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Ashra Koehn's Spells - ashraspells.com

Discussion in 'Ashra Reviews' started by Anya83, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. Kelena

    Kelena Active Member

    @Gianika others can correct me if they wish but I THINK you get Karma points by responding to as many peoples posts as possible in a meaningful way AND posting meaningful posts that are uplifting. ALSO, you can do some You Tube posts about the Forum and how much ASHRA and the forum have helped you. (Of course you’ll need to have them approved by Ashra is my understanding.) Anyway, good luck!!!!! ASHRA and the forum members are all THE BEST!!! They have helped me so much! I know you will get the help you need as well!!
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  2. EricaLeeCollins199226

    EricaLeeCollins199226 Active Member Member Plus Account

    Hello everyone, how are you all doing? I am doing good but I realized I can't afford Hearts of the Enchanter. So I don't know what spell I want to get now. Maybe the Windsong Love spell or Golden Kiss love spell? Or maybe Stonework Soul Calling? I need a spell for a stubborn lover as Karim is so stubborn lol. I'm having a hard deciding now but I only have 3 days until I get paid at least and I really miss Karim so much. I can't wait to buy another spell though so I'm excited about that. Sending positive vibes and love to everyone!!
  3. Gianika

    Gianika Member

    @Bluetiger24 hello. Did you ask Ashra? I have the same situation as you are and she offered me passion panacea.
  4. Nicole Williams

    Nicole Williams New Member Guest Account

    Good evening everyone! I’m new to the form but I’ve read a lot of the post. I purchased the Passion Panacea on 11/8/19 and the extra in step 2... my question is... is there anything I need to do or not do? Me and my boyfriend live together, which I did tell Ashra. I haven’t received any follow up from her as of yet to know if my spell has been casted and or what I should expect and what I need to do from my side. Any suggestions, help or information would be much appreciated. Nikki
  5. Taylor wesley

    Taylor wesley Member Guest Account

    Hey everyone, I messed up. I made contact with him and he came over and stayed last night. He might be staying again tonight but now I know where his mind is and he still doesn’t want to be together. I emailed Ashra and asked for forgiveness. But I’m thinking I’m gonna need a strong spell. I’m thinking the obeah love spell. I’ve read it’s only if you absolutely have no other option and my lover is stubborn. I’m not sure if passion panacea would’ve just worked on him. I guess I’ll have to wait until Ashra emails me back.
  6. Maribella9

    Maribella9 Active Member

    Hello everyone ashra email saying my golden kiss has been cast, no wonder why I’m so tired and feeling down all day today... I'm so happy when I received ashra’s email..
    So now I'm just gonna relax and think positive, stay calm and patient..
    Good luck all and take care..
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  7. Walex

    Walex New Member Guest Account

    Dear Ashra have sent you messages but there is no response hope everything is ok with you?
  8. SMG

    SMG New Member Guest Account

    Hello Ashra, I am a newbie here. I sent 2 emails over the past 3 weeks but I haven't received a response back. I'm looking for the money spells does anyone have a link for that? Also, I am going through a divorce right now, I left him but he is dragging out the divorce deliberately is there a spell to have everything go in my favor immediately? He doesn't want to pay me any support, he is taking me to court again on Dec 6. This situation is stressful and I just want this divorce to be over its been over a year. I appreciate your help and advice.
  9. KittyFaro

    KittyFaro Member

  10. KittyFaro

    KittyFaro Member

    Also, can anyone tell me how I can upgrade my account please?, so I may access other privileges? At the moment, I am unable to like others posts, etc
  11. Sash

    Sash New Member Guest Account

    Hi guys, hope your all doing well.
    Hi Ashra Koehn I've been sending you messages and emails but haven't heard back. Please do so im in need of your help @Ashra .
  12. Melissa A Schulz

    Melissa A Schulz Member Guest Account

    Can someone please tell me their experiences with love embers and passion panacea. Ashra suggested love embers what will that do? What does passion panacea do? I have passion panacea casted but I am nee to this and wanted to know what they do and if itll help my situation I posted above . Thank you beautiful souls
  13. Maypo

    Maypo New Member Guest Account

    CMMMforever, I bought Eve of Love last week and Ashra cast it a couple days ago. The night before I got Ashra’s report, I saw my man (I’m a customer at his business, but we’re not fully back together). He was extra attentive to me and even secretly touched me in the exact way I had just had a dream about. I was shocked. You should also look at Emerald Crystal Lust (https://www.passion-panacea.com/lustspell.html). I have over 5 spells active on him right now, so I’m not positive these were responsible, but I feel at least Emerald Crystal pushed him to act.

