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Ashra Koehn's Spells - ashraspells.com

Discussion in 'Ashra Reviews' started by Anya83, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. DeeDeeVI

    DeeDeeVI New Member Guest Account

    Took about 2 weeks for me.
  2. Missblueeyes

    Missblueeyes New Member Guest Account

    Hi everyone, so my ex hasn’t contacted me. It has been 4 months now after Ashras spells. I tried to contact Ashra last month but I never got an email back. Any encouragement would help. Thank you. :)
  3. mzac

    mzac Member

    I am purchasing the Noel WHITE MOON.. I guess I didn’t initiate any contact with my guys so I’m hoping this will have him contact me... Kuz I believe it’s a strong moon spell... happening on 12/12 wish us all luck and with @Ashra Ashra Koehn it all can happen... I guess I’m addicted to spells hahaha..
  4. EricaLeeCollins199226

    EricaLeeCollins199226 Active Member Member Plus Account

    Ashra, @Ashra Koehn , is the Noël white moon spell still available? If it is I will buy it and the lottery spell too so I can get more money from the scratch off lottery cards. If not would I still be able to buy Luna Love Signature instead? I know you said Luna Love Signature would have to be cast while the other spells are still fresh so that's why I'm asking. Monday Karim texted me and I got him to come over so we made love a couple times. I have been seeing changes in my mom as she is being more positive towards me and my relationship with him. I'm sure I'll keep seeing good changes in my mom as time goes on too and I'm back together with Karim. I have a question does the lottery spell work for the scratch off lottery cards so to where I win money? I will be taking out another loan later because I need money for stuff. Sending positive vibes and love to everyone!!
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  5. Ashra Koehn

    Ashra Koehn Well-Known Member Staff Member

  6. Ashra Koehn

    Ashra Koehn Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Update: If you have ordered the Noel White Moon spell, you should receive an update before the end of Monday. I will try to update everything as quickly as possible. A lot of orders came through:)

    Yes, Noel White Moon is still available.
  7. The Siren

    The Siren Active Member Member Plus Account

    Good morning everyone, barley getting back to you guys after being busy for these last two days. I received a letter from my son's teacher yesterday afternoon mentioning that he is doing well in his classroom (my son is in Kindergarten). I was worried for a little while that he might fall behind in his class but he didn't. This morning I woke up happy, in a good mood wanting to celebrate with my 5 year old son that he improved in class on his classwork that he was struggling with. I'm very proud of him, but as I was getting him ready, I was in the bathroom combing his hair and my mother just came in and started to argue with me out of nowhere. I hate it when my mother comes into view and starts arguing with me, picking on me on the smallest things. She is also a VERY negative person. She always have put me down, always says negative things to me, and when it reaches to it's point like this morning, I would break down and cry and believe what she says. Right after I was done crying, I decided to come on here that will help me ease my sadness. It's helping, I'm starting to feel a little better. My
    point is I'm thinking to purchase a spell that will have my mother say positive things to me, and to stop the arguments. I know I said I was done purchasing enough spells from @Ashra, but I might have to get more, for other things of course. I'm waiting for the results on my 1 question reading from Ashra. I really appreciate you Ashra, for everything you have done for me and everyone else. When you spell cast a portal to see my visions take your time on it, love you. xoxoxo

    @EricaLeeCollins199226 I remember you mentioning about a spell you used on your mother to stop arguments, how is that going so far for you, I'm thinking to get that one for my situation with my mother. Many blessings.

    @LunarEchoes Haven't heard from you, how are you?

    @T.P.W84 How are you doing, anything new?
  8. joonbug19

    joonbug19 Active Member

    Thank you for the Noel Moon Spell report Ashra
    :- ) I am so happy about what was said. Ashra always deliver good reports. This one was very detailed and heart filling. I couldn't stop laughing in happiness. I knew it was going to be the maker!! :inlove: I cannot wait to be with my one and only soulmate!! :- )
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  9. Gianika

    Gianika Member Guest Account

    @EricaLeeCollins199226 wow congratulations. I'm sure you are on cloud nine right now with your lover I'm happy for you.
  10. LunarEchoes

