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Hi,I'm a newbie and I had the over 30 beauty spell cast for me from Ashra . I just want to say THANK YOU ASHRA !! I'm feel some good things and I think I'm seeing some improvement . Going to give it some time but I believe in you and your work ,again THANK YOU .(=*;*=)


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@T.P.W84 I read about you contacting your love. You keep to the guidelines all the time so don't worry, I'm sure that didnt slow anything down with your spells. You're such an inspiration. Thank you for always have a word of advice for everyone! Can't wait to hear about your happy outcome!:)

I cant wait to come in here with happy news about me and my love.
I have a question.. sometimes people say that we should act as if it is a reality already that we are with our lovers. Sometimes I do that but.... isn't it just plain daydreaming?

I do it often but sometimes I wonder if I should. If we are supposed to carry on with our lives normally maybe we shouldnt think we are with our loves...or should we? I'm a bit confused. Can someone help?

Happy week to you all. I come here everyday to the forum to read your stories. Can't wait to come on here and write my happy story saying my Love and I are together!
Love and light to you all!❤


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@Asclepiustormos @GayAstroMan
Hey guys.. I actually went to page 170 to read your story as Iv seen you guys post so much on the forum about Arte. Such a complex situation and you guys have preserved through out it all. Respect to both of you. Ashra has definitely helped you both with great movements and it’s just a matter of time before Arte comes to you both. I have nothing but admiration for you guys as I can see it’s been a tough road. ashra will make it all be possible .. to the final result. What is nice is that you both have each other for love and support and that should give you strength aswell as ashra’s spells working in the back ground. I’m looking forward to hearing that Arte is finally with you both.
I can’t wait to post on here when my husband comes back and this forum truly is a godsend. We can all count on each other.
The waiting bit is the hardest; I’m constantly emailing ashra and I feel so bad as she’s one person. I’m just glad we have found her.

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I just ordered the protection spell" Battle Of Five Armies," I suddenly felt this relieved feeling that came out of nowhere and swept over me. I know this spell "will" take care of that evil brother of mine who has been putting me through hell for the last 14 years of my life. I know I probably didn't make any sense mostly in my last post but I was too upset and when I get like that, I start texting/typing really fast. I'm so done with that brother of mine, I just want him out of mine and my son's life completely. I decided to order the Lunar Moon Spell to have it done on Bobby. I think I'm scared he might go months without talking to me again, but he does want to meet up, and I finally got the chance to tell him "I have a present for you" so he knows I want to give him his late birthday present. They are in the shapes of Star Wars bath soaps. He's going to love them for his apartment. :D I am also working on something else that I told him about, but it's a surprise so I gotta think how to comprehend to make it. :D I already chose what I am going to wear when I see him. :inlove: I know Ashra will take care of Bobby :) and that other problem that I have going on, I know these two new spells will help me out. I feel a little better today comparing to yesterday and the day before's event. Have a blessed day everyone, talk to you all soon for next post. :inlove::inlove::inlove:


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As usual I have been away from the Forum. My apologies again. The Forum seems to be expanding faster then I can keep up with everyone. Lol Which is a good thing, because that means more and more people are turning to @Ashra for her help. I have seen where a lot of people are receiving great signs, movements, and returning of their relationships. Which is awesome to see!
On Thursday night I was able to communicate with Ashra, I mentioned to her that I was debating on whether to order the lunar spell for Friday night. I told her after I left the gym I was headed to the grocery store and was behind a car for a couple of miles and then realized the license plate ended with 5555. I cannot remember ever seeing a license plate that ended like that. So I guess I took it as a possible sign and ordered the spell and added triple cast.

Yesterday I had to get my truck inspected and got behind a car that ended in 444 and about a 30 seconds later passed a car that ended in 555.

I think about and miss my soulmate every day and do remember some dreams of her but last night was a different dream of her. The premise didn't make much sense. :laugh: It involved something like I was staying at a mutual friend's house and it felt like I was not allowed to leave the bedroom that I was sleeping in. The mutual friend would come in we would talk like normal and they let me know that my soulmate was coming over because her and I were supposed to be looking at helping some type of remodeling at the house. Which neither one of us do remodeling. Haha
Again I felt like I was stuck in the room. She finally came over I felt weird because I have missed her so much, we measured some stuff in the room and we both sat down on the bed about 3 ft apart, with her on my left hand side.

