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Ashra Koehn's Spells - ashraspells.com

Discussion in 'Ashra Reviews' started by Anya83, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. Fabrizia

    Fabrizia Member

    I purchased the breath of love two days ago..and I’ m really excited about it.. I read the description of the spell and I have many hopes.. I have two spells active on my lover and I have seen no movements but Ashra said me that he will contact me on December.. I don’t have doubt that he will come to me soon or after but I becoming a little bit impatient I can’t wait to see him :)
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  2. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Hey everyone :)
    Hope you are all doing well and seeing lots of signs and movements from your spells. I see there is a black friday deal going but I have not got the money to purchase any spells unfortunately. I am waiting to hear back from Ashra myself and I look forward to her response. Everyone hang in there and keep your thoughts positive <3
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  3. lovelymegan

    lovelymegan Member

    So, this morning I started to feel the warmth's of my lovers mother. I not sure what that means cause I never met her and not sure if my lover ever spoken to her about me but I started to talk to my spells as if I was talking to her. I feel she has a very good spirit and she's kind and sweet. I feel like she's going to talk to him. I know my intuition is always right. Sending positive vibes to everyone. Happy Holidays!
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  4. Hello everyone and happy Saturday ! Even though I have not yet received the email from Ashra that my spell Passion Panacea has been casted yet I feel like it has. I woke up this morning with so much positivity and energy I myself cannot even understand why!!! I woke up feeling grateful for everything I have accomplished and for what I have! I am so excited to receive an email from Ashra !!
  5. Maribella9

    Maribella9 Active Member

    Hi guys i just purchased Force Of Will ang I am excited for Ashra to cast it! Have a good weekend all!
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  6. Heena

    Heena Member Guest Account

    Omg guys! My lover added me on snapchat and we are talking normally and we are not arguing! He told me the girl he was with left him! He also said he missed me! I'm so happy I could cry!! I'm actually speaking to him as I'm writing this!!! We are actually joking with one another like the old days!!! So happy!!!
  7. Asclepiustormos

    Asclepiustormos Member Member Plus Account

    Ordered three spells w/triple cast for one of three spells and twilight moon seal yesterday. Ordering two other spells w/ivan shield seal today for myself.
    Saw numerous of signs keep continuing and one of these signs is when tv was frozen or pause. I caught 4:33 on football game at 4th quarter. I’ve seen that number quite often and recall the meaning of it. Universe tells us the “success does take time and it requires a lot of hard work and patience” and this number is one of “manifestation” in numerology too.
    Thank you @Ashra Koehn for all of your service!
  8. Ashra Koehn

    Ashra Koehn Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Update: I'm extremely happy that I received over twenty thank you emails on Friday and Saturday from clients who saw results and had their lovers return in time for Thanksgiving. Today, another six people reported seeing results. With the holidays around the corner and many people having success with the Anniversary spells, I wouldn't be surprised to hear about couples get back together on a daily basis. When people request spells, a lot of my time and energy goes into everything I do for you. My mission is to bring as many couples together in time for the holidays as possible, and I will work over-time to make that happen.:inlove:

    For those who have ordered spells within the last few days, you should receive an update before the end of this week. I know that some people have already reported results just a couple days after their spells were cast:) For anyone who is looking to have work done, or would like to have more energy active on their situation, now would be the perfect time to do so. The Black Friday to Cyber Money Event is still available. See below for details.

    Black Friday to Cyber Monday Event - Available for a Limited Time:

    Use this code to save 20% off your next order: Ashra19
    Offer valid until December 3rd, 2019. This discount can be used on any services offered by Ashra Koehn including the Obeah love spell. Minimum purchase amount required for coupon: 49.99 USD

    HOW TO USE COUPON: To use the coupon code above, click the button labelled "Add Promo Code" within the shopping cart screen.

    The coupon code can be used for multiple orders. It's valid until December 3rd, 2019.

    Ashra's Most Guarded Secret Spell (Now available to the public!)

