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Ashra Spells Reviews and Comments


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I found Ashra Spells and I was impressed with her reviews along with the positive comments left by her customers.

Jeff and I have been together for over ten years. His first marriage had trust and emotional issues that have carried forward into our relationship. I never thought about using a spell caster until I came across Ashra and started reading reviews on her spells. I want to know if she can help. Can she brake down those barriers and move us forward to the next level? He is my best friend and love of my life. Life is short and we don't know what tomorrow may bring. I want to start the next chapter in our life together, put the past hurts and fears behind him and to forward.
Ashra's reviews are what ultimately lead me to contact her for help. Like yourself, Daniel and I were going through obstacles regarding trust and his commitment to our future together. He was also my best friend and I couldn't imagine my life without him. Fortunately, her spells did work and we have been back together for 7 months now:)

Have you contacted Ashra for advice on which one of her spells will work?
I literally searched for days trying to find a legitimate spell caster, checking reviews and comments on forum sites. Is Ashra’s spells really that powerful? I’ll be honest, I was not expecting to read so many positive reviews.

I did contact Ashra and she will be casting my spells tonight. My first impression… I'm amazed at how specific she was on how to bring him back, and I feel confident she can do just that.

I absolutely need this to work and I will let everyone know once I see progress from her spells.
I wish I found Ashra Spells first because I wasted a lot of time with other psychics who said they could help but didn't. However, Ashra is different! she truly cared about what I was going through with my husband. I'm not sure when it happened, but after many years with my husband, the spark was gone and I started to feel that I was no longer beautiful in his eyes. We used to have such a passionate relationship, and now we had basically become like two roommates. I was losing my confidence, and my husband seemed increasingly apathetic toward me. I watch a video on Ashra Spells and saw that she offered exactly what I was looking for.

I was unsure of what to expect with her spells and thought they would take a little time to work. However, a few days after my spells were cast, I started to notice small things about me that made me feel youthful and pretty again, and my husband began to notice too. The compliments and affection began again, and I feel like we're beginning to reclaim the love we had during our early days. I'm so happy I did this, I hope these feelings never fade!
Mila, I had a complicated situation and Ashra's spells did work. Let me explain what happened.

My fiancé and I have had a lot of issues since we got engaged two years ago, and I didn't think we could make it through everything. Between the loss of both of our jobs, bankruptcy, medical issue, and the death of his brother since we became engaged, I wasn't sure that we would make it down the aisle. When we should have been supporting each other, we did nothing but fight.

I have used spells before from other spell casters, and when looking around online, I discovered Ashra. Her website detailed many different love spells for various relationship situations, and I decided to seek her out. I wasn't quite sure what kind of spell to ask for, but after discussing our situation and misfortune, she was able to choose the best spell. I loved that she was willing to customize her work to our needs. We set out to strengthen the foundation of our relationship so that we could guide each other out of these hard times and eventually have the marriage I had been dreaming of.

After the spell, things began to improve slowly at first, and then the big changes began to fall into place. He was more supportive, loving, and affectionate. We used our love for each other to battle the stress coming at us from all sides, and it worked. In October, we finally had the wedding that we kept putting off. We are both officially out of debt and working good jobs again too. I know with my heart that working with Ashra set my life and love back on the right track.
I'm not surprised by the positive reviews and comments left by others who have used Ashra Spells. Her enthusiasm in her response revives my hope when I'm feeling weak. Ashra's kindness and generosity allows me to feel validated and loved again. She truly has been there for me and I did see results from her spells. When I first contacted Ashra, I cried a for a bit, as I do from time to time, simply because I miss Bryan so much and the longer we are apart the longer the pain lingers. BUT, I always get to a place where I wipe away the tears and I feel truly connected to him in some way, like I know that we would be so great together. I know I love him very deeply, because the feelings have not subsided in the slightest. I have disregarded any negative thoughts or feedback from others regarding Bryan and I keep hoping and praying he will return.

Update: Yesterday he called and invited me to spend time with him and his family for the holidays. Bryan apologized for not contacting me sooner and said he loved me. He is picking me up tomorrow morning and we are catching a plane to see his family. I'm so excited for tomorrow and I will have another update for everyone soon.
What would I do without Ashra in this difficult situation?! Ashra deserve my review for helping us be together again and for good! I can feel our love becomes bigger and stronger. I've been feeling so positive and optimistic about our future for the last couple of weeks, I have no doubts him and I will be hugging and kissing for years to come :)

I was skeptical at first, but seeing her spells work with my own eyes has completely changed my perspective. I now believe in her:)
Derick and I were best friends. He came in my life when I lost everything and I almost gave up on life! We both have the same thoughts and vibes. Finally, we made love to each other but then he backed off the next day. He is younger then me and we had some misunderstanding. Derick was not giving me a chance and decided to completely ignoring me.

