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Ashra spells vs other love spell casters

Ashra is the best spell caster and psychic there ever will be and she has helped so many people worldwide and there are so many reviews and it is so encouraging when I see how many success stories there are. I feel so lucky to be working with her and she is always there for me when I need her. She has so many clients all are pleased with her services and I am one of them. Stick with Ashra Koehn guys it will be worth it.
Agreed! I’m so grateful that I found this, perhaps it was “a sign” to help with some guidance I needed in my life❤️
There are a lot of differences between Ashra Koehn and other spell casters. To start off, Ashra deeply cares about every one of her clients and genuinely wants to see them be happy. She will also do anything to make this happen and would continue to work on their situations to solve the problems at hand. Another thing, Ashra would do is to take time out of her busy schedule to message you and checking upon you to make sure that you are doing okay. However, there are, many spell casters that probably will not do this, but there are other spell casters that you would need to watch out for too.
Ashra Koehn is different than other Spellcasters. She does not cut any corners at all and will be truthful with everything that she tells you. she is genuine, kind, warm-hearted, understanding, and deeply feels what we all go through. Even within her reports, she just knows and that is one of the ways she is special. She wants to see all of us be happy. Ashra loves what she does because it makes her happy and to see others become happy too. Also, I like when she does random check-ins and including, cares about everyone's situations while taking us all underneath her wing. However, other spellcasters would not do what Ashra does for us. They would only try to bribe, give hopelessness, and only want money. They don't check-ins to see how you are doing either.
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I have a lot of experience with other spell casters, unfortunately, and there is a massive difference. In service, communication, price, website set up and more. No one else provides a forum like this, anniversary spells and so many extras. Ashra puts in the effort. She recasts- and believe me many say they will and won't. Many have not sent me the extras that are meant to go with spells such as Talismans, they did not send updates and they most definitely did not care. I have had services not refunded when I payed for consultations and they did not call at payed for time. For someone to be so busy- they must be successful. To bother making the amazing videos.

Ashra Koehn cares and has fun at the same time. She continually updates me on my spells and they are personalised not generic messages. She finds spells to suit you and only you.
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There are over a ton of reasons why Ashra Koehn is the best spell caster of all time versus other Love Spellcasters. For starters, Ashra cares deeply about each and every one of us and checks in on us all from time to time. She is super nice and kind, along with recently achieving her 20th Anniversary, and, plus she knows what she is doing too. Other love spell casters aren't always as genuine as they seem and appear to be. Sometimes they don't know what they are doing either and could lack some knowledge.
Ashra is and always will be the best spell caster. She deeply cares about every person she works with and she is always there when you need her. There is no other spell caster who care about there clients and who would offer a way where you can request her services for free aka the Karma point system.

I wouldn't trust anyone else , she has never been interested in the money side of it. Only making sure to deliver the results people seek. She is amazing xxx
I have used other spell casters and been scammed because I was so naïve. None of them gave me detailed messages about when they had apparently casted the spells. All they were concerned about was asking for money then more money when the spell didn't apparently work. They also never updated me about what stage they were in with spellcasting whereas Ashra messages me to ask me how I am, how things are going, if she's seen any process with my lover and she also messages me to let me know when she will be casting the spell and if she won't be able to message me straight away about it. She also tells me how the spell went and gives very detailed messages about what she saw while casting the spell. I love rereading the messages because it helps keep my morale up and know that soon enough my lover will contact me :) While most spell casters will harass you for money, Ashra understands that money doesn't grow on trees so will never pressure you into casting a spell unless you can afford it. Which I think is why it's so great that she has given us an opportunity to be able to cast spells a different way.
Yes, I also believe that Ashra understands the basic essense of it. Read my other posts about the reason why so many people get hooked on fraudulent casters.
After 7 months of no communication, my lover reached out to me! We chatted for an hour. We are 3400km away from each other different countries. So happy he reached out and we chatted, hope it continues.
Compared to other spell casters, Ashra Koehn's rituals do not take long to work. From beginning to end, I am impressed with how much she actually cares for her clients. She is more then just a spell caster, she is now something I see as a friend.
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@Ashra Koehn

I just want to say how lucky, happy & grateful I am to have found you Ashra, and to have your help with my situation it’s just awesome!!


I’m glad to be part of your incredible Forum, as it’s filled with positive, supportive & strong willed people!! Thank you so much for the First Anniversary KP!! I’m looking forward to more anniversaries to come and to become another success story of yours!!

I’d also like to thank everyone in the Forum for being welcoming & for offering guidance as well as support when needed. Have nothing but good things to say about this incredible Forum Family I’m part of!!

We will all get our beloved ones back, we got this, we got the best spell caster helping us!!!


Sending you all good positive vibes your way!!
Yes, all of you guys are true. Ashra is the clear winner vs other spell casters. There are too many fake spellcasters and scammers online. They are telling you to pay this and that, do this and that. And much to our desperate situation, will follow them. Then soon, much to our regret for the results. I don't think Ashra Koehn is one of them. She is the only spell caster and the right one for us! She is the only one who could help us solve our problems and help us whatever our hearts desire is to come true. She will help us be happy and contented in our situation. Believe me guys, you will feel positive always once you have joined this community, be active in this forum... much more of the awaited, complete points to cast a spell for yourself through the help of Ashra. Thank you so much for the karma points Ashra we love you
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A Nigerian spell casters scammed me twice.
Oh my God, tell me about it! It’s happened to me as well, they took me for so much money and what’s worse they kept telling me again and again that they were going to screw me over. But that’s exactly what they did! These people have absolutely no heart, all they want is money and nothing else. It’s very very sad when you think about it. Because they will stop at nothing but to get that from you and then leave you deserted crying penniless.
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I was almost scammed by other spell casters, including Nigerian ones. I was even threatened to the point where if I didn't give any money, something bad would happen to me and honestly, this had scared me to no end. However, with Ashra, she was way different than they were and for many reasons. Ashra took me under her wing and I knew from that point on that I can trust her. She has this positive vibe and atmosphere about her.

When I had started working with her, it felt as if she had already known me because she mentioned something about me that I've never told anyone about.
She cast my one spell the other night and the other one she recommended last night. Last night I had strange dreams with my ex about us having s**. Today as I was drifting off to sleep, I envisioned him saying how sorry he was and how he wanted to be with me. I hope these are all excellent signs!! I've been ripped off by other spell casters but have complete trust in Ashra after reading all these reviews.
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This is a warning to all. Ashra, I have tried other spell casters in the past, and I'm still paying for my decision. I would say to anyone else, don't bother as there are so many frauds just out to take money off people instead of helping them as you do, Ashra.
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I feel so depressed and sad and stupid because I went with another spell caster when I should have gone to Ashra Koehn, knowing she's the only one I should trust. Someone, please uplift me cause I'm upset right now.
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