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Ashra Koehn's Spells - ashraspells.com

Discussion in 'Ashra Reviews' started by Anya83, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Active Member Guest Account

    @Essence101 There are commitment spells and maybe Force of Will that is not just for breaking off a third party but making them want you and you only I have it active.

    @AKA she will be in touch she is very busy what do you need help with please?

    @LunarEchoes You have come along way and your goal is in sight thanks for the shout out you will have Matt back like you said it not over until we win and you me and all of us will win :)

    @Natashab Sometimes it takes alot of energy I have a lot active but I trust Ashra, her spells and the universe.

    @Lizzardlove The tingling is Ashra casting your spells my friend I'm glad you had a nice work out and feel so good:)

    @Vanessa White It is not right just yet and don't give up.

    @Liam Hindley Sounds good mate.

    @joonbug19 No worries just keep what you posted at the end of your post in mind I will I am we are keep telling yourself this because your lover will be back and he will be blown away won't he?

    @Californiaburrito I'm a people person my pleasure and why wouldn't he want to come back at valentines day. Movement will happen for you hang in there.

    @DrN Who knows one thing I do know is this my friend that calmness is the spells and keep your mood good it will only get stronger.

    @Silverbaebiz You will notice it trust me your skin will have this glow and you will look younger.

    @Xana Yes I do usually I had a drink well many it was Christmas day no idea which glass of wine I was on never mind it's done and I will let her come to me now. From what I can gather you have to keep it in mind that they are with you already very hard thing to do by the way but sometimes it feels like they are.

    @positivity I respect everyone on here all of you and these two guys have stuck at it and they will be a happy 3 soon. I'm sure so pleased for them you will be fine as well my friend don't you worry.

    @The Siren Everything will be taken care of for you.

    @MikeM All you have seen are signs and the dream is a big sign I would be delighted

    @munchkin95 He will be in touch soon:)

    @MadForLove I can relate to what you are saying about having less bad days and feeling calmer yes this is Ashras spells and your man will be back bet on it.

    @Ginas Good question I guess don't get too heavy be positive and stay on good terms and you will see the change in him

    @Sash Keep it going you got this :)

    @EricaLeeCollins199226 The song is probably a sign telling you he will be in touch soon indeed :)

    @Crystal00 We all do when is not up to us really we can speed it up or slow it down with our actions but the goal is in sight :)
  2. Lilmama

    Lilmama Member Guest Account

    Hi @Ashra @Ashra Koehn, I sent you an email regarding my fiancé Sean and the spells you casted back in June, Sept and Nov 2019
  3. The Siren

    The Siren Active Member Member Plus Account

    New members welcome to Ashra's Forum! We are inspiring and full of positively on here to help one another! Have any questions, feel free to ask! :)

    @Rosie127 Yes it's still is! :)

    @KittyFaro Hello how are you? I am excited for you that you purchased a 1 question reading from Ashra. I am thinking to get either the 1 or 3 question reading, I have more questions now to ask since my lover stopped contact with me 6 days ago. I will cross my fingers for you for the best outcome. :thumbsup:

    @FutureMrs.Austin From what Ashra told me about my readings, she didn't want any information leaked/reached out to my lover, I'm assuming to not tell anybody outside from this forum. I have seen many clients talk about their readings, some of what Ashra said, not all of it, on another thread on this forum. It's on "How Accurate Are Ashra's Psychic Abilities?" Hope this helped a little.
  4. Mabel Pines

    Mabel Pines Member

    Forum friends, I was a total mess yesterday. I think I cried three times. I had sort of checked my man's status on social media, saw something I interpreted as bad, and my outlook just tanked. I started feeling spell energy around dinner time, and I woke up today with hope again. Then this afternoon, I got my Lunar Moon update, which was really positive. Today I've been thinking about our eventual reunion, and how I will cover his whole face with kisses. In my little daydream, he even told me he loved me (we were/are in love but haven't said the words out loud yet). Speaking of that, I've started to see "143" a lot again (code for "I Love You").

