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Ashra's Guidelines and FAQs


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Following the guidelines below can help with your spells success rate!
Please take the time to read this entire section.

There are a lot of topics on what to expect from your spells and how long they generally take to see movement. See below...

Video FAQs
Generally, how long do spells take to work?:

Q: Generally, how long do spells take to work?:

The honest answer is we don't know. No witch, Spell Caster, Hoodoo Rootworker, Shaman or Voodoo Priest can give a time frame. If they do then I seriously question their authenticity.

Why can't we give a time frame? Because there's no mathematical method for determining spell results, because magic is not math.

Even medical doctors can’t give a guaranteed time frame on their treatments. Some people get better within days, some weeks, some months…some never. Same medication - different outcomes because everyone’s “situation” is different. It’s the same with spells.

I work with energy to manifest what you desire. The energy bring what you desire through manipulating the world around you. Changing an event, putting an idea in someones head, opening doors to new opportunities...it's a butterfly effect.

The more complicated your situation, the longer it will take. It really depends on how many hurdles the energy need to jump or how many strings they need to pull to manifest your intent.

Also it depends on the other person. If that person really loves you, the spell will work much faster and be much more successful than trying to FORCE someone into falling in love with you.

Q: What guidelines and rules do I need to follow?:
Q: What to do when your lover initiates contact?:

Q: Where can I get my common questions answered?:
Q: I know Ashra is a very busy woman. Where can I find the FAQs?:

Q: How important is it to follow Ashra's Guidelines?:

How long do spells take to work: https://www.ashra.net/community/threads/how-long-do-spells-take-to-work.12/

In most cases movement, signs or results are fast ranging between 2 - 14 weeks (on average).

If in the event that you do not see movement, signs, or results in 90 days, please contact me immediately and I will conduct a full review to determine the delay. That does not mean that it will take 90-days to see movement, signs or results in your spell work.

Results times do vary from situation to situation. While some people do see fast results there are other cases that will take a little longer. How long it takes will also depend on your actions (see below).

Now that your spell is active, if after 90 days your spell does not produce the movement or results you want, I will recast it at no charge. As mentioned above, this does not mean that it will take 90-days to see results in your spell manifest. Some see movement or results immediately, others may take longer depending on the circumstances and amount of spell power that is active. Allowing for 90 days simply allows you enough time to evaluate your movement/results and if any setbacks occur, enough time is there for a situation to positively turn around.

It is very important you read the guidelines below!

Facts About Spells - Must Follow Guidelines:
In order for spells to work effectively it is important that you resist the urge to contact your lover. Let your lover come to you and initiate contact. Breaking this rule may increase the wait time for movement or results.

Positive thinking creates positive energy;) Maintaining a positive frame of mind (without doubt) will help speed up movement and/or results. Do not spy on your lover or get someone else to contact them on your behalf. Keep your spell a secret at all times! Be your normal self while you wait for results. Go about your every day life as normal and most importantly, stop worrying! Let your spell take care of everything.

Q: What if we live together or have children?
A: In these types of situations where communication is unavoidable, then the only thing you need to do is stay on good terms with each other. Avoid fighting or arguing.

Q: What if my lover tries contacting me and I miss the call?

Q: I didn't know about the guidelines and I accidentally contacted my lover. Will my spells still work?
A: It may sightly delay progress, but as long as you follow the guidelines from this point forward, you should be fine.

Q: Will my spell fail?
A: Metaphysics are more of an art than a science, and even the most gifted/experienced spell casters or psychics will not be successful every time. Any spell casters/psychic who says otherwise is not being completely honest with you. If you obey my simply rules above, then you can increase your chances of success. If you break any of the rules then you could risk longer delays.

Recasting is done for free after 90 days.

Q: Are my spells guaranteed to work regardless of my actions?
A: There are a lot of reasons why a spell can fail or not work. Despite what certain websites claim. I cannot guarantee how a client will operate or behave, I can advise them, but if they purposely do something that goes against their spell request, then it will not help. 99% of people using spells do not do anything to hinder their situation. Basically all you need to do is be your normal self, stop worrying, and wait for movement or signs to occur. This means following the guidelines I have mentioned above. If you don't follow the guidelines then you are reducing your chances of a successful outcome.

Q: Ashra recommended another spell, do I need to add it?
A: No. The recommendations made are optional. It is completely your choice as to whether or not you decide you want additional energy working on your situation. Do not purchase more services if you are going above or beyond what you can afford.

Q: How long does it take for Ashra to respond back to my emails?
A: Ashra is a very busy woman and she is only one person. When contacting her via email, please remember to send only one email per reply and allow between 2 - 4 business days for a response back. Unless your question is important, you should refer to this forum (Ashra.net) as most questions have already been answered.

Q: Does Ashra work on weekends or holidays?
A: No. Ashra's normal business hours are Monday - Friday 8AM - 5PM. Although she may be around on weekends, she usually reserve this time to rest for the following week.

Q: If I'm having suicidal thoughts, what should I do?
A: The services offered by Ashra are not a substitute for suicide, medical or real crisis. Please contact a certified counselor, a family member, friend, local emergency services, or the crisis helpline for your area. If you are having suicidal thoughts. You can google “suicidal hotline” with your local location to find the most current number.

Visit The American Association of Suicidology ( http://www.suicidology.org/ ) or phone the telephone numbers below to speak to someone about your distress.

This is a toll-free call, available 24/7
1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433) or 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Q: My situation is serious and dangerous? Can Ashra still help?
A: Any situation that places you in physical danger in any way, or someone is being physically abusive towards you, contact the police or call "911" right now.

Q: Should I be open and honest with Ashra about my situation?
A: Yes. Everything you share with Ashra is kept completely private. The more Ashra knows about your situation, the better she will be able to help with her recommendations and customizing your services.

Q: Is everything I share with Ashra kept confidential and discreet?
A: Yes, Ashra will never share your details with anyone without your permission. Additionally, any emails sent by Ashra are protected by the Copyright and Privacy Act. The use of copyrighted material is strictly prohibited.

Q: Will Ashra's Spells backfire or go in reverse?
A: Ashra's spells have never backfired or caused someone's situation to go in reverse. There is a topic about this located here: https://www.ashra.net/community/threads/do-love-spells-backfire.10/

Q: Are there any cases that Ashra will refuse to help with?
A: Ashra is a very loving and caring person. She will not accept requests that will harm another person. In other words, if you are looking to cause harm, revenge or even death onto someone else, Ashra will not be able to help you.

Q: When can I ask Ashra to recast my spells?
A: If you don't see any signs, movement or results within 90 days, you can ask Ashra to recast your spell at her own expense. This doesn't mean that your spell will take 90 days to see movement or results.

Q: Are spells permanent and will they last forever?
A: Ashra's spells are permanent and will last forever. However, it is recommended you seal your spell to keep them strong.

Q: Will Ashra's spells interfere with spell cast by another spell caster?
A: Ashra's spells will not interfere with any other spell you have active; unless you specifically request Ashra to counter another spell.

Q: Why is it so important to stay positive?

Q: How long can Ashra spells take to work?
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This is extremely helpful! I think it's smart since you're so busy, this could really cut down on all the questions you receive and make the process easier. I will stay in guidelines with my spell and hope for the best. If I have any questions I'll simply come here, which is brilliant! Thank you so much for your help and your spell abilities. Blessed be.
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Wow this guide is super informative, thanks Ashra. Anyone who is new to this forum or new to your spell casting would surely benefit from this detailed guide. This guide helped me with some questions I had :)

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