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Ashra Spells Reviews and Comments

Best of luck to everyone on this forum! I hope everyone of you gets what you are your lovers hearts desire! Sending positivity your way!!:inlove: Happy Valentines Day!
Every time I go through Ashra reviews and comment I get encouraged and I feel uplifted seeing how many people she has helped and she is still helping is really a good thing. This gives me hope that, very soon, O am going to have my loved one back.
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I found this site when I was looking for spell casters that seem legitament to their work and I was amazed to see how many people have actually had a positive result from her outcome! A lot of spell casters seem very unhonest. I'm glad I found someone who is legit and has honest reviews. I encourage everyone to learn more and more of Ashra! I'm discovering how beautiful and complex her work is. I know everyone is skeptical at first, but if we all keep learning, we discover more about her and I think she definitely does her job correctly.
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Ashra's reviews are making me feel so positive and hopeful. I am feeling so happy and excited for the members who have successful with Ashra spells. I am really wish I can talking to all of the members who have successful with Ashra spells. I believe and trust Ashra that she can help me.
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I would like to say that when I found Ashra, I was very impressed with all of her positive reviews. They gave me some hope, but I was still skeptical though. However, when I messaged Ashra about my situation and she emailed me back and she was so nice and helpful. I could tell her email was not made by a robot. I'm very happy that I had found Ashra. She has given me hope again :)
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I have gotten a spell cast by Ashra last week and I am amazed with the signs. I have to admit, I am not seeing signs everywhere I turn but slowly I am seeing more and more signs. She is great and although she has been busy she tries her hardest to make sure everyone is satisfied! I am so thankful for that! I am getting close to purchasing my second spell and I can not wait! I know I will see so much more movement quickly.
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Everyone seems to have so many positive reviews for Ashra that it would make it really hard for me to believe that she was not the real deal. I am glad I found this site considering most people are not willing to work with people FOR REAL. They just want the money and they try to attire themselves as if it is just to help others, when really it is not!! But, for Ashra. She shows her way of caring for other people sufficiently unlike these imposters who try and act as a spell caster.
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Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum, but have been watching for a a couple months. Like many people here, I decided to go with Ashra because of all the positive reviews. And I'm very glad I made this decision. Since I first spilled my heart and soul out to her, I knew she would do her best to bring my sweetheart back to me. It's been about a month and a half since Ashra started casting her spells for me, and even though he's not back yet, I know the spells are working. The signs are everywhere, I would just like to see some movement from him. But that will come... soon :)
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I am so glad that she has helped you and your lover are back together! Ashra is truly amazing and she is constantly helping people with their relationships. Right now, I am working to bring my lover back to me. It is truly a blessing that Ashra spends so much time making sure people are happy. I know, she is really a strong woman. She has helped so many hurt people!! Without her, people would be missing out on their true love and their families! She helps people even financially. She is amazing for her job. I am glad people go to her, and no the phonies that exsist. She definitely is a blessing to all.
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I am currently in the same position. I came across Ashra and I have been constantly emailing her back and forth. I absolutely am excited to start working with her as she seems as someone genuine and kind! I have come across many spell casters that just dig you for money and keep asking for more. Ashra seems like someone who genuinely cares about you! This site and the programs she has running are amazing! as they clearly show she is trying to allow people to achieve the best in life without having to dig holes in their pockets.
She is most def a positive soul.
I agree with what the reviews are saying about Ashra... I'm still awaiting what's to come with my spells but I've been trying my hardest. Something about her page seemed very promising. She takes awhile to respond but it's obvious that she is actually doing her job unlike these fake spell casters that respond instantly.
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Ashra's reviews speak volumes about her credibility, and I think the fact that we have a forum to discuss our spells and spread positive vibes is great. It's so nice to have a community that supports one another! I'm still waiting for my results, but it's only been a week and three days, and every situation is different. The most important thing is patience. I'm so happy I found Ashra :)
Ashra is like an angel in my eyes she was there for me when I was at my lowest and I did not know what to do when I lost my lover.
She has been helping me ever since and I have seen so much progress with my spells and Ashra is there for me whenever I need her.

