie3240 Member

    I don’t want to get my hopes up because I’m not 100 percent sure but I’m about 99.9 percent sure my lover and his boyfriend broke up!! Just waiting for him to initiate something between us even if it’s about our daughter
  34. Foofoo

    Foofoo New Member Guest Account

    I can completely understand that!
    Ashra has now cast 2 spells for me & both days I have felt overwhelming sadness without any reason
    I don't know I f it's an energy thing before spells are cast but the if anyone could explain I would be really grateful.
  35. Mario Guzman

    Mario Guzman Member Guest Account

    I'm still here and I've gotten messages from my love. She's sending me the messages instead of me. I emailed @Ashra I hope that I get a response from her. I know she's busy. I'm looking forward to the day that my love and I get back together
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  36. Unique Star

    Unique Star Member Guest Account

    Hey all. I'm getting my list of spells to purchase together and I'm just wondering if anyone knows of a spell that will rid my guy of any distractions and other females. I have no idea if he has been dealing with anyone else, but whether he had, has, is, or is not (prayerfully not), I just want to be sure :angelic: thanks all! Hugs
  37. Vanessa White

    Vanessa White Member Guest Account

    I’m so happy for the movements I’m reading! Ashra Koehn is truly amazing! She is so caring of our situations! I appreciate really appreciate her. I’ve been talking to my money spell !! I hope I win off these lottery tickets I bought today! I need a BIG WIN!
  38. Unique Star

    Unique Star Member Guest Account

    @Melissa A Schulz hopefully she gets back to you soon. she will recommend spells and taylor them for what you are going through. Just wanted to let you know that. I'm not sure of any.
  39. Gianika

    Gianika Member Guest Account

    @All @Ashra@Ashra Koehn good morning every one. How can I like a post/comment?
  40. Jonathan Joestar 1997

    Jonathan Joestar 1997 New Member Guest Account

    Hello everyone. Good luck all you guys. I have a question please.
    Because I bought Ashra spells and still waiting for manifest.
    I know that we cannot break the initial contact rule. But:
    1) if I am not contact her first at all, and going somewhere like shopping or restaurant and incidentally I met her at shopping center at the same place and she saw me (suddenly) will that affect my spell?

    2) Sometimes my best friend girl named Jessica invited me to see movie theater or shopping. But I knew my lover is also best friend with the girl Jessica, and Jessica invited me but I knew that my lover will be there with her. Will I decline or accept the invitation?

    I am a new member and a little confusing about 2 circumstances above. Hope anyone help me to find the answer please.
    Thanks and best regards!

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