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Ashra Spells Reviews and Comments

Love reading the reviews and comments on here. I haven't had a spell cast as yet but just reading these bring me so much determination feeling relaxed and positive that Ashra Koehn can fix my love life. She's truly an amazing women and works so hard for each and everyone of us god bless him. I really hope that all good things come to that caring thoughtful lady. The first emails I got from her changed me. She's the best spell caster physic I've ever come upon... Your doing amazing work Ashra!
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Ashra is amazing. If you read her reviews on this forum, they are nothing but positive. I am being filled with hope to have K back. I really do trust Ashra. People have said they have been receiving signs and people even said their spell worked. I cannot wait until my spell to be casted. I have done alot to get where i am and this forum changed me. i think Ashra is encouraging and she tells us to never give up on something we truly want. She really does look out for us and that matters. You wont experience this from any other spell casters. When i order my first spell, i will be so excited to experience this journey. So many changes are going to happen. When i first came, i didnt really think this was real but i realized all of us are real people telling others our stories and that we should be positive to encourage others to receive help from Ashra. She is amazing and I do think she is a good woman.
I don't think any other spell caster will have the reviews or even the testimonials like Ashra does. Ashra has helped so many people worldwide and has fixed a lot of broken relationships. Many have come and gone and the stories all revolve around the same thing: Her spells working. Her reviews are real and I would know because real people have made videos and shared them with us on the media section. I don't think you can fake that many reviews and testimonials. I also have my own testimony because I have also had success with her spells. I will continue to leave positive reviews for her work because I am receiving the results that I have always been looking for.
Ashra is very quick to address the issues in your situation, things you may not be aware of so there is no way nothing can go wrong. Ashra is a very thoughtful and considerate person for creating a place where people can ask for her help. I am certain there is no other spell caster or psychic that would do this. Ashra is nearly 17 years in this business now and she has reunited so many people with their lovers and soulmates. Her work is incredible and I am so pleased I met her when I did.
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What influenced me to come to Ashra Koehn was that she had a positive vibe about her and that everything she says is truly genuine. She never fails to respond back when you need it most. She is literally the person to go to if you are having any type of problem basically. She is someone you can trust and she is someone you can rely on to talk to and she is so understanding with financial or spiritually. She is their to talk to and she can better understand you when you are in a tough situation. I rely on Ashra for basically anything. I can to her because I was losing hope on a lot of the psychics I have talked to previously and when I came acrossed her it was like a wave of relief when she responded to me and when I didn't get her email she wanted to make sure that I was okay. So I have a best friend and it is Ashra. So if anyone who comes to this page is considering her don't think twice she is amazing.
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I was wondering has anyone gotten really emotional lately. I'm not sure if it's the spell working or what. I will randomly start to cry at the thought of my lover. Has anyone else had this?
I got back together with my ex just a couple of hours after Ashra had casted my spell. Last month with him was hell! I do not know what and how backfired! A few days ago he left me via sms at 4.30 am!!! Be carefull what you wish for!
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I have read a lot of comments review on Ashra and I have also seen so many video reviews on Ashra's spells and her works and every single client she has worked with have nothing but positive things to say about her and her spells. I hope that one day I too will give my testimonies on how her spells worked for me. I am confident that my spells will work out to my favour faster than I expect, I have so much faith in. Ashra and she won't let me down. Sending positive vibes to you.
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Reading the reviews of so many gives me hope to get back my partner. I had contacted Ashra via email at first and explained my situation. Very responsive and caring. :)
I've only just discovered Ashra and I am still very in the dark as to how these things work. However, I feel like I have nothing to lose and only love to gain. So it's definitely worth the shot. All the positive reviews and comments certainly help me feel more secure, safe & hopeful. I'm trying to gain the love of a man who has the same feelings, but does not know how to react to a caring and loving person. Ashra has comforted me in believing that she can help ease the situation and has even customized a spell to suit this specific situation.
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Hi @Nicola123,
Yea she really is amazing. The things she does is amazing. So many people have benefitted form her help and kindness. It's so positive and supportive here that I have to come on to the forum at least once everyday. I need to learn from everyone here-how to be patient, positive, happy, to trust and have faith. In my situation, it's kinda hard to be all those but I'm trying everyday. I love hearing from Ashra, with the reports after she casts my spells. I have to read them over and over sometimes to keep some form of sanity. :p
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I enjoy going back to this thread and reading the positive comments and reviews. I need to stay positive, it's difficult but this makes me have faith.