    LunarEchoes Active Member

    I apologize for the long post. I just have been overwhelmed, and I have no one I can talk to anymore except my mom. To recap...The breakup happened in February. We'd been on a downward decline for a few months leading up to this and me moving out. We'd been together almost three years and he was looking to build a future with me in a new home. But, my lover has an issue expressing his feelings, showing affection, and communicating. He closed off more from his father's passing last May and been very depressed. Instead of being as understanding as supportive as I should have been, I let myself become depressed as well from his withdrawal and pushing me away, frustrated from the lack of affection, and worried for his self-imposed isolation. We're both introverts, but I found myself pushing way too hard for social interaction and doing more things together, for both our sakes. Not realizing that wasn't what he needed, or really wanted, and financial strains, roommate issues, and his grief-stricken mother, all of this piled on and on. I desperately tried to convince him to stay together, but it was too late, before I realized how much I truly loved him and how much I'd taken for granted. I found Ashra and had my first of a long series of spells casted at the end of March. Towards the end of May, a week after my birthday, Matt finally broke the silence and messaged me. He had me come over a couple nights later and had a talk about everything. We were on the same page about everything, our thoughts on our careers, the potential of marriage, raising a family, making his expectations of me clear to be on good terms with the people important to him - his mother, and his restaurant family. I did end up staying over and we did have s**..From this point, things seemed to go on some sort of path. We got to a point of me coming over every night and spending his days off together. For a while too we spent time with a mutual friend at his place playing music. I really thought things were going okay. Then we hit a bump in July when he went quiet on me and after about a week I pressed him to tell me, and he claims he wanted us to slow down, not having me over all the time and having s**, that he wanted to go out and do something fun. Which never really did happen even when I made suggestions to see a movie or grab a beer at his favorite bar. He seemed unable to break from his comfort and fixation of his video games at home, what I feel he's clung to since his dad's passing as a coping mechanism. Despite what he said, we did end up resuming me staying over after a night he asked me to, and I assumed it was okay from then on..Towards the end of September things suddenly slammed to a halt and he asked for space...I made attempts to hang out casually but my second attempt went ignored...I resumed my spellwork with Ashra hard, with another stream of spells to bring Matt back to me. I've had so many love spells cast now, probably around thirty, including an influence spell intended to sway his mom's negative opinion of me, and Battle of Five Armies to keep third parties away. I confess....I broke guidelines on more than one occasion. And recently I had been doing so in an indirect way, not messaging him but something else I shouldn't have, and mailed him a card and letter with my feelings. I apologized to Ashra and my spells again and pray what I did would not slow down my spells too drastically. I have only ever receieved positive reports on Matt's feelings towards me and making progress, it just is soul-crushing that other than the brief exchange we had two nights ago (due to my breaking the guidelines) there had been no communication for two and a half months. I've been keeping to myself, but tonight I made a small attempt to go out after a friend urged me to meet downtown. I was very reluctant and told him I don't want to be around a bunch of people and he and his friend met me halfway by meeting outside a bar near the train tracks, away from people. I just chatted a bit with them; they were both intoxicated and both interested in me. One of the guys shares my lover's name and I hope that is a good sign, though I am not interested at all in this Matt, only my Matt. I politely declined their urging to join them at a restaurant downtown and offering to buy me drinks. I need to get my head straight and re-focus my life. All I want is my Matt back with me, and all I can do is urge him home with Ashra's spells and try to meet my personal goals in the meantime (lose weight, find a new job, return to school). This is the greatest struggle of my life, and my only comfort is having my forum family here, and I hope to be supportive for you all as well as you carry on your fight for your lovers. True love doesn't quit.
  11. Shirlene

    Shirlene New Member Guest Account

    Hi everyone! So my ex & I broke up last week & I really want him back but I know he’s unsure about getting back together. Can someone please advise me on what spells I should purchase for the best result.
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  12. April0414

    April0414 New Member Guest Account

    Hello everyone I would like to get feedback on how to talk to your spells please. Also can someone please give details on the no contact guidelines? I have my lover as a friend on snap chat and do see his stories which don’t affect me due to my positivity and I have not messaged me since my spell was casted. He messaged me today and I did reply having a conversation which was amazing being only the day after my cast was spelled. So do I keep waiting for him to message me and if so for how long? And is it ok to see his stories even though I don’t respond to them or impact me in negativity??
  13. MayBanks

