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Ashra's Competitors and Online Harassment

Discussion in 'Ashra Spells' started by loridbird, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. loridbird

    loridbird New Member

    Someone is creating multiple fake profiles on social media and verbally harassing me and trying to convince me that Ashra is fake. I knew this person was a competitor of hers because several other people received harassing comments as well. Whoever this competitor or person is, when you block them, they will create a new fake social profile and continue to send threatening and harassing messages.

    There has been discussions on the forum about a person who goes by the name Maryanne from Kenya going around badmouthing people trying to get attention. All this person is doing in reinforcing what everyone already believes… competitors are going around trying to harm Ashra and verbally harass her clients.

    I’m publicly warning everyone about this harassment. DO NOT share any of your personal information on other websites. This will be used by the Anonymous person or competitor to harass your social media channels. When you try to block the person, they threaten you and create a new profile to continue harassing you. This has been going on for almost a week.

    I have attached screenshots below:


  2. 19Payne95

    19Payne95 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Ashra’s competitors have been constantly messinging me on Facebook as well. I’ve been sending Ashra their pictures and messages every time someone messages me. I thought I was the only one. Luckily, Ashra responded back to me a week ago and told me to ignore them. I’ve blocked a few of them. Also, how are you able to create a thread? I thought Ashra was the only one who was able to create a thread?
  3. GayAstroMan

    GayAstroMan Active Member

    Oh wow, that is very sick and I’m disgusted to hear thst this have been going on!

    I’m so sorry you two have been going through that. D: Thankfully I have been avoiding social media so I have yet to face any of those people like that.

    Thank you for warning all of us to make sure!
  4. Ashra

    Ashra Administrator Staff Member

    If anyone has an important topic they wish to share, contact me directly about turning your post into a new topic. My legal team has been in contact with the individual who is behind the online harassment. She goes by the name Maryanne Ombati aka (Maryanne Kerubo Ombati). Her DOB is 09/06/1994. She resides in Kenya.

    Here is a photo of the person behind the NOT ONLY the online defamation but online harassment of myself and several other members on social media:


    This person came to me for help with boyfriend back in October 2017. She wanted help bringing back her ex and I offered to help her for free because she lived in Kenya and had no way to pay for my services. I'm still stumped to this day about her motives for attacking me online; and more recently harassing me and several of my clients. She confessed through email that she was behind the defamation and online evidence collected confirmed her to be the culprit. She apologized and promised to stop multiple times. However, this type of behavior continued for months and she has forced my hand to go public to protect myself along with the members on the forum.
  5. 995love88

    995love88 Member

    Oh my gosh!!! Ashra you are such a kind loving person! I don't know why shes doing this. If she is mad that her spells didn't work, that is her own fault because she is just a negative person with a negative mindset.
  6. Ashra

    Ashra Administrator Staff Member

    Ever time Maryanne was told to stop, she tries hiding under a new alias. Here are some recent emails I believe were from her.

  7. Asileenna

    Asileenna Member

    I am so sorry that there are mean & cruel people in this world. Ashra, you have been the best loving person that I needed in the last few months of knowing you. I know you have helped several others over the years.
    I wish people would stop bullying & harrassing good people.
  8. Sam_V0110

    Sam_V0110 Active Member

    I feel so sorry for you. This shouldn't be happening to you at all. You are the last person that should be harassed in this very way, if not at all!
    You do so much for this little community that you have created and you take time out of your extremely busy schedule to make people's dreams and wishes come true. It's so sad to see that someone like her would even thing of doing such a terrible thing to an innocent person like yourself.

    I, with many other users on this forum would NEVER take your help for granted, but I guess some people just don't have respect in themselves to understand this. I am 100% supportive with you for exposing this person, because enough is enough and you shouldn't have to go through this no more.

    Thank you for telling us, and just so you remember, we are all here for you no matter what. There is a little saying that is 'every cloud has a silver lining'.
    The right thing that you did will now turn into a positive and good things will only come out of this experience.

    We Love You and Stay Strong :inlove:;):)
  9. Jahn

    Jahn Member

    No matter what, there will always be the haters and the negative. Our best bet is to just ignore them and stay positive! :) they do this to favor themselves. Stop feeding them what they want us to feel.
  10. Queru

    Queru Member

    Protect yourself Ashra. Don't worry, they just want to scare you, I pray that you are safe and strong.
  11. Formysoulmate

    Formysoulmate Member

    Oh no :nailbiting: This is terrible and so dishonest. I am so sorry that this is happening to you. Continue to block these individuals also try to report them too. I wish the best my friend and I pray that this does not continue to happen!
  12. Alex1086

    Alex1086 Member

    Oh Ashra, you have such a good heart. Just please continue the good works you have been doing and just ignore those people who have been trying to put you down. We will always stay by your side no matter how those haters and negative people tried to put you down.
  13. Ashra

    Ashra Administrator Staff Member

    I would like to thank everyone for their support. Online Defamation and Harassment is a growing problem. Maryanne was warned on multiple occasions to stop or I would need to respond with action. I wanted to share another screenshot a client had on facebook with one of her fake aliases.