Ashra has changed my life. She seems to be the only one that ever was concerned with how I am. No one ever bothered to ask me except my mom and some of you guys. She told me to stay positive and to keep holding on. She is truly the best spell caster I have ever came across. She is a wonderful person that takes time out of her day to help people and comfort them.

I hope you all have a great day! God bless you all!
Hello everybody I am new here. So delighted have read so many testimonials and reviews to push up for those are still waiting the result and their lovers coming back.

I went through all the threats many times already, want to ready some more. Any more successful stories or review to share? I really need some more to push up while waiting.

Many, many thanks!
This is absolutely awesome to hear. I had Ashra cast the same spells for me last week! Now I haven't heard from my love yet but ever since I read the emails confirming the casts I've had a very calm almost peaceful feeling. I'm hoping and praying that is a sign from my spells. I'm not a very patient person normally but I know if I'm patient and remain positive things will move faster. So I have been keeping myself busy with chores around the house and spending time with friends. This way I'm not tempted to send a text message or spy on his Facebook page. It's hard at times though because I just want him back home with me and that other woman out of our lives once and for all. I will keep you all up dated as more things start to manifest. ❤️
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I am so happy I found Ashra Koehn when I did, I was almost giving up on spells because of all the bad experiences I have previously had from spell casters that I have used in the past that don't give results or keep to their word. I am happy to be a part of this great forum. Ashra has done so much for people in the past and I am very positive that she will also give me results too.
She has always been honest with me since the beginning and has helped me out so much. I have purchased a lot of spells from her lately and not once has she let me down. She has given me some of the best reports I've read. Very detailed and gets straight to the point. Whenever I had a concern of mine, she would address if my concern was right or wrong and then explain how she can help make it all better. She's put a lot of time and work into my spells and I'm happy that I've gotten to know her over these past 4 months. So much has changed already and I believe that she can not only give me full results, but to also make sure that I marry my lover one day because I know that we were meant to be soul mates thanks to her. She made me believe in love again and that I can be loved.
I hope everyone who comes across Ashra page has success with their spells! Ashra is truly talented and gifted at what she does and she will not stop! If you all still have any questions, comments or/and concerns please go to the Q&A section!
Hi Lillian! I was in the same boat as you; I’ve searched for days to find a spell caster to help me with my situation and I found Ashra while googling. I honestly didn’t expect to find so many positive reviews, especially those saying that her spells work fast and especially since they work!

I’ve also contacted her and I’m glad you have that confidence in her because I do believe she will help you!
Does it normally take more than two weeks to get a review approved to post? I am wondering because 15 days ago I posted a wonderful review and it says it's still waiting for approval! I want to share how positive of an experience I am having!
Ashra's reviews is what made me come to her asking for help to get my ex back. None else had reviews like hers. She truly made me believe in her and her work I wouldn't go to anyone else. Her videos are amazing you can really feel the power by watching them. She has had so much success I can't wait until I can post my success story. I believe she and her spells are the only things that can bring my ex back to me forever. I can't wait for that day.
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I had been searching all over the internet for spells I can cast on my own to get my ex back. I have ran across so many people asking for large amounts of money I was on the verge if giving up on everything until I stumbled on Ashra website. I then explained to her my situation being very detailed abour everything telling her exactly what happened from the very beginning until now and she has helped me in so many ways possible. Ashra is a very nice, sweet, kind hearted, concerned person who welcomed me in with open arms I trust her 100%. I ever time I contacted her she responded back within a hour or so if she's not busy Ashra is by far the best spells caster I will recommend her to all my friends and family with no hesitation she keeps my mind off of all the negative thoughts and fill with positive thoughts. I appreciate EVERYTHING she does for me THANK YOU ASHRA FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU DO. (HUGS AND KISSES)
Ashra is so amazing and kind! I have not had a spell cast as of yet, but I love reading all the reviews and comments, they are so positive and I know that this is all going to be worth it because my lover is going to to me. Ashra’s spells 100% work! She is the only real spell caster I have ever come across and I am so excited she is going to be casting and personalizing a spell just for me. It makes me feel so special and warm, thank you so much Ashra, you are so amazing! Positive vibes and blessings to you all!
Hi tracon, how is everything going now? Your story was very interesting. I asbsolutely love reading the comments and success stories from people it gives me hope in my situation.
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I found her by looking at 100’s of other spell caster which I found to be mostly scammers and lying about there results. I fully trust Ashra and her spells so I can say without a doubt that her spells are 100% amazing.
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Ashra is really helping people to stay positive, because we are all supporting each other here. I am doing the same, just hoping that he will understand what he had and what he could have done to keep me longer, but I also hope that Ashra will make this progress faster with her spell.
Ashra's reviews are what made me join the forum. I have read so many positive reviews on this forum and it just amazes me on how people's life are changing in a positive way on what Ashra is doing. This is my first experience using a spell caster and I must say, I am so happy I found her. I believe she is going to change my life in a positive way. I can't wait to see how her spells change me!
Wow, I'm glad everyone got their spells granted and worked! I hope that the same happens with me! Me and Zak have a lot of history together and a lot of fun but we just grew apart! I hope Ashra will get us back together! I really do miss him and miss all the fun times we had together and just being around each other. I love this man dearly and would do anything to get him back!
Ashra's reviews and positive comments are the reason why I was pushed to join here on the forum.

