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Can someone please break down more of the guild line of the “no contact rule” please....
If you already are communicating with your lover and text every now and down, when can we text or not them back first?


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hi guys, just wondering if any who has had the force of will spell cast, how long did it take and how well it went?


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I am actually laughing at myself right now because i just checked my calendar and realise that it has only been 2 weeks since Ashra cast my first spell. I feel like i have been through so much in these 2 weeks that i feel as though it has been at least a month and i have been getting down for no reason because my lover has not returned to me yet. Spells take time! @Ashra Koehn is amazing!! In only these last 2 weeks, i have seen many signs such as the number 44 and then repeating numbers 333 and last night i randomly saw 2222. I have been having dreams- very confusing ones (but i never used to dream of Rob and now i am). I work with Rob and since Ashra cast her spells, Rob and I have gone from completely ignoring each other to him occassionally trying to talk to me about work to start with and then a little bit about his life. Putting all of this into perspective, i feel so positive. I went to a spellcaster before i found Ashra and he was so easy to talk to that i trusted him fully with a love spell but my situation got worse- i saw no movements after a month and then none after a booster spell. For @Ashra Koehn to have cast my spell and then having seen so many signs and movements within the space of only two weeks tells me she is genuine. She is so understanding and does everything she can to help because she genuinely cares. Please everyone keep your full faith in Ashra Koehn because this will help your spells move along faster-they need positive energy! I cannot wait to see more movement. Thank you so much @Ashra Koehn from the bottom of my heart! And i will try my hardest from now on to stay positive even though it is so easy to succumb to negativity


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@Honeybee20 From one for hard lover to another thank you and you will have yours too:)

@Californiaburrito Other people showing you interest is a sign it's working I say hang in there if you know you want that man and you are meant to be then stick at it try to keep busy don't put your life on hold for one second please.

@Crystal00 He may say he has but the spells will make him change his mind my advice is to take it slow and don't try to force him with your words ok. Be friendly and stay on good terms he has to open up to you that's how it works I'm afraid.

@Bumbs I know you aimed this question to @Sandra J But you are right to not contact your lover just stay quiet they will be in touch at some point.

@LunarEchoes I like that you burn your negative thoughts on paper I think that's a good way to let go of them

@X_OT Pass the test you bet I will and you will too no need cheat off my paper but you will anyway we all will ;-)

@Fabrizia Don't beat yourself up if you have already got back together that proves it works I have no doubt the spells do work so just adjust your thinking and you will have you lover for good this time

@Essence101 1111 is a big sign and I see it too so what you said about the right path yes you are on it keep speaking to your spells and thanking them for all they are doing :)

@positivity Obeah is very strong your about to see a big shift :)

@Halcyon Anytime no problem I seal all my spells I use the most expensive seal it keeps the energy level high.

@RubyXRed Dreams are a good sign and sure why wouldn't he reach out

@Azrael All 3 spells are strong go for it

@Neelam Can only say I'm in the same boat but wait it will happen for you

@Californiaburrito Yes the spells can bring on bursts of anxiety out of nowhere.

@Unique Star Glad your doing well keep us updated.

@munchkin95 I was in too kinds about getting this but Ashra recommended something else so I have gone with her recommendation keep us updated please:)

@Kelena Yes you keep that going my friend:)

@Ginas Happy New year to you too:)

@FutureMrs.Austin That means in a short while you should be back together so be happy but I recommend you keep that to yourself ok don't go telling anyone that you will be soon because as some mentioned on here @Candice2018 it can change the timeline

@Twiggy I'm sure she has and if you hasn't she will she is positive and have followed the guidelines well. She is in the military so she isn't able to be on here as much so.

@joonbug19 You can ask me anything I won't lie to anyone ;-) your post was very god and very true

@Azrael The moon effects moods definitely that's where lunacy comes from that cosmic body makes us behave in certain ways.

@Pure blessings 96 There is a lot of games out there Ashra is the real deal and will get you want you want

@lovelymegan Happy New year to you too keep going you have got this

@KittyFaro No they won't be able to forget you the spells will make sure of that so just follow the guidelines and stay calm he will be in touch.