She has so many people sharing there reviews, success stories and she works so hard day and night to make her clients happy. I have been here for 6 months and things have changed so much! Ashra is the real deal and I am certainly sticking with her.
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I read a lot of reviews about Ashra. It made me believe that there got miracles on the way to get back my lost love. These reviews encouraged me. When I was sad and down, these reviews sent positive vibes for me. I hope I can get my goal soon and fall in love again like the people who successfully to bring their ex- partners. In addition, these reviews also proved that Ashra is a real spell caster and able to realise her promises to us. For those who need a help to get back your lover, Ashra is the right person for you.
I'm not completely sure what's going on but I'm seeing weird signs everywhere. signs like his name whenever I go out with other people. Accidentally passing his house with a group of friends last night because we took a wrong turn. May I mind you that he doesn't live around the block he lives a bunch of towns over from me. A friend starting to miss her ex-boyfriend which is the unthinkable because that's my exes best friends ex. So basically if they get back together my lovers going to see that right in his face... which could either do something or not but I think it has a lot to do with my spells coming together. A lot of songs on the radio, a lot of dreams. Little things. But I feel it working now I think and it feels amazing.
Hi everyone,
I am new to the forum/community.
I am not sure if I'm writing this under the right topic, please excuse me if I am not.
I came across Ashra's reviews online as I was searching for reviews of genuine spell casters. I reached out to Ashra and explained my situation to her. She told me she can help me and Ashra recommend Passion Panacea which was cast just recently.

I felt very happy and hopefully because there's something about reading Ashra's emails that reassured me that my ex will be in my arms soon. Ashra spoke with a calm, caring and positive energy.

I contacted my ex four days after object of desire was triple casted and he was mutual, which made me excited. But he followed up with a very blunt and straightforward response.

Which has me feeling doubtful.Because we were so close and he promised he will never leave me, after everything we went through and did as a couple.Finding out he is now living with his ex and wouldn't communicate with me is heart breaking.

I later read on the forum that there should be no contact with ex while the spell is working.But I was not aware that I shouldn't have contacted him. I also read there are dos and donts guidelines.But I searched on Ashra's website and I did not find the dos and donts.

I am exercising patients and am focusing on being positive because,I can't wait for my spells to work, while Ashra is doing her part to help me. I do believe that the reason my ex responded to my initial text message is because of Ashra."A very huge thank you to you Ashra"

Does anyone know if there are guidelines or if there is a link to where I can find the dos and donts to follow after spell has been cast?

Because I don't want to do anything that would jeopardise my spells nor slow them down.
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Google brought me here and I'm very happy I found Ashra, she's my only hope of getting the love of my life back. She has assured me that she's confident that she can help me. From the reviews on here and the positive experiences of a lot of the members, it keeps me positive that in my situation, all is not lost. So I'm working hard to get my karma points up enough to buy the passion panacea spell and get it working as soon as! :) Peace and luck x
Hi Astuti, me too. When I first send an email to Ashra. I was surprised shes so helpful and you know that your talking to someone that really cares about your situation. And its a real person not like people that doing fraud/ fake spellcaster. Im excited to start my spell. I really need it. My boyfriend is confused and he cant decide where to go... i hope Ashra can help me.
I feel absolutely the same. When I ran across Ashra's reviews I could feel that people are so happy about what she is doing. And also, we share very similar experience about the fake spell casters who , after they basically do not help you at all, spam you with tuns of automatically generated emails :( Ashra is actually a person that is my "last hope", because I tried almost everything, including trying to cast some spells myself. I hope my life is going to change finally and that all the obstacles will be removed.
Hope everyone is doing well and staying strong. I just wanted to pop and send positive vibes to everyone who is looking for positive vibes... Well heck to those who aren't looking for them too. Because everyone needs positive vibes about them. :innocent:. It makes my heart happy when I read about everyone's positive experiences and reviews. While I don't have anything important to report, my spells are still doing their thing, I just think it's good to spread some positivity while I wait. Hugs to all.
Ashra's spells and reviews are uplifting. You realize that all these people are talking about one person, well in this world filled with so much selfishness you can indeed find someone like this willing to dedicate her self, her energy, her time, her compassion just to make people happy it shows there is yet hope for mankind. She barely has time for herself.
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I am also very excited to see this all in action, and its nice to know I am not alone in my situations.
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I had decided to contact Ashra after I have read all of the positive reviews about her. I have joined to here on December last year and I am feeling so happy and lucky for meeting Ashra. A lot of people from around the world had successful with Ashra spells and that's are very amazing. All of the successful stories had making me feeling so hopeful and all of the successful stories are very very inspired me. I am really can't wait to share my successful stories at here and I believe that Ashra will bring my lover back to me soon.
Oh Sarahbaybay, sounds like your spells are working their energies.:thumbsup:. All the things you described are not coincidence. The spells are telling you they are working. Ive been experiencing signs like that too. The whole experience is amazing. Are you also getting strong feelings you never had before? This is the time to enjoy the spells doing their work. The feeling is almost addicting.
I'm very excited for you! Your love will be back soon. I just know it! :inlove:
My Review:

