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Ashra Koehn

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Update: I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. I will be available via email today for anyone who is looking to request spells, but needs some help on selecting the right ones.

To reach me, email Ashra@me.com with the subject line "I need help selecting the right spell".

Today is Cyber Monday and the discount is active.

NEW - The Zodiac Love Return Spell: https://www.ashra.net/store/product/zodiac-love-return-spell/

NEW - The Return to How We Were Ritual: https://www.ashra.net/store/product/return-to-how-we-were/

Cyber Monday Coupon:
Use this code to save 20% off your next order: Ashra2022
Offer valid until 11:59 PM on December 1st, 2022. This discount can be used on any services offered by Ashra Koehn including the Anniversary spells.

The Zodiac Love Return Spell and The Return to How We Were Ritual are only available for a limited time.

The Anniversary Spells are available for my Cyber Week Event!

Complete List of Anniversary Spells: https://www.ashra.net/community/thr...ars-of-spell-casting.225/page-106#post-515401

Ashra's Official Store: https://www.ashra.net/store/shop/

Kevin Brown

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I found Ashra back in 2017, but I was involved with another spell caster who told me not to use another spellcaster or else my wife wouldn't return. Sadly, I believed them and wasted close to a year and a lot of money trusting them.

I decided to email Ashra in 2018 and asked if her spells would interfere with the previous spells I had cast by someone else. Ashra assured me that her spells would work and would not interfere. I did get Ashra to cast a few spells for me.

About a month after she cast, my wife called me, and we had a long conversation about the past and reflected on the positive memories that made our relationship strong. She expressed leaving the man she was with to come back to me, which she did a couple of weeks later.

I'm here to say that Ashra's spells do work. Before reaching out to Ashra, I had never had any contact with my wife in over three years, so for my wife to reach out to me within a short period after Ashra Koehn cast my spells, I know she is real.

Fast forward to today, we have been back together for several years, and our marriage has never been better. We are taking our kids on a vacation later this month, and I couldn't be happier.

No matter how impossible or hopeless you feel, Ashra can help. I felt the same way when nothing appeared to show improvement. Your situation will improve.


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Ashra, my husband came back on Thursday and moved his stuff into the house this morning. Thank you! As far as I can tell, the other woman is gone, and my husband seems determined to make our marriage work.

Thank you for being so helpful and making this possible. I hope you and your mentor enjoy the holiday season.

Ashra Koehn

Staff member
The last full moon of 2022 will happen this week! Let’s make it count. :inlove:

I hope everyone is ready for the holidays and the new year ahead! We almost didn’t receive the supplies to offer this spell in time for the full moon on Wednesday, so we are happy it arrived earlier today!

As the year winds down and the days start growing colder, the final full moon of the year is set to heat things up just in time for the holidays.

This is a perfect time to make your holiday wishes come true and start 2023 on the right foot. ‘Tis the time of the year to be with your significant other creating new memories that will last a lifetime!

Both my mentor and I will be involved in the casting. However, space is limited, so it is essential to get your request in asap using the link below.

The Cold Moon Spell: https://www.ashra.net/store/product/cold-moon-spell/

Ashra Koehn

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Update: I have great news! Many people have been frustrated with getting a 403 error when requesting a spell or service. I'm happy to say that I was able to recreate the error on my end and successfully resolved this issue.

If anyone is still experiencing the same problem after these changes, please let me know:)

You should be able to request your spells without encountering any errors.


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Ashra, thank you for bringing my husband Mark back to his family. We are still together after reuniting right before Thanksgiving. He loves me, and we will travel with the children to his parents to celebrate Christmas.

Thank you for going above and beyond to make my Christmas wishes come true!

Happy Holiday to you and the forum family!

Ashra Koehn

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Special Event - Limited Spots Available

This week we will experience a Solstice and a New Moon within a couple of days of each other!

I feel confident using a combo spell will work better for stubborn situations. This rare energy combines the ultimate power of the Solstice and New Moon into one spell!

A ritual that takes the very love connection that makes you think of your lover 24/7 and, in an instantaneous fusion, casts to bestow the perfect relationship once again!

I know you can sense the love running through your veins right now. You can see that perfect place in your mind. This spell’s energy takes the one true feeling of love you feel right now and connects with your lover to bring them home forever!

My mentor and I will be investing a lot of our time and energy into your casting because don't want it to take any longer than it has to for you two to be together. Due to the level of experience involved in this ritual, few spell casters would even consider offering this type of combo spell to the public!