    Ashra's Anniversary Spells - Available for a Limited Time:

    Truth be Told: https://www.ashra.net/s/truth-be-told.html
    Delete the Past: https://www.ashra.net/s/delete-the-past.html
    Path to Exile: https://www.ashra.net/s/path-to-exile.html
    Severed Souls: https://www.ashra.net/s/severed-souls.html
    Storms of Naija: https://www.ashra.net/s/storms-of-naija.html
    Road Opener: https://www.ashra.net/s/road-opener.html
    Book of Seven Spells: https://www.ashra.net/s/book-of-spells.html
    Call to Arms: https://www.ashra.net/s/call-to-arms.html
    Promise of Forever: https://www.ashra.net/s/promise-of-forever.html
    Wishes Granted: https://www.ashra.net/s/wishes-granted.html
    Hearts of the Enchanter: http://www.ashraspells.com/fast-love-spells.html

    Tremble of Love: https://www.ashra.net/s/tremble-of-love.html
    Breath of Love: https://www.ashra.net/s/breath-of-love.html
    Ice into Fire: https://www.ashra.net/s/ice-into-fire.html
    Sacred Evael: https://www.ashra.net/s/sacred-evael.html
    Lovenessence: https://www.ashra.net/s/lovenessence.html
    I Need You Now: https://www.ashra.net/s/ineedyounow.html
    Beauty Spells: http://www.ashraspells.com/beauty-spells.html

    The Black Friday coupon code will also work for qualifying services offered on the following websites:

    The Black Friday to Cyber Money Event is now available until December 3rd. See above for details.
  9. munchkin95

    munchkin95 Active Member

    Ashra Koehn, I really pray that Andrew and I are one of those couples back together for the holidays...That's my biggest CHRISTMAS WISH!!
  10. Lizzardlove

    Lizzardlove Active Member

    Wow @Ashra that is great to hear that so many People have been reunited with there loved ones.
    I am waiting for you to cast my two spells i ordered and i ordered 3 questions reading too, i hope that my recast went well on this weekend.
    I am exited to hear how the spell cast will go.
    I love my husband so much i Just want him Back in my arms and never let him go.
    I want to hold him tight and kiss him all over.
    I hope that i can get christmas miracle.
    I am going to have my husband Back.
    Peace and love to all of you.
    Love to you Ashra thank you for everything you do for me.
  11. Hi everyone hope you are all well ! I am thankful for all of you guys and that Ashra Koehn offered us some discounts for spells. Since it’s almost the holidays I know we will get our lovers soon ❤️ And be successful at whatever we are all pursuing :) have a great Sunday and sending positive vibes towards everyone’s way!
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  12. B23075

    B23075 Active Member

    Yes,Ashra Koehn, we have been talking everyday since Friday. We’ve been making plans for his release date as well. He wants to go out to eat :inlove: it FEELS as if we’re together, he haven’t said the words yet but I’m sure he will. It feels so close! Bonding is so much better than it was just a few months ago, this is all I ever wished for.
    I’m more comfortable, he’s more comfortable with communication.​
  13. @Ashra, I am so happy to read your post about all the people that got back together. It really gives me hope. My situation is so complex and stubborn and it has been a long journey and there has been no movement from David so far, but with your hard work and dedication that you put in every spell, I know it will happen. To each and every one of you that got your relationships back, congratulations! I am happy to hear the good news. I wish all of you endless happiness.
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  14. EricaLeeCollins199226

    EricaLeeCollins199226 Active Member Member Plus Account

    Hello everyone, how are you all doing? I am doing good just exhausted I guess from having a blockage before and it being that time of the month. I used the 20% off coupon to buy the most guarded secret spell the Midnight Romance, Drown Your Sorrow, Evocation of Favorable Opinion, I Need You Now, and Endurance of Soulguard. The Evocation of Favorable Opinion I got to influence my mom to stop nagging me especially when it comes to what I spend my money on. We already had a couple of fights and I don't want to fight with her anymore so this spell will help a lot. Plus I want her to stop worrying about me so much. The other 4 spells will definitely help me with Karim a lot because I can feel it in my heart. I can feel that he's going to contact me very soon and I've been feeling so confident lately must be my spells doing that. I swear every time I go check my Facebook messages it shows him active but I'm not even trying to check if he's active or not. It seems he's been a lot more active wonder if this is a sign? I can't wait to see the reports for these 5 spells because I know they will be amazing as reports always are. Sending positive vibes and love to everyone!!
  15. @Butterfly07 I am so sorry to hear your news. That must be heart wrenching. Did you get your reading from Ashra or somebody else?
  16. mzac