I was trying not to look at her directly because I knew I was going to get lost in her eyes and she was going to see my soul through my eyes. As I sat there kind of looking off to the distance leaning forward with elbows on my knees she slid over put are left arm around under my chin with that hand over the back of my right shoulder close to my neck, leaned over with her left cheek resting on the back of my left shoulder, then she kissed me on the neck and said she missed me. She rested her left cheek back on my shoulder and I reached backwords with my left hand rested it on the back of her head and told her I have missed her every day. I think that may be how the dream ended but I can't really remember. It made me feel extremely happy!!! I have been trying to do everything the right way for so long, working out, believing, talking to my spells, thinking positive, Etc. I have more spells active than I can count and I've seen no positive movements for so long, I am hoping this was a sign that all of this time with no positive movements has led up to a moment with a major positive movement for me. SOON!
Any thoughts from the forum family? :laugh:
I hope that everyone is seeing major signs, positive movements and getting their greatest desires.


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Hi @Mabel Pines ...I can so relate to your story. I feel my bald sexy but very stubborn younger man is the one I am meant to be with. He is far from who I would normally fall for. Without him I feel I am just barely living my life. With him I live my life to the fullest. The long distance is one step hindering us in being together. Well there are some other issues too. But I am so excited because in just 3 weeks I get to see him in person again.

I know Ashra is my godsend and is the one to bring us together. Keep the faith and it won't be long before we are all with our lovers.

I haven't heard from him in a while. Before I met Ashra, I would be an utter trainwreck full of a mixed bag of emotions. But now I feel calm. I just feel everything is falling in place. Don't get me wrong...I still have my bad days. But they are fewer and less intense then before. And it is only because of @Ashra. I am so glad I met Ashra. She has bought peace into my otherwise very hectic and depressing life. Thank you for everything. I know you can make our dreams come true.


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@LunarEchoes Don't put yourself down beauty is not just about what you look like outside but inside too

@Fabrizia You have to believe you can have it and you will we all will

@Neelam Your time is coming as is mine to keep seeing his name is a big sign hang on in there

@Kas Take whatever positives you can at this stage the fact is he is in touch with you which is great stay on good terms no matter what you hear me? the third party may well be gone I would avoid social media honestly just enjoy re-connecting for now before you guys become an item again.

@munchkin95 Your man is keeping you hanging but trust me he is about to explode with love for you he will be in touch soon

@Butterfly07 Could be his mind state at the moment like you said she would not help you if she couldn't deep down he does have feelings he is hiding them

@RubyXRed You feelings your intuition whatever it maybe are probably not wrong :)

@X_OT myself I haven't had any of her friends text me we have not a mutal friend but someone who knows us both if that makes sense and if I'm not mistaken she has him as friend on Facebook definitely Instagram he very much was pleased when we were together said how we were a good couple etc two good people.

@Mabel Pines My friend don't give up my girl is my soulmate and I knew from the first time I kissed her she was you will have him don't you worry

@Fizzypop Tricky but I say don't retaliate at all honest it's hard as your on my human trust me my girl has said some things that I would never do ever let it go over your head for now hard as it is you need to do your thing go about your life and not get involved. Ok it's hard because of the bond you have with his children my girl has a son whom I really loved too I miss him aswell and he loved me aswell. You have to focus on yourself now trust me the children will miss you and moan to the dad that they aren't seeing you that play on his mind let the spells do their work it's time to focus on you. You can't do anything else right now.

@Sandra J Yes I broke the no contact rule over the holidays but no way will do it again my response wasn't negative more confused which must be her mind state at the moment.

@lonelyboy How long is a piece of string it can be days,weeks months even years but if you love that person you will wait I have waited a hell of a long time and I will continue too because she is worth it.

@B23075 Your success will continue to get stronger my friend.