@Lizzardlove Yes my thoughts and prayers go out to anyone effected by the Bush fires down under. Trying something new let's see what it brings you:)

@Sandra J Yes me too it's such a dangerous job

@DeeDeeVI That's good trust in the process you will see success soon

@1wish4me thanks for sharing she is real no doubt about that and she will stand by each and every 1 of us until we have what we want you too:)


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@Jadyn Ray hey what is Fearless Love Ritual? I haven't heard about that? That must be something that Ashra doesn't offer on her site. Could you please tell me more about it.

I don't know when he is gonna come back but I am not losing hope. I see his name more often now and this must be a great sign. I know he will be back but when it really gets me anxious sometimes. Its been awhile for me and I never thought it would take this much time. But all I am doing is keeping my faith in my spells and staying positive as much as I can.


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@T.P.W84 I hope soon. I really miss him. He reached out to me eight months ago. Every day without him feel such a burden. I really wanna be with him now.


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Good afternoon noon. I think the moon is work on my emotions because they seem to be going crazy. One moment I'm fine the next I'm over thinking :laugh:. I feel like my spells are working with me and it may be causing the ups and downs. I've also been feeling nauseous since new years day. I seem to have a lot going on which I find interesting.


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@T.P.W84 Oh ok who knows. Timing can change for any reason. Who knows who texted you back but just don't text her again please. Let her come to you. Yes let the spells work on their own and keep on staying positive. @FutureMrs.Austin hello. I didn't see your post but I saw what @T.P.W84 said to you. Yes keep any timeframe to yourself; it can affect the timeline. Even if it does you will still get your lover.


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@Ginas Hey, thanks a lot for your reply. My spell was cast Friday and Ashra already told me that was happy with how the casting went and that she strongly believes that I can get my ex back.... yey!! After reading her email I was jumping in my PJ's for an hour :))) I also got the Object of Desire spell, that wasn't cast yet, but I hope to get him back in February, because it's his birthday next month and I would love to be there for him. Will keep you posted :D


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@Jadyn Ray here is the link for Battle of Five Armies.

Hopefully this can help you.

@AKA You can order spells on these websites.
And you can contact her in the contact form on her websites.

And Ashra has also this website:

Hope that this Will help you out.

And here is the link for one, two and three questions psyhcic reading.


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That's so sweet of you @Twiggy :inlove: Thank you! It's a weird feeling, but it's like I'm a bit more balanced in the way I invest in things. Like how I was so opposed to being a "girly-girl", I rarely spent time in cosmetics department or spent loads of time on my hair and face. And I'm not going to any extreme now either, I just realize I feel better when I invest a little more time to health and beauty products and lately have been buying some makeup and skin care products. Truthfully it was partly laziness that I took so little time to do stuff beyond basic hygiene but I think this change in me is going hand-in-hand with the boost in inner confidence, that I am showing a bit more on the outside.

Whenever I see someone here post about their thoughts and feelings, my soul aches for you. It's a mixed feeling of sadness and relief not being alone in my emotions. Believe me when I say my heart is with you all.

I wrote to my spells earlier asking to help me block out the jealousy and envy I feel for other people, the insecurities when I compare myself to other girls. I want to shut myself off to all of that and focus on my own light and abandon the impulse to compete against others. It's natural - especially for girls, who are conditioned to think we all gotta look like Victoria's Secret models. And it's not just a superficial aspect either, I was always discouraged about my lack of focus in life and subsequent lack of accomplishments. I work entry-level jobs and still have no degree, I have a drive to accomplish things, but not enough to succeed. But I do still try, and I'm trying a little harder.

I cried on my walk last night and told the guy I'm interning with that I didn't feel up to lessons that night, that I was lacking confidence in my ability to learn it all. He believes I can, and I'm just stubborn enough not to give up just yet, especially since I feel this opportunity came across my path as a way to catch my lover's attention.

