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Aura Cleansing Spells to remove curse, bad energy and dark clouds


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I need a karma and aura cleansing spell because it seems like my life is falling apart. I’ve also been told by another spell caster that a dark cloud has covered my life.

My ex cheated on me and has another girlfriend now, and he doesn’t care about his kids anymore. It seems like every aspect of my life is falling apart.

Does Ashra Koehn offer any aura cleansing spells to remove bad energy or dark clouds?
She does have cleansing spells that will removed negative energy. Ashra Koehn can remove hexes, curses, and other such things. It's best to contact her and tell her your situation and she'll come up with the best possible course for you.
Hi Ginny, I've been told the same thing by High Druidess Alisson and a couple other spells casters. However, I didn't trust what they were saying to me so I contacted Ashra and asked her if she could see any dark cloud or any form of bad energy the would require an aura cleansing spell. Ashra Koehn has a good reputation so if you feel something is holding you back, then contact her and see if she can be of any help.

This is her contact page: https://www.ashra.net/contact.php
Hi Ginny! I don't know if she does but she has a lot of spells that can make your life better. I am very sorry to hear that you have a hard time right now. I have too and that is why I am here seeking Ashra's help.
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Ginny, you really need to ask Ashra for help because it is sad how someone's life can fall apart and even if it isn't in our plans, it is good to get the help to remove bad obstacles that's blocking you from enjoying life. I had a protection spell cast months ago to remove blocking in my life. Ashra will make sure you will get the help you need and ask her is there any curses on your aura. I thought there were curses on me but she said there wasn't any.
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Hello Ginny. I know how you feel because I was thinking that myself, but I had learned that it was kind of a mind thing with me. I was told that I had black magic spell on me. I laid in a tub of hot water; as hot as I could stand it and relaxed until the water got cold. My lover cheated on me with so many different women and this last time he left me to be with the other woman. I still love him but I think that it is going to be hard for me to trust him because of all of the cheating that he did to me. Your life will get better with Ashra's help. She can check your aura to see if you need a cleansing spell. Don't give up on your lover.
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Hey Ginny! How are you? Before I recommend a spell, I'd like to say that sometimes spell casters you find online can lie to you so this spell caster may have told you a lie about the dark cloud. Many fraud spell casters do that. Luckily Ashra is not like that. So if you believe there is negative energy surrounding you and your situation, my recommendation would be to get the Seven Phase Aura Cleansing spell ;)
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Hey Queen Sheba, hope your OK, why don't you try the forgiveness spell Ashra offers? Maybe this one would help forgive your lover in time :) my mom is going through same thing so I know how hard it does get. But I'm positive with Ashra's spells and guidence your lover will be faithful to you once again. Also, an Aura Cleansing spell may help.
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Hey Ginny! I am so sorry that the spellasters revealed to you that you have some dark clouds upon you. I am not sure what kind of spells is perfect for your situation. I should agree with Kate. If you head off to Ashra Koehn's website, you will find a spell called Seven Phase Aura Cleansing Spell. It basically works on getting rid of curses, bad karma, negativite energies, dark clouds you may have. Have you spoken to Ashra about this? Just contact her right away for a better understanding.
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Hi, Ginny. This is my first time talking to you. I see you are new member and join this forum recently, I would like to say welcome to join this big family. Well, to answer your question, Ashra does have the cleansing aura spell that should remove the dark clouds. You need to contact Ashra Koehn, tell her about your situation, then waiting for her reply. She will give best advice to you. Don't worry, if you haven't get reply from her. She is very busy, she might take some time to reply you. Be patient. Be strong in these hard moments. All will be fine. Good luck and blessing to you.
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Hi Ginny,

I'm sorry to hear about what you have been going through, I am curious, this other spell caster you sought out, were they real? As I was told by many spell casters I needed an Aura cleansing, however, it was only another way to get money out of me.

I believe Ashra can fix other spell casters mistakes if you have had work done by someone else, and Ashra also offers multiple spells to remove negative energy around you and your family.
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Hey Queen Shelba! I just read through your post here and it caught my attentions a lot. Who said to you that you had a black magic cast upon you? Is he or she a real spellcaster? I wonder. Well, I don't have much knowledge about hexes, curses, or bad karma actually, but if it's really the case, maybe you can purchase a spell from Ashra to cleanse all negative energies around you and invite positive ones to come through. There is a spell in the resource section which can do the trick for you. I hope it helps you. Sending out good vibes to you all.
I have had a lot of negativity around me and a lot of bad luck.

I am glad to know Ashra can do an Aura Cleansing spell to remove any negative energy around me.