    The waiting is still so hard, but today I was thinking about the things that have happened because of Ashra. He's said things and acted in positive, surprising ways that I would have never expected. That's huge. If that kind of stuff continues, I will be SO HAPPY. My guy is really amazing. :inlove:
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  5. Honeybee20

    Honeybee20 Member Guest Account

    I’m literally a great big ball of excitement! Forum fam, GET EXCITED!!!
  6. Will062016

    Will062016 Member

    Despite yesterday and feeling the numb of the shock today, I'm still seeing signs 444, yesterday when I took a friend home, I saw a truck with the last numbers on its plate 111 and 444, 555 and 888.
    I don't understand. Is the spells still working or they comforting me. I just don't know.
    Has anyone had a similar situation???
  7. Will062016

    Will062016 Member

    @munchkin95 how does a spell journal work? Do you write every week or day to the spells? I'm considering doing it too. In light of recent, sad shocking moments that have happened to me.
  8. Myra_e

    Myra_e Member Guest Account

    I received am email from Ashra Koehn that my spell is already casted.
    Can’t wait to see a movement.

    Thank you Ashra Koehn!
  9. positivity

    positivity Member

    Trying to upgrade my account. Can someone tell me how pls
  10. Unique Star

    Unique Star Member Guest Account

    @positivity I think Ashra has to upgrade your account to Like posts
  11. CMMMforever

    CMMMforever Member

    I received my update from Ashra Koehn today and I loved everything about it.

    I know my husband and I will get through this!!! Thank you @Ashra for such a positive update, I will do my best to remain calm and patient and let the spells and nature take its course.
    I hope you all have a great week ahead.❤
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  12. Unique Star

    Unique Star Member Guest Account

    @munchkin95 hi. I thought about a journal for my spells as well. I wasnt sure if we could write or if we have to speak out loud to them. I assume as a question now, whether we write or not, speak outloud if we write, as well. Hope all is well.
  13. Dree

    Dree Member Guest Account

    Does anyone know if Ashra offers a spell that comforts and guides the bereaved and broken hearted?
  14. DollFace

    DollFace Member

    Guys!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!! ASHRA CASTED MY SPELLS!!!!! I actually felt a lot lighter today before she messaged me to tell me about my casting and to give me more advice about what I should cast next. I have ALREADY SEEN MOVEMENT!!! My ex and I have been talking and seeing each other before the spells were casted, so I won’t count that as movement. However, I randomly got a notification on my phone for a picture memory from the saved pics on my phone. It was a pic of my ex with my dog as a cover pic for a new album my phone automatically made! And of course in this random new album, it has plenty of pics of my ex with my dog. I AM SO HAPPY...THANK YOU ASHRA!!!
  15. Aquabeauty83

    Aquabeauty83 Member Guest Account

    @SJP if your already in contact with your lover then that’s good continue as normal. The no contact is mainly for those that have no contact at all with their lover.
  16. Butterfly07

    Butterfly07 Member

    @T.P.W84 hey how are you? TBH I didn't wanna wish him happy birthday either! I didn't! I just hope he still has feelings for me! At times I do feel he has then at times I feel he doesn't! But deep down I know he does! Jus wanna know when he will breakup with his toxic karmic female.
  17. Natashab

    Natashab Member

    @Essence101 Yes it does. I am still with my guy (though it’s just namesake I feel) but I still follow the no contact rule. I only reply after he contacts me.

    @Rosie127 Passion Panacea is one of Ashra's main spells. It will be always active. You can find it in her main page of spells.

    @KittyFaro I understand your pain girl. My guy kinda did ask me to move on as there is no future and it did kill me inside but I’m gonna keep myself positive as much as possible.I also discussed this with Ashra and now I am trying to save up for another spell that she suggested.

    @Azrael congrats on your sign.Thats amazing!!!Continue keeping yourself positive and things will work out for u soon.

    @X_OT 3 months u say?? I am saving up for Force of Will myself. Did u get complete results in 3 months or was it just movement?