I requested the Passion Panacea spell from Ashra, and I added the Ivan Shield.

A couple of the things I requested as part of my desired outcome were for my lover to split up with the girl he was with and for him to open up to me and tell me his true feelings.

Much to my surprise, My lover and the girl had split up within 3 days of my Passion Panacea love spell being active.

Shortly after this, My lover contacted me talking to me for 4 days, one of those days we were talking for 9 hours straight which lead to early hours of the morning, we had never spoken for that long before!

My lover came to my house on a Monday, and poured his heart out to me, he told me how much he missed me, how much he loved me and we shared intimacy.

None of this would have happened without the help of Ashra Koehn!
Hello everybody!.. The spells I've had cast are making some progress..
Last weekend he called and wanted to take me out for dinner. He also surprised me when he asked to stay the night with me. He's starting to call through the day just to check in on the kids and I....
He calls to ask if we are okay and have we eaten, or if we need something...
Our conversations are getting longer everyday.. and we don't even argue like we use to before the breakup!

I'm just so excited to se more movement!

I just can't wait until he comes home completely.

I also noticed that I have changed alot as far as my attitude towards him. I don't get jealous when he's out anymore.. I've really changed..
Sometimes I get a bit anxious but I know ashra has me covered.. never thought meeting someone I never knew could make me feel so confident.. much love to ASHRA..
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Hey Lonelyone!
I am so happy to hear this, this is amazing news! You must be so happy and excited right now right? :D.
I have been seeing a lot of movement with my spells too!

My lover is coming over to see me regularly and he rings me all the time and the conversations are really long and meaningful.

Please keep us all updated on your situation and I hope your lover returns to you soon!
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My Review on Ashra Spells

I can definitely tell that the Passion Panacea and Object of Desire spells that Ashra cast for me and my lover worked very fast. Already two days later I was spending time with him and things felt right, and we were in contact. Four days ago we bumped into each and had dinner together. It's been almost a week and a half since the spells have been cast. I haven't heard much from him these last two days - I guess he might be thinking things through. I just hope he's staying away from other women.

Ashra makes wonders, true magic - and even though I might get anxious once in a while, I'm confident that her powers will come to frutition very soon.

Hoping for the best for all of you.
Sending you all lots of positive vibes and love ❤️
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Ashra's is an amazing person and so are her spells!

I had no experience in ever having a spell casted when I first found Ashra, I had no idea what would come of it, I didn't know how spells worked or how they bring you your desired results, nothing...

Since I have been a client of Ashra's I have learned a lot, I now have a clear understanding of how they work.

Ashra's intentions are pure and she truly does look out for her clients best interests. She has cared about me and my situation right from the start.
The reviews of Ashra's spells I have read on her websites and here on the forum are great.