Before I deal with Ashra I'll admit I was skeptical at first but reading all positive comments and reviews about her made me convinced then.

I do believe this lady will be the answer to my problems, Ever since I made believe that Ashra is the person that I was looking for.

All I've read are all positive and seems she is really great and amazing and now I am a witnessed at all.

I'm so thankful that I found Ashra, and I wished that I just knew here before because she is really a life saver and a life changer.

I never thought that someone like Ashra is existing into this world. I am so amazed on how she works. She is really one of a kind.
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This is my very first post here, having been a silent observer for sometime while reading and being inspired by other posts and reviews.

I discovered Ashra purely by accident, and this was very timely as I had gotten to a point of no return. After I told Ashra my story, she recommended some spells and over a period of time cast them for me. After these spells were cast, I felt a sense of well being that I hadn't felt in a long time.

Over time, I am beginning to sense some movements, even thought ever so slight, giving me hope that all is going to be well!

I hope I can make some new friends here. Thank you all for inspiring me! And most of all, thank you Ashra! You are indeed a gift to us all!
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Hello everybody,

I'm here to write a review on Ashra spells, and to tell you that they do work!

My first spell was casted February 19, 2018.

The situation between me and my husband was very complicated and even thought sometimes I was very unpatient during the waiting process, Ashra Koehn was there to keep me calm.

Me and my husband separated February 9th and I was so desperate that I started doing some research on spells and I was so lucky to find Ashra on the internet, and I had Passion Panacea casted right away. Then I continued layaring other spells like 10 + other.

Like I said our situation was complicated, and also my husband is very stubborn so I felt that he needed more than one spell. Mental problems and drugs were also involved and was the main cause of our separation. I dont know how, what Ashra managed to do, but my husband came back to me May 26, 2018 and he is a completely changed person. He had to go through his journey in order for him to come back as the person that we both deserved.

I suggest everybody that is on the waiting process to be patient and yo trust Ashra, she knows what she is doing, and the spells will bring your lover when is ready to be the person you deserve, trust me it will happen sooner than you might think.
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When I found Ashra I was impressed by her reviews and how long she was in the business. I didn't believe that she was going to be able to help me at first. Like the rest of the spell casters I found I thought that she was a scammer. I'm so glad that I emailed her the other day. I order passion panacea and am so excited to be getting my lover back, when he comes back. I took his number out of my phone and removed him from my social media, and blocked him. That way he will actually have to call or text my cell phone. Meeting Ashra was a God send. Now I can't wait for her to cast my spell, and bring back my Michael to me. Thank you Ashra!
Ashra's spells are so powerful based on the reviews that she had here in the forum.I maybe skeptic before but I am now being positive to here.I am glad that she helped a lot of people & reading those reviews made me excited to cast my first spell soon.I am still working for the points for spell cast but I am really hopeful that this spells I'm going to purchase will work well to my situation.I really need my lover to be with me & being away from him slowly killing me.Ashra's powerful spells will help me get him back quick!
Ashra's spells are as powerful as the power of universe. When it is coupled with universe power it does wonders. Many people around the world has always been helped by her. Her spells have saved many relations and brought back happiness of millions. She is doing this since 17 years and has done a lot for her clients. Despite of being busy all the time, she always take out time to talk to her clients and understand them very well. Her spells have been proved real and the most powerful. This forum is full of those members who have had success with her spells. I completely believe her spells. I know they will do magic in my relationship and will make everything perfect as I want.
@Neelam do you mind sharing your experience? What spell did you purchase? How long was it before your situation was turned around? I am new here and I'm just trying to get a sense of how this all works. Casting a spell is truly my last resort as I am sadly at my wits end.