@EricaLeeCollins199226 Stay cool baby steps don't come on too strong trust me your lover will run a mile

@Jhey You must have really upset her I have never heard of that Ashra is human remember so don't be surprised if you question what she is passionate about that she gets offended your spells may still manifest but problem is now she won't help you if you need anything further

@Lilmissrubyred Yes the moon effects our moods the phrase lunacy comes from that because it can make you mad. Since I got involved in this type of world I have noticed the swing of my moods and it is up and down when the moon is full

@MARK N I ordered it the other day mate if you continue to have difficulty get into icy with Ashra

@DrN Welcome make sure you keep yourself busy and talk to your spells it helpsm

@Otilia I was only with my girl 4 months and she is my soulmate time is of no consequence you just know when that person is right for you. I say fight you may need more than one spell it may take longer than you want you have to believe you have to keep busy trust me sometimes what appears to be easy isn't and can be more complicated than you think hang in there your in good hands and we are all with you every step of the way.

@Butterfly07 Don't text him trust me as much as you want to wait

@Essence101 The spells can make you very tired so yes I would say that's them working hard for you.

@Otilia Happy New year to you too..How long depends on the situation sorry there is no length of time days,weeks,months even years in some cases you will have to keep yourself busy otherwise you will go mad. I suggest you work on yourself go out with friends see your family take up a hobby anything to keep busy stay positive and calm look up law of attraction and try and practice it

@Essence101 I'm so pleased it's working well keep doing what your doing and keep us updated:)

@katemore4unow She has a few websites this one included.

@Maribella9 There is a link floating around on here on one of the previous pages somewhere

@CMMMforever It's time out not game over so just keep the happy mindset he will be in touch again soon.

@Asclepiustormos I'm very pleased for you and @GayAstroMan You like myself have suffered for a long time keep us updated and well done :)

@Jadyn Ray I'm ready too but the universe has to make sure that it is ready that's h9w it works

@Azrael You won't lose him and soulmates are had for connect but when you do it's the most beautiful thing in the world and you will feel that too:)

@Essence101 Over thinking is the enemy trust me he will soon have full focus on you don't worry

@Jadyn Ray Removes toxic people and curses.

@Kas it's good your hanging out and that you saw him too :)

@AKA You need to get in touch with her via email [email protected] and [email protected] try those explain your situation in full she will recommend a spell go from there also provide your date of birth and your lovers plus any photos of you too and them

@DollFace She is geniune and cares and is a dear friend to us all we aren't just her customers we are here friends and this is like a family

@Mabel Pines Yes that's the spirit

@GayAstroMan Hey mate been a while I hope you and @Asclepiustormos had a good Christmas and all the best for 2020 I'm so pleased you have heard from Arte and I'm sure you will be together soon keep us updated i'm very pleased :)

@Butterfly07 Well done its not easy but well done

@Natashab We are always here for you and your relationship will be fine don't worry everything will be fine.

@pfu230 Work on yourself my friend love will find you again

@Jonathan Joestar 1997 All the best to you aswell mate

@Unique Star A headache can be the spells effects yes no doubt don't be afraid of what Ashra has to say in a reading it is the truth if you don't want to know don't ask.

@joonbug19 Every situation is different so some of us have to wait longer have more energy on our side that's how it goes I'm afraid my girl is my soulmate and I don't even know how many spells I have active it's a lot though.

@Araba Happy New year to you aswell

@such you can't reach out until they contact you first but I hope you meeting up goes well :)

@Liam Hindley A natural reaction mate but you can't let it bother you it will slow your spells down maybe get force of will it that will have her for you only. Don't refer to her as your ex she is your girl I think you need to stay off social media trust me you don't want to see it so don't look ignorance is bliss time to do your thing now work on you while you wait ok go out with friends see your family take up a hobby anything to keep you busy stay calm be positive it will be worth the wait. I'm not the jealous type but trust me mate I stumbled across something I didn't like last year I wasn't even looking for it I threw my mobile in rage so the best thing you can do is not look and don't think about it while you wait it's all about you.

@joonbug19 I seal all my spells every time I get one.

@Taylor wesley No she hasn't given up she is busy that's all and you shouldn't give up now

@Lizzardlove saucy :laugh: but good the universe responded and it won't be long before you will be in reality together and a family again:)

@KittyFaro I was cursed my friend Ashra has a spell called battle of the five armies it helps protect from curses and negative energy I have had probably the hardest 2 years of my life a lot of bad luck but I'm on the upward curve now one piece of the jigsaw to fall into place my girl and it's coming.

