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Ashra spells vs other love spell casters

Julia Tamu

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What is the difference between Ashra spells vs other love spell casters online? I'm leaning towards Ashra as I love her reviews, but this is only my second time using spells and I want to make sure I'm picking the right spell caster.

I live in the United Kingdom. me and my partner have been together for more then 8 years we have 2 boys together. However, we have recently split up and I am finding it very hard to move on without him. Can Ashra's spells bring him back or is another love spell caster more specialized in this? My situation is quite urgent and he is now in a relationship with another woman. I have tried another spell caster and it is not working! I am tired of having this emptiness feeling. I know I'm asking a lot of questions. Can anyone help ease my concerns?
Welcome Julia Tamu, I have used other love spell casters and they just took my money. I can tell you this... just get on here, read the reviews and start asking others. They will tell you she is the real deal. My spells are on their 2nd week so I can't speak about any movement just yet. However there are several people on here who have shared their success stories. The best thing you can do is ask Ashra yourself. Just explain your situation and she will guide you the whole way. Once you have your spell cast, just remember to stay positive and read the reviews on this forum because they really do help. Best of luck.
Hi Julia,

I emailed Ashra with my situation, asked her for advice and if she could help with my situation. I have honestly never thought about things like spells before and was a huge skeptic, but after talking with Ashra and reading the reviews I decided to take a leap of faith. I have to say I am so glad I did. I know it must be heartbreaking for you at the moment, but I would highly recommend Ashra's spells to anyone looking for a true love spell caster. She is amazing and she has helped me through one of the worst times of my life. Even though my spell are till in progress, I know it will happen soon and I have full trust in Ashra spells. I hope this helps
Julia! Welcome to the forum. YOU CAME TO THE RIGHT PLACE AND YOU ARE IN GOOD HANDS! Ashra, has helped thousands of individuals each year bring back their lover and has over 15+ years of spell casting experience. Ashra, also helps with other general spells as well and more! The forum is your ultimate proof that Ashra is REAL, AUTHENTIC, AND LEGIT. Honestly, I was very hesitant to go to Ashra for help, but her video, forum, and client base gave me that push to know Ashra is real. Ashra, is such a kind, sweet, and caring woman because she cares about all her clients. When I contacted her on January 8, 2016, she was very approachable and I loved how she responded immediately. She wanted to help me right away! Having a love spell caster who is real, cares about me, and is not there to take advantage of me is important. I am truly happy you found Ashra. There will be no other spells caster who I will go to.. ASHRA ONLY. Also, I am very religious as well and believe in God, but I know her spells are all for good. WELCOME JULIA! Be positive and know Ashra will make your life the way you want it. HER SPELLS WORK!
Hi Julie! Definitely go with Ashra! She has over 15 years experience in casting spells and she cares very much about her clients. If you can't afford to buy a spell, you can request for her to cast a free spell and she will gladly do it. A ton of people on here have success stories. Some people see results quicker than others, but Ashra's spells work almost 100% of the time. I've had an experience with a fake love spell caster before and it was terrible. Other people on here have experienced it too. If you are considering getting a spell from Ashra, I say go for it! She will not let you down. If your situation is urgent then I can assure you that Ashra spells will not fail to make sure you get what you desire.
Welcome to the forum Julie! You wont be disappointed with Ashra's services.
There are so many people on this forum. If Ashra's spells didn't work then you wouldn't see so many positive statements about Ashra's work:)

Leave your situation in Ashra's hands. Be honest with her, tell her everything. The more details you give to her, the easier it is for her to work with your situation and to bring back your loved one.

Don't forget to follow the guidelines she provides too.
Before I met Ashra, I had a psychic tell me the same thing about Elisabete and myself. That we had a soul connection and are meant to be. Then that psychic started trying to exploit me! That is why I am glad to met Ashra and believe in her and her ability! It is why too that I am placing all my trust in her cause everything else has been a hoax!!! It probably why too I am too anxious to be back with her!!!! Hopefully something happens soon or Ashra finds out what is wrong on Thursday!!!!
I had a few psychic readings over the phone before i found Ashra. They were not very convincing and they did not tell me what i was hoping to hear. Luckily i found Ashra and now i know that i will get back what my heart truly desires.

Ashra is much different to other spell casters. I will never trust any other spell caster!
I was about to try another spell caster's spells when I saw her on the internet. I got in contact with her and asked her if there is a definite result once i purchased a spell from her. This other spell caster said that there is no guarantee because it depends on the situation. After that, I searched her name and saw that she had a lot of clients complaining that once they purchased a spell from her she was not replying in email. Gladly, I did not made a move to purchase because of all the reviews that I saw. She constantly messages me from time to time offering discounts in her spells.