I saw some people posting about things that they have done and worrying about the effect on your spells, like one person who asked if crying was going to slow down the spells. It's true that you do need to remain positive, but don't fret when you stumble. You can't always control how you feel - you can only really try to control how you act on those feelings. I admit when I have had crying spells; I do, and that inner child is begging for comfort. Don't be ashamed of your feelings - what's important is not losing hope. Say what you want to feel - how you want to think. I write to my spells in an affirmative way; at first it was "please help me to..." and now I sometimes say "I WILL..." or "I will not..."

Remember the teachings of Yoda..."Do, or do not - there is no 'try'." You aren't trying to get your lover back - you ARE getting your lover back! The past few times I've mentioned about my lover to a stranger, when it came up in conversation, I refer to him actively as "my boyfriend". I truly feel Ashra is right in the things she has seen, that he knows he's doing wrong by ignoring me and is ashamed/afraid to make contact again. I have faith in Ashra that he will soon enough push past the fears and whatever else is holding him back, and pull me back to him.

Know that if people tell you it's time to move on, they aren't living your life. They aren't the ones who have to live with the consequences of those decisions. It's easier to advise others than advise yourself. I think that's why all my peers echo the same sentiments, and I know many of you share in this annoyance. If the rest of the world thinks it's foolish to fight for a lover who walked away, then I would rather be a fool, than to be a quitter. I'd rather be hurt emotionally than hurt someone else by trying to replace him with someone I won't truly love.

Do your best to patch up any areas in your life you feel you can fix or improve. Keep yourself busy and leave the hard work of tugging on your stubborn partner's reigns to Ashra. Be as prepared as you can be - for WHEN your lover comes back to you!


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Well guys I've spent a whole week in hospital had no visitors but my lover did look after the children all week. I asked him if he missed me, he said sometimes? I suppose I'll have to take that? Cant wait to hear my report from Ashra on the Lunar Moon Spell. Need some good news! Hope you are all well xxx


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Okay...so I purchased my first spells on Thursday: Passion Panacea and Lunar Moon with a seal. I then went ahead and purchased the Tremble of Love and Breath of Love spells yesterday. As you can see, I am really trying to get my ex back!! Now I’m just waiting for Ashra to contact me about the spells :)

Has anyone purchased the Tremble of Love and/or Breath of Love spells before? If so, I’d love to hear how these spells worked for you!

Does anyone know when Ashra is actually casting the Lunar Moon spell since the eclipse was last night?

I also have the same question @SJP has about the no contact rule. What if you’re in contact with your lover and text and see each other now and then, when can you text or not text first? What if you made plans to see each other, how does the no contact rule work?

Another question I have is about staying positive. How does that work if someone close to you passed away and you are grieving and will be around a lot of sadness? Will this effect the spells?

Sorry for all the questions...I’m new and I’m learning!!


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@Unique Star , thank you it wouldn't have been possible with my spells and Ashra's help so I'm so grateful to her.
@Araba , I am and I'm so happy I got him back.
@Charmedgurl9584 , thank you it took time but it just proves Ashra is the real deal.
@T.P.W84 , I always have weird dreams but at least I got my baby back. He is supposed to come see me this weekend and I can't wait. The effusive lottery spell has been working so well so I'm trying to save money to purchase the money spell Ashra recommended me before. I've also seen so many changes in my mom which is great because we no longer fight or argue anymore. Sending positive vibes and love to everyone!!


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Hello all . My son has just told me my husband /their dad has bought a boat together and they are living together now. This has pulled my heart out so much. The new woman has met the family and they all love her .
Ashra to busy to email me back. I am finding it hard to stay positive and can’t stop crying because this pain is killing me .im struggling to look after our 3 kids , financially as well . I feel so lonely and sad. June2018 is when he left and I found Ashra July 2018. I can’t stop crying I’m heart broken :-(


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How long does it take for Ashra to respond to emails? I’ve read all the reviews and reports about her work and now I’m excited to start working with her I know she can really help me out in my situation.