    mzac Member

    I’ve worked with ashra for a very long time.. I’ve gotten spells many times.. I can’t count how many already because it’s a lot.. and that’s how much I trust ashra... I love her Kuz she gives me hope and faith when there’s nothing else.. but I guess things just don’t work out.. anyways I got two spells from the Black Friday and that’s call to arms and I need you now.. and I can’t wait for the results... CROSSING FINGERS that things will work out before Christmas and that me and my guy will be together before that... I miss him terribly.. it’s been two weeks since I stop contact with him.. yes I’m the one who stop and I am the one who also initiate so now I’m letting spells have him initiate.. ANYways I got BINDING SPELLS two days after u completely stop talking to him or txtn him due to his horrible action that night ... anyways Ashra casted my spell NOV 22 and I actually got a huge movement by NOV 25... before I got the spell I added my guy on ig but he didn’t respond or didn’t add me at all while I see him adding others so I guess after the spell were cast on NOV 25 he actually added me and he views my story and till now he does.. but he doesn’t like my post tho.. anyways I did looked at his stuff and photos or story Kuz he was viewing mine so I didn’t want him to think that I’m mad or anything by not viewing his story when he views mine.. mind me I haven’t spoken to him for like a week.. ANYWAYS I GOT TWO MORE SPELLS TO ADD UP TO THE OTHER ONE SO THAT HE CAN ACTUALLY INITIATE CONTACT WITH ME AND FINALLY BE TOGETHER AS A COUPLE.. so I’m hoping for a result...soon.. but I just wanted to say I saw result on my first spell on him within 3 days .. thanks @Ashra for all your support.. I love you and I’m thankful for having you in my life...
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  17. Maribella9

    Maribella9 Active Member

    Thank you ashra, i just purchased Force of will yesterday... and I can’t wait to see the result! I know you are a busy and just by yourself... thank you and take care...
  18. Melissa A Schulz

    Melissa A Schulz Member Guest Account

    Thank you for extending it!! I totally wish I got paid then. I get paid on the 6th more like 5th and have questions on other spells. I'm hoping to hear from @Ashra Koehn ,@Ashra soon. I'm so sorry I keep emailing I just have been reading your forums so it produces more questions about spells I've casted and thinking of casting to bring Duane home. Hopefully by xmas!
  19. Melissa A Schulz

    Melissa A Schulz Member Guest Account

    @all any if you going through a divorce or were divorced and brought back your ex what spells did you use. I read several of these forums saying Ashra has spells to end divorces but which are they.
  20. Unique Star

    Unique Star Member Guest Account

    @Ashra Koehn @Ashra this is great and thank you again for the sale. I cant wait to see results from mine. We know you get a lot of emails. I feel awful for reaching out more than once, but could you please check for my emails about a spell I purchased? All details are inside the email(s). Thank you. Blessings.
  21. Butterfly07

    Butterfly07 Member

    @SilasBlue nope friend some other guy! Like I said just gave it a go... didn't pay either... was someone else who lied! He is coming back and I feel it
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  22. Rdw05

    Rdw05 New Member Guest Account

    Still waiting for a reply from Ashra though..I really hope my ex will come back to me before the holidays too. Reading comments about Ashra is giving me hope❤
  23. lovelymegan

    lovelymegan Member

    I really really from the bottom on my heart want to thank Ashra for everything. I noticing the spells are really working not only on my love, but also on me. Today, I wasn't really sure of my energy. As the day continued, I found myself taking accountability for my actions and forgiving people and myself for things I would of never thought I would give forgiveness to. I love this because I really just want peace and positivity only in my life now. I'm like crying tears of joy as I write this because its making me feeling happy again like when my lover used to be in my life. I used to be happy when my lover was in my life and when I felt I lost him thats when everything just turned dark. I know the spells are working and are bringing my lover back in my life because its bringing that happiness back into me. My lover has always brought me this energy that made me thrive to be better to actually reach my goals. All day I've been brainstorming starting organizations to help kids in low poverty communities and becoming a woman's activist and the things I told my lover about way back. It makes me feel really good. I know keeping up the efforts to become a more positive person my baby will be back in no time.
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  24. lovelymegan

    lovelymegan Member

  25. Hi @Melissa A Schulz, maybe you can consider purchasing Midnight Romance now since Ashra said it will be available only for a limited time, and from what I remember it is a bit pricier than Lover Embers, so take advantage of the promotion Ashra is providing us. But definitely get Lover Embers since Ashra recommended it! I have purchased both spells and I am still waiting for movements.
  26. Twiggy

    Twiggy Member

    @Ashra Koehn your results you mentioned are amazing :woot::) but not surprising. Thank you for all you are doing for us all.:inlove: Please look after yourself too. I am looking forward to the day i am emailing you and telling you my lover is back :rolleyes:
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  27. B23075