Ofcourse, I am definitely thankful that i had Ashra's help. She guarantees results though it may take time depending on your situation. Now, I am seeing big progress!
Hi Julia, I have had really difficult situations that I left in Ashra's hands and I was very happy with the results! I have tried other casters myself and all they want is more money each and every time. No results! When i met Ashra it all fell into place. Some spells took longer to work then others but i always saw some form of movement. I would strongly recommend you to speak to her and ask her what she can do for you. Always stay possitive and believe! Looking forward to hearing about your happy ending! X
I actually had someone contact me after i had Ashra cast my spell. This other person was very busy at the time i tried to contact her. She offered a free divination and last week she got back with me with it. I had forwarded the whole thing to Ashra. It almost said the same thing Ashra said except that she didn't see me and my love getting back together anytime soon. That was the only thing different Ashra said differently. So i think there are some that are not scammers out there. However I'm very happy with Ashra and i won't be going anywhere else.
A lot of spell casters are just giving false to magnet clients and get their money but will not provide results. It sadness me how many people would do that just to gain money. Ashra is not like that. She is a real love spell caster. If she was in this to make money, maybe I wouldn't have seen movements from my stubborn ex. Without her help maybe we both would have moved on and we would never again express interest with each other. I got a spell from her and it worked pretty amazing. I am still waiting for the fully result, but I believe that if I will hold on and stay positive it will be mine very soon. Do not go anywhere else but put your trust to Ashra the spell caster. She will surely help you with any of your situation. ;)
Yes, all of you guys are true. Ashra is the clear winner vs other spell casters. There are too many fake spellcasters and scammers online. They are telling you to pay this and that, do this and that. And much to our desperate situation, will follow them. Then soon, much to our regret for the results. I don't think Ashra is one of them. Ashra is the only spell caster and the right one for us! She is the only one who could help us solve our problems and help us whatever our hearts desire is to come true. She will help us be happy and contented in our situation. Believe me guys, you will feel positive always once you have joined this community, be active in this forum... much more of the awaited, complete points to cast a spell for yourself through the help of Ashra.
You are all right. Unfortunately a lot of people put their faith in spell casters who are only out for money. Some fake spell casters use black magic, and some others don't know how to cast a spell at all! It's a shame that some people are being scammed by people who don't know another way to make money. Ashra is the only spell caster that I will ever trust. If I know someone who is having trouble with any situation, mainly love, I would recommend that they try Ashra's spells. She helps out so many people!
Ashra Koehn vs Fake spell casters has a nice ring to it don't ya think ;)

I have had my moments where I have been quite rude to Ashra, I do not mean it at all. I have a short fuse and a bad temper. It isn't a good thing. Ashra has never been rude back to me. she's always tried to be as supportive as she can. Ashra respects her clients so its only fair that we give her respect in return.
The only difference between Ashra's spells and other love spell casters is this ---- ASHRA IS 100% REAL while others are just a big fake. Bear that in mind dear. Since you are new here, we cannot blame you for maybe, having a little doubt with Ashra. However, you are free to read the testimonials and watch the videos submitted by her clients. Ashra can help you with your problem. All you have to do is to be positive at all times and never break Ashra's rules, because it would take effect on the manifestation of the spells. It would make a delay for the result, dear. Feel free to share your thoughts here. We are all here to listen to you and give you advice, cheer you up! Keep smiling!
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I could only imagine the emails Ashra would get if people think she's fake! Ashra shouldn't have to sit there and try to convince people she's the real deal! I'd hate for Ashra to have trouble come her way when people are doubting her powers and the person she is. Ashra wouldn't go through the trouble with the forum, and her websites and many other things if she wasn't real. I doubt she would waste her time.
I have to say, I have never had results so fast; EVER in my entire life with any spell caster. I am trying so hard not to go nuts about this but it was almost instantaneous; literally... it seemed like it happened not even 6 hours later than my lover contacted me. I talked to Ashra because I had missed his phone call, and I had called him back. I kept on being told that I might have stopped the work on my spell... When I talked to Ashra, she said that she didn't think I screwed anything up and that I was fine. I am still waiting for instructions from her, but I have been waiting patiently and returning his calls if I miss them only...
I've called and researched a few different spell casters and Ashra is the first to respond with a genuine and caring response. I truly believe she can help me through what I'm going through.
I'll be honest, I've NEVER found a legit spell caster like Ashra. You can tell how real they are from how much they care about your situation and also how much they ACTUALLY want to try to help you. There are very few spell casters out there who are as caring as Ashra....
I would like to point out something else that makes Ashra different and better to other spell casters. Ashra manages to always stay calm with her clients. I have had some moments that I'm not proud of and Ashra has always been calm towards me back, she has never said nasty things to me or been rude, she has never retaliated to my bad behavior.
I don't think there are ANY spell casters out there that care like Ashra does. she's the real deal, she has a very big heart for people. She has dedicated herself to all her clients, that alone says a lot about her. I'm glad I have found Ashra, she cares enough to bring love and happiness back into people's lives. she has little to no time to herself, she's committed to her community, I love Ashra!
I agree with you Gaby. You can just tell by how organized, kind, and fair she is that she is different from other spell casters. Also the fact that the magic just runs in her DNA probably helps. Other spell casters are either amateurs or completely fake all together. Ashra has had so many years with spell casting and it also runs in her family. She manages to keep up with all of her clients and brings joy into so many people's lives!
Ashra having magic in her blood already says a lot about her. Spells can be done at home using materials and candles, but they very rarely work. I have not personally tried it, however, I would rather seek a professional love spell caster that will do it for me and knows what they are doing. Hence why I only trust Ashra with my situation. Ashra has a lot of people to help, that's the best thing about having an Akychi spell caster, they genuinely care.
I have heard of spells you can do on your own, but since we are not experienced or like Ashra, it probably wouldn't work. I've heard that sometimes if you do it on your own it will backfire on you.