    @T.P.W84 Thank u sooo much. You happen to be my first reply after my posting on the Forums. Means a lot!!
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  18. fairel83

    fairel83 Member

    Today I received a message from @Ashra Koehn stating my spell was casted! The excitement is here! It will not be long until my honey bear will be back in my arms again! I had a reading done a few weeks ago and I ask Ashra Koehn is my lover happy with his new girlfriend, Ashra told me that he is not happy with her and he is taking advantage of her... I believe it because my lover has a history of using people to get what he needs... I feel like my spells are telling me that he is with her because he needed a place to stay, we did live together and the lease was in my name, prior to that he was living with his brother.

    So there is history with this.. last night I was looking at Ashra’s website to decide which spell to get next! I’m debating on purchasing the Obeah love spell but I want to give the other wonderful spells a chance to hit my lover in all angles. I whispered to my spells asking which one to purchase on the 20th when I get paid, I was looking at the description of the Obeah love and exited off the page to get on Facebook and then got back on to Ashra’s website to read more into Obeah love spell and the description of Path to Exile automatically was on my screen... I read it and right then I was drawn to this spell... I truly feel my spells that I have casted on my lover was telling me to get this. I know my lover loves me, I know he misses me, he has told me this but he is with this other woman for all the wrong reasons so they need to break up and he needs to stop fighting his feelings towards me and come right back. On the 20th, I’m purchasing Path to Exile at Instant Fury and I may go ahead and purchase Overmaster!
  19. Tiera

    Tiera New Member Guest Account

    Is Ashra Koehn behind? I just want an update I got the full moon spell early December and one back in October that could probably be re casted if she thinks it’s time I just wanted some kind of update I’ve emailed already just waiting on a response.
  20. mikeman199988

    mikeman199988 Member Guest Account

    I am happy to report that "Forever Together" has been cast today 1/13.

    I am now more confident that my friend will be back more sooner than later. :angelic::angelic::inlove::inlove:
  21. Twiggy

    Twiggy Member

    Those of you who have purchased the Cobra Revenge spell, how did you find results and why did you purchase it?
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  22. lovelymegan

    lovelymegan Member

    Good evening everyone! I notice a lot of people been saying they are experiencing some negative thoughts and energy. I just want to say No words no thoughts no negative energies or evil shall every prosper against you. You are all loved and will all succeed in life. You will all have your lovers back.Your spells will all manifest. Look at the bigger picture and no the smaller one. Sometimes the dark and negative are the tests and tribulations. You will pass all the tests and you get through every tribulation thrown at you. The prize at the end will be whatever you desire. Never doubt yourself, Ashra, God or your spells. Always have faith, always. Never give up no matter how dark it may get. Always look for the light in every situation and what’s the lesson you might need to learn. Be the best version of you that you can be. Don’t do this just for your lover but do it for yourself. I realize that the spells don’t only give you your lover back but sometimes what we think is negative may not be all that negative. It could be something that your lover felt about you or how you unknowingly made your lover feel. The spell maybe be trying to make you acknowledge something you need to improve to get your lover back. Because many times I’m thought I was experiencing negative thoughts and energy and it was actually something that I never realize I was doing when me and my lover was talking and on good terms and I’m am forever grateful that Ashra my spells and god made me realize I needed to stop and do better because what I was actually doing was hurting the person I say I love so much. Honestly, I can’t wait to genuinely apologize to my lover for what I did. You just have to be optimistic and turn any negative into a positive. just stick with Ashra guidelines and always think positive and be patient. You will get signs, and movements. And eventually your lover will make contact. When they do be very kind and nice. And let them do all the wooing. And y’all be happy forever. Never have doubt. It will happen. Everyone will be with their lovers. 2020 is going to be everyone’s year for happiness.
  23. X_OT

    X_OT Member

    Has anyone else received their casting for the wolf moon? I did today and I think the energy is keeping me up at night. This happened last year too when I ordered a lot of spells at once. I’ve also been seeing 111 a lot..777..and 333..555 also..

    @Azrael Whether it be a coincidence or you’re only in your head - use these little signs to believe in your breakthrough. I though the same exact thing.. maybe it was in my head but no it wasn’t it was me attracting and aligning myself with Ashra’s conjures which caused me to take notice of these small synchronicities. :)!! Hope this encourages you
  24. Maribella9

    Maribella9 Active Member

    Good Evening Everyone...
    I just purchased my 6th spells Windsong Love Spell and i can’t wait ashra to cast it!
    I miss my lover and I can’t wait to be in his arms again.. Next month February 20 will be our 11 years Anniversary ..
    I’m Trying to stay calm
    Think and stay positive...