    MayBanks New Member Guest Account

    @Ashra I'm at a strange point with my lover, He is now back communicating with his ex and multiple women. I could call and he'll say I'll call you back on the phone with the ex. She pops up at the house and he would ask me to leave, it's like she has a spell on him. I'm frustrated and I know I should remind positive but this is irritating so close to Christmas. I've had multiple spells casted since May 2019 and no movement.
  14. Butterfly07

    Butterfly07 Member

    I was just told that My lover is in love with his girlfriend but she isnt inlove with him as she is in love with her ex aka baby daddy whom she is still dating and sleeping with! My lover doesn't believe this as he is blinded by being in love with her! Everyone knows she is a pass around and doesn't want to be with him. Also that she is just using him but he sees her as perfect and dismisses anything bad about her! But ONE DAY he will see just what he was told!!
  15. Benny Vasquez

    Benny Vasquez New Member Guest Account

    Hi everyone has anybody had any success with Ashra's black magic spells and if so how long did it take I'm running out of options i really need my ex back we were together 12yrs now we have been separated 8 months now and I really need her to come back to me so if anyone has any insight on the black magic spells please help me out.
  16. QueenSharisha

    QueenSharisha Member Guest Account

    Hey Everyone!
    I wanted to give you guys an update! I am getting so excited! Last night I had a dream about my lover being super affectionate. I never had a dream like that and it felt so real. Also for the past couple of days I’m not able to sleep and that is so unusual for me. I feel like it is the spell working!!!

    Thank you for providing me with a positive community!
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  17. Amour18

    Amour18 Member

    I cant wait to hear the Update for Noel White Christmas
    My Birthday is next week, I wish he will contact me and say happy Birthday.
    I hope this years I won't have to s pop end my Birthday crying. I love my Ben
    I realized these past years we lost touch against our will. He's the type of man that wouldn't disappear without an explanation mostly when he confessed he wanted more than friendship. 5 years is a long time to mourn a lost lover. The day he text me I will do something extraordinary. Ashra Koehn please don't ever give up on me. I know you are doing your best to bring him back as fast as possible, If there's a curse I want you to please help me break it too. I MISS HIM SO MUCH.
  18. ashtonelizabethtalley1999

    ashtonelizabethtalley1999 Active Member Member Plus Account

    Good morning everyone. I sure do hope that you are all having a good enough day for you as well as your friends. I know that i am having a long enough but good day as it is. I know that miss Ashra's spells can really do a lot and i do say that because I know that i have seen real enough movement and manifestation myself, to be honest. And that can be ever so great. I have been working very hard, and Ashra koehn has delivered on my good work as well, and i am so very very grateful too.
  19. polecat

    polecat New Member Guest Account

    What are some of the signs/symptoms you all have had of your spell working? I think I've read that some people seem to feel strangely exhausted. Wondering what else I should look for to see if my spell is starting to have movement. :)
  20. CT Justin

    CT Justin Member

    Is it possible to have the forum update normally? It would be beneficial to everyone to be able to keep positive and spread positivity of the forum didn't take days to update. Just a suggestion. If there is a reason for it I was not aware.
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  21. Britestar

    Britestar New Member Guest Account

    Hi Ashra it’s been 3 weeks since I have had any contact. I just want I know if my casting has been done or I’m still on the waiting list. I was not able to buy this last spell of not I would have.. I hope to hear from you soon.
  22. Lilmama

    Lilmama Member Guest Account

    Hi @Ashra @Ashra Koehn :inlove:
    Thank you for all your hard work in casting everyone’s spells and helping us reach our goals. I just wanted to let you know that I sent you an email, it’s important. I hope to hear from you soon.
  23. pfu230