Please request this spell soon! The Solstice is only a few days away.

Where to request the Solstice New Moon Combo Spell: https://www.ashra.net/store/product/solstice-new-moon-combo-spell/

Sandra J

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That's great I know you will have a great Christmas! Ashra Koehn is the real deal when it comes to casting spells to bring your lover back. She is working hard to help everyone here to reunite with their lovers for Christmas. I am really happy that you have the one you truly love back in your arms.

It seems like Ashra spells are really bringing couples back together before the holidays. It's must feels good to be back with the one you love. I wish you both the best in your new journey.

Ashra Koehn

Staff member
Update: Several people have been inquiring about a New Year's Eve spell and when this would be made available.

The New Year's Eve spell for 2023 is now available here:

NEW - Ashra's New Year's Eve Spell for 2023: https://www.ashra.net/store/product/ashras-new-years-eve-spell-for-2023/

Another new spell is now available below:

NEW - The Hard Times Love Spell: https://www.ashra.net/store/product/hard-times-love-spell/

Also, what would Boxing Day be without a discount:inlove: Anyone looking to request my help can save 20% off any of my services until 11:59 PM on January 1st, 2023. This coupon will work on everything!:)

Boxing Day Event - Available for a Limited Time:

Ashra's Boxing Day Coupon:
Use this code to save 20% off your next order: Ashra2023
Offer valid until 11:59 PM on January 1st, 2023. This discount can be used on any services offered by Ashra Koehn including the Obeah love spell.

The Anniversary Spells are available for my Boxing Week Event!

Complete List of Anniversary Spells: https://www.ashra.net/community/thr...ars-of-spell-casting.225/page-106#post-515401

Ashra's Official Store: https://www.ashra.net/store/shop/


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My wife was having an affair with a man she met at work. From what Ashra was able to reveal in a psychic reading, the guy was divorced and seeing multiple women, but none of the women knew about each other.

Ashra cast Path to Exile along with Warmth of Eternity to bring her back. Not long after she cast, my wife returned home and explained everything that happened between her and this other man.

A lot of what she revealed matched perfectly with what Ashra was able to uncover during my psychic reading.

Now that she is back, we have been working on rekindling our marriage.


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Omg, Ashra! I received your update that the Hard Times Love spell and Faithfulness spell were cast earlier this morning, and Mehedy reached out to me tonight! He apologized to me for disappearing, and I didn’t have to do anything either; he just did it of his own will, which is adorable.

Thank you so much, Ashra Koehn! You’ll always watch over him to ensure we’re together no matter what!

Kaitlyn Pitre

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UPDATE! I read everyone's comments! Well, ASHRA BROUGHT MY LOVE BACK! I was fighting hard for him for a long time with Ashra's help. It has been a very long journey. With this man, it has always been true love, and that's why I never gave up. Ashra Koehn, you are beyond amazing. I love you so much. he is a very stubborn man and a little bit complicated, :laugh:. He was very hot with me over these years and very cold. It was tough to keep fighting for our love, but Ashra kept telling me to stay strong and never give up. I couldn't have done this without her.

My love came over last Friday night with his brother, uncle, and cousin, and then when they all left on Saturday, my love stayed with me till Monday. He missed me a lot. We had a fantastic time together. He finally apologized for his behavior toward me. He was like the man I had always fallen in love with.

Everyone keeps fighting! Your time will come.

Ashra Koehn

Staff member
Important Announcement - Limited Spots Available!

Tomorrow’s New Moon is truly something special! The moon will be closer to the earth has it has been in the last ten centuries. As such, this New Moon is called the Ultimate Supermoon and comes during a rare conjunction between Venus and Saturn.

This new moon kicks off a fresh lunar cycle and ushers in all sorts of magical manifesting opportunities. It also marks a time to create lasting and meaningful changes in your life and relationship with your significant other.

Space is limited. Request ASAP to guarantee your spot.

The Ultimate Supermoon Spell: https://www.ashra.net/store/product/the-ultimate-supermoon-spell/

Overall, this lunation spell will delve beneath the surface of your lover’s emotions, motivations, and struggles — all of which will ultimately help them overcome any obstacles and make their way into your arms.


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I came to Ashra after having a terrible experience with a psychic online. My fiancé and I have been together since high school, and we were ready to get married after we graduated from university.