    B23075 Active Member

    It hasn’t even been two weeks since Force of Will has been cast and he says from “jail” he only calls me and his mom. Now a woman’s intuition is very strong and I feel as if I’d know if he’s lying or not. So to my understanding this other girl is out of the picture :p I ordered 5 battles Friday but I know it hasn’t been cast yet. So force of Will alone says a lot. I’m in disbelief :eek: our bond gets stronger by the day, I would say we’re together again :hilarious: Thanks to Ashra!!!!!
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  28. Andy70

    Andy70 New Member Guest Account

    Does Ashra answered you asap? Because I'm still waiting to hear from her.
  29. Gianika

    Gianika Member

  30. Mary98

    Mary98 Member

    Hey everyone I hope you are doing okay. I think I'm seeing some changes on my lover he has been talking with me for long hours and he has been telling me that he miss me. My spell was casted on the 22nd of November and I have been following the no contact rule I hope things remain this way for us. :). Ashra is for real and her spells are really working:thumbsup:
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  31. Sandra J

    Sandra J Well-Known Member

    Ashra I am pist off with Kenneth and I will not continue to put up with his lies and disrespectful. I don't know if I can deal with this he have not changed even thou I have numerous of spells on him . I am going to pack up his clothes and send his ass packing.
  32. Sophia7mc

    Sophia7mc Member Guest Account

    Thats great news! I definitely want my lover back by the holidays. Christmas is such an important holiday to have my family back. Ashra Koehn I sent you two urgent emails this past weekend. I need your help and advice before its too late to purchase a spell from your black Friday special. Please get back to me as soon as u can. I've seen lil movement since I've first came to u in June. And since then, I've had about 10 spells casted by you. I’m so ready for my family to be back together. Please help @Ashra. My lover and I have been together since 2012 when our children from our previous relationships were 2 yrs old. Now we have a child of our own who is now 5 months. I want us to all be together for his first Christmas. It's urgent. Please help & get back to me as soon as u can.
  33. Myra_e

    Myra_e Member Guest Account

    Can anyone help how to use the promo code I try purchase but I don’t know how to get that promo code .
  34. Andib

    Andib Active Member

    @B23075 Awesome news. I am happy you got movement from your lover. Hugs.
  35. Sandra J

    Sandra J Well-Known Member

    Hi Vanessa White that's a great spell I also purchased that during Ashra 19th Anniversary, I wish you the best with it and I know it will opened up great things in your life.

    Hi B23075 I am know you're on cloud nine hearing from your lover that's great news. I know you will continue to see results from your spells.

    Hi Vanessa White that's a great spell I also purchased that during Ashra 19th Anniversary, I wish you the best with it and I know it will opened up great things in your life.

    Hi B23075 I am know you're on cloud nine hearing from your lover that's great news. I know you will continue to see results from your spells. Please keep us posted on movements.
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  36. Sophia7mc

    Sophia7mc Member Guest Account

    Also @Ashra Koehn are u able to approve my account? I can't seem to "like" posts or see certain things on here that others can. I've been on this forum since June.
  37. Maypo

    Maypo New Member Guest Account

    I bought two spells on Saturday morning, hoping I could get my man to act (he had given me a lot of attention last week at work, but I wanted to kiss and love on him. He has a lot of issues and is hot/cold). One of the spells I got was Fated Intertwining Love, from the Book of Seven Spells, because it seemed like something that might act fast. I never know if it's a coincidence or if it's Ashra, but right after I filled out the info form for that spell on Saturday morning, I felt such strong spell energy right away, and I hoped my man was feeling it too. He messaged me Saturday evening! Ashra really amazes me, you guys. We spent Sunday afternoon together. He was kind of in a bad mood, but I got him to smile with my cuteness, lol. One step closer.
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  38. Gianika

    Gianika Member

    @Heena wow I'm happy for you now that you are talking with your lover again . Can I ask what kind of spell you ordered from Ashra? Thanks
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  39. Gianika

    Gianika Member

    Yesterday I purchased force of will and I am waiting for Ashra's confirmation that it was casted. I'm happy to those who are now reunited with their lovers. Your updates keep us motivated and positive about our situations. I know we have different situations and different timeline of manifestation of results but the fact that Ashra is there to help us all is the only thing we need. I thank God that she gave us Ashra to help us. Please be safe Ashra and take a rest if you can because I know you are really busy.
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  40. Fabrizia

    Fabrizia Member

    Yesterday I had my third spell casted on my lover.. and I’m very positive about the outcome.. I have many hopes..I keep picturing him with me.. he is very distant from me now and I wonder when we will finally be together.. I’m also a little bit worried about the age.. he is a year younger and I fear that he maybe childish.. the next week I’m returning to my town and he maybe will be at the same party.. at least I hope !

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