    Thank you and goodnight :)
  25. @The Siren @Svetlana congrats :inlove: that makes me happy to hear!! To everyone on the forum family I hope you guys are having a wonderful 2020 so far! Our lovers will be With us soon :). I am praying for everyone I’m Australia. I hope @Ashra is ok :laugh::inlove:
  26. T.P.W84

    T.P.W84 Active Member Guest Account

    @amoranicole You will soon see big signs :)

    @QueenSharisha very good advice and true the guidelines are there for a reason that's why you stick to them

    @munchkin95 Do whatever you think you have to this sounds like a good idea like @LunarEchoes idea of burning the negative thoughts on paper

    @Honeybee20 Yes everything you have said is bang on:)

    @LeonAlexander Mate your in the right place and Ashra can and will help you.It is not easy but you must reserve this time to work on yourself

    @Denetria Willis And that day is coming:)

    @Azrael 1111 is a big sign :) if you want to know what it means Google it but trust me that's a good sign to see

    @Rosie127 Yes should be

    @FutureMrs.Austin Keep it to yourself full stop I think it will happen but the time line can be altered

    @KittyFaro She readings are good you will have a better idea of what is going on :)

    @Essence101 Yes it applies across the board the only time it don't apply is if you live together or have children that's where you have to talk and then it is strictly business not about your relationship they have to open up that's how it works you can't go calling them telling them you love them etc trust me if it where that easy I think we would have all done that.
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  27. Pawpatrol

    Pawpatrol New Member Guest Account

    Hi everyone, I’ve just had an email from Ashra saying my spell has been cast I feel on top of the world and staying really positive. Fingers crossed all she said will happen really soon. Thank you Ashra you’re giving all on here hope and something to look forward too. Wishing everyone speedy results.
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  28. Ginas

    Ginas Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    @Azrael Seeing 11:11 or 111 appear on a daily basis is definitely a good sign, it is also your angels guiding you. Another term for it would be Angel Numbers. I don't believe that it was in your head because seeing something like this, you were meant to see it and only for your eyes. :)

    @Vanessa White It truly depends on how very backed up Ashra is, however, she replies emails in the order that she receives them in because that is the fair thing to do. Although sometimes even while having lots of email addresses to keep organized, many emails can become lost. I would try reaching out to her again.

    @Rosie127 Here's the link: http://www.ashrakoehn.com/passion-panacea/

    @FutureMrs.Austin I think what they had meant by to keep the timeframe to yourself is to not share it with anyone else.
  29. Essence101

    Essence101 Member

    @T.P.W84 thanks for the encouraging words. Overthinking has been an enermy of mine for years and sometime I can stop it before it goes to far. I have gotten better with it. I have total faith in Ashra. I came back to my senses after talking to my spells. They also know when to send me a sign to keep me on the right path.

    On another note, Good morning all. I hope everyone has a positive day. :)
  30. Shataiya

    Shataiya New Member Guest Account

    Good morning lovelies!!

    I had a dream he texted me last night (him texting me isn’t out of the normal I’m helping him with a lot) . But these texts were different. It was things like he loved me. He can’t stop thinking about me. He was apologizing. And I didn't know if my spell was cast yet, but this dream had me up thinking for hours now and actually kind of put my mind at ease for the moment I’m definitely still hurt. Still worried but at the same time I’m not if that makes sense. Can’t wait until Ashra has time to cast my spell and let me know how she feels. But until then I needed that dream.
  31. Kas

    Kas Member

    Good morning, has anyone had the Path to Exile spell and how did it go? I'm thinking about getting this spell from Ashra.
  32. such

    such New Member Guest Account

    Thanks for your message :) I still think he is contemplating and not giving his complete attention to us. Will things improve with time as we have already casted a few spells?
  33. Loveus2gether