Beautiful Baby

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Hello there how are you hoping all is good wanted to tell you how happy I am for you an as long as you stay positive it will get a lot better for you an being able to feel the spells work is a great positive feeling an seeing all kind is signs that’s definitely a A+ Saturday it will be a whole lot better for you you have a blessed positive weekend.


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@joonbug19 Keep on with the law of attraction and affirmations it helps

@Svetlana There you go my friend :) so pleased for you right now

@Essence101 Yes the tingly feeling is what I get everytime a spell is cast you can also have extreme moods swings headaches it can make you feel ill and also calm effects us all differently.

@godbless You need to calm down my friend I completely understand how you feel you want your man but you must calm down really it won't help your spells at all. I suggest you work on yourself while you wait go out with friends see your family take up a hobby anything to keep you busy then follow the guidelines he is living his life you must yours but know he will be back.

@Essence101 The spells will respond to you with signs and eventually movement I talk to them everyday

@B23075 Keep us updated yes they do work :)

@The Siren I'm fine thank you my friend got an interview back end of this week coming for a promotion at my work place still seeing signs and dreaming about her having 2 more cast soon :)

@Candyce You can do either if your not sure what to get explain your situation and she will be happy to recommend one to you.

@Californiaburrito That would be great my friend maybe a valentines date for you both?:)

@Malesh You have to live your life don't be sitting by the phone or anything daft it will drive you mad

@EricaLeeCollins199226 Good I'm so pleased for you my friend keep us updated on how things are going and I wish you and Karim all the love in the world you deserve it:)

@Xana He will come around Its good to hear from you

@Mario Guzman hmmm force of will is quite strong this makes your lover have focus for you only.

@sharie81 It's terrible when other people toxic people interfere I would suggest battle of the five armies this should remove toxic influences

@The Siren Superb go you really though well done now take it slow baby steps is good. And keep us updated please

@Svetlana Go and enjoy friday:)

@Essence101 Yes the dream is a sign and a good one by all accounts:)

@Clare I'm so pleased for you well done and I wish you and your lover all the happiness and love in the world you deserve it:)


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Movement today.
I work with my lover and he actually said hello first. It’s been two weeks since he made the first move. He was happy saying hello to me, while trying to walk into me. Haha. I just stood there frozed. He was with his co worker friend who was talking to me. Lol.
Ashra casted freedom fire breakup spell casted two weeks ago and waiting on results from that :) she also casted lunar moon last night just waiting for updates. He’s coming back to his normal self talking more. Well sort a. But he’s still hot and cold. Waiting for the update on the full moon spell and her to cast screaming love cries :) I’m so excited for him.
How ever after work today, I saw that he was heading home. I said have a good night. He looked back at me and said you too. I know the freedom fire breakup spell will happen soon. I think it’s slowly and with the lunar moon spell, he’s actually doing small movements now. I didn’t want to say hi or anything at work first anymore wanted him too. Lol. That’s a start :)


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Thank you @Ashra Koehn for investing lot of your power into time and energy for casting Lunar Eclipse, Deeply Kissed and update a few spells to work on Arte also work on removing some new obstacles because we want to make sure there’s no inferences or nobody gets in our relationship with Arte.

Ashra, I have a question to ask. Are the spells from your anniversary not available in public? Because I’d like to cast Path To Exile spell sometimes if it is urgency for our situation with Arte. And I see your favorite spell Forever Together is available for anyone? I am thinking about to cast it as a perfect ideal for Valentine’s Day month.

Yes! Arte keep initiating contact by text messaging even though he still has a number and still friends on Facebook too. He acts like a friend, that’s a baby step! Letting him do his parts and waiting for him to confess/express about relationship when time is right. We are beyond happy knowing he comes back in touch with us and we don’t even worrying about other man because we knew their relationship won’t last. Recently had casting Taunting Tenderness, Emerald Crystal Lust, Proposal, Screaming Love Cries, Lunar Eclipse and Deeply Kissed are perfect combination spells will dramatically kick in.
For anyone who don’t know the story of @GayAstroMan and my love life with Arte. Take a moment to read our post at page 170 as of 27th December 2018.

