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Ashra's Competitors and Online Harassment

Discussion in 'Ashra Spells' started by loridbird, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. XBriX

    XBriX Well-Known Member

    I cannot believe people actually do this.
    What did ashra do to deserve this, these people have nothing better to do except bring others down. Ashra is genuine and she doesnt deserve all of this hate. All she does his help others and make people happy, the competitors that are harrasing members and ashra should be ashamed. they have such a negative mindset. Hopefully they realizing their wrong doings.
  2. Truelove

    Truelove Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Good evening everyone, i hope all is well.
    Oh my god I can't believe what I am reading!! These people are very sick for sending those disgusting messages!!
    Have you informed the police about this? I would certanly not let that go, it's totally vile and really disturbing behaviour!!
    Ashra I can't believe how horrible these people are towards you!! You don't deserve any of this, you are not doing anything wrong. I would definitely keep blocking all those accounts. No doubt they will make more up but please stay safe!!
    I really don't like the sound of that guy one, he seems really evil and I am getting really bad vibes from him.
    Absolutely disgusting people, there should be ashamed!! I really hope they get caught for their crime!! I hope you are ok ashra? Don't let these small minded people bring you down!! Thankyou all for reading. Take care.
  3. Mirica Choi

    Mirica Choi Active Member Member Plus Account

    Competitors will go through great lengths to discredit/slander her work. The funniest thing was when someone said that she had no impersonators and that every comment on the forum was posted by Ashra and not real people. Last I checked, I am real. I pitched myself and yes... it hurt!

    There are so many people in the world who are trying to harass you, Ashra! I am sorry Ashra, you have to deal with all these fake people! You don't need this in your life as how you helped so many people! People who are competitors who are harassing and bullying Ashra's clients including herself should feel bad! Ashra did nothing wrong, but to help people over the world! Reading all these comments disgust me! I hope you are feeling okay, Ashra? Don't let these people in your head because you have just a kind heart to help us all! :inlove::inlove:
  4. Adrian S.

    Adrian S. Member Member Plus Account

    Even if people did not see results, there is a proper way of handling the situation and contacting Ashra. There needs to be respect. No one is perfect and Ashra does not claim to have a 100% success rate as clearly stated within her Terms of Service. Some people have to understand that there is a line between how you should act with other people. It is really a shame that people are acting this way towards Ashra when she does nothing but help us all in her ways. They probably are being impatient and have no other way of lashing out than going after Ashra and pretending to be other people. That really sucks, but know that we all have your backs on this forum no matter what. Thank you again, Ashra for helping me and everyone on this forum!
  5. Mirica Choi

    Mirica Choi Active Member Member Plus Account

    Hi there, everyone where ever all of you guys are in the world! Hope everyone is doing just fine today! Oh wow, I just noticed this topic on the forum! I took some time at the moment and read some of these comments! And wow, I can't believe that there are so many people who are harassing Ashra, Ashra doesn't deserve this kind of thing in her life as she helped so many people! Reading some of the message people are getting about Ashra disgusts me! I would keep on reporting and blocking all of these accounts! Just don't let these people get into your head!
  6. Priya CP

    Priya CP Active Member

    Hey everyone!!! I hope your all doing good and having an amazing day. Firstly, I am so sorry that Ashra is going through this and those clients who were tricked by the impersonators and competitors saying her name. But I hope you find the real Ashra cause she is amazing and will never give you any false hopes, she will be beside you always and help you out with your problem. Ashra is doing good for others and trying to use her powers to make the world a better place to live filled with love and light, the other's who are jealous of her success and power must be doing it to bring her down but those people will suffer for hurting our dear Ashra. No matter what, we are all always going to be there for you to support you and stay beside you.
  7. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Honestly, there are so many bullies on social media, so many people want to bring others down out of jealousy or envy.

    I believe online competitors are only bullying and harassing Ashra because they have nothing better to do, and because its pretty clear and obvious that they feel threatened by Ashra's on-going and very high success rate.

    Let me tell these online competitors that bullying does not make you look better, it makes you look worse. And you will run your own business in to the ground when people realise that you have stolen work from another a spell caster, a real one.
  8. Lachel

    Lachel Member Guest Account

    People are just miserable and they have no life. I think they do this because they are jealous of Ashra.

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