  14. Sandra J

    Sandra J Well-Known Member

    Ashra is the one and only true spellcaster that I have ever met online that is honest and very loyal to her clients it really bothers me to know there are mischievous people out here in the world always trying to hurt Ashra when all she ever wanted to do is help bring our lovers back so we all can be happy and live the life we desire. I have had people from Ashra facebook page send me messages asking about her but I never respond to any of them. Last year when someone was trying to hurt Ashra I did tell her about it .. There isn't anyone can make me change my mind about Ashra because her works speaks for itself and I know her spells work. I will always support Ashra and this community this is my home as well and I know Ashra will always have my back.
  15. Morte Maga

    Morte Maga Member

    I have not been contacted by this Kenyan weirdo, but am continually harassed by my husbands mistress that he is STILL WITH. I hope this Kenyan women is charged (though that reads like man abuse to me, apologies to all decent men here). My harassment is less disgusting but is relentless. I can read page source code and yesterday the mistress ho created three new FB profiles and tried to access my FB. She failed. She had two of her friends have a go too. Caught them. It is only a matter of time before she finds me here, if she hasn't already. What the hell is wrong with people? She steals my husband, destroys two families and I am the one being harassed? Why would this Kenyan women single your clients out anyway? All sounds very off to me. And just saw the name Keion, that name was on one of the FB accounts I blocked before they had a chance to breathe.
  16. Sam_V0110

    Sam_V0110 Active Member

    That is so true, and I do go by that statement. If you are not optimistic about your future and what you hope for in life, you will never achieve anything!
    You will always have problems if you don't see stuff in a different light. We need to think of the glass being half full and not half empty.

    Ashra, you know that we are here for you no matter what, and you can always count on us for anything. We are so lucky to have you, and you are such a blessing to this world.

  17. 19Payne95

    19Payne95 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Wow, this person seems to be really annoying and fake, disrespectful, and so unappreciative. I can understand that not every situation will have quick results and sometimes it takes longer than others. Sometimes, results are different from what you expect it to be, but no one should harass you, Ashra, just because it did not work for them; does not mean they should harass you or any of us over it. If they didn’t like your services then they should just leave you alone!!!!
  18. Sam_V0110

    Sam_V0110 Active Member

    Well said 19Payne95, well said :thumbsup:.
    I totally agree with your opinion on this, and at the end of the day all we can really do is just be optimistic and grateful for what we have.
  19. GayAstroMan

    GayAstroMan Active Member

    Ugh, I’m very sorry that you had to go through with this, Ashra! ):

    I don’t really get why she felt the need to go and keep up with the harassment toward you... you did help her out because she was one who couldn’t pay.. and I can sense that it is her fault that spell or whatever is not working for her because she seem like a very negative person. ):

    Don’t let anyone pull you down and stay strong, Ashra!
  20. Gillian9

    Gillian9 Well-Known Member

    This person has nothing to do with her life. Instead of being thankful and do good things, she is just wasting her time harrasing Ashra. I think she did not have her results because she is so negative. How could she get her results? She is a bad person, and I think she has problems. Maybe attention problems thats why she is doing all of this harrasment to Ashra. Ashra doesn't deserve to be harrassed, she is a nice person to all. She is very kind and helpful. I don't know why she thinks that way. To all out there who has been harrassed by this girl, just ignore her. She only wants attention and she doesn't deserve one. Lets pray that she will turn out to be good someday.
  21. Morte Maga

    Morte Maga Member

    It is more than harassment though? There are rape and sexual assault threats. MH issues without a doubt, but I would take no chances with these loons. Are you sure she is in Kenya? (Check the email headers if that has not already been done by law enforcement). Sometimes I absolutely despair of the human race.

    Thank you re the pic :)))
  22. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    It is completely unfair to be bullying Ashra because you are not happy with her services. If you are not happy then just leave, it is never okay to harrass someone especially someone who does their best to help everyone in the community.

    It is obvious this person is only sorry when she Is caught out.

