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Astral Source - www.astral-source.com - Fake Spell Casters and Psychics


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Astral Source is a poorly thought out scam site promoting fake spell casters and psychics!

www.astral-source.com is owned and operated by the same people who run www.freemagick.com - they are an absolute scam. This site does the same exact thing that its counterpart does, and that is badmouth legitimate spell casters to knock out the competition, so that they can lure victims into their trap and begin to scam them. Astral-source.com is slightly different, as it appears to be not only a slandering site, but a testimonial site for their fake spell casters who they claim are real.

They will brainwash you using fake reviews to influence you into trusting one of the following scammers:
  • Angelica Sanders - www.angelicasanders.com
  • Sapphire Kridell - www.sapphirespells.com
  • Clarissa White - www.clarissawhite.com
  • Cynthia Madison - cynthiamadison.com
  • Sasha Londons - www.arelovespellsreal.com
  • Samantha Robinson - www.thewhitewiccan.com
  • Katerina Guarantee - www.katspells.com
If you connection any of the scammers above, then will ask you to send them payment through GatedTech.com. Not only will they charge your card, they will also have access to all of your payment information. This is NOT a real payment processor. When you submit your situation, they will take this information and charge your card manually.

Check out the records for this scam site at www.whois.com - Type in astral-source.com, and prepare to be amazed by the red flags: It is registered anonymous over the registrar GoDaddy.com - Same exact registrar for their fake method of payment: GatedTech.com. The website has been around for about 5 years, and no reviews of testimonials have been added in about 3 to 4 years, if not longer.

Other websites that are related to astral-source.com will be brought up as well. They are all registered under GoDaddy by the same person. The list of website under astral-source.com are as follows:

As a reminder, all of these websites that are listed on this phony website, www.astral-source.com, are a total scam, and will stop at nothing to pray on your desperation, in order to get your money. They will even promise you a money back guarantee, but they will NEVER refund your money.

Now, about astral-source.com - there is a section that says "Phony Psychics & Spell Caster Scams," where it lists alleged scams. Though I am not sure whether or not these websites are an actual scam, they didn't hesitate to say that they are. Near the top corner reads "Find Real Spell Casters," and guess what you will find: ALL OF THE FAKE SPELL CASTERS LISTED AS LEGITIMATE FROM FREEMAGICK.COM!!!

There is a slew of fake testimonials that say they got results from these frauds (listed above) within 5 to 7 days, and sometimes even sooner. That's not possible and sounds way too good to be true!! They also don't fail to say that others should give them a shot, that they won't be disappointed. Also, there is absolutely no way that any real person can post a testimonial or review to this site; in reality, this is, no doubt, the website's administrator posing as different customers and writing all of these reviews in their spare time, in order to get unsuspecting victims to try their nonexistent services. It's the same exact thing for its fake sister site at freemagick.com. www.astral-source.com is a waste of time, a money trap, and will cause nothing but hurt in the long run.

The best thing to do here, in this situation, is to avoid this website at all costs, and help spread the word about this one, and all of the other scam websites it promotes to people looking for legitimate spell casters. Truth is, none of the websites they promote are real, and customers will NOT get results from any of them.
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Woah! how many scammers are out there? that's absolutely crazy! I will defiantly keep away from them, and i hope others learn of those scammers before it's too late. I'm so blesses to find Ashra before i found them. My heart goes out to the ones that lost so much money to those monsters, and i hope they find real casters like Ashra to help them get back on their feet. Scammers should just stop this silly, harmful business and just find a job before they end up behind bars. Who could ever do such a horrible thing to innocent people.