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Ashra spells vs other love spell casters

Ashra is the most genuine person I have ever come across, she deeply cares about everyone and she does her best to help everyone and she stays with you every step of the way until full results are achieved. I have spoke to other spell casters in the past and none of them seemed interested in what was going on with me all they cared about was money. Ashra is different, she helps people regardless of whether they have money or not she is a very lovely woman and she considers all of us as her friends.
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Hiya Julia Tamu!

We all have been given false hope or been robbed of our money at one point requesting a spell from other spell casters. Ashra isn't like that. She tells the truth and she isn't just in it for the money. She truly cares about your situation and understands how the world can be a cruel place. She actually is interested in helping people with their problems. She doesn't give you false hope she is truthful. Ashra's spells a guaranteed to work. Her spells are very powerful and she is experienced.Her spells won't backfire and won't wear off. They are always active. I would recommend Ashra's spells to anyone who's looking for a genuine, thoughtful, experienced spell caster. I wish you luck on your search for spell casters! God bless
I have yet to have a spell cast with Ashra, however, the communication she provides from the beginning has been reassuring and personal. I did try Xara but I do believe it's just a website designed to take requests and then lets you think it's for real. I tried California Psychics a while back and while the ex came back the day it was cast, the spell didn't work. The spell indicated that he would be a changed man, yeah, no... our on again, off again relationship is proof of that!
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I have spoke to quite a lot of different spell casters but Ashra is the best one I know and I think she is the worlds best one and always will be. Ashra genuinely cares for all of her clients and she is there for us every step of the way whereas most other spell casters and psychics are not.Ashra can monitor your spells for you at anytime and she has a way about her that makes you feel comforted and at ease. Ashra is amazing!
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I love me some Ashra. Not only does she delievers results but she CARES. I've talked to a spell caster before I fully committed to Ashra. Once the caster emailed me back I was so turned off. Ashra emails are personal and shes like a friend thats there to help you get through a tough situation. She doesn't charge crazy prices or ask you for extra money. watch out for casters who ask for extra money and things that scream "scam".
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I love Ashra. She's done so much for me and made me a firm believer in white magic because she's given me such positive results. She's become one of my closest friends and I trust her with anything that I tell her and not once did she judge me, she was there to help me. No other spell caster can beat Ashra. They simply can't. I've talked to other spell casters before I chose Ashra and they were so rude and only demanded money. Not to mention the way that they talked seemed really sketchy and hard to believe. I think Ashra is the only true spell caster out there. I'm sure there are others who are true, but not as good as Ashra.
Hi Ladyshell2323, I love me some Ashra Koehn! Because her price is reasonable. Most spellcaster ask for too much money and that's how I was able to purchase a lot of Ashra spells to help with my situation. I trust and believe in Ashra Koehn and that's why I would never leave Ashra Koehn even when my lover is back with me for good. Ashra Koehn knows what she's doing and she has me as a client and friend.
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Ashra is the most genuine person I have ever met, she is amazing and I am so pleased to be working with her. She is always there for her clients and she actually cares about what you are going through and she works her hardest to bring you the results you need. Other spell casters do not really care about you at all and only wanna know how much you can pay them and try and scam you. Ashra has never cared about money she cares for us and sees us all as her friends.
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Ashra is the only spell caster I have worked with, so I don't have any personal experience with any other spell caster. But I can speak with all certainty that Ashra is the only spell caster I will ever hire to help me with whatever situation I need help with. She is kind, genuine, and very talented. Everyday brings me signs that my spells are working and her reassurance that she will be with me every step of the way helps keep me dedicated to pursuing my dream of having my lover back.
Unlike other spell casters, Ashra cares about a person's well being, asking about events and checking up on them to see how things are going. Normally, spell casters also only care about money. This is also how she differs. She just wants to help people, and she will create a personalised plan for anyone. Besides that, Ashra is able to give a spell the effect of long lasting, unlike other casters. She doesn't contact a person after a spell has been cast, telling them they need to buy another spell, either.
