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Ashra spells vs other love spell casters

Ashra's spells are real and powerful. She is a genuine spell caster and cares for her clients. Unlike others she does not care about money or fame, she just wants to use her gifted ability and power to help needy people. She has a true heart and she understands our pain and sufferings. Other spell casters just claim to give the desired result but never care for us. Ashra is very loving and caring. She never let down anyone and assures to keep working until we get what we want. Others just want money and will force you to go on buying their spells. Ashra never does so. She never forces anyone to buy her spells or extra spells until she sees you really need it. If she sees in her vision that one spell will work for you then trust her she will not tell you to get another. She is truly very nice and wonderful lady. I love her. Her spells are mostly white magic spells and very powerful. Yeah her spells do take a little more time to manifest fully but they ate worth waiting.
Hello eveyrone! Ashra is very compassionate with her job. Her main mission and goal why she started spell casting was to really help those people who really needs her. Ashra never wants money from us, she does not pay people to make gpod reviews about her, it is her customers desires to do so because they had seen positive outcomes with Ashra's spells. Ashra always puts her customers desires first, and that is why she always exert a lot of effort for our spells! Sending love and positive vibes to everyone!
@Neelam If it takes more time, that means it's more genuine so I believe it. Scammers say only three days and it never happens so all hail to @Ashra haha kidding this is not a cult. Have a good day guys :)
I was very skeptical at first, but I feel it was a sign that I found Ashra. I was online one day and I just searched spells to bring your lover back and she was one of the main search results that appeared. I was like, "This must be something so stupid!" However, I took a chance and contacted Ashra when I was at my very low. She emailed me back immediately and told me what spell I should have casted. I advised her that I was a student and didn't have much money to spend on this, so she emailed me back and told me about the point system. I signed up (at first I was weary about it) and did it. I eventually wanted some action to happen, so I purchased Passion Panacea! Even though some of my emails have not been answered, I know she is a busy person and she can't respond to everything.
I totally agree with @Neelam I love Ashra so much for who she is and how she is helping all of us out to have a better future and to get our lover's back or any other dreams that we have. I am so happy to be working with her and I am truly grateful that I have found her in my life. She's wonderful and amazing. I will only choose Ashra no matter what over any other spell casters, she's the only one that you can trust completely and will really help you to the best of her ability to make sure that you receive what you desire. Stick on to her!
Ashra Koehn is the most trusted spellcaster online that will give you result, Ashra is not working for money she really want to help so you're very lucky if you found her before you got scammed by those spellcasters who are claiming that their spells are real and give you great results.

Ashra Koehn has been successful throughout the year so I am very happy because I found her, I think I can only trust her and I could not ask for anyone spellcaster out there. I am not sure to them, Ashra is the only one spellcaster I ever known and she is my only spellcaster in my life.