@Vanessa White All good signs and you will have him for good hang on in there.

@Californiaburrito could be the spells those hot and cold spells

@Sophierebecca140100 Hang in there you will get there and yes agreed I pray for those effected by the Bush fires too.

@Pure blessings 96 You nailed mate all correct and keep all that in mind you will have what you want :)

@Raz She is busy because she is highly in demand so if she don't repsond straight away don't be offended. Her spells range in price the stronger the more expensive you may need multiple spells for you situation I wouldn't say there is anyone better than her she has thousands of clients and a high success rate she works herself into the ground for us all and I for one and honoured to be a part of this blog and to call her friend

@Charmedgurl9584 Hey hope you had a good Christmas and a Happy New year to you I'm pleased the modelling work is going well and those were signs all right.

@The Siren I can't believe your own flesh and blood would do that I guess I'm from a very loving family me and my sister don't always see eye to eye but I'm telling you now I want nothing but the best for her I love my sister she is the baby and I named her yes being the eldest I got the deciding vote. If you feel you need to go for it.

@Lovingyoumysoulmate Yes agreed to be honest there isn't a big enough thank you and amount of money for her hard work we are blessed to call her friend and have this community that are like family I'm grateful I found her wish I had sooner but I'm on the pathway to a reunion with my girl and so are all of you with your lovers too:)

@Maribella9 It's the drugs talking ignore it he will snap out of it the man you know and love is in there somewhere

@DarlingNiki Not that I'm aware of maybe worth checking with Ashra though

@X_OT I'm very sure of her work the things I have felt and seen proves it and the best is yet to come for us all

@SJP until your back together they always have to reach out first it is how it is I'm sorry they have to chase you.

@Glenski73 I have mate no movement yet but trust me when I had it cast so many dreams about my girl and that's very pleasing and good signs.

@FluffyBunny All signs and all good yes the mood swings too it's working stay positive keep on good terms with Rob and you will soon see success

@Neelam It will happen hang on

@Neelam We all want them back right away I want my girl but I would rather be sure than back and not sure you understand?I don't like the length of time but it's for a reason to get things straight so you can have the chance to be together for good that's the way I look at it

@Essence101 Yes that's the spells and the moon doing that to you.

@Candice2018 I PROMISE I WON'T I had had drink it was Christmas which is a time of year you really want to be with that special someone hell I flipped a coin and it said do it so I did I was shaking when I did. But no I trust Ashra the spells and the universe to do this now your right hope you and your partner are well;-)

@Otilia You now on the path ease keep busy and work on yourself

@KittyFaro Anytime my friend anytime :)

@LunarEchoes I am that fool and I'm no quitter I love what you have said here it's true no one can replace my girl my her at won't be in it and I'm not settling for anyone else.

@Karen.A Sometimes is better than not at all any positive however small is positive

@DollFace Hey I had tremble love cast within 2 weeks I had movement I did also have other spells active so it's a good one to have. I have recently had someone I know die and yes grief will effect it I guess we are all human at the end of the day need to build yourself back up however I am still seeing signs so it is still working is from the moment it is cast.

@EricaLeeCollins199226 :) all worth it and I know everything you want is coming so pleased for you and proud of you for sticking to it well done:)

@Gemmbo1983 Virtual hug to you listen I have cut off from any form of social media my girl is an addict and has a massive presence I don't I hate Facebook with a passion. The family like her so what the family will like you more because your the right one maybe Ashra can help you with your finances? in some way I don't think you should give up believe me as a man when I found out there was a third party I was not happy I was angry jealous and I wanted to beat him up that's not me I'm not like that. We have to let the spells do their work and trust they will work because they will however while I'm not in touch with her and don't see what is going on of course I have mad ideas through my head what if she has this that and the other we can't do anything but trust the process and hitting him from my side while it would feel good would push her further away besides I don't even know if they are together because I'm not checking I'm waiting and ready for her love. It's not easy but try to keep yourself busy live your life he is his but he is soon going to realise that life with you is where he should be and better than with her make my words:)

@Cam517 3-5 working days usually but she has been very busy what with Christmas and the New year and this moon spell so wait she will be in touch.