Ashra is the most genuine person I had ever come across. She does care for everyone. Her communications are reassuring and personal. She is there for us every step of the way. She's interested in helping people with their problems. Ashra spells are guaranteed and she has more than 16years of working experience. Ashra helps people regardless of whether they have money or not. She is a very lovely woman and she considers all of us as her friends.
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Ashra is the best friend I ever had. She is so understanding about your situation and she understands what you are going through. When I reached out to her she understood what I was feeling. Even at my lowest points, she was there for me and she was like the best friend that I never had. Other spell casters would have been rude to me and they would cuss me out and they would pretend to care about my situation between my ex and I but all they really cared about was the money that they were going to receive from me and I had a gut feeling that with them I was never going to see him again in my arms. Of course I was skeptical about the other spell caster but with Ashra it was different. She was caring and honest, she loves what she does and she is not in it for the money. She wants to make a difference in people's lives. I have read tons of post from people that are on this site and they are all grateful for her in their lives too. As for other spell casters that I have read they all have bad comments and the reviews were endless of warning and I am a believer of Ashra. Have a great night everyone and do not forget to smile everyday!
If you're looking for a verified spell caster with stellar results and reviews, Ashra is your best choice. Honestly I haven't found any other spell casters online that are as amazing as Ashra is. If youre going to hire a spell caster. I would suggest using a spell caster that is experienced, is verified as real, and has reviews from real live people. Ashra is all of those things. I have found no other spell caster on the internet that meets all those basic requirements that being a perfect spell caster needs to have. Go with Ashra!
Can you even compare Ashra koehn to any other spell caster? The difference between Ashra koehn and many other spell casters are obvious. First of all, Ashra is a real and true person, she is a genuine spell caster with a heart of gold that is ready to help her clients achieve their love desires no matter how hard or difficult it seems. She truly care about her clients and she puts in all her time and total dedication into her spell work to ensure her clients get their desired results. Can you even compare Ashra koehn to any other spell caster? The difference between Ashra koehn and many other spell casters are obvious. First of all, Ashra is a real and true person, she is a genuine spell caster with a heart of gold that is ready to help her clients achieve their love desires no matter how hard or difficult it seems. She truly care about her clients and she puts in all her time and total dedication into her spell work to ensure her clients get their desired results.
I know that other spells may not work because I know nothing about their background, success rate, or experience. Ashra is very genuine and she has helped many people before me and she continues to help people. Ashra's spells take time to manifest because they are permanent and actually work. I don't know the case for other Spell casters and I wonder if their work is only temporary. Ashra's spells aren't temporary and will work over time. I would know because I have gotten results from her spells multiple times and I will continue buying.
I will never ever look for another spellcaster after I have found Ashra. She is the only one who decided to help me and the only one who is working in my case and I wouldn't have it any other way. She helped me when I needed it the most and she is still helping me and I will be devoted to her for the rest of my life. Anyone who is smart enough will do the same.
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Well I have worked with other spell caster and all of them were fake except for Ashra she is the real and best spell caster in the world. Other spell caster in the name of money and getting your ex back for sure try to manipulate you, you will have to keep waiting only as they are trying to cheat you, only Ashra Koehn gives you the complete report and even suggests you what to do. Just keep the trust in Ashra.
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To any one who is looking for spell casting somewhere else's, he or she has come here only after they were disappointed by other casters. I am sure this is the case with most of us. But Ashra's wont let us down. Her spells are really powerful. I know because i have experienced the power on my own. I have seen some amazing movements from the spells I purchased from her. My experience with other spell casters has been disappointing so I would no doubt put Ashra on top and give her preference.
There are so many differences between Ashra and other spell casters online. In fact a big and huge difference because Ashra in all is very sincere, trustworthy and an amazing person. She isn't the type who will go ahead and do something she doesn't know how to do or she has no idea of. With reference to other spell casters, they will try every means to convince you that they are capable of solving your problems even if they don't have any idea of what they are going to do. Maybe they are only interested in the money you pay them and that is it but Ashra is a big different from them.