    pfu230 Member

    Ashra Koehn I MESSED UP!
  24. B23075

    B23075 Active Member

    Its confirmed that this other girl is out of the picture I guess. He haven’t called me earlier today like he said he was, but that’s fine. I did get the White moon Noel and can’t wait for an update.
    I highly recommend Force of Will and I did get 5 battles with triple seal. I’m satisfied, very! He wanted me to make it public again that I was with him. I did in a way :hilarious: I also emailed Ashra because I feel in the future do to personally circumstances he may have commitment issues again. I know the reason why he has them, and it’s due to childhood traumas, also him being unsure of his own path. I emailed her and asked what spells will dig deep into that problem to improve his commitment issues.
    A psychic told me it will get better and he wants it to get better and he also wants to change for the better with us. The thought of him trying, it what makes me happy.
    It tells me we’re getting SOMEWHERE:nailbiting: we’re also very young. He is only 21 so we have a long ways to go:sneaky: I’m just very excited for my pregnancy that is yet to come in a few months!! He stated again that he wants a daughter with me. I thought the first time he was joking but no. Ashra was right in her reading. Well the timeframe hasn’t came yet, but him talking about it let’s me know that we will get there :facepalm: I’ve also decided to get another reading asking what to expect of us in 2020. Ashra mentioned in a lot of her updates that him and I have a lot to look forward to. I’m just very curious as to what that is....
    Update: he did just call and told me what took him so long
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  25. SJP

    SJP Member

    How long does it take to get a reading from Ashra?
  26. Thank you so much, @Candice2018 ! :) I'm so glad Ashra was able to help you!
  27. Maribella9

    Maribella9 Active Member

    Hi Sophia7mc How are you? Wow! That’s a big movement..I’m so happy for you! I think i want to purchase that spells “Delete the past” and “Breath of love”
    I have “I need you now” “Golden kiss” and “Force of Will active on my lover,
    My lover left me November 20,2019
    I have seen a lot’s of signs,
    And I’m waiting patiently for movement!
    Good luck to all of us! And have a good night! Thanks!

  28. Diane1023

    Diane1023 Member

    Never mind, @Ashra i see the confirmation
  29. fairel83

    fairel83 Member

    Hello forum, hope everyone is doing well..I had Freedom Fire casted at standard in July and it worked to separate my lover and his influences so know my lover has a new girlfriend. So I know Ashra is super busy so I decided to repurchase Freedom Fire but I had it casted at Fury Instant to break up my lover and his new girlfriend. Apparently my lover is confused and doesn’t know what to do, he has been messaging me telling me that he loves me and misses me but he is with someone else!! I’ve build this man up while we were together and his family still loves me. Ashra casted it last Sunday and I’m looking forward to the results! ❤️
  30. Jadyn Ray

    Jadyn Ray Member Guest Account

    @Ashra Koehn hey love i emailed you. i desperately need you
  31. Cayde

    Cayde Member

    Wow ok then went to pick my daughter up today and my crush was sitting by herself on the bleachers so I went and sat next to her and we exchanged a couple of worlds :inlove::laugh: it was nice, her kid is absolutely adorable as well my daughter would love her as a little sister.....this has to be a good sign right ?
  32. CMMMforever

    CMMMforever Member

    Good morning forum family! I recieved my Noel White Moon update from Ashra and It made me feel so much better about my situation with my husband. My last post I was feeling really down and wanting to give up, but I've been trying to tell myself that this girl is just a phase and she will eventually be gone. I just have to be thankful that I get to see my husband every day and that we are getting along and spending quality time together with our children.

    I decided to purchase Hearts of the Enchanter with the twilight seal. I hope this will be my last spell and my husband will come home to me. Ashra has assured me that he thinks of me often and he is just struggling with his emotions, but will eventually find his path back to me and realize I am his only one.

    I know he will come back to me.
    I know he misses me.
    I know Ashra and her spells will bring my husband home.

    Also, I noticed the forum hasn't updated since Thursday? Weird?