@Azrael Baby steps you will soon have him opening up stay on good terms I'm pleased it's moving forward slow as it maybe

@Asclepiustormos Little by little it's turning around for you and @GayAstroMan and I'm so pleased keep us updated:)

@Ashra Koehn Thank you for all you do please ensure you rest too you deserve it :) take care

@Mabel Pines No one can replace your soulmate and true love that's how I feel anyway but I will stay strong and we will all have our lovers back in time

@Vanessa_Natalia2206 I feel the same about my girl too :)


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@Otilia Hi, you're very welcome. :) Which spell did you have cast? I always love hearing back from Ashra about the spell(s) reports and how it all went. I just have to remain in a positive mind frame. Oooh, the Object of Desire Spell is also a very good spell to have. If you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask away! And I as well will keep you posted.

Hi everyone! I have a question. Since my boyfriend and I are still together, Are the rules way different or are they the same? Because I honestly do not know how to go about them, in case if I might mess up.


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I'm just so happy yesterday I received an email and my spell has been successfully cast thank you Ashra for your help now patience for him to come back because I 100% believe in @Ashra thanks alot dear


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Hello everyone, how are you all doing? I am doing good and I keep feeling like Karim is going to text me back today or tomorrow. He must be busy because he hasn't texted me since Thursday which is when I last spent time with him. I am trying to keep myself busy while waiting to hear back from him because I don't wanna text him too much and scare him off. I also feel like he's going to come see me today or tomorrow so I think my spells are making me feel this way. Coming Home played on my phone so that is just a very good sign as this song played another time before he texted me previously. I am so thankful for Ashra and my spells because they brought my love back to me so thank you for everything Ashra!! Sending positive vibes and love to everyone!!


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Ashra has cast Forever Together and Breath Of Love and the report she sent a few minutes ago has me excited to see the results of these castings, i know i will have my love back very soon thanks to Ashra! ❤ And to everyone else i hope and pray that we all get our lovers back soon!

Sandra J

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Hi karen.A , I hope you're feeling better, at least your lover took care your kids while you was in the hospital. That's a plus sign your spells are working.

Hi DollFace, I see you're busy purchasing spells to bring back your lover , I did the same thing and yes I did purchased Tremble of Love back in 2018 , That's a great spell to have on your side to work on your lover. Ashra spells are powerful and will bring changes in your relationship as long you stay positive and don't break contact rules.



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Hi @SJP! I hope you’re doing well. But the no contact rule is a rule in which you cannot contact your lover first. You can think of it as “playing hard to get.” Even though he contacts you first, you must keep it that way and only respond when he contacts. When you have your lover completely to yourself you can make contact. But the goal must be accomplished first! ;)

Good Luck!!!


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I’ve been a client of Ashra’s for 11 months and I have 10 spells active on my lover. I was working with my lover and my situation was/is very complicated. I can admit that I probably broke the rules more times than I can count but in one of my last readings Ashra informed me everything was in time. I just spent the last few hours reading through the forum. It encourages me yes but I can also relate to the times I panic about how I have been handling it. Yes you have ups and downs. Yes it’s hard not to make contact with your lover. Yes it takes patience. I finally came to the point where I have to keep my mind focused on what I want. I have to see ya together and if you break the rules, or spy on your lover it’s only going to put you in a negative mind frame. I believe that’s why the rules are in place. The spells have to do the work on your lover and your positive energy and thoughts manifest the outcome of those spells. After 11 months of waiting I’m not messing around anymore. I’m not reaching out to contact my lover. I’m allowing my liver to come to me. I’m not spying on my lover because we have no clue what’s going on on the inside of our lovers. There is no sense in getting upset about there actions. They just aren’t ready yet. Give them space, give it time. Allow the spells to work. Ashra works very hard for ALL of us. She does her part by casting our spells, listening to our situations. We have to work with her and follow her rules to receive the quickest outcome! It will happen! You will be with your lover! Trust the spells! Work on yourself! It will be the greatest outcome!

Sending positive vibes!