    Loveus2gether New Member Guest Account

    Ashra Koehn @Ashra I love you!!!! Thank you so much for your amazing update!!! He called me this morning on my way in to work and he texted yesterday 15min before I received your email! He’s so laid back so it’s hard to feel him out! We did meet this past weekend and he was very expressive about his feelings and he said he’s going to see if she already filed her paperwork but I haven’t asked him if he checked yet. We’ll see fingers crossed! He did say he’ll come down for my court date next month to support me. Positive vibes!!! Love Trust & Loyalty 2020 New Book of positivity for everyone waiting patiently for their New Love or Whatever they request! Sending Love your way!!! Listen to Ashra Koehn! My new Bestie ❤️❤️❤️ @Ashra Koehn can you take a look at the fertility question when you get a chance? Hugs
  34. Vanessa White

    Vanessa White Member Guest Account

    @T.P.W84 Thank you!
    @Ginas Ok, thank you! I’ll try to reach her again.
    @LunarEchoes I hate it too! I appreciate Ashra Koehn very much! Yes she did bring him back but it even says in the guidelines that spells don’t work 100% of the time & I don’t feel it or hear his ringtones in my head or it isn’t strong feelings like it used to be all these times. I’m only going by this last experience with him. I did get a wish & did not come true but thanks! I’m sorry, my post aren’t to make anyone sad or dap there day! Congratulations on your positive signs & movements!
  35. munchkin95

    munchkin95 Active Member

    @T.P.W84 you are amazing and responding to everyone always always makes me smile. I consider you the group whisperer always cheering everyone on! Please never change !
  36. litzy

    litzy New Member Guest Account

    Hello forum family! So happy that everyone here is encouraging each other to be positive and strong. Love y’all! It sucks that I am still under Guest Account. How do I upgrade my account fast? It seems that when I post stuff, I don’t get any replies. May I know what are the effects after Passion Panacea Dragon Blood Shield is being casted on your lover? Do you feel calm, at peace, positive, energetic and sometimes anxious? Are all these normal? Am I reflecting what my lover is feeling? I’m so confused. Recently, I have been seeing loads of angel numbers (even before the spells were casted) and a random bird just pooped on me out of nowhere. Are all these signs? Before that I had Return My Lover casted as well but I felt super dizzy, extremely tired. I even slept for 10h long. I also saw some small movements from my lover such as him changing his whatsapp profile picture to my favorite picture of him and him opening my several weeks long snaps when we were still on talking terms. But after Passion Panacea was casted, I don’t see movement yet and as strongly as Return My Lover. What happened though? But I feel calm, happy, energetic and sometimes I just want to let go and let things work itself. As compared to Return My Lover when casted, I felt extremely exhausted and somewhat deeply connected to my lover. This is weird! I still want my lover back ASAP! Hope to hear from y’all babies! Sending positive vibes to everyone here! ❤️
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  37. Taurusqueen

    Taurusqueen New Member Guest Account

    A lil movement and I think he is secretly spying on my social media :hilarious: I’ve been posting attractive appropriate pictures but my friend ask “did he just leave your house he posted a video on snap on your street” I LOST IT :laugh: yesss spells keep working in my favor!! Everybody stay positive its been 5 days since my “Passion Panacea” spell has been active!
  38. Essence101

    Essence101 Member

    @T.P.W84 i dont know how i missed one of your responses to my post. Thanks for confirming. I have been doing things so wrong. It is always good to ask questions. I am so use to contact him that its so natural but i understand. I knew it was a rule. I just thought it was a little different for my situation. Thanks for the clarity.:):thumbsup:
  39. B23075

    B23075 Active Member

    I have gotten offered the manager position again! The first time I turned it down because I do not feel I am ready for that responsibility as well as worried about my free time. I accepted the offer :confused: and instead of worrying, of course I’m going to get a spell from Ashra to help me adapt and cope with this position. I do not feel I have the strength to take it on and am worried! But with Ashra's help I’m sure things will be fine.
  40. such

    such New Member Guest Account

    @T.P.W84 I met him yesterday and our meeting was really nice. He said he loves me too but I think he is still contemplating on the situation. I want us to be together and want him to realise that. Also, now that we are in touch, is it fine for me to text him first sometimes?

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