@Dulce thank you so much for the details, its very encouraging. You are one of the few people who has chosen to open up about the details of your situation. I really appreciate it. It helps to give newcomers like me a sense of direction in all of this. Has anyone ever spoken to Ashra directly?
When I first went on the search for a spell caster, I was only coming across negative comments about them, until I met Ashra. She has had a lot of amazing, positive results and this is why I contacted her. I knew she would be able to help me. I have had my first spell casted by Ashra on Friday, however, I am already feeling a lot of positive energy and I am pretty sure I will be seeing positive signs and movements soon. Personally yesterday and today I have been faced with two situations which could be seen as signs but they could have just been a coincidence, so I will definitely be looking out for more which, I know I will be seeing soon.
Here is one of many reviews from me!

I put in a request form for freedome fire, now as you may know this spell is specifically a break up spell, however Ashra customuses our spells to suit our needs and wants and i believe she uses elements from other spells to do this if they are needed in order to completely customise our situations.

So anyway, i requested to have my lover break up with his current girl, i call her a 'fling' and a 'rebound' because she was just a distraction from me. However at the time i assumed he had genuine feelings for her and i was heartbroken to see he had moved on so fast.

I also requested for his family to unblock me on social media in order to get over their grudges with me.

Much to my surprise these things happened!! I couldn't believe that what i wanted had actually come to life and unfolded the way i wanted!

Thankyou so much Ashra!!!!! :inlove::inlove:
Hey guys! ... just wanted to come on here to share bc I am truly blown away with the movements I have received on my spells! I got the intial contact after waiting 3 long weeks & a few days of being apart of my lover... I purchased passion panacea Object of desire & love obsession! All 1 week apart from each other! I’m so excited for what’s to come!! @Ashra is truly amazing! ... SHE IS REAL & my results are REAL!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I hope you all get to experience this feeling of not already! it feels good!

Sending positive vibrations! Xoxo
Hey guys! I am real proof that Ashra’s spells do work. I had some spells casted on my ex and after a couple of months he was back into my arms. Unfortunately though he cheated on me and I decided to end it. I have now fallen for this amazing guy but the only problem is that we have never talked or really seen each other in real life. I got Passion Panacea casted on him and Sacred Evael. I am thinking about getting more because thats how much I love this guy! I really want him to be mine and I know Ashra will do everything in her power to make it happen!
Good morning guys I hope everyone's having a good day filled with positive wonderful things. It's really a good feeling to read everyone's success with Ashra's spells, it makes me feel positive and stay strong during my own hard times. Everyone in this community is really sweet and super supportive. If you have any doubts, just ask and anyone who has experience in it will answer your questions. Sometimes I feel down so I just come here and read all success stories or reviews, it basically helps me to stay strong and be patient. I know being really patient while waiting for your spells to work is touch but just keep yourself strong and keep going, even though you may not see any signs it must be working on the other side so stay positive and hopefully soon everything will be okay. Ashra is really sweet guys so she will never judge you so just be open with her about you situation so that she can recommend the spell which will give immediate results. She's been really busy lately cause of her high demand so be patient, she may take a while to update us but it doesn't mean she's ignoring. Anyways Take Care, love and light. :)
We are very lucky that we have found Ashra Koehn. I feel very happy and lucky. She gives me hope and I believe that I will get my ex boyfriend back. She is a very kind and amazing person. We all have to stay positive. I want to help people in the forum and I want to give them positivity. We can all be positive together on this forum. We have to be positive.