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I'm new here and Ashra is working on my case currently, it's very complicated but long and short, Met a woman fell in love with her madly although she flirted with me and basically voiced her desire first, She had many other men chasing her and she was too nice to say no to them and I eventually got fed up and left her, she tried to have me stay but I insisted which I immediately regretted, She refused to take me back and I should have given her space but I did not.

We haven't spoken on the phone since the 14th and only communication has been through text and it's usually pretty ugly on her end, rightfully so I made a lot of mistakes and put my foot in my mouth many times.

I hope there can be a result as I waited 10 years to give my heart to someone and I chose this woman to be my soulmate and everything felt right, I'm an ENTJ she's and INTJ.
According to the Chinese zodiac she is a Goat and I'm a Rabbit which are among the most compatible, I really loved her dearly but I screwed it up and last we spoke it was over and she never wanted to hear from me.

It saddens me reading some of the people's stories here so many times this happens to women but seemingly rare to men, I'm sorry to all this has ever happened to, nothing worse than not being able to speak or see that loved one.


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Is 11:11 a good sign ?

I didn’t realize it was this late. I was looking at my soulmates pic I have. I screen shotted of one of his media pages. Lol. I took it after New Year’s Eve. Then I was reading the lunar moon spell that I purchased. Was an upgrade and happen to notice 11:11 :) I had no negative thoughts. Actually wasn’t thinking at all. Just staring at his pic then reading the spell I purchased on the Full Moon :)

Coincidence or in my head ?
Thanks all, have a wonderful night :)


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What’s the longest does Ashra Koehn takes to reply to emails? I know she’s always busy but she hasn’t responded since Nov! But I’ve had other issues & we’ve broke up since then, only my spell update I got.


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@Gemmbo1983 please continue to reach out to Ashra and know that this union is only for the moment. Be opened minded and know that things can change for you... just as the moon changes phases so does people’s lives. I am hopeful for you - keep your head up.:)


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Thanks @Sandra J ,@T.P.W84 ,and @Candice2018! I’ve remained positive this entire time but it hurt me when he text me and said we would be better off living our lives without each other and blocked my number. But since my last conversation with Ashra, I’ve pushed all negativity out the way to focus on getting my lover back. When you say to keep my timeframe to myself does that mean from outsiders or the entire forum? @T.P.W84 & @Candice2018


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Good morning my forum lovelies,
Hope you have all had a fantastic weekend. I have decided to go ahead and purchase a one question reading from @Ashra @Ashra Koehn this evening, because I need to know WHEN, we might be together. I'm also going to go ahead, and pur9another spell, but I'm undecided which yet.
Peace and blessings to all xx


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Good morning all. I hope you guys have a great week. I finally got the spell I felt was right. After going back and forth with myself, the universe sent me confirmation and I purchased a commitment spell yesterday. I'm ready to get the email from Ashra saying it was casted. Things are coming together. I have a question though. Does the no contract rule apply to both people who are getting their lover back and people who are with their lover currently and just improving their relationship?


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Hi @positivity, thank you for that beautiful post, I'm glowing up with even more positivity thanks to that! I'm glad that our story are able to inspire you! We've had our ups and downs but I decided to just stay positive no matter what as that is the best way to get your lover back as quickly as possible while thinking about the outcomes. I'm already referring Arte as my boyfriend/romantic partner and that I decided to start wearing Arte's bracelet he gave to me 2 years ago everyday because it reminds me of him and allow me to feel closer to him which help make the spells work even faster to get him to be official with us away from that new man. I know it's a reality and that he's the one and only for us!

And @T.P.W84 - thank you! It have been a while, yes but I see you're very cheery as usual and spreading that contagious energy to make everyone happy which is good, I really appreciate that. I know Arte is going to be with us in no time too, 2020 is a great year which both Ashra and I know it!