I want to take a minute to thank you @LunarEchoes for the encouragement words you have spoken out to so many. I will say the similar thing of every single words what you just pointed but your words are too powerful. Couldn’t be at any better words to describe but knowing this community is all about support system we need from and to anybody who can understand where we are coming from different situations no matter where we are at low points as long as we have Ashra and the spells that will always make the differences and changes in each of us through those hardest days we were facing. We will be getting better and strong person ever as not as we used to be and were with lover. Past is no longer existing in our lives because of the spells that will make everything in different scenario and changes the reality at bright future for each of us. We have to remind ourselves that we are humans, no different than other person who isn’t a human because we all do make the mistakes. We see Ashra a human too and her soul is such a gift of universe, I see her as our friend everyday we talk, negotiate the situations we need for a help, cast together and bring the success in us.. and love is everything she has done there for us. We can see her smile seeing us happy having our life back with lover and/or success stores in us.

For those who doubts the spells for your situation is not working or haven’t see a movement for so long. Look at me and GayAstroMan, we have been working with Ashra for two years. We casted many numerous of spells together because we do what we want to make the differences and changes in reality with Arte. We always want to make sure our situation is completely covered each angles to remove many obstacles as much as we do different methods in spell casting. Arte is most important person in a larger part of our life and have many reasons to have him in our lives. This is why we cast the spells on him is because he’s twin flame of GayAstroMan and step him back from running away. We haven’t heard from him for a year (twelve months)! He is chasing back because of Ashra who brought him to us. Keep in mind, our situations is much different from Eevee one of you who are patiently waiting for the full results. Some weeks, some months and some years — depends on how complicated situation you are in. Arte is someone we never date is other reason why we keep putting our efforts in love for him and bind him to be with us permanently.

I’d strongly recommend you to get some readings from Ashra. Time frame will help you to stay positive and get some preparations for lover’s return. From what my experience is if you broke one of the guidelines that may result to slow your spells down also delay time frame to see a movement or your lover stay in a cold phase. Readings for the future isn’t written in the stone because things may change the reality, strongly advise you to stay sticking around on the guidelines. If you want to see expect a movement more earlier. Cast more spells to manifest the timing, do your job as normal self to pass a time and keep your mind frame of positivity to pass the test! Timing will change in different scenario and come true to your fruition. We have two readings done, one of readings did come true in time and Ashra is right about everything we have done our job to see the results from investing her power into time and energy of the spells for us all.
@Ashra is also right, 2020 is huge year of life-changing journey for so many of us and her resolution for this year is high success rate!

Mabel Pines

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@LunarEchoes, your comment about trying to replace the one you really love with someone else really made me think. I have done this several times in my life, and it never worked. I even married someone who was clearly a replacement for a previous lost love, and it didn't work. And I hurt these "stand-in" guys. I've had two main "types" of men throughout my life, and my current, red-headed man is not my type AT ALL (which is partly why I see our love as something special and meant to be). I've tried to "replace" him a couple times, but it doesn't work. I want HIM, which is what brought me to Ashra.

I haven't talked to my ginger guy since a few days before Christmas, and of course I miss him. I wanted to make him a little Christmas gift but I didn't. Maybe I will make it now so it's ready for him when he comes back. I hope it's soon.

I'm looking forward to getting my Lunar Moon report and seeing what kind of movement this spell brings. I can't wait for the day that I can send a picture to Ashra Koehn of me and my guy together, happy and in love.

Stay strong, everyone.

Ashra Koehn

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@Asclepiustormos Yes, the Anniversary spells are still available below. I also added the link for Forever Together as many people have asked about this spell and where to find it.