    Bluetiger24, my understanding is that it’s way more effective your person has feelings for you to begin with.

    Xedrek, I don’t know HOW you stay so positive, but it makes me smile. I also envision my future with my man as much as possible, and it always makes me happy.

    Jonathan Joestar 1997, if you see your girl, just smile or act friendly. I have to see my man regularly because I am a customer, and that’s what I do.

    A couple people mentioned feeling down/depressed after casting. Examine your feelings and see if they might be tears of relief.

    I’ll be here waiting for my stubborn man. Ashra says he is coming back soon. We are opposites on so many things, but I’m really in love with him.
  14. B23075

    B23075 Active Member

    I’ve been having like not nightmares but bad dreams about this other girl. He hasn’t called me yet which tells me she’s still in the picture but I woke up lastnight and I was online and a picture of her popped up.
    In the background was the same background he had in one of his pictures which tells me he took the picture for her. It was actually at a hotel :sneaky:
    My mood switched a tiny bit but I’ve decided to not get the influence spell to influence the courts to release him sooner. I’m gonna just get scar healing for myself and heal myself over time. I may decide to get it soon after but not now. Especially because I feel I was played! He needs to sit in there, maybe this is his karma. My kind heart has gotten me heartbroken and I’m so forgiving, it is time I take care of my mental health first. He chose someone over me, I’ll let her stay until the spells manifest.
    My mood is down today but I’m sure I’ll get the healing I need Friday once I buy scar healing.
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  15. Ms. F

    Ms. F Member

    @CMMforever - I feel you. My husband of 25 years (we've been together for 31) had an affair last year and it nearly killed me. He told me the same thing regarding not having feelings and he cares but doesn't think he loves me. I had Force of Will casted; however, I cannot say if this pushed him more into our relationship. He's been more attentive, more in tune with how I'm feeling, and he is just more aware which is much better than how the last few years have been. I'm still waiting for us to go beyond the friendship portion of our relationship. When that happens I will consider him truly back into our marriage.

    @Jonathan Joestar 1997 - Regarding your first question - If she tells you hi, say hi back. Just be cordial, positive and pleasant - nothing negative. You cannot control whether you see her or not, just allow her to make first contact. If she ignores you, just shrug it off - this may be hard. As for your second question, perhaps someone has some insight to it. If I was in that situation, I would ask myself how will I feel knowing she is there. Can I be pleasant and go with the flow and be chill with her there? Or will I make a fool of myself and be desperate in wanting the attention - if this is how I would feel, I wouldn't go. I hope this helps you.

    @Nicole Williams - If you haven't hear that Ashra casted your spell, send her an email (don't send multiple as it causes slows her down as she needs to figure out which emails are multiples, most current, etc.). When she gives you the report of your spell casting there is a link for a FAQ and rules to follow now that your spell is cast. One that you've probably have seen often on this forum is no contact. Since you live with your boyfriend, this will be difficult - I know as I live with my husband. I dealt with the no contact rule by letting him start any conversation and I tried not to bring up the event to lead us to where we are. I have broken this rule often enough in the beginning because I was hurting. For me, getting out of the house helped. I did retail therapy :), went to the store by myself, started working out, drove around - anything to take my mind off of things and to give myself distance from him.

    @Melissa A Schulz - When @Ashra suggests a spell it normally has a link for it that will take you to the page with the description. Passion Panacea is normally the first spell she casts and based on what she sees in her visions, she will sometimes suggest another spell that you may or may not want. Read the description of Love Embers and see if it touches you in some way. She has suggested spells to me that I have gotten and some that I haven't.

    Update on my situation. I've been feeling overwhelmingly sad. All the feeling that I had last year came rushing back and I've been crying quite a bit. Coming to the forum has helped me try to refocus and think positively. I'm working at home today and I sadness overcame me and I started to cry. He came into the room to tell me why and asked me what was wrong and I told him I'm just really sad (he knows why I feel this way as it coincides with what happened last year) and he gave me a hug and said he'd call me later. I'm supposed to cook Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow and I don't feel like doing it anymore. He said I don't have to, but I already bought everything for the dinner. I need some positiveness thrown my way to get me through this slump and shake the feelings I'm having. I need to get motivated and feel more positive about things.