A few weeks before our wedding, I discovered he had cheated on me with one of my closest friends. Another friend, Katie, said this happened at a party I was unaware of. At first, I didn't believe her, but she pulled out her phone and showed me a video of them making out before they went to a private room and came out a half hour later.

I ended the relationship and tried my best to heal. As time passed, I couldn't get over him and decided to reach out to a psychic for more answers. She did some tarot reading on him and said he was always involved with other women behind my back. I knew this wasn't true because we had a very close relationship and were in the same classes during high school and college. I felt like she was trying to provide me with some basic reason that didn't make sense, so I reached out to Ashra for a psychic reading.

Ashra could confirm that my ex had never cheated on me before my friend's party, where she saw him making out with someone else. She said that my fiancé was highly intoxicated, more so than what would be expected given how many drinks he had that night. Ashra suspected that someone else played a part in getting him to a higher level of intoxication. Although his actions didn't make what he did right, he wasn't himself and didn't initiate what followed.

I went ahead with Ashra's recommendations to cast a Delete the Past spell alongside Hearts of the Enchanter. The goal was to get him to forget about what happened at night and to get him to forgive me for breaking off our relationship.

I started to see signs a few weeks after my spells were cast. Ashra assured me it was normal to take time, given how many obstacles were involved. Right before the holidays, my ex came back. We enjoyed the holidays together and decided to give our relationship another chance.

We are still together, and our relationship is improving, thanks to Ashra.

Ashra Koehn

Staff member
February’s Leo Full Moon Gives You All the Reasons to Know Your Dreams Will Become a Reality.

Love is in the air, and February is the perfect time to be excited about what you manifest in your love life because there will be no retrograde planets this month! My mentor is offering a powerful Leo Love Moon spell that will permeate all zodiac signs and be focused entirely on your lover and bringing them into your arms quickly.

This month is an important time to be with your lover, feeling loved, and appreciated and knowing they will always be there for you unconditionally. Additionally, this spell will strengthen your connection with your partner and ensure that no other obstacles can come between you and your lover.

Spots are limited, so requesting this spell as soon as possible is essential. The Leo Love Moon Spell will be cast during the Full Moon on February 5th, 2023.

My mentor and I would love to take advantage of this opportunity to help you, and we look forward to receiving your request.

Leo’s Love Moon Spell: https://www.ashra.net/store/product/leos-love-moon-spell/

Ashra Koehn

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I cannot believe we are finally on Valentine's Day. The excitement and quivering of this month of love is my favorite time of year!:inlove: I've received many emails about if I would be offering a Valentine's spell this year.

Today I am making Sacred Heart Love Ritual available for a limited time. (See Below).

NEW - Sacred Heart Love Ritual: https://www.ashra.net/store/product/sacred-heart-love-ritual/

Spots are limited, so I look forward to receiving your request and casting asap!:inlove:

Also, what would Valentine's Day be without a discount? Anyone requesting my help can save 20% off any of my services until 11:59 PM on February 18th, 2023. This coupon will work on everything!

* The Sacred Heart Love Ritual will also work for new relationships or someone you would like to be in a relationship with.

Ashra's Valentine's Event - Available for a Limited Time:

Ashra's Valentine's Day Coupon:
Use this code to save 20% off your next order: Ashra2023
Offer valid until 11:59 PM on February 18th, 2023. This discount can be used on any services offered by Ashra Koehn, including the Obeah love spell.

Ashra's Official Store: https://www.ashra.net/store/shop/

Complete List of Anniversary Spells: https://www.ashra.net/community/thr...ars-of-spell-casting.225/page-106#post-515401


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I’m new to this forum, so I hope my message shows correctly. I hired Ashra in December to bring my cheating husband back from the woman who took him from me.

Ashra delivered on her promises, broke them up, and brought my husband back.

We are still together and just had a romantic Valentine’s Day.

If it wasn’t for stumbling across this forum, I might have had another bad experience with another spell caster.


NON-Verified Guest
I am desperate to hire Ashra, as I’ve read her fantastic reviews but have not yet heard back from her! Does anyone have experience with typical response time? I messaged her first on Monday, and I know she is just one person, but I’m curious to see if she has received my messages and is willing to help. Thank you!

Ashra Koehn

Staff member
Venus and Jupiter will converge in a 'Celestial Kiss'

Everyone is in for a celestial treat this weekend when four planets in our solar system align in the night sky, closing in a "romantic" display between Venus and Jupiter.