I really would like to have some good luck for a change!
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I have been looking all over the forums for this thread! :laugh: Glad that I found it because I had surely been asking about Aura Cleansing for my ex love. Has anyone had any recent success with her aura cleansing spell? If so, what are the effects of it? How long did it take for you to begin to see any kind of signs that it was beginning to work? Where can I find this spell? I eventually would like to get this purchased for my ex love if it's available. It might not be until we are already together though. I feel once we get back together it will be good to clean his mind and aura out to help him fully steer clear of all the negative influences that may try and come back into his life and torment him. Even with things about his own flaws and faults. Is this spell pretty powerful? Has Ashra suggested anyone receiving an Aura Cleansing spell?
Maybe the Seven Phase Aura Cleansification Spell might help with this. I have just been introduced this spell and even though I do not know much about it. I can assure you that this spell is dedicated to help remove negativity out of your life and your partner's life too. Like the title, this spell offers 7 different cleansing areas to help put your life back on track. This is something I might be interested in getting in the future because my life has gone upside down about 2 months ago and I am starting to recover from it. But, ask Ashra about it all and see what she recommends first.
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Honestly, I feel like that I need the Seven Phase Cleansification spell because I do believe that there are negative energies that are surrounding my aura and that there is a dark cloud always following me around too. Every day in my life, I would always be feeling down and negative. I'm tired of it and only want to be or feel positive. I strongly believe that this spell will help me out a lot by putting my life back on track. I'm very interested in getting this spell and this will be a spell that I will get in the near future when I'm ready to.
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I received a lot of emails from concerned members who say another spell caster told them they had dark clouds surrounding them or some negative energy or curse blocking them from enjoying life. If someone said this to you, I wouldn't take their word for it. However, whenever someone requests a spell from me, I do check to see if there are dark clouds or any form of negative energy you should be concerned about.

Hey Ashra, I hope to hear from you soon. I have heard this before but I don't believe I have dark forces surrounding me. I worry about having past life karma lessons that haven't been dealt with. I'm happy to hear you check to see if there are any and also offer the cleansification ritual. Thank you so much and I hope you received my spell request. I wish everyone esle on the forum good luck and to have a great day!
Hi Ashra,

Thankyou for the explanation. I've had a lot of that and it's usually worded exactly the same:laugh:! So I assume if you find any negative energies you will advise us to get this one aswell?

Also want to thanks whichever memeber it is in that video, really helped me to understand. I used to feel like that a while ago but am feeling pretty good at the moment.
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I am now offering my Aura Cleansing spell on my website.

Ashra's Aura Cleansing Spell:
This potent ritual is for the banishment of all negative energy clouding the way! When you are tired of feeling the weight of the world and you want a clear path, use this ritual. The power of the cast by three will rein thunder on your situation and clear the way!

The people crowding your goal, the influences of energy weighing on your shoulders and the struggle just to get a break in life will be cleansed. There is nothing more frustrating in life then trying your hardest and getting struck down to have to start again! Let this ritual cleanse your aura and clear the way to a more empowering energy and positive life surrounding your soul!
I think when I have enough to purchase a spell, I will have to go for the aura cleansing spell first to cleanse out every negative energy, every dark cloud of energy that stands as hinderance to spells from connection with our subconscious mind. Also to counter the negative energies and boost us with so much positive energies.
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I read through your post and I can assure you that Ashra can undo what ever negativity done by other spell casters in the past. Weather its a voodoo spell or a Black magic spell or Even a wiccan spell or negativity from nature, Ashra has a solution to it with her aura cleansing spell.
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This is what I really need. I know there is something that is blocking my way always. I notice it so many years now. I even ask my two spell caster friend what wrong with me. What is hppening? But I guess they don't have any answer. The other one did a ritual on me. They said its for me and my lover. But what they did is they cleansed my mind and heart for me to get away from my lover. They just told me after a couple of weeks after that person did it to me.

I cant blame them because they see me in a situation that the treatment on me is not good. I take it as positive. But still so many years had past already but still tge same.

I never ask any assistance for myself anymore to them. I felt that they are fed up on my situation. But still they are still my friend. Since I found Ashra, I am not asking help for my situation anymore. I refer friends to them.

I need this spell really, I know deep inside me. But I know it needs cash on this I guess. I will wait for the time I got what I need to received. May Deep Dollar Desire Spell help me on this.