    Love and light everyone and happy holiday season to you all!
  33. ThatLibra131

    ThatLibra131 New Member Guest Account

    Hello everyone! I have great news!! I believe I just saw a huge sign today because when I was looking on my Snapchat and there’s a feature that has recommended friends and my lover was the first one that came up and I feel it’s a huge sign that he’s going to contact me very soon and I’m super excited!!! He should be able to find me and talk to me now!! :inlove::inlove:
  34. Sandra J

    Sandra J Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone for those who purchased the Noel Moon I really do wish for great things to come your way. Ashra knows what she's doing and will bring back your lover to you. I just need to stay calm and for that lady to stop calling Kenneth. Last night his phone ring at 11pn we both in bed sleep. Ashra I don't have to many strong spells cast and for some reason it is taking so long to remove Marie from Kenneth life. I want fuss because I know it will only slow my spells down but this is getting on my nerves. I will wait for Endurance of Soulguard and Dragon Blood Seal, to kick in to remove that woman out of Kenneth life. Ashra I don't want 2020 to come in dealing with the same mess.
  35. Renae1217

    Renae1217 Member

    Hey all,
    I read somewhere some one said ignorance is bliss. It probably is. When your guy isn't trying to hide the fact that he sexts and wants to meet up with other women, How do you deal with that. I mean I'm the one he wants to live with so I should be happy about that right? Except I can't even move all my stuff in until we go room by room, which he procrastinates on and doesn't really want any of my stuff there. Yet doesn't want me to move back home either... I'm sure that's just him freaking out about moving in, which I am too.

    I'm trying to reach Ashra for advice, but thought I'd ask you guys who are with your lovers that they still stray.. How do you come to terms and be ok with it? How can you be ok knowing he needs more women to be satisfied? I cry almost every day anymore, I could really use some love on here and advice. I should be happy he asked me to move in, I know that is a huge step. It's just stressful he's not working so I feel like I'm being used for the bills especially since he is s*xting. Which he does right in front of me. He doesn't know I can see the screen bc before I couldn't read it but I can now.

    I know Ashra is the real deal I wouldn't be this far with out her. Just wondering if maybe I'm a lost cause for real love, stability and faithfulness with him.
  36. RN the RN

    RN the RN New Member Guest Account

    I purchased the spell. I'm so excited!
  37. B23075

    B23075 Active Member

    We speak everyday, loving our relationship and the bond which we are creating. He said over the phone again twice that when he comes home we might have a baby :hilarious: I’m happy and hoping he stick to his word. Which I’m almost sure he will but then I’ll have to get a spell to help deal with emotions and mood swings:( this will be our first child if I get pregnant. That was also in my reading. I also purchased another reading asking what can me and him look forward to in 2020. Just bought that today :):thumbsup: we were doing well he was doing things to prevent a baby and I still don’t know why because I was so ready for so long. I believe it was because of his finances as well as him not knowing how I felt about having a child. I think I’ll bring it up and ask him about it tomorrow o_O I have pretty outfits already picked as well as her name. It’s funny how I got the fertility spell a long time ago and asked Ashra could she adjust it so I’m able to have a baby girl. At first I said twins but I changed my mind. It’s funny how I asked for that request and he wants the same thing. :p
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  38. marie3240

    marie3240 Member

    well everyone it’s official it’s been one heck of a bumpy ride my lover was supposed to go back home tonight after I went to bed.. here I am laying in bed just put our daughter to sleep and he comes in my room and says he’s not going home tonight and I asked him why and he said he can’t leave me and said we are going to go pick up all his stuff tomorrow and he’s coming home! He said he loves me with all of his heart and he just can’t leave!! I feel like I’m on cloud nine right now you guys I can’t thank Ashra Koehn enough. I really pray this hot and cold phase is completely over. He kissed me a bunch of times and went to get us food. My heart is overwhelmed with joy, I received my Christmas miracle!!
  39. QueenSharisha

    QueenSharisha Member Guest Account

    Hi Everyone!
    I hope everyone is doing well. I wanted to make sure of something. I am actually friends with my lover on Instagram and I get to see the things he writes and posts on my feed. Am I risking the spell? I’m not intentionally looking at what he is up to. Or should I take it as a sign?
  40. Maribella9

    Maribella9 Active Member

    Hi B23075
    congratulations! I’m happy for you! May I know how long it will take before you and your lover get back together?
    Hi candice2018

    Congratulations to you too I'm happy for you!!

    It’s almost one month since my lover left me and i miss him terribly ! We been together for 10 years going 11 years February 20,2020..
    I have 3 spells active on my lover, I NEED YOU NOW, GOLDEN KISS AND FORCE OF WILL . i have seen a lots of signs...
    And I'm waiting patiently to see movements...
    I’m trying to stay positive think positive...
    Thank you!
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