Venus and Jupiter have been moving closer together over the past few weeks, so this romantic spark between them has been brewing for some time.

My mentor and I have been working hard to prepare this spell for this celestial event, and we are happy to announce that the Celestial Kiss Love spell is now available!

This spell is known for creating a charge of energy to bring two lovers together permanently. Once this spell's power is released, it's nearly impossible to ignore. Your lover will be unable to think of anything other than you and the quickest path into your arms.

The Celestial Kiss spell is ideal for anyone tired of waiting and wants their love with them immediately.

Space is limited, so I strongly recommend requesting this spell without delay.

The Celestial Kiss Love Spell: https://www.ashra.net/store/product/the-celestial-kiss-love-spell/

Sandra J

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You're right about Ashra, and I couldn't have made it this far without her help over the past years. I swear, sometimes I feel like just giving up on Kenneth. Then out of nowhere, Ashra will email me about Kenneth; it's like she can sense when I'm tired and frustrated about this situation. I couldn't have met such a beautiful woman like Ashra Koehn. She truly gives her 100% to her clients. Thank you, for always having my back. I believe my time is coming to bring Kenneth back to me permanently. I believe in the power of my spells and Ashra. ❤

Ashra Koehn

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The Full “Worm” Moon Wants You to be with Your Lover, So Let’s Embrace This Opportunity!

As the full Worm Moon approaches on March 7th, this magical lunar event will be the last full Moon to illuminate the sky before spring starts!

The Full Worm Moon spell has a reputation for bringing lovers together and making your lover aware of the changes they need to make, along with illuminating the path they need to follow back to your arms. Usually, I wouldn’t be able to offer this spell due to how much work needs to go into preparing to cast this spell. However, my mentor is still around, making it possible to have this spell ready for casting in time for the next Full Moon.

I recommend taking advantage of this energy because it will speed up progress and greatly enhance our previous work for your situation.

This spell is available for a limited time:

Full Worm Moon Spell: https://www.ashra.net/store/product/full-worm-moon-spell/


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Purchased :). I can't wait. I'm back after a long break because I got busy with life. I'm not with my lover yet, and I dated someone for quite a while last year, from April (2022) up until December. It was a good relationship, but the long distance was eating this other partner alive, so we are back to being friends, and I don't think he's ready for a relationship. Moving to the person I was after for so long, he got back with his crazy ex this past summer (who I've mentioned before on here), which I wasn't thrilled about and was disappointed.

But history tends to repeat itself, and I got some readings with Ashra to find out what was going on and why it happened again. Despite them getting back together in July of 2022, I was thankfully busy with someone else for most of that duration, so it was easier to deal with. They're not doing great now, and I hope that this time it'll make my love realize that it will never work out with her and stop denying my connection with him that goes deeper than just being friends. My mistake was that I never removed her permanently from his life, so staying friends probably did it. I hope she'll go away forever this time, and I'll ensure it myself.

I'm trying to think of this as a learning experience and a lesson that needed to be learned by both of us. I think we both need to see that it won't work despite trying to move on with other people who were also potential partners in our lives, it won't work. But we have to see that for ourselves. It's been a long road, and I haven't spoken to my lover B in a while. The last time we spoke, it got kind of tense because I snapped at him for being annoying about his relationship and how he continually circles back to how great it's going. He's desperately trying to get my approval of it, it seems. I think we got past it, but at one point, he thought it would be better if I reached out instead of always doing it because he feels like he hurts me whenever he talks to me and doesn't want to. Little does he know that he only hurts me when discussing her. But since every conversation, she is always brought up, of course, he would think that. I haven't contacted him because I intend to follow the guidelines. I do find it ironic that despite us focusing on different people, many times throughout his relationship with her, he would reach out to me. I asked him why and if there was any foundation behind this. He didn't explain other than that we are friends and it would "be a shame if we didn't check up on each other now and then." Even though I thought it was nice, I was thinking something different. There is more to that. If he was really into her, he wouldn't contact me at all and would focus on her. Despite them being together in person frequently, he still did. I thought that was interesting. Maybe there's more to that, but he couldn't tell me for obvious reasons.