I think Ashra is the only spell caster you can find online AND trust. We all know how kind and caring she is. We are all grateful for everything she does for us.
There is no doubt that Ashra is a wonderful spell caster I have ever met and success of her spells, anyone can see by the post in this forum by the members. Her spells worked faster then anyone can imagine for many peoples. I used a spell caster before and he was doing rituals for me from 6 months he was also good in speaking but he used to lie a lot and when I caught his lie he became angry or hung up phone. he used to made promises that after this ritual I will get result but his promises never completed. He took a lot of money from me in first 30 days. Although after that he never asked money from me and told me that he is doing rituals for me on his own cost. but he never provided result as he always promised. I was in his contact even after I found Ashra because I used to trust him and don't want to loose any chance of getting my love. However, Finally he proved that he was a scammer. He finally changed his contact number although I got his new number as it was updated on his website and even called him once but he disconnected soon hearing my voice. I did not contacted him again because its already clear that he was fooling me and he cannot help me. he always told me that he will provide 100% refund if its not successful. but he is not man of his words so I let it go because if somehow by another number I get him on call he again hang up and I don't want to abuse him because its not going to benefit me anyway.

I was bit hesitant to use Ashra in start, but after see her reviews and her support on emails, I became confident that her spells are definitely going to work for me. I assumed that it will open the communication between me and my love very soon. till now I am waiting for some movement, things are not very good. I assume my situation is very complex to get faster results.
I think, all of us here are a bit hesitant at first with Ashra, because we have experienced being fooled by other online spell casters and scammers out there, before we met Ashra online. So, the trust we have given to them are already broken and that made us hard to trust Ashra at once. However, Ashra, having a good heart gave our minds and hearts a decision to trust Ashra. She is a very genuine love spell caster. She is not fake. I am enjoying all of the positive reviews on Ashra and meeting others on this forum. This has been a part of my system already. One day, I am not logged in, it seems like something is missing in my life already. I am not crying anymore. I have my time focused on this forum. I'm really happy.

Do not worry about your spell. It would only weaken the spell manifestation. Think positive and believe in yourself. You will see right in your very own eyes how Ashra's spells work. Get yourself ready for the big turn in your life. Keep us posted and hope to hear positive news from you soon. Goodluck!
One of the reasons I believe Ashra is that she gives us the opportunity to use her services.

She has a gift and help others not for money. This is rare, well, I have never seen someone this way, at least here in my country.

Sometimes I do not believe in spells, but when I come here my heart gets so happy and I feel she will help me like she helped so many people.

Good luck to all ;)
You are totally right about that. I never agreed with any other love spell casters to cast a spell for me, but I tried to see if there is someone that is going to help me and finally i found Ashra. It was like a blessing for me and i am so happy that i came to her and asked her for help.
The main reason why I think Ashra is different is that she isn't about the money and tries to help everyone possible. Once I asked a spell caster to help me but he wanted $300 that I couldn't afford..I was so desperate. I never believed in spell casters, but when I found this site later I saw comments were very positive about Ashra spells vs other love spell casters. I emailed her for the first time but I was scared that this would be a lot more money again. Ashra was very kind and very polite. Thanks a lot for this oppotunity Ashra. God bless you and you generosity. Love you
You are right candy! Unlike other love spell casters, Ashra never encourage us to buy more spells then what is needed. She told you clearly that its your choice to want to add additional spells, but its completely optional as your active spell is enough for your situation. This proves that Ashra is not doing this for money, also ashra gives us this KP system to earned them by a fair way and used them for our spells. There is no other love spell caster I have come across in the world who has been so helpful to people all over the world.
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You are all right. Ashra is so different from the other love spell casters and we are so lucky to have her help.