I tried many spells from different spell casters and they didn’t work. Something about Ashra was different. Maybe it was because she came off as a real person who I could connect with and who knew what I was going through with Derick.

I trusted Ashra and this was the best decision I ever made.

It didn’t take long after my spells were cast to see a change in Derick. He was willing to listen to me and we are able to resolve the misunderstanding and over the Christmas holidays I finally met his family and he introduced me as his girlfriend.

I love him and I cannot express in words how much Ashra has helped. She returned my best friend and lover back. I’m so looking forward to celebrating new year’s eve and welcoming in 2016.
Ashra is an amazing person and she made me see the world in a whole different light and my spells worked. She has gave me back hope when I though there was none.

Everything Ashra has told me about my situation was true. I have given her very little information, but she has hit the nail on the head on everything!
The reviews I've read both on here and Ashra's website are very good! Many have seen really good results with her spells! I'm looking forward to posting my positive results when they happen!
I've had a lover that has haunted my dreams for 4 years since we broke up. I know that everyone has that one unforgettable love, and this was it for me. I could not get him off my mind no matter how hard I tried, no matter how many therapists or hypnotists I saw, or how many times I've fallen in love since then.

I finally decided that while it had been a really long time and it was a bit awkward that I wanted to make an attempt to reconnect. I thought that if the spark was still there, we could give it a shot. If not, perhaps my dreams would go away and I could move on. I was too nervous to go at this without help, so I had Ashra cast a spell to make him open and attracted to me so that when I reached out to him, I would already be on his mind. I can't say for sure if he had been thinking of me before or not, but before I could reach out to him, he sent me a friendly email and we've hung out twice since then. I'm fairly certain that we still have the same spark, and without Ashra, I might have never gotten a second chance to explore this profound and lasting love. I'm so excited for the future now.
I had the same experience with her spells. I reached out to Ashra on my 30th birthday. I had never been in love before, and in spite of really investing in myself to be as happy, confident, successful, and personally fulfilled, all of this did nothing to attract the right kind of partner. Through months of online dating and getting set up by friends, I was no closer to finding love than I was when I started dating my first boyfriend my freshman year of college. Nothing seemed to help; I've hired therapists and dating coaches to help me understand if I'm just unlovable or if there is a deeper reason why I could not attract a mate. I spent my early twenties building my career, and my mid to late twenties trying to find a partner. Nothing.

Ashra got to know me a bit and told me that she knew that she could help me meet someone; and not through another ill-fated blind date or a dating site recommendation. She told me that she could help me to attract the right kind of mate and to help me fall in love. I had some doubts, but knowing that I had tried every other type of expert out there, I decided to go for it. Ashra cast the Passion Panacea spell that she personalized to my personal needs, and I went along with life as usual.

When nothing really happened after a few days, I started to forget about it. I began talking to a new guy online that messaged me—super handsome, in the same industry as me with lots of shared interests—and we met for a date about two weeks after the spell. We shared our first kiss that night, and it hit me that this might be the person I had been waiting to meet. He told me that he feels the same, and that the first time he saw me, he knew we would be together. Just like that. So far, we have been dating for two months and I'm really starting to fall for him. I'm thrilled with the direction my life has taken.