    Ashra, I hope you realise that you don't deserve this treatment and I hope your legal team can put a stop to this.
  23. Formysoulmate

    Formysoulmate Member

    Hi Ashra,
    I just would like to say I really enjoy :inlove:your forums and I’m most grateful to have found your site. I do not believe these negative people that are only trying to distract :unsure:you from your ultimate goal which is to help people. I see now why your Facebook is off. I had added you as a friend and am no longer able to comment, interact or message you on Facebook. I just assumed that maybe you felt to many people were getting in touch with you on there and I understand as I’m sure it can be a bit overwhelming. All I can tell you from one giver to another is take time for yourself to meditate, pray and relax. Sometimes we have to just take a break or a breather then that way we come back revitalized and stronger than ever! Praying that once these people reveal themselves which is a blessing so that you can block them if you have to do it a hundred times then so be it, it is well worth it just for the sake of peace of mind!:thumbsup:
    Destiny ;)
  24. Ashra

    Ashra Administrator Staff Member

    Correct. I have been spending less time responding on facebook due to the numerous fake accounts contacting me and pretending to be a client. Maryanne appears to have a lot of time on her hand and I would suggest she get help if she thinks its a good idea to play games with people. Its not hard to understand why she would be struggling to get her boyfriend back if this is how she handles her emotions.

    However, I don't think this is even related to the spell I cast for her. About a few days after I cast her spell, I was already receiving threats from one of her fake accounts (Mydo Glamour). It could be a mental health issue. I am concerned for her mental health, but it is no excuse for her actions.
    Ginas, zarah555 and Gabbie like this.
  25. Gabby Devine

    Gabby Devine Well-Known Member

    Omg. Guys.
    So you all are telling me that this is really happening to Ashra and she is only trying to help us all with our life's as a whole and love lifes. That is just so disgusting and makes me sick to my stomach. I noticed that's Ashra page wasn't up anymore and this is why. Someone most definitely isn't having anything to do on a daily basis but harrass and bully others.

    What does this individual want? Does she want just attention from people? Or did Ashra do some work for her and she isn't satisfied? This is nonsense on this woman's part.
  26. Lynsey

    Lynsey Member

    So sorry to hear all of this Ashra! I am glad that you were able to figure out who was behind this. Hopefully, you will stop being the “focus” of all these fraudulent, no good people. I am glad to know that you are okay and hope that everything gets taken care of so that you don’t have the burden carrying on your shoulders anymore. God bless you and don’t let those type of people dull your sparkle!! Keep on shinning my dear!!
  27. Morte Maga

    Morte Maga Member

    Given that the attacks on Ashra are upsetting for all, I thought I’d share this (non magical) short meditation gift that was shared with me.

    It’s tonal mediation, you do nothing but relax and listen. I fall asleep 9/10. I have PTSD, so squirrel moments are a fact of my life. But this quietens my mind. To deal with nutbars, you need a quiet mind.

    There is enough stress in this world and more stress for those of us trying to fix what was with our loved ones through this site and Ashra’s spells.

    MH issues or not, and I really think there is more to this fake account/harassment thing than it seems, or maybe Ashra simply cannot share at this time. I’m also trained investigator, so spidey senses went into overdrive when I read the thread, but we as customers really don’t need to know it all.

    Maybe Ashra could figuratively step outside for few minutes and just breathe. I am as guilty as anyone for wanting updates; being harassed is debilitating (tell me about it) and the sexual threats toward members on the forum push this into another dimension. I hope you all have a peaceful evening, especially those who have been targeted.

    Ashra, don’t forget to cast your own protection using your skills. I’m sure you won’t.
  28. Mary1998

    Mary1998 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Ashra is just an amazing person.Not everyone will love you for your work people are jalous out there they will always find a way to hurt and harass Ashra just because of jalousy.

    I'm so sorry that you had to go through this harassment some people are ungratefully and they don't appreciate other people's happy.In life there are people who try to bring you down no matter what you should not focus on them you just need to stay strong all the time
  29. ktaylor

    ktaylor Popular Member

    I can't believe people are going to lengths to do this. They're spells must have not worked because they either told Ashra the wrong information or are too negative, either way, harassment as such shouldn't be their go to. That's just wrong. People who feel the need to talk to others and harass them like really need to seek mental health, I've had peoole do that to me (not about Ashra though) and it's very sickening. This person must really sad to want to do this to Ashra and others
  30. Lisa Coe

    Lisa Coe Member

    I don't know where I would be right now if I had not found you Ashra, you don't deserve any of this cruel and hurtful treatment. We are all here for you Ashra, you mean a lot to us and we all believe in you and your work. I know we can all get a bit impatient and frustrated at times and it can be so hard at times to stay positive but that's normal because we all want our sweethearts back so much. Bullying, making threats and Harassment is wrong and unexceptable. I have been bullied loads of times in the past by girls and employers so I know what it feels like to be hurt. You are not alone Ashra. We all love and respect you and we all love what you do which is helping us get our lives back. She does not deserve your help in anyway Ashra, Stay strong and God bless you :)
  31. MariaAngela