Oh my god i can not Wait to see the results. I am so anxious and trustful. She is blessed
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What I forgot mention and suggest to everyone. Be careful who your trust, because there are a lot of other love spell casters who lack the experience or simply are not who they say they are. Don't give them money before hand, because you can regret it later.

I would never believe Ashra if I didn't read the thousands of positive reviews about her spells. All the comments about her were positive and this was the reason I ask for her help. I know she is real, beautiful, generous and always there for her clients. Thanks again for this opportunity Ashra!
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I don't know of any other true love spell casters like Ashra. She cast Passion Panacea between me and my lover Emily and it is working. I would never cast my own spells because I don't want to have it backfire and end up with her father at my house with a shotgun. :laugh: I would recommend Ashra to anyone who is have relationship or Marital issues. Thanks Ashra, you are turning my life around and no other spell casters compare to your talent!
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I dont trust anyone but Ashra with casting my spells because my husband is starting to come out of his shell now and he is talking to me. After I had a spell caster threaten me and my unborn child's life, I stopped believing in magic until I met Ashra. I was skeptical of her, but she talks just like a regular human would and she even asked me for pictures to use to help my spell. We still use pictures and all and I like it because it helps my spell.
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Just by reading these comments makes me for certain that I've chosen the correct spell caster. It really happened by chance because I have been searching for a legit spell caster for a while now. I absolutely can not wait to try Ashra's spells out so that I can see first hand what the deal is. I felt like the complexity of my situation has made me feel discouraged along this journey because things never changed for the better although at some point he had came back. Made me wonder if it was the spells at all or did he come back solely because he wanted to. I'm grateful to be apart of this forum and look forward to updating with good news one day. As for those if you who have seen changes in your situation thanks for the inspiration and much love peace and warm vibes to you all.
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There is absolutely no similarity between Ashra and the other spellcasters; I don't even want to compare them. Ashra is so lovely, so encouraging, so divine, so wise and she definitely us endowed with the healing powers. That is only because of her deep desire to add a smile on everyone's faces and make their lives better and peaceful. I thank her almost every day because without her, life wouldn't have been the same, at least for me!

These fake spellcasters should learn something from her that true happiness lies in helping others and not by luring money from them.

I have a deep respect for Ashra and I am glad to have come across her site.
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There are a lot of things that separate Ashra from all the other "spell casters." For example, she is not a scam artist like some of the "complaints" make her out to be. From what I've deduced, they are just competitors trying to make her lose business and luring other people into scam artists who are only after your money. If Ashra was a scam artist, then why would she a.) make a forum for people to share their own experiences with her, or b.) set up a system where people can use points to buy spells if they couldn't afford them?
The list is pretty endless and self explanatory when it comes to the difference between other spells casters and Ashra. Though i have yet to seek her services due to me still saving up for a spell. I have however had the opportunity to become well accustomed to the site and have had read lots of very promising posts that give me high hopes. I know from experience that lost of alleged spell casters require great fees for their services and do not offer any other means of payments or plans. Ashra has designed a fool proof method of allowing us to afford her spells. I appreciate this because any other way I could not afford her services even though they are very affordable. She seems to greatly care about her customers and I've heard even gives out a report on her experiences while casting spells for her clients. I feel very fortunate to be apart of this community and do hope that this helped someone. Peace love and kind wishes.
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I have used other spell casters and been scammed because I was so naïve. None of them gave me detailed messages about when they had apparently casted the spells. All they were concerned about was asking for money then more money when the spell didn't apparently work. They also never updated me about what stage they were in with spellcasting whereas Ashra messages me to ask me how I am, how things are going, if she's seen any process with my lover and she also messages me to let me know when she will be casting the spell and if she won't be able to message me straight away about it. She also tells me how the spell went and gives very detailed messages about what she saw while casting the spell. I love rereading the messages because it helps keep my morale up and know that soon enough my lover will contact me :) While most spell casters will harass you for money, Ashra understands that money doesn't grow on trees so will never pressure you into casting a spell unless you can afford it. Which I think is why it's so great that she has given us an opportunity to be able to cast spells a different way.