Sending goodvibes.
Ashra is the only spellcaster that I trust and no one else. A lot of people out there also claim to be a legit spell caster but I don't believe them because I don't even see testimonials about their work and I haven't even read any success stories about their work. On the other hand, Ashra is the real deal and she isegit. A lot of people have seen results from her work and there are a lot of tstimonials and success stories which are all real. She is the only one that I trust and she is the best.
Thanks for everyday what you share. Being people centred decoding the constellations and stars prediction is an art and science. Thank you for being cheerleader, helping people view things with new evolved perspective. Ashra Koehn is a positive, warm, growth mindset oriented, and one of the most genuine person I have come across with the best interest at heart . She does so many free spells for others . Tries her best to equip you to navigate during the rough tide. Stay abundant and blessed.
Love you
Hey everyone!!!! I hope your all are doing good and having an amazing day. Ashra is the best spell caster that's out there and you can trust only her. She's real and genuine, she is always there for us when we need her and she tries her best to help us out with our situation. Ashra is an amazing friend too, she will make sure that you are taken care of and that you get your desired results, she will never give you any kind of false hopes, if she said something to you, that's cause it will happen. The other spell caster is not worth anything! They are just trying to scam everyone and get money, but Ashra works from her heart filled with love and light.
I don't remember if I have commented on this post/thread before, but here we go! :) Maybe once more, because Miss Ashra is awesome (paw-some! Excuse the cheesy cat pun made by me, haha)
• Ashra cares about your situation
• She is genuine
• She is considerate and patient and will take time to research your specific state of being
• Will not just take your money for granted, will do it for free when possible
• Rather than just making a quick business and being done with it, she takes her spell work very seriously and decided to create a whole community for us to support each other
• She has been spell crafting for years and is very well known and experienced
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I have not had my spell cast by Ashra yet but I have previously used a different spell caster and I was ripped off basically, they took my money, emailed me once the spell was done and that was it, I haven’t seen results since and they have ignored all my emails, after this I began my search again and came across Ashra, she was very prompt with email responses and told me about this community where I can communicate with others and ask questions etc, I know that I can rely on her to cast my spell once I am ready and answer any questions I may have, I have faith that she can help and I am in good hands, I can tell that unlike other spell casters Ashra cares and genuinely wants to help people.
Hello everyone
I haven't tried any of other spellcasters out there, only Ashra and I would say, I will never gonna look for more.
I believe all we have looking for a spellcaster are definitely on Ashra and we will never gonna look for more because she has all what it takes to be the best spellcaster.
She is already an expert and with her your life will gonna change. She is a life saver and definitely a genuine.
She can give the best outcome we want and she can guarantee us that we will gonna see results from our spells.
Ashra is really a real deal and you will never find other spellcaster like her who is also offering free spells because she really does not care for money, she is willing to help you and I think she is enough to have your desired outcome.
Hi everyone and I hope your all well. I haven’t come across another true authentic spell caster if I’m honest. I have done a lot of research before I came across Ashra and everyone I found were untrue casters. People wanting a lot of money for a spell that was never cast. Or pages where the reviews were noticed looking fake. I’ve looking everywhere. I looked on YouTube at one point I. Casting my own spells as I was never able to find anyone who could help me. Then I found ashra and what a difference. I’d never look for another spell caster since finding her because Ashra Koehn does everything you may need in regards to spells and it’s all white magic so nothing that will come back on you.
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Hello Astonzelizabethalley1999! You have many points in your post. I totally agree with you. Ashra takes our cases seriously and analyzes them in a careful way. Also she never ignored her clients intentionally. Another good point from her is that she doesn't mind us purchasing her free spells because she cares for her clients. Other spellcasters are after money only. It's like they won't hear our concern if we don't feed them any bucks. She is a person with heart of gold. She will work one on one with us till we see our results. She is the real deal! Sending lots of kisses and hugs for you all!!
Hello Samantha Massey! The only real spellcaster I have ever worked with is Ashra. She is the creator of this community and hopes that we all can help and support each other thoughout our bad times. I don't believe in anyone but her. Ever since I was sca-mmed by co-n artists before, I have had trust issues. I can't trust in anyone so easily, but I found Ashra so authentic. Money is not what she seeks for. She could have charged us for the amount of money, but she didn't. It's all because she truly cares for her clients. That is what makes her different from other spellcasters. She's the real deal!
I agree with that. You also want one who's going to be honest and caring for your situation not your money. I love Ashra. Yes you have to pay something for the materials but she's not as pricy as majority of these amateurs they have scammed people. One sign they are fake is if they demand a certain spell. If they are rude and noncaring are 2 others signs. A really big sign they are fake is if they are offering you a spell that is creepy ( like with dolls,etc. and its goes against your belief and against your lover's will) and if they threaten you and/your lover because you don't want to pay a rediculous price for a spell they don't explain to you in details how it's done and charging you way over your budget, then please walk away. All they want is .Your money. They don't care about your life. I love helping everyone out on this forum because i want to see everyone happy with their love as well as myself. Please stand clear of amateur spell casters.