I would suggest we should get this all before we purchased other spell so it will smooth.
Where can I find this on the website? And what website is it offered on? I'm kind of interested in this spell and I am wondering where I can find it so I can buy it. Has anyone looked at it yet? I tried looking on ashra koehn dot com, but I didn't see. I really miss my lover and I am dealing with other things that are holding me back and I feel like my life could benefit from getting this. If anyone has found it, can you tell me where you found it? Also, how much did it cost to buy it?
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I'm sure if you ask Ashra, she will be able to tell you what she saw during spell casting as far as auras or dark clouds go. Since she says she checks for these things. Which actually bring a thought to mind. I wonder if my love would benefit from an aura cleansing? He is rather negative and tends to keep himself down ... Hmmm I'll wait to see how Freedom Fire does then pursue that path if Ashra has thinks it's necessary... :)
Does this help with the negativity that you put on yourself and not just from others? I've been through a lot and I have became very negative on myself and towards other people because of my unhappiness :( . I'm either angry or sad all the time. I'm rude towards everyone and I'm very anti-social now. I just want to be how I used to be before everything with my ex and before I started disliking myself which started when I was eleven or twelve. I want to smile again and get all the negative energy away from me and out of my mind especially when being positive helps with your spell :unsure: .
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I was just thinking about getting a cleansing. I only get cleansing's from my auntie as healing and recovery is her specialty. However, if you are not close with someone or do not trust someone enough to preform this kind of cleansing on you, then I would highly recommend Ashra. Based off of everything everyone as been saying, I would say that Ashra is a very good choice.
Yes, Ashra can help you with your situation. Also, if you want your ex back, I suggest using the spell Freedom Fire, because it will break up the relationship your ex is currently having, and return him back to you. Ashra does, though, do aura cleansing. You should definitely send an email to Ashra explaining your situation, and she will indeed help you. She will check to see if there is negative energy around you.
There are a lot of spell casters who will try and tell you that you have a bad aura or negative energy surrounding you or your lover to try and get more money out of you. They know if they say it you will pay them to get rid of the energy as it can interfere with the spells work. I know that there is not anything like that to worry about because Ashra would be able to see if there is anything surrounding you or your lover.
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Ashra has a service to where she can cleanse your aura. Meaning if you been down on life, seeming like you cannot be successful, everyone around you is just so negative and you are also negative as well, Ashra can help you get rid of that negativity in at a lot of positivity into your life. So you can start to reach goals and start to be successful in your life. So I suggest going with getting a cleansing!
Ashra koehn offers aura cleansing spells to remove hexes, bad karma, dark clouds, black magic curses and negative energies from our lives and our relationships permanently. And I know that if anything of such is surrounding you or your lover, Ashra will definitely tell you and give you pointers and recommendations how to fix it and make it right. Most spell caster tells that to you just to get more money out of you. Trust Ashra Koehn with your all, she never disappoints.
I would definitely consider getting an aura cleaning spell for both me and my lover.

I can be quite a negative and pessimistic person and sometimes I don't even mean to be that way. My lover is the same, he has quite a narrow and negative outlook on certain things which I think needs to change for good. I think if we both had a cleansing spell it would make all the difference between us and we could progress so much in life.
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I hope that you are all doing great and experiencing a lot of positive signs and movements and reaching your desired outcomes.

I have sent an e-mail to Ashra asking about this spell or any other kind of cleansing spell, because I was not able to find it on the website. I am sure that it will work wonders for me to get rid off my past and clear my path in this life as well.
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Maybe I should try to get cleansed because lately, I feel like I am having bad luck. It was all good until things starting happening on, left field. I do not understand, why this is happening but something needs to be done. I know things will get better in the long run, but I really need something to help me get rid of this bad aura around me and my family. I hope everyone is doing great today.
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I wouldn't trust it if other Spell casters have told you this. They are more than likely after your money and are trying to scam you. If Ashra says that you have negative energy around you, then I would believe it then. I would only use Ashra's services for aura cleansing because she can be trusted unlike other Spell casters out there. Other Spell casters make this up to convince you to send over money when you originally got the spell done for free.
High Druidess Alisson said I had negative engery blocking me too but I can't ask Ashra because she stays way too busy. I just didn't believe High Druidess Alisson and went on about my day. I think the only negative engery surrounding me is myself and my anxiety and depression. When both of those are acting up I'm a very negative person who gives off negative energy but Ashra can't get rid of mental illnesses so I'm stuck with the negative engery but I try to balance it the best I can. It's not always easy but I know I have to.
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Hey everyone, I thought getting a cleansing spell. Its so much bad energy around me. I think a cleansing spell would work for me. I would want Ashra to do the spell for me. Other spell casters just want money and the spell might or might not work. I'm still thinking about it though. I trust Ashra's services. I have more trust in her than I have with any other spellcaster.
I really need a cleansing spell some spell caster said I have dark energies surrounding me and dark clouds and I feel my life is at stake right now and I really need someone back in my life very much. My aura is dark and red that's bad can u please cleanse my aura and take the obstacles away from my path and future I feel like there is something evil in my house I'm not 100 percent though. I hope you can cleanse my aura Ashra;).
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Hi everyone
I was wondering has anyone gotten the “Seven Phase Cleansefication Spell” and/or “Circle of Protection Spell”? It is because I wanted to hear the experiences that you might have had with these spells and which effects they have on you and your situation. I am sure that I need some kind of cleansing and protection for myself, but I am unsure of which one will be better and what the spells are specifically for. “Circle of Protection” seems like the one I am drawn to, and I know that there are a couple of people that I need protection from and their energies, and as well as have the banished from my life and my lovers’ life as well. However, I read the description of the “Seven Phase Cleansing Spell” – and I wanted to hear all of you guys what you have used these twos spells for and which effects did they have?
I hope that someone will be able to help me out here with their experiences.
I have not been told I need a cleansing spell but sometimes I feel there are dark energies surrounding me. I think everyone can use an aura cleansing spell at some point in their lives and I would ask Ashra for a reading to see if I need one or not. This will probably be a spell I would want to purchase and apply to my life. The more positive energy I can get the better.
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