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Can anyone tell me the name of Ashra job spell? I’m trying for the police academy and I need them to pick me as one of the cadets :)


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@T.P.W84 Ok good don't text again even if a coin says so :laugh:. Listen to Ashra more. And yes always believe in the power of the great Ashra Koehn :) My lover and I are doing well thanks. I just need some spells I have on him to start working because he drives me nuts :laugh:. I think 2 are already are slowly :)

@FutureMrs.Austin Hi again. Yes don't be negative. Positivty helps the spells work faster. If he told you that and blocked you ignore it. It means the spells are working and he's just fighting them. The spells make your lover act hot and cold to fight the spells. It happened to me and I still got him over a year ago. When I say keep the timeframe to yourself I mean exactly that to yourself not even to the forum. You can talk about your spells and situation because that's what we are here for but I advise to keep the timeframe to yourself only. I think telling can change the timing

Sandra J

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Good afternoon everyone, I hope all is well and that you're staying positive and keeping the faith once your spells have been cast I know it's hard to stay strong when your heart is aching for your lover to return, I was in your position not knowing what to expect once Ashra cast my spells it took me awhile to finally put in my head that positive and faith is the key word to see results and that's in from your lover. Trust me it will happened in time always remember not look at the big picture even if your lover have told you not to called or have blocked you from calling , Ashra spells will take care all of that . Once Ashra cast your spells please don't make contact with your lovers first. Please don't share this with outsiders about your spells you have cast on your lover. Ashra feels this is between her and those who she's doing the work for, If you have questions about your spells this is the place to opened up and to express your feelings. Ashra community is for healing the brokenhearted to bring sunshine back into their lives. This is a blessing for me and others so ladies and gentlemen keep the faith your spells will work and bring back your lovers.



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@Vanessa White calm down love, it’s going to get better and I’m not just saying this to say it. I’m saying this because I was in that position and sometimes I still have mixed emotions towards my lover. Ashra almost always replies to my emails even if they’re rhetorical. But lately she hasn’t and for me that’s fine, because in the meantime I’ll just try and figure out what spell best serve my situation. And this has to do with my living situation that I am trying to fix so me and my lover can live together.

My biggest problem through this “Spell process” was doubt and thinking negatively. You know the saying “whatever you put out to the universe, you will receive” whether it’s good or bad!! Sending out negative thoughts will only bring negative results. & that goes for me as well!! Sometimes us saying we want to be done is a phase when really we don’t want to be done with the spell process we just want to stop hurting. Ashra mainly responds on the weekends sometimes because that is her off time, time to herself so she is able to check emails around that time. Until then the only thing you can do is speak positivity into existence and maybe go through her spells to see what all can help! I hope you find some comfort in this hard time which you are going through.


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@Vanessa White I'm sad to see you post negatively about your situation. I definitely know how you feel, but Ashra helped you get your lover back before - I have faith she will do so again. Please hang in there.

I don't know why, but...I kept seeing my lover's face so vividly in my mind's eye. I mean of course he's on my mind so often, as much as I try to set thoughts of him aside, but somehow lately I've been "seeing" him much more clearly in my mind's eye. It's like the difference between looking at something with my glasses off, then putting my glasses on. Much clearer. Like I just see everything in his facial features from the shape of his nose to his chinstrap stubble that I adore, to his gorgeous blue-green eyes, so intense I feel like I'm falling into them. I feel him strongly and it's an overwhelming sensation. Has anyone else experienced this? I keep seeing him in his work clothes, see him turn his head to look at me. No one but this guy has ever made me feel the way he does when he looks at me, like a hunter staring down his prey. It's that kind of anxious excited feeling you have when you first meet that person, the first nervous interactions. I admit I know I'm attracted to him as that "tall, dark, and mysterious" type, but my adoration for him goes far deeper than flesh. I loved the way he made me feel like I belonged to him and only him. God, I miss him so much.

@Lizzardlove I relate a lot to your post; my continuous exercising has helped me immensely. I'm proud that you are doing so much, you are such a strong person. I went on my usual long walk around the neighborhood this evening and was feeling sick, I had to push myself hard just to make it back to sit in my car to cool off. Felt nauseous and light-headed, so I sat there for awhile with the car door open and felt a bit at peace. I must have been lost in nostalgia for a good 20 minutes or so, remembering our first date, the various points in time in our relationship. I can feel my lover so close to me. It's astonishing.

I pray to my spells to grant me patience. Things are coming together - opportunities have been appearing in my path. My upward mood swing last night had me feeling so appreciative of these plans coming together, that I know I can weave together to lasso my stubborn-ass man back into MY arms!