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There was one that was on WhatsApp. He claimed he could fetch my lover back. I asked him to show me how he does it. He showed a video that loooked like creepy setup. It didn't look positive. He was in the $200 rage but his spell methods freaked me out. This was way before i found Ashra. He had a table of candles and other things. He also broke a very golden rule in spell casting is he showed me a spell set up of another couple which they are supposed to keep each person's or couple's spell confidential. Ashra will not share your personal spell with other customers. That can also backfire on the current customer. NEVER share your spells. Don't even tell others (including close family and friends) . spells especially love should not be shared )
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I agree. I hate those one's including fake psychics that aend fake messages to fetch your attention to pay them money. I‘ve already lost money from 2 psychics that were fakw. The 1st made no sense and probably wasn't real and the other just straight out lied to me. If i knew Ashra at the time and i knew she did readings too then i would have fetched her readings and spells sooner.
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Well for one, many spell casters will just scam us and take our money. They clearly do not at all care about our feelings and are simply in it for the money that we could provide them. Money that they do not deserve if they are lying and cheating to us. I am glad that Miss ashra is willing to have a heart and actually help us with our painful situations all of the time.
I do believe other spell casters are real and genuine, however; I’ve only gotten results from Ashra with her money spells. I have not gotten any results from other spell casters, unfortunately. It’s okay though, I know that Ashra’s got my back and she’ll do everything she can do to try to help me. She won’t let me down or anyone down. Ashra is there for everyone! :)
Ashra spells are far from other spell love casters. Ashra genuinely help many people without after money. She did her service to give hopes and help to those who are in need of her helping hand. Ashra opens her door to anyone and listen to each stories without looking on the status or what you can give. She values everyone fairly and do her best to get back to all of us. She never intended to use her spell to harm people instead use to give a helping hand to those in complicated situation. Her spell does not backfire and only used a white spell that is naturally safe and effective with her own will.
Ashra cares deeply about each of her clients and will do check-ins to see if you are okay, whereas other spell casters will not do that. Ashra is not after your money and genuinely wants to help you. She is always here for you and will also help guide you along the way. She has a very kind heart and she will never put you any harms way. Ashra is always honest with you and never cuts corners.
Unlike other spell casters, we can talk to Ashra’s clients and see how their experiences with Ashra’s spells are. We can tell each other how Ashra changed our lives and how we are dealing with our situations and how accurate Ashra’s psychic abilities are. Plus, Ashra Does try to help people for free when possible, which is really amazing because other spell casters don’t do this. They are not as smart or as skilled as Ashra Koehn to come up with an idea like this! :)
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The difference between Ashra Spells and other spell casters is that Ashra is a REAL gifted spell caster. As for her competitors... I guess I should say a lot of them aren’t even real spell casters anyway. Examples like real wishes and xara matsageou they are one if the most popular “spell caster” sites out there. But they are still obviously not real spell casters. Ashra is the only one who has given my my confidence back. Bless her:) hope all of you have an amazing day.
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Hello everyone
For me, Ashra is really the best spellcaster and her spells are really working great on my situation. I know she is best because she was born like that, it's in her blood so I no doubt that Ashra is the best and I will never look for more.
Like some of you, before I found Ashra, I also came acrossed other spellcasters like Xara matsagou and another that I already forgot her name. But I didn't deal from them for a long time, because they showed something strange in the first place, something unconvincing. So for me, Ashra is a real deal and if you already found her there is no turning back for more because your life will beginning to change drastically.
There is no comparison. Ashra is real and she truly cares. Others will only say what you wish to hear, and charge a ton of money for spells. Ashra will tell you the truth and how to fix it and she offers spells on both the forum and a few of her websites. Ashra will not sugar coat things and I always get nervous when I buy a reading because I think things are worse than they actually are and she ends up telling me good things and no bad things actually (but that is just my situation)
Hello everyone! How are all of you? I hope all of you are having a wonderful day ahead! Ashra is the best spell caster in the world. Her spells really work and she always assures you that she is working hard for your situation. Unlike the other spell casters, only Ashra offers a lot of ways how we can purchase a spell from her and not all spell casters does that. They want money from us so that they can perform the spell for us, but with Ashra we might pay for a spell but her spells are legit and 100% works! I only trust Ashra. Good luck and take care everyone!
Ashra Vs Other "spell casters'.