Seeing results with my own eyes made me a believer in Ashra spells.
Hi Everyone! I bought my first spell January 10, 2016 and Ashra has been layering spell after spell. My boyfriend and I had been together for 6 years. This Valentines Day is going to be our 7 years. I am hoping all the spells will activate and I see they slowly are. Ashra, is very patient and responsive and I love it. I am keeping positive. Honestly, I feel most positive now after buying so many spells. I know I think I am crazy :laugh:, but I cannot put a price on the man I love. I really want him to come back. I see the spells slowly going. The spells I purchased are:
  • Evocation of Favorable Opinion
  • Healing and Protection Spell
  • Energy Seal Guarantee
  • Personalized Spell
  • Hearts of Enchanter with Triple Cast
  • Love Obsession
  • Instinctive Love Pulse
  • Celestrial Mantle
  • Tri Force Love Luminosity
  • Love Embers
  • Twilight Moon Seal
  • Passion Panacea
  • Return Lover Spell
  • Break Up Spell
I know I bought a lot of spells, but I feel my lover is very very stubborn, thinks very logically, is very smart, and I need all these spells to bring him back. I love him so much and I cannot wait until Ashra finally casts Evocation of Favorable Opinion, Healing and Protection Spells for Relationships. I am so happy I can finally join the community here to talk about my experience. Ashra, is my only hope to bring back my soulmate and lover back. I cannot wait until she e-mails me back and tells me my spells are casted.. I feel such a sense of being okay whenever she sends me her updates after casting the spell. I cannot wait until my boyfriend comes back. :)
I can tell Ashra is busy at the moment... probably taking care of a lot of people and their love lives since Valentines Day is around the corner. I really want my soul mate to come back. I miss him so much. Ashra, tells me to wait for him to initiate contact, but its really hard! I cannot wait until Ashra casts a few more spells for me!
He is so lucky to have someone who loves him and your commitment to bringing him back clearly shows. That's a lot of spells, so you must be trying to cover all angles.

I hired Ashra in September 2015 and saw results in early October. I agree that Ashra is sweet, caring and knows what she is doing in terms of spell casting. It was the best feeling I could ever imagine when he came back. I'm expecting you'll feel the same way too.:inlove:
I cannot wait until Ashra emails to tell me she casts the rest of the spells for me! :) I am trying really hard to be patient and wait for lover/soulmate to initiate contact, but I am really faithful Ashra's spells will all manifest. I cannot wait until he comes back to me and I know that is soon. All my trust and hope is with Ashra and she is the only hope I have in having him come back into my life! I can tell Ashra is really busy with casting spells, but I am very grateful for her responsiveness.. she is such a busy lady and I love her! Thanks for everything Ashra! I cannot wait until you cast the 3-4 spells I have left! :)
I can tell Ashra is busy at the moment... probably taking care of a lot of people and their love lives since Valentines Day is around the corner. I really want my soul mate to come back. I miss him so much. Ashra, tells me to wait for him to initiate contact, but its really hard! I cannot wait until Ashra casts a few more spells for me!

I wish you good luck. I have never seen anyone on this forum reporting that they have to use this many spells. I am very curious, did you purchase these spells under the advice of Ashra or was it something you wanted to do?

With this multitude of spells, he should call you any day now. Thats if he is not too confused about what hitting him. Please keep us posted.
I wish you good luck. I have never seen anyone on this forum reporting that they have to use this many spells. I am very curious, did you purchase these spells under the advice of Ashra or was it something you wanted to do?

With this multitude of spells, he should call you any day now. Thats if he is not too confused about what hitting him. Please keep us posted.

It is my personal choice. I know him so well. We had been together for 6-7 years. This man is very unpredictable and he thinks very logically (like a lawyer :laugh:), very intelligent, very smart with his words. I know I need these spells to really bring him back. I know he has a soft heart, but I did hurt him and I guess the build up brought us to break up. Including, me not showing that I love him. I did buy a few more spells! So at the moment below is the total of the spells I have purchased up to date. Ashra, has never force me buy any spells. This was a personal choice once again. Like I said I know him so well and I need all these spells so he will come back to me for sure and quicker then he would otherwise.

The waiting game and waiting for them to initiate contact is the hardest for me. I am getting better in not contacting him everyday since the break up, but Ashra has always told me to let him initiate contact. I am trying my best, as of right now, to just wait and let the spells manifest.


I cannot wait until Ashra emails me to let me know she has casted the rest of my spells :)
Roshmodayz, I wish my husband had your personality. Your love for him knows no boundary.

My husband and I had been together for nearly a decade and our relationship went down hill after we move to a new place. This is when he started meeting new people. I never cheated on him or anything, but he lied to the point where I can't trust him. I want him back but I'm clueless on which spells I need to accomplish this task, rebuilt trust and fix his commitment. Roshmodayz, I cannot afford to invest too much money at this time. I'm going with Ashra because of her positive reviews. If I could, I would order just as many rituals, but I'm a single mother of two. I need to stay within my budget. Which two spells do you think would work on my husband and why?
Thanks for responding. Based on my history with Ashra I know she does not recommend too many spells at once.

I had two cast with her and she told me I don't need to add anymore. I agree with you that the waiting part is the hardest. I am seeing slow movements that started and then stopped.