    Hope you all are having a better week than I. Hugs to everyone!
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  16. Melissa A Schulz

    Melissa A Schulz Member Guest Account

    Hi all I'm sorry I keep asking questions as I am new to all of this. So last night i saw a utah license plate while driving home. That is where my husband was born. I felt mind of weird today out of sorts like a pass out feeling but not passing out. Are these good things. I was also wondering i saw a few ppl mention black friday. Does Ashra do black Friday specials? Any one have any insight on passion panacea triple cast that's what I had done. Ashra Koehn in email suggested Love Embers. Anyone use that and what happens? I've posted serval times wanting to know what those two do and hear what occurred after castings and what to expect. I'm not sure if my situation is considered complicated or not. What spells did you all use to bring husbands back whom are having an affair? How long did it take to work. Etc
  17. SJP

    SJP Member

    So I know we are doing well, but if we’re texting each other all the time and see each other, I can text back right? Even it’s not about our baby? Like hanging out, talking about family and plans?
  18. DarlingNiki

    DarlingNiki Member Guest Account

    Good Morning, everyone just checking in. Staying positive and optimistic, some days are good for me and my husband, the other day I actually had to make him get off the phone with me. I really didn't want to but I was so tired and I didn't want him to think I was ignoring him as I was dozing while we were on the phone. He is coming to prepare a dessert for Thanksgiving and will be spending time with us for the holiday. Those are good signs and all but I just can't wait until my spells are in full manifestation and he is home for good. You can tell he really wants to come home but is trying to figure out the best approach as my husband is stubborn and has a lot of pride. For each of my spells, Ashra gives me hope because she can actually see that our love is genuine for each other. Just stay patient, positive and busy until our day comes and when it does let's not make the same mistakes if you made any in the past that put you in this situation, that includes myself, because I had a lot to do with my situation. But that is in the past and we are moving forward. Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, be blessed!
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  19. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Active Member Guest Account

    @B23075 Ashra said the same to me about not seeing my girl with any one but me we too are soul mates to be honest I knew the moment I kissed her on our first date

    @joonbug19 Guys can be complicated yes agreed but so can you girls :p

    @Xedrek Really good advice mate hope all is well?:)

    @Araba Nice to hear from you :)and thank you she is lucky just don't realise how much I always felt so lucky to have her I won't let anyone put her down.

    @Cayde What force of will does is makes you the main focus so while you havent been in a relationship with your crush and it may take longer than expected it doesn't mean she won't be affected by it I say go for it mate. After I had it cast I kept dreaming about my girl loads it's an effective spell.

    @Love123 Think of a seal as like a Tupperware container basically it locks the energy down to keep it strong you can get a seal that combines all the energy as well it's the strongest seal there is an I always have it on all my spells just because of that reason the combination of all energies.

    @Sandra J As you know I'm English but happy thanksgiving to you your family and your man Kenneth.

    @CMMMforever Can you afford both? if so get them you can never have enough energy yes patience is needed but the more energy you add the harder it will be for him to resist. Ok your friends that is better than nothing at all and I must say this while he says he has no feelings he does really.

    @marie3240 :) like you said stay cool but your probably not wrong and I'm sure he will reach out soon.

    @Foofoo Yes it's the spells as well as moment of major energy like big bursts example may was running and I felt this burst of energy I ran my running route 30 seconds faster than before. It can make you tired and irritable too sometimes you can feel what your lover does too. So ant weird moods swings can be the spells not always but yes this sounds like it.

    @Mario Guzman Thats really great news mate and you can respond to your girl mate stay on good terms and only open up if she does

    @Vanessa White You will win you have already so when your hot your hot let us know how it goes:)

    @Unique Star There is a few to be honest force of will battle of the five armies are 2

    @Jonathan Joestar 1997 If she sees you in public then that's not intended mate basically if you intend to make contact or intend to spy your spells know there is no getting away from it. So this is not breaking the rules. The second one hmmm I don't see the harm in going but if you decline it she may feel the need to contact you or say to your mutal friend have you heard from Jonathan in which case may only make her want to contact you sooner.