I KNOW he is thinking of me. I KNOW he is missing me. And I KNOW, he is coming back to me.

I was thinking about how some people advise you to let go. I understand for people like us, it isn't the same thing as what other people may expect. It's more like, "letting go without letting go"...In other words...you're not letting go of that person who holds your heart, you're letting go of your fears, your doubts, your heartache. Abandon the feeling that getting your lover back is a burden to bear all alone, because now you have powerful forces gently lifting that burden from your shoulders. It often feels like we have to do so much work to win our person back, and that is true to an extent. Even if "work" is simply the patience to wait for them to return. But one of the best things you can do right now, is let @Ashra ease your burden; remember it's your cross to bear, but you don't have to do it all yourself.

I've taken opportunities in my life exercising self-discipline. My favorite job, which Ashra recently cast a career spell for to get me back in there in the near future, had me as an independent contractor, making my own hours. I suck at "traditional" diet plans so I've embraced flexible dieting or fasting, which a lot of my peers don't know about or feel they couldn't do. It's extremely hard but I've been able to do it more now with my appetite suppressed. And being a bit more physically active. So self-discipline is really hard, but I've been asking my spells to help push me along. And holding fast to my faith, resisting all further urges to contact Matt, trudging on with my life in its current state...that all takes a massive amount of self-discipline. I can't stress enough how incredibly strong all of you guys are for sharing in this journey - it is truly amazing to bear an iron-hard will.

I swear my mood-swings are like the world's craziest rollercoaster ever invented, but I try to ride out my upward swings of good feelings as long as I can. Today is a very lazy day where I'm just relaxing on my computer and drank a smoothie, and earlier was thinking about Ashra's assurance in us getting our spell reports my Tuesday. And I felt my heart flutter with anticipation. I cannot wait to read the encouraging progress my wolf moon spell will bring on my Astral, and an answer to my question reading. I can't help but truly feel in my heart that I'm on his mind, more often than I think.

Stop feeling like you're powerless. Stop thinking the worst, so that you can embrace the best energy output from the forces that be. Remember that saying, When life knocks you down, stand up and smile and tell life she hits like a b****. Embrace the best of you, so that your light can drown out the despair. Don't think about the time that's passed being miserable without them - revel in the thought of all the years to come when they return.


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I just got my reading and It sounds AMAZING! Really anticipating the month My lover returns! I really hopes it comes to pass too! Sending you love baby!


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@T.P.W84 is that so? That's amazing. Yes I see his name more often. I had a dream about him last night. I am glad that I saw him. I don't remember but I saw him. I am just hoping and praying for him to come back to me. I trust in my spells.


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So as some may know me and my lover got in an official relationship September of 2019 but broke up in October due to him giving other women attention. We then got back together in late November so I’d say Nov 30th, it is now January! Our “new” relationship is much better than it was in September and October:wtf: during our split I end up getting over 6 spells to help our process. The main things that helped a lot were “Truth be Told, Delete the Past, and Force Of Will” plenty others but these are the ones who really helped. A lot of those three helped bring commitment about, as well as the truth. He tells the truth now :thumbsup: 2020 I’m looking forward to a lot with us!!


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Found out my lover was cheating Nov 28, 2019. Gave it another shot lasted for 2 weeks then he told me he wanted “space” which was New Years 2020.

Purchased the passion panacea spell Jan6 and Jan9 Ashra contacted me saying the spell was casted and I figured it was because I all of a sudden got sleepy but anywho she suggested adding “object of desire” because my lover is stubborn and very stuck in his ways not really good expressing his emotions so Jan10 I purchased “object of desire” I haven’t heard back from her I know she is very busy! But So far no movement I’ve telepathic communicate with him I’ve opened my third eye so I know how he feels and what he’s spirit is going through so thats a plus on my end! Unfortunately he’s still talking to this young lady but he wants to end it but not in a rudely way but I strongly feel before Valentines day I will hear from him :inlove: so my Passion spell is active and along with it will be “object of desire” I miss him but I constantly meditate and listen to meditation music :) music with no lyrics is always the best to hear when you are going through tough situations but I will keep you guys updated ;);););)