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I have also looked into other spell casters and I am happy that I found Ashra. I am glad that I did not spend my own money on other love spell casters before I found Ashra. She is truly a life saver. I am saving up for a Passion Panacea spell and I have read about how the spell has help others, so I am excited to purchase my own. I definitely would recommend Ashra to everyone because finding her was the best thing that has ever happened to me.
Ashra is the most real and genuine person I've ever met and she really does care about all of us on here. She sees us all as friends which is so lovely she also created this forum for all of us to work to get spells and to interact with everyone else who is working with her which is so great. I don't know of any other spell caster that does or would do that. I wouldn't trust anyone apart from Ashra. I believe in her and I know she can help bring my loved one back home to me soon.
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Ashra is the only one you can truly trust. I don't believe any other spellcaster will be able to replace her. She knows exactly what you need in any situation you are in. I personally have been scammed by other spell casters. I wish I went to Ashra before these others. She is truly amazing at her work. I can't wait for my results!
Ever since I started working with Ashra, she has only stunned me with her powerful spells. I admire her for her dedication and her powerful psychic abilities. Her spells are so powerful that I could see their effects on my lover. He was thinking about me and only me. And we are meant to be. So yeah I know my spells are still working wonderfully on him and will bring him back. I will work harder and make sure nothing goes wrong this time. :)
Hope you all are extremely positive as well. Love and light :)
Ashra is the only spell caster you should trust. No other spell casters can live up to what she has done for everyone. Ashra's spells have been highly effective, even though some might require more time to manifest results. I have done extensive research on spell casters and Ashra has been the only one that really is effective and real. I trust Ashra to help me with my situation soon once I am able to cast Passion Panacea.
Ashras spells are very different from those of other spellcasters because they actually work unlike those of other spellcasters which are fake.Her spells also have a report after they are cast where she tells us how the casting went and what to expect from them.They have a recast option when they are cast again at her own expense if you dont get signs and movements when they were cast the first time.Those from other spellcasters dong have a report or a recast option so you will not know what to expect or how your lover will get back to you.
Good morning everyone! So here is what my option is about the differences between the spell caster and Ashras love spell and it does show a very big difference. When you contact Ashra she is so genuine and she is so kind to talk to. She understands where you are coming from and she know that you need her help to get your lover back into your love and how much they mean to you! I was like you all once deciding between which spell caster to go with for a love spell. Honestly I was so confused about which one to go with. I had so much things to worry about with such as if the spell was going to work or what happens if he doesn’t come back and all the other possibilities that could happen. I am fully aware of everything but I love him. Now here is my opinion about other spell caster and that is, when you talk to them over phone or email they will try to gain your friendship and basically as I would like to call it, telling how much your love is worth through there prices. Let’s say you tell them how long you and him have been spilt up for and they’d calculate the price and what they think it is best. I had one time contacted a love spell caster and well, I was cussed at so many times and I never told her that I was going to give her a payment and she continued to call me a liar and that she was going to call the cops on me and I have blocked her number and basically changed my mission but you can kind of fell when you know something is up. But I trust Ashra hundred percent! I hope that you all have a great day today and please do not forget to smile each and every single day! If you are not smiling then your doing it wrong! Spreading positivity and sending positivity to you all!
The main difference is that Ashra's spells are effective compared to other love spell casters. She uses our positive energy and reroutes them to make our wishes come true. Of course magic works in mysterious ways, so we have to believe in the positive outcomes. Ashra does not pressure you to purchase more spells nor does she charges you for them since she has this forum. She is so sweet and kind and no other love spell casters can live up to it!
Ashra is real compared to other spellcasters. When you contact Ashra, she is nice to you. When you contact other spellcasters, they are not always nice to you. Other spellcasters want your money. Ashra is not doing this for our money, she is doing this because she cares about us and wants to help us. I would highly choose Ashra over the other spellcasters you come across because Ashra knows what she is doing and knows how to fix our situation.
I think the difference is that Ashra is a genuine person and an expert spellcaster for over 17 years in spellcasting.