Ashra has been very responsive to me, l trust her!

Again I am so happy to read the reviews and comments that Ashra's spells work.

Thank you Ashra for filling us with hope, l have much confidence in Ashra after l read the forums.
It also encouraged me so much to try her services knowing that she can help me get my lover back.

l can't wait to order my first spell, l feel grateful to have Ashra!
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I can't begin to imagine where I would be without Ashra right now. It was her wonderful reviews that brought me to her in the first place. And I'm glad I took the chance and asked for her help. She's a sweet, loving soul and I hope to always have her in my life, even when my love finally comes back to me. Being an Aries, patience isn't my strong point but she's given me the strength and courage to sit back and wait for my baby. Some days are tougher than others, as I'm sure many of you understand, but I firmly believe in Ashra and her spells and I refuse to give into negativity and darkness. Thank you Ashra for everything you have done for me and continue to do. You don't know what it means to me to have you in my corner when my friends and family wouldn't begin to understand my fight for my love. And thank you for this wonderful forum for there are people here who will be the friends I so need to pull me through this. And I hope I can be there for them as well.
Read the reviews and you will see that Ashra Koehn is definitely real. You can tell by her emails. Check out her testimonials and see for yourself. I joined the forums due to all of the amazing feedback on Ashra's spells and I'm glad that I did. Ashra Koehn is caring and genuine, can't say it enough.
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I didn't have a spell casting yet. When searching for a spell caster I found her. She asked how she could help me. I emailed her the situation and she came up with a solution. I have read some reviews. I found she is probably the best spell caster out there. The reviews are pretty impressive and lot of people are happy with her spell casting.
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Big hugs back to you Ambrosia. I love all the beautiful positivity on the forums. I get a huge boost every time I read members stories and can't wait till my spells manifest. Wishing all the members on Ashra's forums a positive outcome with your spells and bless you sincerely Ashra for all the happiness you bring.
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Ashra is indeed an amazing woman, she have supported me when I know that no one would ever support me after knowing the truth. Without her in my life I'm clueless. I mean ever since she entered my life I knew god sent me to her for her to help me, I have a ray of hope that things will be possible. I do all that I can to say positive and with that feeling I know what some day my lover will come to me eventually no matter how hard it is.
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I'm so grateful to be part of such a great group of people. Ashra has done so much for so many people and so many situations. This is really great, and i'm really thankful that everyone has had a great success rate. I've been scammed before and it's great to know all of these people have had success. I've read reviews of other casters and you can tell they were paid to put them out. very generic "it worked" or "he's back in my life". No details, no backstory. nothing. It's just great to see actual people getting actual results.
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I have not yet ordered a spell. But i have great confidence that it will work. Ashra's spells have worked for many people and i know it will work for me too. Even though it may take a while I believe it will work. The key to a successful spell is patience and positivity! All I hear about Ashra is positive reviews and I believe that she can help fix my relationship with my ex lover and make my life 1000x better.
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Hello, I am new here, I've read so much about Ashra from everyone in this forum I had to get the Passion Panacea a few days ago and I just bought the Object of Desire to speed things up between me and my man. I don't know if we have broken up or not... its complicated.
But time is ticking for me mostly. So far everyone here has given me hope that he would talk to me again or call me up and that Ashra would be able to help me :)
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I'm so happy for everyone who's spell is showing effects. I love reading your comments! Be sure to keep us updated on how it's going! I am so close to having enough saved so that I can get my first spell cast and I'm so excited. I just wanted everyone to know that they should be patient and stay positive! Your spells will be fully complete in no time if you follow those 2 rules. I hope you all are feeling cheery and hopeful! Have a great day/night!
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You definitely came to the right person. Ashra can definitely help your relationship. Ashra constantly sends emails, not like any other spell caster. Like you, I've seen positive comments about Ashra, which is the reason I'm here right now. I've seen a few negative comments saying she's not what she claims to be, but I choose to ignore them, after all, there's more positive reviews about her than negative. Ashra can take care of you and your situation.