Ashra is honest, compassionate, caring, supportive and much more.
I don't see this with other spell casters, maybe because I haven't come across any other genuine ones.
One thing I really value about Ashra is her professionalism. Shes very experienced in her field and she is very professional in what she does and how she responds to people.

When I first contacted Ashra, you could tell that she responded with all of heart, she was so caring and she was hurting for me.

I love Ashra, she is incredible!
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Ashra is a real spell caster and her spells actually work unlike the other “spell casters” that I either heard of or tried. Ashra also doesn’t cast her spells just to get money from people. She genuinely cares about people and she genuinely wants to help us with our situations. I’m really glad that I found Ashra again and I finally gave her a chance. I finally know that she is a real spell caster and her spells actually work. If I hadn’t found her again or gave her a chance I’d probably still be feeling hurt and heartbroken right now. I hope that more people will find out about Ashra and get her help in the future.
I really can't speak to the validity of any other love spell caster because I've never attempted to retain the services of anyone other than Ashra. what I will say is that I feel pretty sure that no other spell caster will let you know that they aren't in it for the money, and provide you with another way to purchase spells. I also don't feel that I will be taken advantage of, as I would expect to be by others.
Ashra is a real spell caster and the only one I think is real. Most of the other spell casters and psychics are fake and are only in it for the money. I trust Ashra completely and she is the only one I would go to if I wanted a reading or a spell cast because she has years of experience and she knows what she is doing :). Stick with Ashra and you will get the results you want <3
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The only other spellcasters I attempted before Ashra, I never heard back from and realized they probably were no longer practicing and may not have been genuine in the first place. Both of them stated on their sites they needed biological materials and anyone who didn't need that wasn't real. But another thread in this forum talks more about that.

I've only briefly looked at other sites but Ashra's feels genuine, she as a person seems warm and caring and took the time to examine my situation and reach out to my ex and his energy. I also really appreciate being a part of this forum and reading peoples' stories and testimonials. Trust in Ashra.
Hello everyone. Good Morning. Ashra Koehn is way much better than the spell casters who I asked help before. Ashra's kindness and her dedication to her work has brought millions of customers and her success rates going on for 18 years already. Ashra's success would not be long if she is not caring and dedicated to her work. Everyday, a lot of people is asking help from her and is joining in our community and it just goes to show that Ashra Koehn and her spells are great deals. Ashra always have new ideas for her members on how we can purchase a spell from her and not all spell caster are generous enough like Ashra. Good luck to all of us and take care everyone! Sending lots of love and positive vibes to all!!!
hi everyone i'm new in this forum. I read all about Ashra and the testimonies and i too have casted a spell. I am really waitng for positive answers and i am sure i will get it here.
I’m sure there are other legit and genuine spell casters out there somewhere, I just haven’t found them as of yet. Ashra was the more prominent one I found when searching online, after reading the reviews I decided to give it a go. Once I see some results from my first situation I’ll definitely be a repeat customer :)
Ashra is real and not fake like others spells casters. She is kind and she will respond to every question that you are ask. I was feeling depressed, lonely and crying everytime because my ex left me but now, I don't do that anymore because Ashra Koehn help me.
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I had many experience with other spells casters but honestly no one was caring and professional like Ashra.. I had a African spell caster who didn’t help me at all. Then another one called Mia that only said to me to wait but never replied. Then another one called Penelope who promised me a spell, but still I didn’t trust moving forward with it. Then I met many fake spell casters that promised even to make me a mermaid.:laugh:
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Ashra is the best spell caster and psychic there ever will be and she has helped so many people worldwide and there are so many reviews and it is so encouraging when I see how many success stories there are. I feel so lucky to be working with her and she is always there for me when I need her. She has so many clients all are pleased with her services and I am one of them. Stick with Ashra Koehn guys it will be worth it.
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I've been working with Ashra since March of last year and I have faith she will reunite me permanently with my lover. He came back to me for awhile but vanished on me again in September so the last few months have been extremely difficult and I've gone all-out on my spell requests. Ashra has been working extremely hard for me and her updates on my situation are my beacons of light and hope in this dark time.
I believe there are other spell casters like Ashra but rare to find! The spellcasters however that do services in Nigeria are fraudulent. I gotta say I had my own experiences before and I think I had talked to a caster there since I didn't know much who to reach. Thankfully I never gave my money to them. I believe the first one I ever spoke to was Dr. NANA one day I was on YouTube and some chick under the video commented to email him so that I could get my lover through him.