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Ashra Spells Reviews and Comments

I am still very mind blown by the fact that after having Passion Panacea active for two weeks, I saw my first sign on Sunday, it was pretty big as well and very unexpected but it has made me even more positive, and even though I am yet to see any more signs and movements, I know that they will happen, I just need to give the spells a little bit more time. I know that Ashra works hard, and it really does pay off, and the fact she works so hard to help us all it really is fantastic. All the success stories prove that she is real and that she does genuinely care about her clients. I would recommend Ashra to anyone, she is warm, caring and trustworthy, and her spells work like a charm! I’m glad I left a positive review about her services.
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I love reading all these reviews! It gives me hope and positive vibes and keeps me staying strong! My spell was cast a day ago and I got a Facebook message last night around 1AM (I was already asleep) from my love but he was asking when he could come get the rest of his stuff.. but I AM STILL STAYING POSITIVE AFTER SEEING THAT!! Then about 30 minutes later he text me but it was just a random "hey" .. I have not responded because I was asleep at that time. But at least he was thinking about me even though it was to get his stuff! But I'm happy and I'm certain with Ashra's help he will be rushing back into my arms soon! Thank you all for all the wonderful stories you have shared on here! It really helps with staying positive!
Hi everyone how you all doing today. I love coming on the forum to read all the positive reviews and comments. When I feel heartbroken and missing my ex boyfriend then I just come to my forum family and I get all the positivity here.
Thank you guys I really appreciate for giving us all the positive reviews.
Thanks Ashra for all the positivity you give to all of us I really do appreciate it

Lots of love and more positive vibes to everyone
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I have a question, please.
Ashra Koehn deserves all of the good reviews. My spell actually worked. It’s been going well. He and I had an argument Sunday, I thought it was petty, but he have not contacted me since. I’m so upset, I’m not sure what I should do. I’ve contacted Ashra, i haven’t heard from her, but I know she’s busy. Any suggestions? It’s difficult to stay positive, but I’m trying! All advice are welcome.
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Hey guys. @maracx hello ashra is really amazing amazing person and so is her work also. I hope that you continue to see signs on your spell. Yes you are if ashra said that this will going to happen it really is. Just continue to believe in her work because she already helped a lot of people. She is a considerate and understanding person. Soon I want to purchase a same spell also and I know and I believe in ashra's that she will going to make my desired outcome happen. Wish you all the best
I seriously can’t wait till the day I can come on here, & share my honest full review. This woman has had to put up with me driving her nuts all week from boosting my spells, to me adding 2 more to my growing list :laugh:. I think I chose well literally I believe god pointed me in the right direction helping me to get the love of my life back. I’m feeling so energized, & happy lately I can’t even explain! I think she must’ve hit me with a little dose of something too haha. Anyway love, & peace to everyone. Sending positive vibes to everyone today!
Many queries answered, complicated issues resolved, essence of life have been restored and positive-ness started pumping back in every vessels....
I had Distant connection on call with Ashra Koehn who performed distance Reading
after which my every cell of body emitted the rays of positive energy, I have never felt so motivated and sorted in my life before.....
She patiently answers all the questions with 100% accuracy, and go beyond appointment slots to help you,
like a friend, like a mentor, like a GOD’s own voice directing and holding your hand to stand on your feet again.
Hey everyone!!!! I hope your all are doing good and having an amazing day. Ashra is such an amazingly wonderful woman, she has restored my faith and I am able to stay strong and positive cause of her positive support towards me. She has always been there for me and helped me feel better. All the reviews that you see above are true, and many members had positive success stories with Ashra. Ashra has always been like a miracle in our life's, trying to help us out to make sure that all her clients are happy and having a good life.
I wonder if she does other spells other than love spells? Correct me if I'm wrong though! I would love to request a spell on other things too such as beauty!:laugh: I love reading all her reviews.
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Hi, I’m new to the forum and after hearing all the positive reviews from everyone I feel very hopeful that my spell will work. I got passion panacea casted last week. Although I haven’t seen anything yet, she told me that the emotional connection was still there and it should increase over time. Does that mean he still has feelings for me?
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A very good day to everyone reading this review. It is been quite a while since I visited Ashra's forum and I think everyone had a good outcome as most are now happy in the situation they are having in. It would be grateful to read your experiences or any update this year but I think most of us found already their expectations andare busy now on their happy life. I want you to know that your success on your situation will give us hope also on our love problems. Please keep everyone motivated and trust Ashra spell casting.
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I have found Ashra online and when I looked into her I saw how many positive post she had about her spells and how cheap her spells were or that she could help you for free if you really need it and I was excited to try her out. Reading more and more post on Ashra about her spells made me have more hope in her and I got my first spell cast. I haven’t found a good spell caster until I found Ashra and I know her spells do work by the comments and I have seen signs from my spell and I can’t wait for huge movement from Ashra spell because I know her spell will work. Also I do love her spells that she offers
Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing just okay today. As we all know that Ashra is a success rate and she always has new clients every single day. I do believe that she is the real deal. Her positive reviews tell everything. We don't need to doubt her skill anymore. Her 18 years of experience is enough to show us how amazing she is. Although I haven't reconciled with my lover yet, but I know he is getting a lot closer to coming back. I only need to be patient. To those who are still waiting, please try to relax and think positive. Ashra wouldn't have taken your case, if she didn't think that it's possible to be fixed.
I would highly recommend people use the Love Embers spell!

I had a good feeling about this spell. I was really connected to it.

At first, Ashra said that I should wait until my lover and I are on talking terms or back together before getting this spell.

However, Ashra supported my decision by getting this spell even though me and my lover had not spoken in a while.

When I got this spell I felt incredible, I could feel the power of it within me.

In just a short amount of time my lover contacted me!! after no contact for a while this was the spell that got him to contact me again, and when he did, he came over to my house and he was all over me.

He was shy but confident, he put his arm around me, he wanted me to sit next to him and he leaned in for a kiss and one thing led to another. it was magical.:inlove::inlove:
Ashra is the best spell caster I ever found over all the spell casters I have asked for help! There are so many different spells that Ashra offers that I feel so connected to! I am not sure which spells I should get to be honest! Well, I am glad that I found Ashra. :inlove::inlove:
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Ashra is and always will be the best spell caster, Ashra knows what she is doing and she works so hard for everyone who comes to her. I know she is capable of changing anything and bringing us the results that we desire.There will never be another like Ashra Koehn. She is a close friend to me and someone who I will always go to and trust :). I feel lucky to be working with her, she is a diamond.
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Ashra has been nothing but amazing. Her positive reviews on Trustpilot reflect her true caring nature. I was a new customer some weeks ago but I have become a returning customer with several spells active. I have saw a lot of signs from my spells earlier which helps stay positive. I will always come back to Ashra. I wish I was a millionaire. I would definitely purchase a lot more.
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Honestly, there will be no other like Ashra. She is a diamond and the most kindest person I know. I am so glad that she is in my life. I dread to think what my life would be like if she was not there helping me like she is. She is like a very close friend to me and someone I can rely on and trust with anything. She always takes the time to boost our positivity even when she is so busy with work. She is extremely considerate and I have always admired her for that.
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