Maybe he'll crack soon with all these new spells on him. I find it funny that he tries to pretend everything is okay with this girl even though Ashra confirmed that the old problems are resurfacing. This girl managed to convince him that she had changed, but it was clear that she hadn't. He was pressured to get back with her. Kind of sad that others were influencing and pressuring him to do as well. I wish it were me being the one rooted for, not her. He hasn't made a move on me; I think that won't happen until the relationship falls apart and they cut contact for good. Even during their time apart, when he could've made a move, literally no obstacles in the way, he did not. I guess in his mind, he hasn't let her go yet, and maybe that's why it hasn't happened yet. I just don't think he's the type of person to screw around on their partner, no matter how toxic they are. My only hope is that with my efforts, this time, their connection will be at a point of no return, and he'll finally cut her off and not be friends with her anymore when they split. I wish she had gone away already, I feel like he won't change until she's gone for good, and hopefully, this time, it'll be forever, and they don't have a friendship this time around.

Spells I've gotten recently:
  • Total Devastation Triple Cast
  • Soul Curse
  • Glimpse of the Future
  • Sensei Combo Ritual
  • Job Spell Triple Cast (something for myself that I need, I can't wait to see what doors it opens for me :D)
  • Twilight Moon Seal
  • and now Full Worm Moon Ritual for tonight at also a triple cast.

I added these all recently within the past three weeks, and the reports have been good. I also got a 3 question reading and a one-question reading too, :laugh:. I hope things will progress, we can get past that awkward silence stage of not speaking for two months, and they break up again. I'm wondering what else to add to help me. I was thinking of maybe doing another breakup Spell to eliminate her altogether. I was thinking of raising the stakes and going all out for it.

I was thinking of Total Banishment, Return to Dust, Seeds of Agony, Candle Trap Ritual, or even another Path to Exile, even though I've gotten 2 in the past before on this situation. She's back, so I need to try something more powerful and much more potent.

I hope I have better news to share later, but that's what's been happening to me. I've been working on my second master's degree and working a lot to keep myself busy. It's been beneficial. I believe he'll get a wake-up call one of these days. I just have to wait and see if he decides to listen this time. Hopefully, he'll treat me more the way I deserve soon and not continue to make me feel like nothing more than just another one of his guy friends.

Ashra Koehn

Staff member
St Patrick's Day is only a few days away! Two new spells are available for a limited time to celebrate this occasion! Not only is March 17th an auspicious day, we also secured the materials required to offer a 3-in-1 Deluxe love spell!

The Deluxe 3-in-1 Bring Back an Ex-Spell Casting: https://www.ashra.net/store/product/the-deluxe-3-in-1-bring-back-an-ex-spell-casting/

Ashra's St. Patrick's Irish Luck Spell Casting for 2023: https://www.ashra.net/store/product/ashras-st-patricks-irish-luck-spell-casting/

Now is the best time to request the spells above for anyone who would like to take advantage of this opportunity.

Space is limited. Request ASAP to guarantee your spot.

Note: The Deluxe 3-in-1 Bring Back an Ex-Spell Casting can also be customized to bring someone you love into your life or turn a friendship into a serious relationship.

The Ashra's St. Patrick's Irish Luck Spell Casting for 2023 is not the same spell as the one offered last year.


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I’ll share my testimony. I purchased Ashra’s Irish Luck Spell because I was getting denied left and right applying for homes, and it was starting to take a toll on me. All the major properties were denying me, and I lost so much money on application fees and admin fees. I purchased the spell on 3/13/23 and looked in my email; it was approved!:) Words can’t express the way I feel! Thank you again, Ashra, for all of your hard work!


NON-Verified Guest
Everyone on here is amazing. If it wasn't for reading your stories, I would have given up without at least asking Ashra if she could help bring my wife back. We were married for 9 years and have three beautiful children. However, another man came into her life and was able to poison her mind and turn her against me.

Before this happened, I lost my job and her father died a couple weeks later. We had so much negative things occurring in our life and I'm sure she was looking for any way to find her happiness again.

I found this forum and starting reading everyone's stories. I contacted Ashra and explained the whole situation and she offered to help.

She was convinced that this man was going out of his way and investing a lot of energy into manipulating her. She recommended Path to Exile to remove him and Let It Be Me to bring her back.

They broke up at the beginning of the month and she has opened up and starting communicating with me again about what was affecting her and what we needed to work on to save our marriage.

I was unemployed and asked Ashra Koehn about casting a Job spell. This was cast a few weeks ago and last week I secured a new job that is much better then the previous one I lost.

Everything Ashra Koehn has done is coming together and I cannot wait until she moves back home.