    @Melissa A Schulz Got both active love embers basically keeps the love energy that was there burning hence the name embers passion panacea is a solution for all problems it can help in many ways including breaking up any relationship your lover maybe in at the moment.

    @Kelena we are here to help each other and while I'm vocal you as you all have helped me too :)

    @EricaLeeCollins199226 Has Ashra recommended anything?

    @Nicole Williams It's unlike Ashra to not contact you back after so long...I'm sure it's been casted. Believe, stay in good terms with him don't bring up anything that would cause and arguement like the past or your relationship keep it strictly business and be patient its working.

    @Taylor wesley Ok, apologise to your spells and Ashra don't do it again and wait for Ashra's response she won't cast Obeah unless it's needed it's 4 days of casting and takes a lot of energy so only if she has to.

    @Maribella9 Yes the spells have taken effect you will be fine.

    @SMG she can help you with both situations but bear with her she is busy big style in demand because she is so good at what she does

    That's wonderful! :)
  20. DCD

    DCD Member

    My husband text me good morning this morning! He chatted with me for a bit then said he would be calling me at his break. He called and asked if I was going to be able to be his friend through all of this. He said I needed to let him do this with her so he would know if after all these years they could make it work. He said if it doesn’t work that maybe he will come back and give us a second chance. I’ve gone from being his wife to his second choice! Heartbroken I know Ashra is doing the best she can for me. But for now it seems as though I have lost him. I hope Ashra Koehn gets back to me soon with her very best recommendation! Wishing you all a better day than what mine has turned into. Going to try some meditation to get myself refocused and turn this day around.
  21. Love123

    Love123 New Member Guest Account

    Hey everyone...yesterday i saw a number and it was the month and date o my ex birthday and i also dream about her two time since my spell has been cast, is that a sign...
    What is these adding a seal to a spell..
  22. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has the link to overmaster and windsong love spells. Does anyone know if there are any power levels for those two spells?

    Hi @KittyFaro I use these 2 websites, but there are spells that Ashra suggested me to purchase which cannot be found on these website. I hope this helps, but let me know if you need any help! :)

  23. DCD

    DCD Member

    For some reason I am not able to upgrade my membership. It says I don’t have authorization. I would like to be able to have access to more spells. I read there are private spells, even one that takes 4 days to cast but nearly guaranteed to work. It was referred to as a last resort spell. Anyone know how I can read more on this spell and possibly purchase it?
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  24. Gianika

    Gianika Member

    @Kelena thank you so much for replying I hope everyone is having a great time.
  25. shorty16

    shorty16 Member Member Plus Account

    Hey everyone! So lately I’ve been feeling insecure. I’ve been trying to get rid of my armpit fat and arm fat, but nothing I’m doing is working. I honestly don’t know what to do anymore. It’s starting to affect the way I see myself now. I don’t even wear clothes that I love to wear anymore. I just want it gone. I don’t know if @Ashra @Ashra Koehn can help me with this. What do you guys think I should do?
  26. KittyFaro

    KittyFaro Member

    @Nicole Williams- I also had panacea passion cast on the 9th. I think I did have a few little signs, a first, but nothing massive...as yet :) i've added a couple of others since. How about yourself, any updates?
    @Melissa A Schulz- I had passion panacea cast on the 9th, as suggested by @Ashra. It's still a little early, but I know its manifesting
    @Sash- Ashra will get back to you as soon as she is able. I know she is super busy
    @Maribella9- super excited for you. This is the best kind of tired, because it means the spells are hard at work :)
  27. QueenSharisha

    QueenSharisha Member Guest Account

    Hi @Melissa A Schulz
    Thanks for reaching out! Basically the passion panacea spell is a spell that will resolve any issues. It is meant to be personalized to any situation and it is a “remedy” for anything you desire. For example, if you want your lover to break up with someone it will help that. But if you want to get with someone, it will work too! Ashra just updated me saying that my passion panacea spell is active and I should be seeing movement soon! I’m so excited! I highly recommend this spell! I mean, Ashra said it is working! ;)

    Lots of love and Happy Thanksgiving! xxxx
  28. Fabrizia

    Fabrizia Member

    Lately I had 2 other spells casted on my lover Andrea.. we never talked in person but I know for sure that he might be the right one.. I consulted many psychics.. All started with a dream, I had a vivid dream about him kissing me and I felt strong emotion during it.. after just many events led me to start having real feelings for him.. I had many tarot readings and psychic readings and they all said that he may be the one.. I’ve had bad love experience and I hope he is finally the right one
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  29. KeeKey