I think Ashra is really a real deal compared to others because with her you know that everything will going to have a good way not like others that you can't be sure because they are really not in details about what they are doing.

The good thing is that Ashra will gonna work for you one on one and you can be sure that she will willing to work with you every step of the way and she will never leave you 'til you get your results.

I think Ashra is more better because she will also never be rude on you, instead she can be your friend as well and I know she can be someone to lean on.
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The differences between Ashra and other Spell Casters is that she is more honest and kind. She has been casting spells for over 17 Years and is an experienced professional. Unlike any other spellcaster, there is, Ashra cares deeply about every one of us and is truly genuine as well too. She doesn't use anyone for their money but only wants to help us. Other spellcasters only want money and that's it. Ashra dedicates her life to helping out those that are in need and absolutely loves what she does. If you need someone to listen to she is there every step of the way. You can trust her and to this very day, I'm still lucky that I had found her.
Ever since I got to know about @Ashra I really appreciate her dedication and enthusiasm towards extending her help. I really admire her stamina and zeal for her work. She is such a rockstar :inlove:.
Ray of hope... Love... In our lives
Stay blessed everyone...
Ashra cares! She is the only spell caster I know who is able to produce amazing and effective results by bringing together lovers who never thought they would ever be together again. Other spell casters do not have as high of a success rate as Ashra does. They also do not care as much as Ashra Koehn. Ashra is able to give us updates along the way and make sure our spells are working effectively.
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The big difference between ashra spells and other spell casters spells is that ashra are 100% real and the other spell casters spells a lot of these so-called spell casters aren't even real people they're all robots but ashra is not she is a real person with a big heart who cares about everyone who comes on to her website.
I would definitely go for Ashra. The one thing thay really differentiates Ashra with the other spell caster is that Ashra shows herself not only in picture but also in videos! She even speaks! I never see any other spell caster does that you know. So if you are a real spell caster i would expect they would do exactly what Ashra did to promote her service. Not only that, her clients are so satisfied by her service that they decide to make videos about it and share it with others :)
The difference between Ashra and the other spell casters is that Ashra is much more sincere and would update you in any way she can. Other spell casters out there won't, once they get a hold of your money. Ashra is different she will be with us until we get what we desired. Others dont, they either block you or just completely ignore your messages and just moves on to their new "client". An update and instructions are much more important, because the recent one that i had casted, all she did was ask money and not update me. The answers were just going in circles. Here after the spell has been casted alll of the information you need to know will be answered which is much more helpful and a relieve.
Ashra's spells are very powerful and I have no doubt in my mind that I will have a success with my spells too. I think other spell casters claims that there spells are going to work instantly and they are true. But I know they are using black magic. A bad type of magic that backfires in the long run and its effectiveness wear off. Ashra uses white magic, clean and pure type of magic that only uses the energies from the natural course of the Earth. It does not backfires and it will stay active forever even when we already have our lovers back in our life. I only believe in Ashra and her spells because it brought positivism in my life. Sending love, hope and happiness to everyone, and good luck to all our amazing spells!
Hi all, i hope all is well.
There are many valid reasons on the differences between ashra and other spell casters.
Ashra is a real genuine spell caster online, alot of the others online aren't real.
Ashra is honest and won't demand money from you.
Alot of spell casters online will only be after your money and aren't honest.
Ashra will help you every step of the way and won't give up on you.
Alot of these other spell casters will only get what they can from you (money) then they will discard of you.
Ashra will offer you free spell casts that will work.
Other spell casters will offer you false spells, with no actual results.
Other spell casters may even use one of their very common tactics, which is telling you "you need an aura cleansing" this is one way to force you to pay money.
Ashra will never do this, ashra will only help you with what you actually need help with.
Ashra won't take advantage of you and won't harass you for money.
I have been working with ashra for four months and have had great pleasure.
Ashra has been nothing but a great support and has helped my situation so much.
I would strongly advise people to only have ashra cast your spells.
Ashra is the real deal.
Take care people.
Until I had spoken with Ashra Koehn, I didn't believe in spells and magic. The only kind of magic that existed for me was found in fantasy novels. However, Ashra didn't need to show me magic in order to prove she was a spellcaster; her largely positive testimonials and reviews spelled it out for me. In addition, I believe that the forums' thread serve as further evidence that Ashra is a legitimate spellcaster.

I find it pretty cool that she's of a magical bloodline and admirable that she decided to use her innate abilities in order to be of service to the world. I feel even better about Ashra being a white magic practitioner; she harnesses the power of nature to cast spells and nothing malignant. All we need to do for her is stay positive, have faith and follow her guidelines, and let the magic unfold.

Sending positive vibes and love to you all!
Ashra Koehn is the best spell caster you will ever met. Unlike the other spell caster, Ashra does not pushed or paid us to make good reviews about her and her spells. Ashra is very genuine, and she really does care for her customers. She is not greedy because she shares her capabilities to us by casting us her powerful spells. Ashra might take long to give you a reply on emails, but she is never ignoring you. She is just a busy person and bombarded with a lot of emails from those people who really trust and believe her. Sending love, hope and happiness and good luck to all of our spells that are doing amazing things in our lives!