Forever Together: https://www.ashra.net/s/forever-together.html

Warheart: https://www.ashra.net/s/warheart.html
Truth be Told: https://www.ashra.net/s/truth-be-told.html
Delete the Past: https://www.ashra.net/s/delete-the-past.html
Path to Exile: https://www.ashra.net/s/path-to-exile.html
Severed Souls: https://www.ashra.net/s/severed-souls.html
Storms of Naija: https://www.ashra.net/s/storms-of-naija.html
Road Opener: https://www.ashra.net/s/road-opener.html
Book of Seven Spells: https://www.ashra.net/s/book-of-spells.html
Call to Arms: https://www.ashra.net/s/call-to-arms.html
Promise of Forever: https://www.ashra.net/s/promise-of-forever.html
Wishes Granted: https://www.ashra.net/s/wishes-granted.html
Hearts of the Enchanter: http://www.ashraspells.com/fast-love-spells.html

Ashra's Secret Spell: https://www.ashra.net/s/the-midnight-romance.html
Force of Will: https://www.ashra.net/s/force-of-will.html
Obeah Love Spell: https://www.ashra.net/s/obeah-love-spell.html

Tremble of Love: https://www.ashra.net/s/tremble-of-love.html
Breath of Love: https://www.ashra.net/s/breath-of-love.html
Ice into Fire: https://www.ashra.net/s/ice-into-fire.html
Sacred Evael: https://www.ashra.net/s/sacred-evael.html
Lovenessence: https://www.ashra.net/s/lovenessence.html
I Need You Now: https://www.ashra.net/s/ineedyounow.html
Beauty Spells: http://www.ashraspells.com/beauty-spells.html


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I had another sign today. I heard Commitment by Monica on the radio. I have been going back and forth with two spells and one was commitment. That was all the confirmation I need. On another note, this one lady from his job messages him and says the same thing everytime. What she says is what irritates me and makes me feel like something is not right. He says she's new to the job and they all exchanged numbers. Yea ok. I'll put Ashra on this right away.

Anyone have any ideas for a good spell? I would message Ashra but I know she is very busy.


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Hi! Is Ashra communicating you lately? I'm trying to contact her and get help for my situation. I'm kind of desperate now. Haven't heard from her. If someone here could help me please? Thank you!


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I'm so happy you are seeing even more movement @Asclepiustormos and thank you :) You guys have been so strong through all this, it's incredible. I think I read that you purchased the Obeah Spell at some point, did you feel anything particular with that spell? Mine was cast recently with a whole slew of others.

Yep @Mabel Pines similar to what I told my mom last night; I had two instances where I dated guys as rebounds and they both lasted only two weeks, and would have potentially been good relationships. Funny thing it's like how you mentioned having the "types" and those two rebounds and my lover are all in that general "type". And you are so right. People urge you to replace your man so you won't be "unfair" to yourself, by holding back. I guess people think too that you'll eventually develop stronger feelings for the new person...but that doesn't always happen. And then it's just unfair to the new guy. As you said you even had a marriage that was a replacement. And someone had asked me "well, you got over Danny (previous ex) by meeting Matt, so why do you think it won't happen again?" Which sucks because I asked the same thing to an ex-friend who is/was stuck on her guy, and I feel bad now because I know how she feels and a person can't expect that mentality is logical for everyone. Like, for you, for me, for my ex-friend, yeah we moved on from the other guy, but this guy...is definitely the one. Our soulmate. We feel that for these guys and there should never been anything wrong or shameful about keeping that hope and love alive. I have faith he will return to you and be stronger than ever; 2020 is our year.

@Vanessa_Natalia2206 That's the spirit! Oscar belongs with you :inlove: You are a strong and bright soul, and I know you will keep seeing good fortune working with the lovely @Ashra Koehn