    KeeKey New Member Guest Account

    Does anyone know how quickly Ashra responds to spell requests? I haven’t gotten a response yet, but I’m trying hard to be and stay patient. My lover is very stubborn but I’m missing his presence and spending time with him.
  30. shanhow

    shanhow Member

    Just want to wish @Ashra and everyone a HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!
    Eat lots of food:p
    Enjoy your family and friends:):inlove:
  31. lovelymegan

    lovelymegan Member

    Hello everyone, sending positive vibes and energies everyone's way. Just had another spell casted today (tri force) and been seeing signs all week. I just want to thank Ashra and my spells for everything they have done and I can not wait until Im back with my lover. Happy Holidays everyone! Be safe and careful on the roads tomorrow if traveling.
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  32. Butterfly07

    Butterfly07 Member

    @ALL so my cuz paid for a reading for me and I was told that My lover will not return which is heart wrenching!! :arghh::oops:
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  33. DarlingNiki

    DarlingNiki Member Guest Account

    I must say family today I dropped the ball and reached out to my husband since tomorrow will be the 1st major holiday without his mom being here. Me knowing my husband and how he can be, I was worried about him since I hadn't heard from him the past day. I apologize to Ashra and my spells and hope that they understand my true meaning behind calling him. It gets hard on some days especially when our 5-year-old granddaughter asks when is papa coming home. I feel like I shouldn't have rushed off the phone when he called me the other day but my body was so tired and I felt myself shutting down, I wish I would have just pushed through and stayed on the phone with him until he was ready to get off. But please to my spells forgive me for actions today. We are supposed to see him tomorrow and hope my actions today don't change that. Staying positive for myself, our family and to my family on the forum. Let's keep our heads up, our trust and faith in God and thank him for sending us this angel we call, "Ashra" hugs and kisses!
  34. DCD

    DCD Member

    With Thanksgiving being tomorrow here I just wanted to say how thankful I am to have found Ashra Koehn and all of you kind people here on the forum. I suffer from depression and anxiety so being patient and positive is not something that comes easy. Lately I’ve been extremely depressed and anxious due to my situation with my husband. I come here every day and read through the forum and by the time I’m done I feel more at ease. It’s a daily process for me. I think if it wasn’t for all of you I probably would have already lost my mind. I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and appreciate all the positive feedback and help you all give. Many blessings to you all!
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  35. Denise121

    Denise121 Member

    Hi all, not sure what’s going on, sent Ashra emails but she isn’t responding. I see other people waiting on responses from her too.
  36. Nataliejewel

    Nataliejewel New Member Guest Account

    Hi everyone. Came on here because I have been feeling really low lately and very lonely. I’ve been trying to keep a positive mindset but it is just SO hard and I feel so tired of being strong all the time... today my heart aches so bad for my ex and I can’t stop thinking about him. There are quite a few spells active on him but we are on thanksgiving break (college) so I get to see him next week. For some reason these days are passing by so slowly and my heart aches to hear the words I love you and I miss you from him. I keep having dreams and miss him so badly. He had decided that we were better off as friends because his sister had ruined my image in front of his family..I guess he feels insecure in his ability to fix things. I am giving him time and space but it is very hard on my end, waiting and being patient when I don’t know what we are. He keeps saying friends, no feelings but we were intimate last week and he looked so open and his feelings were all out there. I am so beyond confused and hurting right now. It’s so hard to stay positive
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  37. Cho Cho

    Cho Cho New Member Guest Account

    Hi Ashra Koehn, I have sent you email last week, but there is no response. Hope everything will be fine.
  38. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Active Member Guest Account

    @all our American forum family I'm English so this has no relevance to me but I want to wish all of you and all your families a happy thanksgiving:)
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  39. B23075

    B23075 Active Member

    I’ve decided to get scar healing in the morning as well as, the revenge spell. And I’m gonna use that to make her get a boyfriend ;) sounds like a good thing but he’s in jail so while he’s there, she’ll be moved on from him.

    I did get force of Will but I’m gonna add something extra to it. I got this idea out of nowhere, must be my guides

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