Hopefully you will get him back before the weekend. That is the hope for me too.
Personally, I suggest emailing Ashra, telling her your situation and she can guide you on which spells to buy. I understand, when you are a single mother it is difficult to stretch your finances. Just explain to her your situation and be honest, detailed, and do not hide anything so she can understand the situation. I told Ashra everything and pretty much the problem. Tell her your budget and I am sure Ashra will be glad to let you know what she can do. Reply, back here so we know what spells you ended up purchasing!
Kathy, The best thing to do is contact Ashra. She is the best one to analyze your situation and tell you what is best for your situation.

Let us know what you have order, keep us posted. Good luck.
Yeah, Ashra never told me she should not cast too many spells. Personally, like I said I feel I need all these spells since my lover/man/soul mate is just so stubborn. If you know him and especially know the side I know, I really need all the spells Ashra can cast. I know I casted numerous spells, however I really want fast results. Currently, I am staying positive, not contacting him (which is so difficult to do), and imagining him coming back to me. I love this forum it gives me hope to know there are others who are going through the same situation as me. Super excited because I cannot wait until Ashra casts my final spell! :) I am so happy I found Ashra and usually before I would be afraid of love spells and rituals in general. It is because of Ashra why I am okay with spells. I will go to her whenever I need help. I CAN TRUST ASHRA!
The way I did it. I first went on her website and found her through Google while I was searching literally "Love spells to bring ex boyfriend back" and there Ashra's website popped up. I went to this link: http://www.ashra.net/contact.php

You can fill it out there and she will respond when she can. Honestly, Ashra has been very responsive to me even when I would literally keep sending her e-mails to confirm with me if she will cast the spell and she reassures me. I can tell Ashra is busy since I know she is the one that casts the spells. Honestly, my advice is to be positive and think positive all the time after she casts the spell. Always remember that everyone situation is different and not everyone will receive fast results. In the public forum I remember reading some situations only take day to a week and some actually took longer. Also, coming from my situation it is really hard to stay positive and not initiate contact with my love/soul mate/man, however I am hanging in there still. I am on the same boat as everyone.
Kathy, see if you can get her on here: http://www.ashra.net/contact.php

Roshmodayz, I only call or text him if he first initiates contact.

I am trying my best to not initiate contact. I am truly having a difficult time in playing the waiting game for my soul mate to initiate contact. However, with this forum it gives me hope, positiveness, and helps me to be patient in having my man initiate contact. I will be on this forum to distract me from contacting him :).

Anya83! It is finally great to reply to you. I remember when I was not initiated/approve to post in the forum and it feels to good to be part of the Ashra community. I am so glad I found her to cast all my spells.. I do not think my lover would of come back without her help. I KNOW MY MAN WILL COME BACK SOON! I cannot wait until Ashra casts my last spells for me :)
Hi Anya83,

Is there any tips that you can provide for us during the waiting period.

After the cast, did you think about him all the time? How did you go from day to day? When you get sad, what did you do to counteract it. Please let me know thanks!

My first situation did not bring my soulmate back, however, there was someone i was hesitant about. I gave it a shot and it was going great with few disagreement here and there. Then he decided to call it quit, maybe I am just bad with luck, i dont know. After he broke up he wanted no contact, after the spells been cast, his attitude and thought process has changed a lot.

He called me after a week of no communication to say he is checking up on me which is a bit shocking.
He doesn't call or text as he should but I have seen small progress and I cannot wait for him to come back.

Today is three weeks since we broke up and two weeks since Ashra cast the first spell.

Due to my first experience i found myself getting worried, i am trying to keep positive.

Thanks for sending me your positive energy.

Will keep you posted.
Yes, when Ashra cast my spells all I could think about was Daniel and I experienced many sleepless nights wondering when he would return. Focusing on maintaining a positive frame of mind and trusting in Ashra relieved a lot of my worry. I kept myself busy read this forum and concentrated on my other responsibilities such as my career.

I expected to wait long, but had Daniel back in my arms in no time. Perception and attitude is everything. I'm a devoted supporter of Ashra. Without her help, I don't know where I would be right now.
We can all keep positive together on this forum. Whenever you feel not positive just know we are all here together as one. Before, when I did not have access to be able to reply to posts. I would read all the feeds whenever I would feel down to keep positive and hopeful. I understand, it is very difficult to keep hopeful and positive especially when you're loved one is not contacting you and waiting until the spells manifest. However, just keep thinking in your head of your soul mate running back to you, calling you, and think about all the good times. That is what I do at night... I play love songs that my lover and I would claim as our love songs and I would imagine all the good times, him calling me to come back, and him running back into my arms. :)