So I wasn't able to see the lunar eclipse, but as I walked outside earlier...WOW. There's not a single cloud in the sky, and the full moon is hanging up there more bright and beautiful than I'd ever seen it. I swear I stopped in my tracks and just stared up into the clear sky for awhile. It was good timing, as I was dipping back into a state of anxiety, but seeing that moon brought me a bit of peace. I whispered a prayer to my spells and the glorious lunar energy to caress my lover with thoughts of me. It was just incredible to behold, and I am extremely glad to have @Ashra cast the wolf moon spell for me. I cannot wait to read how it went.
After I was spellbound by the moon, I was looking online for a red bracelet. I'm not sure why specifically I wanted a red rubber bracelet, but it was an idea I'd had to wear to remind myself of the vows I'd made and a way to keep myself from breaking my vows. Anyway I clicked on a red string bracelet, and it's apparently linked to Kabbalah tradition. In Jewish and Hindu cultures it's meant to ward off the evil eye and bring protection, but it could also represent the Chinese fable of the red thread of fate. According to the Chinese culture, it represents marriage or the link between soulbound lovers, a thread that can stretch and link through time and space and circumstance but never break. Matt is my sole mate...and my soul mate! Just now I had a strong image in my head of his profile picture from 2018, he had that for a long time as a selfie of the two of us. None of my other boyfriends had ever done that and I "see" it so strongly right now.

Fingers crossed for you @Otilia My lover's birthday is in February too so I am fervently hoping he will come back before then too. You've got this.

Had another sign earlier; the clerk at the gas station near me looked familiar, and when I got up to him I saw his name tag and recognized him as a friend I hadn't seen/talked to in years. He shares my lover's name and used to have a crush on me. We didn't engage in much conversation besides him complimenting my Batman shirt but as I was pumping my gas I was certain this was a strong sign.

Guys, I just feel...I don't know why, I just feel SO CONFIDENT HE'S GOING TO RETURN TO ME...I just have this feeling bubbling up inside, making me feel unusually giddy. It's incredible. I could swear I'm feeling the energy of my spells coursing through me - and I'm sure Matt is feeling it too. Wishful thinking or intuition? Maybe a little of both. But I also have faith in Ashra, and in my spells. I believe in her and what she's done for countless others before us.

I haven't looked at our pictures together in a while, but I have a few things that remind me him surrounding me frequently. I have the beautiful dragon heart necklace he got me hanging from my rear-view in my car. And I have his dog collar I took from him the night we got together draped around the bedpost by my head, and on the dresser next to that is a paper which he wrote on "Matt <3 Luna" with little hearts and cute stuff on it. I miss him so much, and while it takes a ton of willpower, I train myself to think in a different way. Instead of being sad over what's been lost, being confident in the inevitable return. He had a devotion to me, an unfettered love, and those things don't just go away forever. Not if you hold on and fight for it.

Please don't despair...There always shines a light of hope, no matter how bleak the situation may seem. Mine is very difficult and set so many odds against me. @T.P.W84 as always gives good advice, and like you have said, everyone keep your head up, hold fast to your positivity, and work on yourself. I used to dislike the phrase of working on yourself because it used to be more or less associated with the idea that your person may come back or may not and you just gotta deal with it. But here and now in this new mindset, knowing if you're strong enough of will, patience, and fortitude, you can manifest your desires into reality. So that now, when I work on myself, I do it knowing the reward at the invisible finish line is my love, and a future reborn with him. Things started to improve a bit when I added to my prayers to improve things on myself, as well as bringing my lover back to me. I asked my spells to bring me to the job(s) I want, to stay confident and strong, and not to lose hope.

Trust me, patience is not my strong suit (just ride with me driving on the road and you'll see what I mean, I have intense road rage). And New Years was just terrible with that gut-punching thought of how almost a whole YEAR had passed since the breakup and it does not feel real at all. As in, I have no idea where the whole year of 2019 went, and I'm so ashamed of how things turned out.

But no one else can dictate your decisions - I'm here rooting for each and every one of you to mend, to enfold yourself in your lovers' arms, to smile and laugh again. No one, not even the other person, can declare it's over. It's not over until we win.