    MariaAngela Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone! How are you guys? I can't express in words how much I love Ashra and how much she means to me and that man REALLY angered me. I am trying my best to be polite in this comment but I am literally hitting the keyboard while typing. Who he thinks he is?! He is so impolite and so stupid I can't even believe my eyes. I hope Ashra doesn't pay attention to this kind of messages
  32. 19Payne95

    19Payne95 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Wow Ashra! I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been dealing with this. I know what it feels like to be builled, rejected, disrespected, and harassed. It’s wrong, this shouldn’t happen. I hope that person gets a taste of her own medicine or at least feels guilty of this kind of behavior. Luckily, I haven’t had any emails from her. Do you remember the emails I sent you last week about a few clients messaging me on Facebook and asking me about you, Ashra???
  33. Shasha

    Shasha Active Member

    Just WOW!
    I'm so impress with this Kenyan girl that she can stalk some of Ashra's client's social media. I'm sure most of us are using alias because we value our privacy. I am one of them. Moreover, since I knew spells can be done just by knowing the person's name and surename, with addition of the face picture of that person and birthdate, I'm really cautious with what I've made public. I mean, we don't know who will view us and want to harm us.

    Anyway, my gut feeling was right that Ashra was so busy helping her clients PLUS dealing with this culprit. I left a comment about the competitors in the other thread but never got approve several weeks ago. I hope you are okay, Ashra. You will always have a friend in me.
  34. Shakiria

    Shakiria Member

    So sorry Ashra, that people are bullying you and your clients. Don’t let the ignorance distract you from doing what you love, which is helping others with their love life and other aspects of life. In my words, I appreciate you so much. I love you Ashra and I’m so excited about the spells you’ve cast for me. Just awaiting results!
  35. KayKat

    KayKat Member

    This makes me very sad, Ashra had been so amazing to me and helping me fix my relationship with my boyfriend (still not where I want it but things improve little by little). She's been so kind and genuine, I'm so sorry you're going through all this.
  36. SierraB123

    SierraB123 Active Member

    I am absolutely appalled that these people would attack Ashra and harass her clients!! Ashra is very real, and is a kind and caring soul. I love her!! She has been with me every step of the way since I started working with her, and she will continue to be. No competitor behind a fake profile is gonna change my views on her. Her spells and services ARE real!! She has made a believer out of me and tons of others. These people are obviously jealous of her gift and want her to suffer; Ashra is so kind and wants only the best for her clients; she's not in it for the money. These fakes are mad because she is genuine and people go to her for help because it works!! They really want money, but do they think that harassing people is gonna bring it to them?? They need to be more honest and find another occupation that doesn't involve attacking a sweet person like Ashra Koehn.
    Listen to me good, fakers: I'm not quitting Ashra!!!! Again, I AM NOT QUITTING ASHRA!!!! She is a real spellcaster, and I will always stick with her, even after my spells manifest and bring my lover back to me!!!!
  37. JenniferLee

    JenniferLee Member

    Well I have had met one of her imposters on Facebook a some gale had the same name as Ashra but the last name was different. This person was using her name as (Ashra Kohn), telling me she was fake and not to give her any money I mean why is there haters out there I mean why would someone say that about her well it least no one isn't bugging me but I have had ask me on my Facebook if she has cast a spell on me but not yet.
  38. Gillian9

    Gillian9 Well-Known Member

    I don't know why a person like her doesn't see and appreciate the hard work that Ashra is doing for everyone. I think she has issues and she needs help, it think mental help is what she needs. She is saying bad things about Ashra which is not true and she is harassing other clients of Ashra and that is bad. I hope that she will realize that all she is doing is wrong. I personally think that she has mental issues and she needs medical attention. I hope she stops doing it. Ashra is kind and very helpful and I hope she will see that too.
    I will pray for you Ashra. May you always be safe.
  39. zarah555

    zarah555 Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    I can't believe that many people are harassing Ashra just because they do not see results?
    I am so mad to hear that, Ashra is so kind and genuine spellcaster but she is just harassing just because they do not see any results from her spells?
    Ashra is so absolutely right that those people who emailing her or her clients was suffering into mental health and her spells is not about for that, Ashra can't help them because the problem is on their stubborn mind.
    It is so hard to see that people who pretending to be a client and just letting Ashra down.
    Now I know why they are not seeing results because they are so negative.
  40. Lily Diamond

    Lily Diamond Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    I am sorry Ashra that you have to deal with this :( You don't deserve this especially after how much you have helped everyone. I am also using an alias on this forum to avoid circumstances like this, but I know when I talk to Ashra, I am open about my situation and provide as much detail as I can. Sending many positive vibes to you Ashra. I hope you can get this situation sorted out soon because this is so sad to hear :(

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