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@joonbug19 There’s nothing such as too much spells I guess. The more.. the better. Had that been the case Ashra would have mentioned it somewhere. Spells take time too manifest. You need to understand that Ashra’s spells work by influencing the thoughts and the environment around us. It will help your lover that realize you are the one.So that’s going to take time. Even as I say this your spells are working.You will see it manifest once your spells get past the obstacles. The only thing you can do rn is to keep yourself positive. Visit the forums when you feel too down and follow the guidelines at all times.
Personally I wish I had the cash to afford more spells.So don’t be worried. Things will work out. And with those many spells working... I’m positive that you will posting a success story soon :)


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I went out for a walk for 30 minutes in the snow and cold, then I got home and got on my endurance bike and cycled for 25 minutes.
I'm just trying to do something other than just hang in my house and do nothing.
I felt so good all the time in the walk and I went on with affirmation constantly that my husband was with me, and the moon was so beautiful and I saw it well while I said my affirmation.
I will try to do more of this i felt so much lighter in my soul when i went out side to walk.
There is a very long time since i have done this.
After this all at home i sat on the floor on my mat and started small breathing exercise and took a few OM meditation.
Stay positive and strong, last night i got very much tingleing feeling in all my body when i was laying in my bed then i thougt mayby Ashra is casting my spell now.
I feel good now and i want to keep it that way.
I Just wish that my husband will have big Swift in his heart soon and Come Back to me.
Thank you everyone on this forum it is Very much support reading all the stories from you and movement and everything.
I love coming in here and read.
Hugs and love for everyone from me Lizzardlove.


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Love all the good movements! .... I’m just feeling like I should just FORGET IT!! Not trying to be negative but I have 15 love spells! He still broke up right me the day after Christmas! I just don’t know anymore! Maybe WE aren’t meant!! Or he ain’t coming bck this time! Who has time to be feeling like this!? ... even my wishes granted DID NOT come true because my dates were specific! Both dates passed! It’s a new year & he didn’t even say “Happy New Year”!! I’ve emailed Ashra Koehn a number of times & I know she’s busy but I’m just clueless! & don’t know what to think anymore!


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Sincerely I know I need to and I also want to apologize to Ashra dearly, apologize to you all the forum family, and my spells. Last week I made a post out of rage and jealousy and I'm so sure lots of you saw it.

I hope I haven't affected and caused anyone to feel anxious in any way.
Everyone is in for positivity and I felt I ruined the uplifting positive spirit.

Last week was a tough time for me and yes my words not only came out wrong but it was negative and I feel ashamed of what I did. I compared how many spells I have active on my lover with comparison to how many others had to get their lovers back and I blamed Ashra Koehn and told her she was forgetting her clients who worked with her over a year but we both know that isn't true. I know nobody wants to hear negativity and I know Ashra is doing the best as she's done so much! She has done ever more than any spell caster has ever done for me.

About the update. She was behind schedule and I know its too overwhelming for her but Ashra has no selfish bone in her :- ) her being behind schedule was why I didn't get the update the day of the casting. She has updated me yesterday and hasn't forgotten about my case.

I learn everyday that being positive goes a long way and each positive post means something by the forum family.

I wont be spreading negativity out of rage on here say no more! Now it is going to be my time to grind. I will be a fighter and not a quitter and I will be more stronger than ever!

I WILL get my lover the one I was destined to be with my first crush my ONE and ONLY my forever HEART and heartache my first boyfriend the one I always knew was the ONE for me my high school sweetheart my soulmate to be mines once and for all. I WILL win! I WILL stay positive! I WILL celebrate! We ALL will receive VICTORY!!


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@joonbug19 I feel you. I have so many spells active on my guy since October 2019 and still haven't seems movements. I also broke the no contact rule, he and I met up a month ago (mid-December), and he told me he doesn't think we can get back together and we cannot be friends again. I went on to purchase more spells because I know he is the one for me. I also purchased readings from Ashra and she said I will see movement, so I'm really looking forward to that. Have you purchased any readings from Ashra? Maybe you can consider that, I think it might be helpful. In the meantime, let's try to stay positive. I know it's really difficult, I have my ups and downs too, but I know you can stay strong! ❤

@T.P.W84 Thank you! :) you're always so sweet. I hope he will be a valentine's date again this year :)


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When is a spell’s energy at it highest? Right after it’s cast? As it gains momentum during its activity? I ask because my positive energy is growing. Something randomly came over me yesterday and I felt calm. Prior to that, I was anxious and overthinking.